Orientalische Bibliographie, Edição 8

H. Reuther, 1895

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Página 318 - edited from four manuscripts and critically revised through a continuous comparison of the Massoretic and Samaritan texts, and the Greek, Syriac, Vulgate and Ethiopie versions of the Pentateuch, and further emended and restored in accordance with the Hebrew, Syriac, Greek, and Latin fragments of this Book, which are here published in full. (=Anecdota Oxoniensia. Semitic Series.
Página 70 - is intended at present is to call attention to the now undoubted, and long since suspected, fact, that it pleased the Divine Power to reveal some of the most important articles of our Catholic creed first to the Zoroastrians, and through their literature to the Jews and ourselves.
Página 40 - Cavendish, AEJ — Korea and the sacred White Mountain: being a brief account of a journey in Korea in 1891; together with an account of an ascent of the White Mountain, by Capt. HE
Página 180 - de. — Le Nord de la Sibérie. Voyage parmi les peuplades de la Russie asiatique et dans la Mer Glaciale. Trad, du russe par le prince
Página 266 - The four Gospels in Syriac transcribed from the Sinaitic palimpsest by the late Robert L. Bensly, and by J. Rendel Harris, and by F. Crawford Burkitt. With an introduction by Agnes Smith Lewis.
Página 34 - Vincent, Mrs. H. - - Newfoundland to Cochin China, by the Golden Wave, New Nippon, and the forbidden city. With reports on British trade and interests in Canada, Japan and China. New ed.
Página 91 - The Cushite; or, the descendants of Ham as found in the sacred scriptures and in the writings of the ancient historians and poets from Noah to the Christian era. Brooklyn,
Página 28 - Siberia and the great Siberian railway, with a general map, by the Department of Trade and Manufactures, Ministry of Finance, for the World's Columbian exposition at Chicago.
Página 16 - Vict. — Kulturpflanzen u. Hausthiere in ihrem Übergang aus Asien nach Griechenland u. Italien, sowie in das übrige Europa. Historisch-linguist. Skizzen. 6. Aufl., neu hrsg. v.
Página 311 - The Egyptian Book of the Dead, the most ancient and the most important of the extant religious texts of Ancient Egypt, ed. with introd.,

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