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Soleti Poetry, ancient and modern, for June, 7786.
Davies shall bring a concert of the Nine, When thefe I view; I Aarink from what I fee,
And ueat with genuine Heliconian wine ; Afk whence I sprung, or what is pas le
The worlhy Dean fhall every palate pleafé,

Thee !
Witb fenfe, good nature, elegance, and case. That Thou, high-seated in the realms of light,
Horbery shall see his.curling columns rise, Where faints and seraphs in rhy praise unite,
Bad mark their progress nearer to the skies, Whose bliss is perfect, and whose glory can
Whofe thoughts seem only to his pipe con, Receive no lutire from the works of man,

Should'it deign to dart, from thy refolgenza
While Locke and Hooker reason in his mind.


[here Garrick's theer humour shall have ampler Bright beams of grace on erring mortals bound,

The flame-wing d angel of thy presence send, And thy gay jokes from wall to wall refound. The weak to fuccour, and the good defend ! The facely rooms we 'll furnith well with Sure man's for some superior ftate deligo'd, mirth,

That's more adapted to th' immortal mind. and laugh as loud as any Lords on earth. For here thou 'À plac'd him, by the ruling


A little lower than the angels stand,
ERE les John Shore,

Crown'dhim with bonour, and with glory too,
I say no more;

Showo him what's right, and caught' him

what to do ; Who was alive

Fix'd in his breaft she principle of truthing Iu fixty-five, O&ober 9th.

The fage's solace, and the guide of youth

Placid in his hands the sceptre and the rod, TRANSLATION OF

To rule o'er earth, but not to act the God. Tbrze Poets in rbree diftant ages born, &c. Hence all that ranges in the fields or woods PRES iribus in fæclis olim vixere Poetæ, Hence all that wantons in the liquid floods, Græciæ Hongs, Italum Flos, Brito

Hence all that Rutters in the ambient air, numque Decus.

Os dreads "his vengeance, or demands his Excelfa primụs pollebat mente, fecundus

care. Majettate, alter fullit honore pari. Hence fioce ihat man thy firę great fav’ritę Min utrà potuit Natura exhausta, priores

feems, (Tenius ut fieres) miscuit ergo duos. o fill protect him from the two extremes

OXONIENSIS. Of lawless rice, that dirdains controul,

And pride, thai thoots its poison through the

foul : HENE'ER, Great God, I muse up

Breathe in his heart a portion of thy gracé, on thy name,

The hope and glory of the human race : What awful tremers seize my conscious frame!. Lift him to transports of the pureft kind, Thy for'reigu glory burits upon mine eyes,

And pour thy spirit o'er his paffive mind; Spreads round the earth, and reaches to the Then, haply glowing with religion's fame, kies.

He'll bless iby goodness, and adore thy name Ex'n from the mouths of infants at the breast Norwich, june 6.

1. H.C. Thy greatness, goodnels, are alike confeft;

N G. And each fhall xnd, who dares thy rights oppose,

ERENE is the spot where my Thyrfing Thou 'rt yet superior to a host of foes.

- refides, When contemplation lifts th’aftonish'd eye

And jeffamioc grows at his door ; To view the wonders of th'ctheriaf sky,

Content with the blefangs which pature pra

vides, The rad ant fun with glowing hear fupplied,

With pity he looks on the poor.
That haply fings his warmth on every fide;
The moon, pale emprefs of the midnight At the foot of yon bill fost murmuring rung

The ftrerm where he waters his flock;
That moves in ftent majesty along;

In the valley the beat of Apollo he thups, Therwinkling stars array'd in hues divine,

Or catches the breeze on the rock. Which thine by curus, and will for ever

Ac the peep of the dawn, when the lark thine :

sweetly linge, These, n'cils Fashion 'd by rhy poient hand,

And bids all the villagers rise, : Ovey thy laws, and move at thy command,

His hymn from the sountain of graticude W cel round their spheres, by matter unre

springs, strain'd,

And softly afcends to the skies. And do whateerily wisdom larh ordain'd.

He asks not the riches of Indian fhores,

Which happiness often deftroy; * Mr. Pennant lays, that this epitaphin

But healih and coorentment are all be ime forms you, that the deceased had lived, but

plores, not that he died.' But furely he word 1100

And all that he feks to enjoy. have her ther, welcis he had been dead.


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[ 517 ]



continent, there is no incident that at- give back a litile; the batteries, however, tracts the notice of Europe more than the continued their fire, supported by the gunprogress of the Empress of Russia through boats, whilft a vast number of shells were her dominions, to take a formal poffeffion thrown from the bomb-ketches. The Che. of her new-acquired conquests. She is, valier Emo at Laft gave orders to retreat, without difpure, the most opulent and mu which, not withitanding the continual fire nificent sovereign of the present age. While of the enemy, was done without the least fome of her ships are navigating the feas of disorder. Notwithstanding this defeat, terms Japan, which border on one fide of her em of accommodation have been offered by the pire, another feet is failing the Baltic, regency of Tunis, and for 500,000 sequins which bounds it on the other side ; while a the Venetians may purchase peace with that third is expected in the Mediterranean, to republic. aslift in curbing the insolence of the Barbary The celebrated Beaumarchais, who was corsairs, so formidable to the Christian Aates sometime ago imprisoned in France for dir. in that quarter. We are cold she is now respe& to his sovereign, and who lived with founding an inftitution for concerting and a lady unfettered with the thackles of wedprosecuting discoveries in the sough Seas by lock, has lately taken her to wife, and the equipments from the ports of Katikatka, following is handed about in Paris as an auwhich, if it does not fead to what is imme thentic copy of the letter he wrote to her diately useful, will leata prove a school previous to his departure for Germany: for naval skill and enterprise

“ I will got, my dear, prevent any longer The apprehensions of war betwoen the your enjoying the situacion you are now enRuffians and Turks Yite, p. 432) feetastar- titled to : you are my wife now; before, I ther confirmed by a private letter from Pe- considered you only as the mother of my tersburg, in which it is faide " that a war child; nothing is altered in regard to your with the Ottoman empire is now unavoid former right to me, but it is my wish, that able, for we have heard that our ambassador from this moment, which is the first of my has privately left Conftantinople, and is ar. absence, you do represent me with honour in rived at Vienna. Every preparation is mak- my house, and affume my name, which is ing for it, and we have a more powerful equally yours.Give ar. affectionate emAcet ready for sea than ever we 'had 'be- brace to our daughter, and make her senfore."

fible, if you can, of the cause you bave to By accounts from Zwernick in Bosnia, rejoice. I have fulfilled every duty towards the pacha of Scutari, by a rapid and secret both you and her; my absence at ibis juncmarch, had avoided the army of the pacha ture is not embittered, as some previous exof Bosnia, and pillaged the town of Preise- cursions have been ; it seemed to me then, reno, a considerable place on the frontiers that one fatal blow might kill us all three; I between Servia and Albania. All the Turks now feel easy, my mind is perfectly at were put to the sword; but the Chriftians, peace, and I can dic without remorse. who had retired to their houses during the “Do not call our friends to any enteratrack, escaped, and were even treated as tainment on the occafion; but let every one friends; many of them have fince entered know from you, that I have done you jure into the army of the Arnauts. . The pacha tice. Preserve, I beseech you, that modest retired quietly to Albania with an immense and unaffuming air which i ftipulated as my booty. Other advices say, that the pacha of only recompeace, that our enemies may have Scutari bad made a fresh iovasion on che do. no pretence to ceofore the juftest and most minions of the Venetian territories, but that deliberate act of all my life. Visit my lifhe had been repulfed.

ters; ask them for their real and sincere The last and most formidable attack of the friendihip; I have a right to claim thac Venetian Admiral, the Chevalier Emo, on the pleasing and honourable deference; to my town of Slax, feems to have been attended with daughier, to her parens, they owe fome ato no fuccefs. The Venetian feet arrived: safe sichments and my benefactions, within my in hat road on the 12th of May, but found proper circle, will ever be determined by the that the barbarians had raised a new battery respect thewn for you.Take openly the towards the sea, and made other dispohtions reins of your domestic management; let which indicated a vigorous defence: how Mr. Gudin, my feward, treat with you as ever, as soon as the most avantageous tollen he would with myself. Have the servants tions were found for the floating batteries, clothed against my retura, modellly, but in gun boats, and bomb-ketches, the place was what manner

you please.

Carry your warmly attacked, and boldly defended; the daughter to that good man the rector of St. greatest number of the enemies balls falling Paul, who behaved with lo much regard to just where the Chevalier Emo commanded in you when he joined our bands. Be always, person, it was once appreheaded that brave as you are, my dear love; bonour the name GENT. MAG. June, 1986,


518 Remarkable Intelligence from the E. Indies, America, and Ireland. you are now entitled to, it is that of a masiž, all the rich and extenfive country, as far who loves you, and with joy fubferibes him- sas Quidda, will be in poffuipos of the King of self your husband, : ; ;

Pegue, the King of Ham being a war like. "CARON DE BEAUMARCHASS." , wise with the Coçbinchineans. This war is

said to have been fomented by a French Mit > EAST INDIA INTELLIGENCE. fonary, at Cochinchina, lan Junc. By letters from on board the Trial Packet, it appears, that ioftru&tions bave been sent AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE, to the Company's Commissaries, at Canton, The Governor and Council of Virginia to provide cargoes for 30 fail of shippiog, have received a copy of a trealy, concluded defined from Englalrd to that port, during .. at Hopewell, on the Keewce River (Nov. 28, the spring, f the present year.

-1785), between the Commissioners of the And by fetters from France it is offured, .. United States of ihe one part, and she Head. that the New E. I. Company have dif- 4 men and Warriors of the Cherokces on the parched from L'Orient the following Thips, other part. The terms are, reciprocally, to for India; 'La Reine, Le Marechal de Segur, refore the prisoners and property of cach for China. Le Mironienill, Le Baron de upon a fair adjustment. These advices from Brcreuil, for Bengal. Le Comte d'Artois, Richmond but ill accord with other advices Le Marechal de Caftries. Le Comte de from the Ohio, which pofitively say, tha Vergen nesk for Coromandel and Orixa.- the Commillioners have given the States a Besides thefe, the Comte de Provence, for. caution, to look out after a party of Indians, the Coaft of Molabar; and the Company who call themselves Cherokees, buc bad

have received advice, that the Dauphin, positively refused to make peace, and had? : built and equipped by the King, but given i&ually gone out to war.

to the Company, arrived at Canton on the gth of Oktober, after a happy voyage.

IRELANDE This advice appearsto have been premature. Monday the 5th June, being appointed This last thip was wrecked on the coast of for the celebration of bis Majesty's birth Lower Siam. It is said the struck on a rock, day, the same was observed at ihe Calle, as and went to the bottom in less than three usual, with magn ficence and splendour. hours.

His Grace the Ld. Ligutenant has figoed The Alfred, James Brown commander, a warraat.for Major Geo..the Hon. Thomas from Coaft and China; the Lacko, Jobu Bruce, 10 be Refident Major General on the Baird, from China ; E. Chefterfield, Bruce Staff of this kingdom, in the room of Major Boswell, from Coaft and Chinaj the King Gen. Anthony St. Leger, deceased. George, Jonathan Court, from Bombay and

DUBLIN, June 15. Bengal; are all safe arrived. ;

An authentic account of Mr. FITZGERALD'S The last Calcotta Gazette, received at the trial, and ibai of bis afpeciales. lodia House, announces the death of Tippoo FRIDAY, June 9. Mr. Fitzgerald was Saib.

brought to the bar at half alter eight The Alfred has confirmed fome reports o'clock in the morning, and given in charge received before by the Miniftry, that two to the jory, but not arraigned, be having French thips, loaded with falt,. have ven pleaded no guilty in April laft. He chal. tured to carry their cargoes to the coast of lenged is of the jury peremptorily; and the Bengal, and to offer them for fele, to the Atiorney General allo challenged fuch of natives, which has been opposed by our peo. the jury as he was informed food in any de ple, as being an encroachment on the ex. gree of relationship to the deceased, an clusive right of the Company to deal in that honourable and uncommon proof of bis dearticle. A Mr. D'Angereux, who seems to fire to have fubftantial joftice administered, be the French E. I. Company's Agent, has without the partiality of prejudice. He behaved ro outrageously on this occafion, that then proceeded to open the case, and contithe guard employed were obliged to obey nued on his legs a confiderable rime; ad. their orders, and to return the fire of the duciog proofs, and ftating the enormity of two laips. It is reported, that feveral pere the crime, which, he observed, was unlons have been wounded on both sides; and paralleled a murder premeditated doring that an official account of that transaction the course of 18 months, and carried into is received by Government.

execution with a peculiar feature of crueky. Fyrim ibe BENGAL GAZETTE.

The evidence on behalf éf the crown beThey are apprehenfire, at Madrass, of our ing produced, they fully eftablished the shipping at Pegue being stopped by Govern- charges in the two indi&tments againft ment, to carry troops and fores down to the George Robert Fitzgerald. Marinan coast, as the Peguers have an army Mr. Gallagher depared, that Fitzgerald of 60,000 men ready to enter the King of had laid many plans to deftroy Mr, M'DonHam's country, now under command of the pell, which had failed. That a short time General sent against Arican. He is an exe . before the murder a thot from Mr. Fitzperienced soldier, but very cruel. It is ex gerald's hour, wounded the devoted vietina peeted, that before the S. W. nontoon sets as he paffed ; thai for the above offence a


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to take examinations against cu cared for his life, and softened those savages

519 man had been tried and acquitted; that endeavoured to escape while the party were finding this attempt fo far successful, Fitz in pursuit of Mr. 'Dahnel and Mr. Hipgerald procured a magiftratë, named O'Mealy, son, but was observed by them creeping

hind the Chelcer of a buihThar he

, vailed on him to grant warranes againft fo fupy that they agreed to take him to Mr. these gentlemen :-thar MIM'Dontic!, Fitzgerald's hobfe, where he was foon after : hearing of these traofactions, and knowing rescued by his friends." the implacable desperation of Fitzgerald his Andrew Craig (an evidence for the Crown) neighbour, quitted his owo house, and came depofed, ebar when the pretended, releue was to lodge in the town of Castlebar, for concerted, as an excuse to fire upon the priSafety that on the 20th of February, soners, only two of the alla fins were let into : M'Danell; Gallagher, and "Hisfon, went the fe heme, in which it was determined, in in company to M'Donnell's houtë, in order order to save appearances, to sacrifice fome to give some dire&tion to his fervants : of his own men in the front, for which par. thar this was about 10 o'clock in the fore." posefa man was posted behind a wall to firé. noori'; of which Fitzgerald liaving informa at them. tion, he sent a party in order to take them Os his defence, Fitzgerald - called-on

hto custody on die furreptitiotis Warranty fome witnesses, to prove that he was not granted by O'Meaty ; bòt before the party' presenta during the circumstance of thes arrived, the gentlemea had left the house on murders, or aiding or affitting theresi ; their return to town, and finding themselves but they made no inaterial change in this * pursued, took Thielter in a house on the favour., road, which 'was soon after furrounded by.' The trial lafted fifteen hours, during the party, who, after firing several thor's the course of which Mr. Firzgerald did into it, at last burst open the door:-hat the not make a fingle observation, por interfere witness came out, and asked the assailants in any manner with its progress, having the reason for this attack; who answered, left every thing to his counsel. The jury that they had wasrants against Mr. M'Dod. retired at eleven o'clock at night, and in 1 nell, Hipfon, and himself; he défired them about 10 or 15 minutes brought in their verto produce the warrants, but they refused to die gutlıya upit do ro, and enquired for M'Donnell:4the Saturday, June 10. John Fulton, Wilwitneso told them Mr. M'Donnel had rode liam Fulton, Archibald Newings or Ew. off, having previously concealed him in a ing John Reheacy, or Renchy, and Dae: heap of 'mals, from whence, however, they vid Simpson, were found guilty upon two soon after dragged him out, and having set indiaments, for the murder of Patrick him on horseback, as he could not walk on Randal M'Donnell and Charles Hipson, account of the wound he had received in his James Fox, John Cox, James Masterleg, as before mentioned, conducted him, son, David Salery, oth wise Simpson, Philip together with the witness and Hipron, Cox, John Berney, Humphry, George, Mi. whom they tied to one another, prifoners to chael Bruen, William Robin, and Wallis Mr. Fitzgerald's house, where they were Kelly, were severally aequitred of the feid kept“ until next morning, under pretence - murder. that it was too late then to bring them The Attorney General then informed the before a magiftrate:--that in the morning Court, that he was given to understand, a a guard was prepared to conduct them, when motion was intended to be made in arrent of the deponeat heard Fizgerald give direc- judgement. He dthred that Mr. Firzgerald tions to Andrew Craig to be sure to secure miglue be brought up, and the motion gone his prisoners, and, if there was a rescue ato into. Mr. Fitzgerald's leading Couofel (aid, sempted, to thoot 'them :- that when they · they saw no defcet in the indictment ; but were brought about two or three hun- Mr. Stanley declared that he had warm dred yards from the house, Andrew Craig hopes he could thew ground to arrest called out to the party, “ A refcue!" on such judgemeof, if he were allowed rime which a 'fhot was fired by one of the rear to confider the subject till Monday. The. guard, which killed onc of Fitzgerald's Attorney General called upon him to ftatc

non, and wounded three or four. his objections, which he, Mr. Stanley, der Frigerald's men then fired ar Hipfon and clined.

? she witness, who fell as if killed; after 'The Attorney General then informed Mr. wards foilo xed M’Dorinell, who from one' Stanley, that it would probably affilt him of the fi. it fhors had been wounded in the in the motion to arrest ihe judgement, if arm, and his mare taking 'fright was he was inf rmed what the indictment was, running off with him ; but he was itopped as be never bad hitherto called to have at the bridge by a man purposely posted in read, buç had relied on the short ab. There to prevent an escape, when Andrew Atract of it in the Crown book: accordCraig co ning up, fired a shot in his body, ingly, at the defire of the Attorney General, and killed him.

the indictment was read to him, and the * Mr. Gallagher further deposed, that he cours, with semarkable humanity, allowed


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520 Trial.of Fitzgerald and Brecknock. --News from Scotland. Mr. Stanley till Monday to consider his At fix in the evening George Robert motion.

Fitzgerald, Timothy Breckoock,

and Joha Monday, June 12. Timothy Brecknock Fulton, were conducted to the place of exe-. was called upon his trial, and given in cution, on the hill near the Castle at Caftlecharge to the jury upon two indi&mcots, bar, where they were fewerally executed acfor conspiring and procuring the death of cording to their sentence. Patrick Randal M'Donnell, and Charles Hipson. The evidence having fully estab.

SCOTLAND. lished the charges in the indictment, the Owing to the long-continued Eafterly Jury found him guilly,

winds, a sand-bank has for some time been After Brecknock's coovi&tion, the Chief forming at the mouth of Leith Harbour, Baron ordered the Clerk of the Crown which is now (May 24), so high and es. to call up for sentence those persons who tended, that hardly any veffel can go out or had been convi&ed of actually perpetra come in with safety. Several vefsels have ting the murder ; which sentence he then been lately grounded upon it, and the Mapalled upon Joha Fulton and his other as gift rates of Edinburgh and Leith bare it sociates, in the most eloquent and affecting in contemplation how to remove it. The

Highland Society, lately established for tbe The Chief Baron then defired to know of purpose of building villages on the Northern Mr. Stanley, whether he meant to make coafts of Scotland, to improve the fisheries, his promised motion in arrest of judgment; have already subscribed goool, towards that but at the same time warmly recommended laudable undertaking; and a plan of the so him, unless there was a solid ground of villages to be built has alseady been preobjection to the indictment, not to make sented to his Majesty by Mr. Knox. bis motion, as it mult necessarily be made On the 24th of May, the Rothsay King's in Mr. Fitzgerald's presence, and might boat in a gale of wind overset, and 61 men possibly derange bis feelings, which, he perished, among whom was Mr. Rachie the said, he was happy to hear were calm and Supervisor. composed. Mr. Sianley, on confideration, On the 18th of May, the Rt. Hon. David declined to make any motion in arrest of Earl of Leven, His Majesty's High Comjudgment

millioner to the General Assembly of the Mr. Fitzgerald was then brought up to Church of Scotland, afrer the usual cerethe bar of the Court; and the Chief Baron, monies (see Vol. LV.P: 318.), presented his after a preface which drew tears from al. commiflion, also his Majelly's letter and war. most all who heard him, on the enormiiy of rant for the Royal bounty; which being read the crime, passed seotence of death upon and recorded, his Grace delivered a most George Robert Firzgerald and Timothy elegant speech to the assembly, to which a Brecknock, with order for their execution suitable return was made by the Modera. on that day.

tor (Rev. Dr. Shaw of Aberdeen, who was Mr. Fitzgerald behaved with great firm- unanimously chosen on this occafion). ness and composure; he desired a short time Committee was then appointed to draw up an to make his peace with Heaven. To this apswer to his Majefty's most gracious letter. the Chief Baron answered, that the nature of his crime was so dreadful, and it had

COUNTRY News. been so fully proved against him, that pub A poor boy in a barn, at Wardaar, in lic justice required be thould be made an Wilis, catching rats, happened to tread immediate example.

vpon a hollow place, which he was indoced Brecknack, appeared greatly agitated, to examine, and there found a stene irough, fearing to meet his ignominious cod. Mr., in which was a quantity of gold and fileer Fitzgerald called out to him “ to be a coin, to the amount of 1001. and a gold man, and that they would die together." ring. The major part was of the coinage

They were removed from the Court to the of Charles II. in guineas, and crown-pieces, gaol.

110 of which are very fair, as were likeMr. Fitzgerald requested to have some prie wise the other money. vate conference with Mr. Browne, the High About the latter end of laft month, the Sheriff; the latter consented on condition of green parts of the fells, extending along the having a friend present. What passed on ridge of mountains, in the north part of the occafion did not transpire; but the Yorkshire, from as far as the neighbourhood Sheriff and his friend accompanied him to of Brampton, in Cumberland, were observed the prison, where having walked about his to be covered with sworms of infe&ts, in room in some perturbation, he threw him. shape like a caterpillar, but of a dark brown self on a bed, and continued lying on his colour. These infects began increafing durface above three hours and a half without ing the present month. uttering a word. He wore a loose great In the infirmary at New.ofile, a boy coat, and had his head 'bound round with a

of three years of age, was cut for the ftone, handkerchief.

on the ift, inftant, and a lione of cons


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