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AN ACT to authorize the construction of a dam across the Craw.

fish river.

To amend the several acts to provide for the support of com-

mon schools.

To authorize Webster Stanley to keep a ferry across Fox


To organize certain towns in the county of Fond du Lac.

To provide for taking the census of the inhabitants of the

Territory of Wisconsin, and to authorize the Governor

to apportion the members of the Council and House of


To incorporate the trustees of the Delevan school.

To incorporate the Beloit and Rock river bridge company.

To revive and amend an act to incorporate the Western Mu-

tual Fire Insurance Company, at Prairie du Chien, and

the Howard Fire Insurance Company, of Brown county.

Concerning the partition of lands.

To amend the act concerning grand and petit jurors.

To abolish imprisonment for debt.

To divide the town of Summit and to organize the town of


To organize certain towns in the county of Rock.

To amend the act to incorporate the village of Southport.

To provide for the relief of purchasers of canal lands.

For the relief of Portage county.

To provide for the security of the property appertaining to

the Legislative Assembly

To amend and define the act entitled “An act to provide for

the government of the several towns in this Territory,

and for the revision of county government,” approved

Feb. eighteenth, eighteen hundred and forty one.

To amend an act entitled "An act to change the corporate

limits and powers of the town of Green Bay.”

To amend an act entitled "An act to incorporate the village

of Racine."

To repeal parts of the several acts relative to the Milwau-

kee and Rock river canal.

To organize the counties of Calumet and Winnebago, and

for other purposes.

To provide for laying out the several Territorial roads there-

in named.

To change the name of the town of Finch, in the county

of Jefferson.



Platteville, act to incorporate, names of trustees, 5; election of

trustees, their powers and duties, 6, 7.

of Legislative Assembly to be preserved in Territorial library, 23;

to be transmitted to the States and Territories, 23.

may draw on treasurer for expenses, 33.

how made in case of attachment suits, 21; when traversable, 22.

for payment of officers &c. of Legfslative Assembly, 85.

to be made by Governor of members of the two houses, 50; in what
manner to be made, 50; to be promulgated by proclamation, 51;

when, 51.

Act concerning writs of, 21; in what cases may be had, 21; mode
of sueing out writs of, 22; manner of serving, 22; defendant when
to be called, when not, 22; notice of, not to be published in case of

personal service on defendant, 22.

Beloit and Rock River, act to incorporate, 53; capital stock in
each, rates of toll, and limitation of duration, 54, 55; where located,

how constructed, 55.

purchasers of, act for the relief of, 62; interest money remitted to, 62.

shall be taken by the sheriffs of counties, 47; to be completed by
the first of July, next, 49; blank forms to be prepared by the Secre-
tary, 49; abstracts of returns by sheriffs shall be filed in office of
Şecretary, a copy thereof to be furnished the Governor, 49; sher-
iffs' compensation, 49.

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(See School Commissioners.) COMPENSATION

of Treasurer and Secretary, for negotiating drafts and bills, for pay

ment of public dues, 25. COUNTIES

of Calumet and Winnebago organized, 74; attached to Brown county 74; attached to others-judges of probate, justices of the

peace, and constables in, have limited jurisdiction, 75. DAM

at the outlet of Pewaukee lake, act to authorize Asa Clark to build, 8; remedy for injuries by, 8, 9; across Rock river, act to authorize, 9; when and by whom erected, 9; remedy for injuries by, 10; on the Manitouwoc river, act to authorize, 11; where and by whom built, 11, 12; its height, manner of construction of, 12; remedy for injuries by, 12; across Crawfish river, act to authorize, 44; where and by whom to be erected, 41; how high, how constructed, 45; remedy for injuries by, 45; across Oconto river, act to authorize,

84; where and by whom erected, 84; remedy for injuries by, 84. DELAYAN SCHOOL-

act to incorporate trustees of, 51; location of school, names of persons incorporated, 51; stock deemed personal property, yearly income limited, 52; trustees, how elected, for what term, their

powers and duties, 52, 53. DRAFTS OR BILLS

for payment of debts of Territory, to whom issued, for what, in what denominations, 24; form of, when and how to be redeemed, 24, 25; how disposed of when paid, 25; shall be received for Territorial

dues, 25, ENGINEER

Territorial, office of abolished, 74. EXPENSES

Territorial, act to provide for payment of, 40; of laying out roads

not a charge to Territory or any county, 79. FERRY

across Fox river, may be kept by Webster Stanley, where, on what terms, 46; within the military reservation of Fort Spelling, may

be kept up by Christopher Carle, on what terms, 82. FIRE INSURANCE COMPANIES

act incorporating Western Mutual Fire Insurance Company, and Howard Fire Insurance Company, revived, 56.

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