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§ 15. That Abraham Ackerman, Thomas Mckey, and George Watertown to

Washara. Clawson, be commissioners to lay out and establish a Territorial road from Watertown, in the county of Jefferson, to Washara, in the county of Dodge, with power to adopt such part of the present surveyed road from Watertown to Washara, as they see fit; that said commissioners shall meet at the house of Jacob P. Brower, on the first Monday of April next, in the discharge of their duties as such commissioners.

$ 16. That John Cook, John Adams, and Ezra Dargan, are Whitewater to hereby appointed commissioners to lay out and establish a Terri- Exeter. torial road from the town of Whitewater, in the county of Walworth, to Exeter, in the county of Green. $ 17. That John Metcalf, John Messersmith, Jr., and H. F. Sauk Prairie

to military Crossman, are hereby appointed commissioners to lay out and es-rona. tablish a Territorial road, commencing at Prairie du Sauk, in the county of Sauk, and extending thence by the nearest and most feasible route by Helena and Hickox's mill, so as to intersect the military road in a direct line from Hickox's mill to Dodgeville, in the county of Iowa.

The several boards of commissioners named in this act, Time of meeta shall meet at such times and places as a majority of them shall ing of commis. agree upon, and proceed to perform the duties assigned them, agreeably to the provisions of an act entitled "An act to provide for laying out and opening Territorial roads,” approved January 11th, 1840," and when located shall be opened and worked as other roads are. None of the expenses of laying out the roads authorized

Expenses by this act, shall be paid from the Territorial treasury, nor from the treasury of any of the counties through which any of the said roads may run.

APPROVED, February 15, 1842.

§ 18.

$ 19.

AN ACT to change the name of the town of

Finch, in the county of Jefferson.
Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the
Territory of Wisconsin :

§ 1. That the town heretofore called Finch, in the county of Jefferson, in said Territory, shall hereafter be called Koshkonong.

APPROVED, February 17, 1842.

AN ACT to incorporate the Janesville Bridge

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the

Territory of Wisconsin:
Names of per

$1. That Charles Stevens, Wm. H. H. Bailey, Porter M. sons incorpora ted.

Potter, James Beamus, Elisha Newhall, Wright Newhall, Elbridge G. Newhall and Volney Atwood, and such other persons as shall associate with them, be and they are hereby incorporated, by the name and style of “The Janesville Bridge Company," and by said name may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, in any court in this Territory, and may have a common seal, and may

change the same at pleasure. Subscriptions $ 2. Charles Stevens and Wm. H. H. Bailey are hereby ap

pointed commissioners, to receive subscriptions to the capital stock, and shall open a book of subscription at the store of Bailey and Lappin, in the said town of Janesville; on the first Monday of February, A. D. eighteen hundred and forty-two, which book

shall be kept open for three days. Amount of ca. § 3. The capital stock of said company shall be two thousand pital stock.

five hundred dollars, and shall be divided in shares of one hundred

dollars each. Power to rest § 4. The saia company shall have power to rest the said bridge bridge.

on the western bank of said river, and may take so much land as shall be necessary for that purpose: Provided, no unnecessary damage shall be done thereby. And in case the said company and


the owners of the land shall be unable to agree upon the price of said land, the said company shall choose one appraiser, and the owners another; and the persons so chosen shall proceed to appraise the said land; and in case the said appraisers cannot agree, they shall choose another appraiser, and the price at which the said appraisers shall appraise the said land shall be paid by said company

§ 5. The said company shall have power to make bye-laws Bye-laws. for the regulation of the concerns of the said company: Provided, that the said bye-laws shall not be repugnant to the laws of the United States or of this Territory. $ 6. The said company shall have power to build and con- Place where to

erect bridge. struct a bridge across the Rock river, at the town of Janesville; said bridge to be constructed from the western termination of Milwaukee street, in said town, to the opposite or western bank of said river.

§ 7. Said bridge shall not be less than eighteen feet wide, and How made. shall be constructed with a draw over the channel of the river, not less than twenty-four feet wide.' And the said company shall attend to the said draw, so as to permit boats and vessels to pass through the same at all times, free of charge, and without unnecessary delay; and shall be commenced within one year,

and completed within two years.

$ 8. The company shall have power, after the completion of Rates of toll. . the bridge, to demand and collect toll for passing the same as Yollows:

For any vehicle, drawn by one horse, twelve and a half cents.

For any vehicle, drawn by two horses, or oxen, twenty-five cents; and for each additional horse or ox, six and one-fourth cents.

For a single horse, six and one-fourth cents.

For all animals in droves of less than fifty head, three cents each; and for all over fifty, two cents each: Provided, that hogs and sheep shall not be charged more than at the rate of one cent. per head; and the said bridge shall be free for foot passengers.



Same to be $ 9. The said company shall keep posted up in some conspicposted up.

uous place on the said bridge, a list of the rates of toll allowed by

this act. Power to pur

§ 10. The county of Rock shall have the power to purchase the said bridge at any time after it shall be completed, by paying to the

company the original cost of the same, and seven per centum interest per annum, to be computed from the time the bridge shall be completed to the time of purchase: Prorided, such purchase

shall be for the purpose of making said bridge a free bridge. Terms of same. $ 11. In case the county of Rock and the said company shall

not agree as to the amount of said cost and interest to be paid, the said company shall choose one appraiser, and the said county one, and the two appraisers so chosen shall choose a third, and the said persons so chosen shall appraise the said bridge, and their appraisal shall be final.

§ 12. This act shall be in force from and after its passage.

$ 13. This act shall continue and be in force until 1865, and shall at all times be liable to be altered, amended or repealed.

APPROVED, February 16, 1942.

Ferry where established.

AN ACT to establish a ferry within the Military

Reservation of Fort Snelling.
Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the
Territory of Wisconsin:

§ 1. That Christopher Carle, his heirs or assigns, be and are hereby authorized to establish and keep, or cause to be established and kept, a ferry across the Mississippi river, within the military reserve of Fort Snelling, opposite Massy's landing, in Iowa Territory, about one mile above the mouth of the St. Peters river, for the term of ten years, from and after the passage of this act.

$2. Said ferry shall be subject to such regulations as other ferries are or may by law be subject, for fixing the rates of toll, or the manner in which said ferry shall be kept and attended to.

$ 3. The Legislature of the Territory or State of Wisconsin, may at any [time] alter, amend or repeal this act.

APPROVED, February 18, 1842.


AN ACT to authorize James II. Rogers and oth

ers to construct at their own expense, a free floating bridge across the Milwaukee river.

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin: $1. That James H. Rogers, Nelson P. Hawks, Lindsey Ward, Location of

bridge. Joseph Carey, and such other persons as shall associate with them, shall be and are hereby authorized to construct a bridge across the Milwaukee river, in the town of Milwaukee, from the foot of Spring street, on the west side, to the foot of Wisconsin street, on the east side of the river.

$ 2. The costs of the construction of said bridge shall be paid to be free. by voluntary subscription; and said bridge, when completed, shall be and forever remain free; and no person or persons crossing the same shall be required to pay any toll therefor.

$ 3. Said bridge shall be a floating bridge, without any pier, How made. abutment, or other permanent work obstructing or encroaching upon the channel of the Milwaukee river; shall have a convenient draw, single or double, capable of being so managed as to admit the passage of all boats, vessels and water crafts navigating, or which may hereafter navigate, the Milwaukee river, without any hindrance or delay; and said bridge shall be so constructed that it may at any time be taken part, or removed without any considerable expense or delay. § 4. The said bridge shall be kept in repair by the owners How repaired

and attended. thereof, and shall be so attended as to


all boats, vessels and water crafts, at all times, free of expense, and without delay or interruption.

§ 5. The trustees of the town of Milwaukee, of either ward Trustees may thereof, may provide for the repairs and attendance of said bridge, out of any funds in the treasury; and the said trustees of said town may at any time, by an ordinance duly passed, order and direct said bridge to be removed by the owners; and if said bridge shall not be removed within three weeks after notice of such order, may cause said bridge to be removed.

and repass


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