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AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from fan. 16, to Jan. 21, 1986. 81

Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans COUNTIES upon the COAST.

s. d.js. d. s. d.js. d./s. d. London 4 612 112 112 412 10


4 010

f2 911193


4 312 92 71 i 2
4 4 2 T02 52

30 Middlesex 4 7 03 312 413

8 Lincoln 4 1012 IC 2 912 03
4 7+ 3 3 94 4 York

23 53

312 1 Hertford 4 810 03 C12 44 Durham

S 53 912 112

4 Bedford

4 5 22 102 3,3 6 || Nortbumberld. 4 93 52 21 Cambridge 4

4 | Cumberland

5 73 8 Huntingdon 4 3.0 02

3 Weftinorland 6

It 100
Northampton 4 3

113 Lanca!hire


3 972 114
02 102 23 4 Chethire 5 60 3


5 013 63 312 24 Monmouth


0.3 112
Nottingham 4 10 3 3/3
22 313 7 Somerset


5 04 112 95 Derby

03 912

013 712
5 40 014


210 03 22 210 Salop 5 33 10

8 Dorset

5 75 Hereford

93 23 15 5 40 014 213 05 Hampshire 4'11 03


714 Worcester

5 TO
014 12 85 Suflex


03 22 Warwick

4 70


4 519 02 112 313 Gloucefter

74 5 31 03 1012 -75

WALES, Jan. 9, to Jan. 14, 1786. Berks 4 9 03

74 4 Oxford


North Wales 5 54 63 5 814 Backs

South Wales
4 915 013 012 313

5 813 9:3 013



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THE A TRICAL REGISTER. Jan. 2. Clandestine Marriage --Hurly Burly ; Jan. 2. Isabella-Omai; Or, A Trip round 0", The Fairy of tbe Well.,

ibe World. 3. The Courtry Girl-Ditco.

3. Love Makes a Man-Dicto. 4. The WeA Indian - The Romp.

4. Barbarosla--Ditto. 5. A New Way to pay Old Debis-Arthur 5. The Grecian Daughter--Ditto. and Emmeline,

6. Cymbeline-Dicto. 6. Cymon—The Romp.

57. The Funeral-Ditto. 7. The Jealous Wife-Arthur and Emme 9. The Roman Father-Ditto. lio..

10. Fontainbleau-Dirto. 9. A Trip to Scarborough- Hurly Burly. II. The Follies of a D.y--Ditto. 7o. Dito-Ditto.

12. The Comedy of Errors-Ditto. 11. The School for Scandal-Ditto.

13. The Orphan-Ditto. 12. I be Strangers at Home-Ditro.

14. She Wou'd and Soe Wou'd No:--Ditto, 13. A Tip to Scario ough-Ditto.

6. The Grecian Daughter-D.lg. 14. The Heiress.- The Quaker.

17. Robin Hood Ditto. 16. Ditto-The Engl shman in Paris.

18. Macbeth--Ditto. 17. Dito--All the World's a Stage.

19. The Orphan-Ditto. 18. The Coun ry Girl --The Romp.

20. The Mistake-Disco. 19. The Heiress---Hurly Burly.

21. All in the Wrong - Ditto. 20. Ditto Ditto,

23. Romeo and Juliet-D ito. 21. D.comThe Roma.

24. Much Ado Anout Nothing - Ditto. 23. Ditto-Huriy Burly.

25. The Comedy of Errors-Dicco. 24. Ditto-The Virgin Unmark'd.

26. The Orphan-Dicto. 25. Ditto-Dilco.

27. The Hypocrite- Ditto. 26. Ditto --Hurly Burly.

28. Love for Love - Dilco. 27. Ditto-Ditto. 28. Ditto,The Virgin Unmask'd.

Jujt published, Price Six Pence anly, (containing Eichr Half-heets of Letter

Prufs, and a Plan of the newly-discovered Baths at SCRISHEIM,')

With INDEXES, &c. as usual, and, by Way of Preface to the Volumes of the Year,
a copious INDEX INDICATORIus, or an Analyfis of Subjects omitted in the
Course of Publication for Want of Room, and of thulo deferred for future interliun.
LENT. MAG. January, 1786.


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" In memory


of 1761, where he Audied for five years, Nov. HE relict of Mr. Hervey, (sce vol. moftly at Rome, under the celebrated Mr.

LV. p. 750) a daughter, luce Gavin Hamilton ; fince which time he folchritened Frances.

lowed his profession in Glasgow, with honour

and advantage to himself and satisfaction MARRIAGIS.

to his friends. In portrait-painting of a large ATELY, at Greenwich, Saunders, fize he excelled; in miniature and oçher fizes

he had great merit ; his drawing. was corliday.

rect, and he feldom failed of producing Mr. Atkinson, attorney at law, to Miss a most striking likeness. In hiftory there Gream.

are some pieces donc by him particularly, Ac Bridekirk, Cumberland, rev. Mr. Tarn, " Dedalus and Icarus,' Diana' and Endyrector of Dean, near Whitchaven, and in the si mion," now in Glasgow ; estay-pieces done com million of the peace for Cumberland, to at Rome, that would do credit to any pencil; Miss Grace Peele.

yet, from an unusual modefty and diffidence, Nov... Mr. Peregrine Hog, stockbroker, he never could be prevailed upon to put his name of Edmonton, to Mirs Davies.

to his works. A dutiful attachment to an aged Dec. 27. H. Dealıry, esq; of the crown of. mother and other relations 6xed him in Glasfire, Temple, to Miss Elcanor Baldwin, dau. gow, ambition with him was no ruling pala of the rev. Ms. B, of Leyland, co. Lanc. bon, nor was he eager after riches ; but a

35. By special licence, the hon. Mr. Prat, Datural philanthropic disposition, and an affionly son of Lord Camden, to Miss Moler- duity to please, were conspicuous traits of worih, role daughier and heiress of the late his character. By permition of the Lord W. M, eq; and filter 1o Lady Lucan.

Provoit ant magiftrates, te was buried in the Jan Joseph Dieffield, esq; to Miss Cor. choir of the cathedral church, where a neat peck, of Lambeib.

marble is to be erected to his memory, with 3. W. Wells, e'q; to Miss Moxrn. this intcription :

7. Mr. Rainsforih, of Clare-market, tallow-chandler to his Majetty, to Miss Buniord,

of e'deft dau, of the late Mr. B. pewterer in the Mr. WILLIAM COCHRAN Poultry.

portrait painter in Glasgow, 8. Al Chichelier, Mr. Thomas Trew, who died c&tober 23, 1785, merchant and banker, to Miss Eggar.

aged 47 years. 10. At Enfield, rev. Mr. Shaw, schoolmaster

The works of his pencil, op Fourtree.hol, to Miss Morris, eldest dau.

and this marble, of Mr. M. fchoolmaster at Chefhunt.

bear record 12. Ar Himmersmith, Lieut. F'ancis Love.

of an eminent artist, day, of the navy, to Miss Drakc, of Lilling

and a virtuous man. Atone Lovell. Oxford th.

Nov 25. Ac Stowhill, near Lichfield, in 15. Mr. W. de la Cour, of Walbrook, mer her 77.h year, Mrs. Afon, a respecied friend chant, to Miss Power.

of Dr. Johnson. She was interred in the

vault with her brother-in-law Gilb. Walms. DEATHS.

ley, era; in the cathedral at I chfield, op the ATELY, in Hampshire, Lady Dorothy 3d of December. Her fortu' e, which is very bart.

now refident in that city. By the death of In Dublin, Mr. Daniel Graifberry, printer. Mrs. Afton, the poor will bave an unspeaka

At Amtterdam, Dr. de la Carr, furmerly a ble lors. physician in Lndon.

Dec... At Exeter, rev. Charles Sleech, At Swansea, M:. Iliid Thomas, attorney M.A. son of Arihdeacon S. at law.

Ac Colchester, rev. Mr. Pil rough. At Garth re, in the parish of Kirkintil. At Arlingham, co. Gloc. Mrs. Anne Fryor, Jock, eight miles frum Clalgow, Anne Horne, reliet of Mr. F. of that place, and youugefte aged 49.

She was 44 times tapped of a dau, of the late Mr. Paliock. dropsy, and 2R6 Scots pints of water taken 18. A. Naples, Capt. Wm. Merrick, of from her. Fr half a year before her death a Scots pint was colleaed every day.

20. At Maybole, Catherine M Kutchcon, Mr. Hall, attorney, of Herifoid.

aged 104: Odl. 23. Ai Glasgow, Mr. William Coch.

27. Mrs. Hannah Flucker, reli&t of the san, painier, a native of Stratbaven in Cly- late T. F. ela; fecretary of Massachuset's eldaie, born Dec. 12, 1738. Having early Bay, and daughter of the larc Brg. Gen. ftown a genius in dclign, he was put as an .Wald. Elive to the academy of painting in the Colo 28. At Bath, Mrs. Harrold, relict of Ed. free of sl·lgow, in 1754, then chiefly under mund H. erg. The in'pection of the eminent printess, 29. At Kendirgron-palace. in his 814 year, vefl. Roveitand Andrew Foulis. Alier fome David Middletun, ca; se.jeant surgeon to his tiae fent here, he went to Italy abuur the end Majeliy, and surgcoa gen. coche army.

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the navy

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Olituary of confiderable Perfons ; with Biographical Anecdotes. William Best, efq; many years secre'ary in mily, pidules and painted glofs to his seat af his Majesty's Gerian office.

Dercban. 30. Ar South Stike, near Grancbam, aged 2. In Abchurch-lade, aged 72, Mrs• 86, che rév. Joba Harrison, M.A.

Swainston. Ac Manchester, aged 90, Peter Mainwar In Mvorfields, David Levi Solomons, i ing, MD

jew in rabbi, aged too. In Hatton street, aged 96, Mrs. Pinter Mrs. Scol, w.fe of Mr. S. upholder on wool, a widow lady.

Ludgate-hull. 31. lo cea-lir. Soho,


In Edinburgh, John Wemyss, era; late tenberg, M.D.

Tieur. gov. of Edinburgh caftic. At Oxford, rev. W. Wright, M.A.

Suddenly, at his feat at Slir.don, co. Sul. Ot indigestion, cccafioned by eating a quan sex, right hon. James Bartholomew Radclyfte, rity of cold oyffers for supps, whila he had Eail of Newburgh. He is succeeded in title the gout in his ftomach, Thomas Anguilh, and estate by Lord Kannard. ela; F.A.& R.S. accomptant general 10 the Aged 63, at Succon, Ellex, Gerrard Goecourt of Chancery, and one of the commiflio. bell, eso. ners of public accounts.

At Winchester, Mrs. Sturges, mother of Mrs. Cadell, w fe of Mr. C. a very emic the rev. Dr. S. chancellor of the diocese of dent bookseller in the Sirund,

Winchester, and filler to the Bishop of LonIn the Lunatic Asylum, York, where he don. bad been sehdenı near 3 years, Mr. Reddish, 3. Rru. Sackville Austen, M.A, rellor of form-rly of Drury-lane theatre.

Weft Wickham, ent. Mrs. Twycross, wife of the rev. Mr. T. of At Pilnobury, Herts, the infant son and Waterperry.

heir of leremiah Milles, efq. At Holyrood house, aged ico, Mrs, Wal. In Clarendon-ftreet, Dublin), the hon. Mrs. tera Murray,

Mon'gomery, fitter to the late, and aunt io Jax... Ac Duoton Ballet, Leic. aged 101, the present Duke of Argyle, and relict of W. William Wilday,

M. of Rosemont, esq; by whose death the riAt Wootrou, near Woodstock, aged 73, tle of Earl of Mount Alexander becomes exs, the rev. J. Banks, M.A. rector of that place. inct for waar of male beirs,

Mr. William Gales, fadlers' iron-monger Mr. John Scrother, packer, in Old Broada in Great Queen-fte.

ftreer. At Neuttad, Comte de Scherwin, major Ar Liverpool, aged 100, Mrs. Eliz. Curril. general, cabinet minister, and chiet master of Ac St. Albans, on his way to Loundon, the che horse to his Pryflian M jefty.

rev. James Bond, D.D. formerly chaplainco Ar Lalcham, Dirck Wittenoom, era. the late Bishop of London.

Ag he was undrelling himself, the rev. 4. At Acton, Mrs L-hook, aged 93 years. George Bent, vicar of Sandförd, near Credi. This truly genrle woman not only gave at. con, Devonsh. He had been married only the tention and encouragemencto any good work day before to Mrs. March, rel.ct of the late which was recommended to her, but was Mr. Thomas M. attorney, of Wellington. forwari in enquiring after proper objects, and

In Red Lion-fir. Mrs. Mrtha Buoih, a occafions of beneficence ; and her bounty was maiden lady.

Doi cunboed to the indigent at home, but exAt Ulverstone, co. Lanc., the rev. Mr. teeded to promote works of p.ety, and the Scales, vicar of that place,

propagacion of ihe gospel abroad. She had 1. Aged 76, the rrv. Richard Eno, vicar in a great degree a clear perception of “things of Grantham, rector of Wooftliho'p, and pre true, juft, lovely, and of good reporr," * bendary of Salisbury and Lincoln.

ftrany inclination, or attachment to, and an At illington, Mr. Poynter, of the General aff &tonare delight in, them; was exemplury Puft office.

for, or in, a reípe&ful and very kind and A. Los mbeth, Mr. Richard Payne, aged friendly creatment of such clergyinen as en97. He had been a clerk in the Bank 73 joyed the pleasure of her acquainance and years.

converfation. Norwithftandiig her age, the Ac Bristol hot wells, the hon. Lidy Har was fo adive and lively as to use exercile conriot Hupe.

ftantly, till some few weeks before her dearr, Io Norfolk Areet, Sir Climent Trufford, and retained her intelle&tual faculties to the kot, late of Dunton-hall, co. Loc. H: was last day of life; died eary, calm and coma piecd of Bene't coll. Camb. about 1795, posed, dutifully atteo led by the nearett rela. and married Mifs Southwell, hiter of Etw. S. tions ;ab rn at Marclay near Wo-cester ; buelti of Wilbech, in 1760, by whom he had ried in Si, Gabriel's church, Fenchurih. ftreet, no issue, and they soon leparated.

He was

Jan. II, in ber betoved Gifter Mrs. Ladd's knighed in 1761, on carrying up an acds-fo. Grave, who was in like manner well dil oled, He pulled down the fine mantion at Dun ona for in like manner the acted; as was obhall, which his great uncle, who left it to served and experienced by the writer of the him, rebuilt on a magnificent pian, at the ex- present article. peoce of 12,oool, and fold the materials and In Queen-fquarr, Lidy Fletewood, relia of furniture fut soool. after feonoying the fa• the lulesis Jubin P. ui Mortua Sands, Cheld



81 Obituary of confiderable Persons; with Biographical Anecdotes. and mother to Sir Thomas F. bar.

Thomas H. Son to John Earl of Bristol. At his feat at Eggington, Derbyshire, S's At Sparsholt-house, near Wantage, Berke, Edward Every, bait. He served the office of the lady of Gen. Gabbit, only daughter and High Sheriti in 1982.

heiress of the late Seymour Richmond, esq; S. Al Cambridge, James Burleigh, esq; al. and a ncar relation of the late Judge Blackderman of that corporation, and in the com ftone. mission of the peace for that town.

At Lichfield, in her 718 year, Mrs. Locy Suddenly, Mrs. Lancaster, wife of Mr. Purter, daughter to the wife of Dr. Johnson Joseph L. of Hampstead.

whole affection for her was uncommonly are Mrs. Rideout, wite of the rev. Mr. R. rec. dent, and whom the furvived exactly a year tor of Weftmeston, Sussex.

and a month. In this lady, her intimates 6. At Knightbridge, Mrs. Frederica have loft the readiest and moft affectionate Weichsel. She had performed in the gardens friend. Her understanding was naturally of Vauxhall 22 seasons.

Itrong, and must have been much improved At his scat at Tong. hall, Yorksh. John during her residence with Mr. and Mrs. JohnTempest, esq; major in ihe horse guards. son at Edghall.

Henry Hurt, esg; guldsmith, one of the At his house in Bruton ·ftr. Berkeley-sq. in Directors of the Hand in Hand fire-office. his 720 year, the right bon. Thomas Bar

g. In Denmark-str. Soho, aged 80, Mr. ret Linnard Lord Docre. His lordship was Caleb Jeacocke, another Director of the Hond born in April 1717, four months after the in Hand firetoffice. He was the celebrated death of his father, Richard Barret Lennard, baker who disputed so much at the Robin cla; and succeeded to the peerage on the death Hood Society, where he prehded.

of his mother, Anne, Baronels Dacre in her 8. Mrs. Clayton, relict of:

C. own right, as daughter and fole heir of the esq; of Tyler. Itr. Carnaby-market. Her death right hon. Thomas Lennard, Earl of Suflex, was occafioned by her Thawl catching fire, as Having recaired a liberal education in England, she was a muling herself on Christmas-day, he was sent to the University of Lausanne in which occafioned her being burnt in a terrible Switzerland, and afterwards made the tour of

Europe, whereby he became compleated in At South Mallicg. near Lewes, Mrs. Eft- in every polite accomplishment, 'a9 a genher Kemp, wife of W.K.elq; ferjeant at law. teman and scholar. In Italy he not only made Mr. Bell, timber-merchant in Clerkenwell

. himielf master of the language, but acquired In Lamb's.conduit-itr. Mr. Gregory, for- great knowledge in the polite arts, partimerly an eminent furgeon ; but had retired cularly architecture, to his skill in which

his feat of Bellhouse owes that elegant neat9. Miss Mary Akew, youngelt dau. of the nefs of its decorations from designs made by late Antony A. M.D.

himself, and executed under his own immediAc Gloucefler, at which place he was on a ate intpe&lion, in compleating which he convisit, Mr. James Rudge, attorney, of Crom tricted a disorder that deprived him of the use hall, one of the coroners for that county, and of his limls for several years before his death, proctor of the diocese.

and prevented him froin enjoying an exten10. Ai Clapham, Sir Timothy Waldo, knt. five let of valuable acquaintance : but those believed to have been the senior attorney on few whom he diftinguished with his friendthe roll. He has left one daughter, married mip were selected with the nicest judgement, to George Medley, of Buxtead-place, Suflex, for their virtues and learning. His lordship's crg; M.P. for E. Grinstead.

intimate knowledge of the history, antiquiIn Lincoln's-inn-fields, Arthur Anneley, ties, and genealogies of these kingdoms, is esq.

evident from the great alistance, several of our At Edinburgh, James Buchanan, elz; one best writers on these subjects have acknowof the commillioners of customs for Scotland. ledged 'hey received from him. In politicks

Ac Exeter, Mrs. Wilfun, dau of the Dean be was fro use his own words), a true and of York, and wife of R. W. elq; of Folle. zealous friend of liberty, and the proteftant foot, Yorksh.

religion. He was a molt tender husband, a 11. Ar Beffelleigh, Berks, Mrs. Lenthall, grot landlord, an indulgent matter, and a lirelict of the late J. L. esq; rf Burford, asd best benefactor to the induftrious poor. His moter to the present high fher ff for that remains were interred in the family vault ac county.

Avely in Eflex, and though the fuaeral was, 12. Right hon. Lady Anne B: udenell, wife agrecable to his particular delire, as private of Lord B. She was buried in the church of as could be, yet the church was not capable of Trinity Minories.

containing balf the number of persons who Mr. Marhler, plumber, one of the common bad ailembled on the melancholy occafion. council-o en of Cripplegate ward.

His tdp. married Anna Maria, daughter of Ai Thrapton, Northamp. Mr. Dan. York, Sor John Pratt, of Wilderness, co. Keat, and at or ney.

Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, and In Gloucester-Areot, Mrs. Griffith, seliat of bfter to Lord Camden, by whom he had itsue the lare Dr. G. who died Jan. 1. 1784. one daughter, Bashara, who died March 14. 13. Hon. Mirs. Hervey, relict of the hon. 1749, in the tenth year of her age. The

some years.

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Obituary of confiderable Perfons ; with Blographical Anecdotes. 85 family of Lennard - were seated in Kent as hospitals of St. Nicholas and St. John-of early as the time of Henry VI. and the title whom some account will be given in a future came into it in the reign of Elizabeth, on the Magazine. marriage of John Lennard, efq; with Margaret 23. In Fenchurch-fr. of a mortification Fynes, fifter of George Fynes id Dacre, and sole occafioned by cutting a corn, Daniel Garnault, heiress of his estates and barony, by mari. age esq; of Bulls-cross, Enfield, aephew to the laie of her ancestor, Sir Richard Fynes, of Hertt. Amic G. esq. Monceaux, in Sussex, with Joan daughter and 27. In Thames-fr. advanced in years, Mr. beiress of Thomas Dacre Lord Dacre. Henry Robert Barnevelt, an eminent cheese-factor Leonard, son of John and Margaret above and contractor with Government, whose inmentioned, was the firt Lord Dacre of this tegrity, activity, and benevolence, will be refamily, and was succeeded in 1616 by his son gretted by all who knew him. He was deRichard; he in 1662 by his fon Thomas; scended from, or allied to, the celebrated paand he, in 1715, by his two daughters, of triots of Holland ; his grandfather was apowhom Barbara married Eliab Skelton, a lieu- thecary to King William 11. aud his father tenant-geneneral in the French service, and held the same poft under Geo. I. and II. The died in 1741. Anne surviving, became sole extent and success of his public contracts her to her father, and married, 1. Richard were only equalled by the honour and firmness Barrett Lennard, esq; 2. Henry Roper Lord of mind, as well as vigour and health of body, Teynham; 3. the hon. Robert Moore, son with which he conducted them, whereby he of Henry Earl of Drogheda, and died in 1755. has been enabled to furnish Government with Belhouse, in Aveley, co. Essex, was the fear of 200 oxen every Monday, and to supply Adm. the Barretts from Henry IV. by marriage with Bosca wen's fleet of twenty fail of the line, at the beiress of Belhouse, and bequeathed to the beginning of a war, on a very short now Richard Leonard, great grandson of Richard tice. These are but a few traits of the cha2d Lord Ducre, by his coufo Sir Edward racter of this extraordinary man, to which Barreti, Lord Newburgh, 1644, on condition many more might be added of clear intellece of his taking his name and arms. This Rio tual faculties, unblemished credit, and enchard Barreit was great grandfather to the larged charity, which will immortalize him fubje&t of this article, who much improved in the circle wherein he moved, both in Lonthis ancient manfion, which is fituated in a don and at Enfield, where he had considerable well-wooded park, about three miles round; property. and cho' Heft Monceaux was sold out of this family by the extravagance of one of his an

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS, celtors in the last century, he was at the ex Oshua Goffelin, jun. esq; Clerk or Greffier pence of procuring capital drawings of that of his Majesty's Royal Court in Guernsey, noble, but now ruined manfion, copies of vice his father, relig. which he communicated to Mr. Burrell and Charles Anderson Pelham, approved Re. Mr. Grose. His Lordship. was intimately corder of Great Grimsby, vice Robert Earl of killed in the antiquities of his native country, Gatherlough, dec. and, having large property in Ireland, ex George Babb, efq; approved Town Clerk of tended bis views and researches thither also. the said borough, vice W. Hildyard, esq; dec. He was elected F.A.S. May 12, 1743, and Mr. James Atkinson, confirmed Town cultivated the friendibip of the late Bishop Clerk of Hertford, vice Mr. John Hall, dec. Lyt elion, who was elected three years be George Baldwin, esq; Consul General is fore him. The barony being in fee, de. Egypt. Scends to the issue of the late Lady Dacre by John Monck Mason, esq; a Privy Counsellor her second husband, Lord Teynham; viz. to in Ireland. Trevor Charles Roper, born in 1745, eldest son of her eldest son Charles Roper, and mar.

B-NKR-PTS. in 1773 60 Mary only dau, and heiress to Sir NASH, Bristol, broker Thomas Fludyer, knt. and alderman of Lone don.

tallow-chandler . 14. At Gloucester, Mrs. Gulliford, filter James Luckman, Birmingham, dealer to th: late Robert Allop, esq; len or alderman john Hillyer, Froyle, Southampt. shop-keeper and father of the city of London.

Richard Rumsey, Weft Peckham, Kent, shopo At South Lambech, Mr. Michael Arne, keeper only son of the late Dr. A.

George Mackereth, Tower-Dock, dealer 18. At her son's house in Tucky-fr. En- Joleph Hall, Birmingham, watch and clockfield, in her 92d year, Mrs. Coleman, mo maker ther of Wm. C. era.

John Wright, Ardwick, Manchester, merchant 19. Ac Canterbury, the rev John Dur- John Baxter, Carlton, York, groc. and mercer GOMBE, M.A. rector of the unitet parithes Samuel Watkins, Holyhead, victualler of St. Andrew and St. Mary Bredman, in the Robert Simpson, Ether, Surrey, shop-keeper city of Canterbury, ricar of Herne in Kent, Thomas Beatron, Botolph-lane, orange-merc. one of the six preachers of the cathedral of Edward Hurford, Wellington, Somerset, baker Caccerbusy, and matter of the archiepiscopal John Sturmy, Blackman-freet, Newington,


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T. , Yorkshire,

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