The Elderhiker Handbook: On Walking, Hiking and Trekking, and the Health and Fitness to Do Them

AuthorHouse, 2000 - 172 páginas
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The Elderhiker Handbook

Walking, Hiking, and Trekking,
and the Health and Fitness to do them!

This book has two purposes: To encourage seniors to keep on walking, hiking, and trekking as a way to slow down the aging process and to be a 'how to' book on do-it-yourself trekking and on choosing a trip with an adventure travel company.

After 50 it gets harder and harder to adopt a lifestyle of exercise and fitness that will keep you an active adult through life into your 80's, and beyond. This book will demonstrate to you that walking/hiking is a way to achieve this, is great moderate exercise, and is fun, too. You will learn: How to measure your hiking fitness, how to cope with some of the effects of aging, how to keep your pack light, and choose clothing, plan food for your outings, and more.

When you are ready for a trek somewhere in the world, you will learn how to plan your own trip, or choose a trip with an adventure travel company. In addition, the last five chapters are descriptions of treks taken by the author and his wife since they passed their 60th year, and are examples of both the do-it-yourself trek and of treks with adventure travel companies.

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