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act to authorize James H. Rogers and others to build, where erected and how constructed, 83; to be kept in repair, and attended by owners so as to pass all boats &c. free of expense, without delay, and may at any time, by order of the trustees of Milwaukee be re.


act to incorporate, 12; articles of association of, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17; stock holders, their corporate powers, 17, 18; act may be re


act to incorporate, 26; capital stock of, design of, 27, stock payable in land, how conveyed 27, 28; directors, number, powers and duty of, 29, 30; stock of may be purchased by Territory, 32; treasurer how appointed, his duty, 31; an act of Congress providing for the

same improvements, ipso facto repeals this, 33. GRAND AND PETIT JURORS

number to be summoned may be varied by judge of court, 58. GREEN BAY

town of, its corporate limits and powers, 67; president and trustees empowered to form fire companies, &c. 68. (See Tax and Prop


for debt abolished, except in tort, 58. JANESVILLE BRIDGE COMPANY

act to incorporate, names of persons incorporated, capital stock, subscription for, 80; place of building bridge, how constructed, rates of toll, 81; may be purchased by county of Rock, limitations

of act, 82. LIBRARIAN

to keep record of books belonging to library, 64; shall preserve twenty bound copies of acts and journals of the Assembly, in li

brary, 23. LIEN,

of mechanics and others for improvements on real estate, act to provide for, on dwelling houses &c. in favor of persons doing work or finding materials, takes precedence of all others created subsequent to commencement of work, &c. 19; limitation of, 19, 20; in favor of sub-contractors, how secured, 19; remedy for 20, 21; attachment of real ertate when a lien thereon, 22; how discharged, 23; upon an undivided interest in land, shall, after partition had, remain on the share assigned to the debtor, 57.


town of, act to change its corporate limits and powers, 34; president and trustees have power to make ordinances, &c. 35, 36, 37, 38; penalties for violating same, 37; assessments to be a lien on

property so assessed, 39. NOTICE

of attachment not to be published in case, 22; publication of by

trustees of Racine village, what required in certain cases, 73. OFFICE

term of to commence the first Monday of January, 1842, in certain cases,


the parties in proceedings for, 57. PORTAGE COUNTY

act for the relief of, 63. PROPERTY

what attachable and what exempt in certain cases, 22; what taxable in the village of Southport, 61; belonging to the Legislative Assembly how kept, 64; what taxable, what exempt in Green

Bay, 67; what taxable, what exempt in Racine village, 68, 69. RACINE

village of, act incorporating amended, 68; board of tru ess empowered to alter streets, license taverns groceries, &c. 72, 73.

(See Titles, Property, and Tax.) RELIGIOUS TEST

none required, 7, 53. REPEAL

of act incorporating Bank of Mineral Point, 44; of parts of several

acts relating to the Milwaukee and Rock River Canal, 73. RICHLAND COUNTY act to

boundaries of, attached to Iowa county, 42; county seat, manner of locating, 42, 43, SCHOOL COMMISSIONERS

may sell decayed timber on school sections, 45; shall apply moneys

to support common schools, 46 SCHOOL DISTRICT


village of, act to incorporate, 60. SUPREME COURT

additional term of, may call a jury in bankrupt cases, either in term time or vacation, 26.


act to establish, from Mineral Point to Milwaukee, 75; Menomonee Mills to Dakotah, Milwaukee to Blue Mounds extended, 76; Prairie Village to Fort Atkinson, Fond du Lac to intersect one from Depere to Knaggs' ferry, Helena to the Dells, Honey Creek to the Dells, 77; Fox River to Wisconsin River, Beloit to Monroe, Platteville to State line, Belmont to Dubuque, Sauk Prairie to military road,78 Watertown to Washara, Whitewater to Exeter, Sauk Prai

rie to military road, 79. TAX

by school district not to exceed, 46; limitations of in Green Bay, 67; how collected in Green Bay, road tax may be assessed as a poll tax in Green Bay, 68; rates of in Racine village, 69; manner of assessing in Racine village, 69, 70; how collected in Racine vil

lage, 70, 71, 72; land sold for how redeemed in Racine village, 72. TOWN-

of Summit divided, 58; Warren organized, 59; Finch to be known

by the same Koshkonong, 80. TOWNS

in Racine county, act to orgnize certain, 10; in the county of Fond du Lac, act to organize certain, 47; in the county of Rock, act to

organize certain, 59, 60. TOWN GOVERNMENT

what counties have adopted it, 63. TOWN MEETINGS

annual, when to be holden, how conducted, 65.

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