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w and redeemed by the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund, under the provision in the charter, authorizing the redemption on the 3d Nov. 1817. My predecessor, in a letter to you, dated the 15th Nov. 1817, presented this claim to you, in connection with that for the principal of the stock then redeemed, with a request that you would be pleased to issue your warrant for the amount of both. The Treasurer’s draft, dated 25th Nov. 1817, No. 1325, was issued for the amount of the principal, and I am unable to trace any subsequent notice of the claim for interest, except as it stands on the books of the Bank as a claim upon the Government. There can, I presume, be no doubt of the justice of these claims, and I have, therefore, the honor to request, that you will be pleased to direct the payment of them. I have the honor to be, Sir, with great respect, * Your obedient servant, L. CHEVES, President. The Hon. WM. H. CRAwford, Secretary of the Treasury, City of Washington.

The United States Dr. to the Bank of the United States.

As follows: Expenses attending the collection of special deposites, paid by the Bank of the United States and certain of its Offices, on account of the Government. At Bank of the United States, paid from the 1st July to the 31st December, 1817, to P. H. Nichlin and W. Cochran, for

their 5. and compensation, - - £723 00 At the Office Cincinnati, paid the 3d June, - - 597 42 At the Office Louisville, do. - - - 591 12 At the Office Pittsburg, do. - - - 1,202 26 $3,113 80

No. 35,925—For interest due 3d Nov. 1817, on 7 per cent. stock, to wit: Account of Funded Debt of the United States, this day transferred by the Bank of the United States to Thomas Tudor Tucker, Treasurer of the United States, in trust for the said States; which transfer has been made upon the requisition of the Secretary of the Treasury, in behalf of the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund, by virtue of an act of Congress, entitled an Act to provide for the redemption of the public debt, passed on the 3d day of March, 1817, to wit:

No. 3, 7 per cent. stock, amount, - . 83,246 15
No. 4, do. do. - - - 83,246 15
No. 5, do. do. - - - . 83,246 15
INo. 6, do. do. - - - 83,246 15

$332,984 60

Redeemed at the rate prescribed by the act to incorporate the
subscribers to the Bank of the United States, to wit:
$106 51 for every sum of $100, $354,661 89

Interest on the above for # of the quarter, at the rate of 7 per cent. per annum,

Bank of the United States, 38th January, 1822.

SIR: I had the honor, on the 14th of June last, to enclose to you an account of the expenditures of the bank for stationery used in the loan offices of the United States; and in your reply of the 18th of the same month, you were pleased to say that the account must remain unsatisfied until an appropriation for the purpose could be obtained, and that it would appear in the estimates for 1822. I now beg leave to enclose you an account, embracing the former, brought down to 30th November, 1821. ceive that the sum of $906 87 expended at the bank, is by estimate, but I have no doubt you will readily perceive that the estimate must be far below the actual expenditure, when you remark that it includes the period, from the establishment of the bank to the 1st January, 1819. For the other items, except $20 at Portsmouth, the bank is ready, if desired, to exhibit the vouchers.

I have, then, on the part of the bank, to ask the favor of you to cause the amount of the account now transmitted to be embraced by the appropriation act of 1822.

The Honorable W.M. H. Chawrorn,
Secretary of the Treasury, city of Washington.

I have the honor to be, sir,
Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
L. CHEVES, President.

The United States, Dr.

You will per

To the Bank of the United States,

For the expenses of stationery and printing for the Loan Office Depart: ment, from the date of its transfer to the Bank of the United States and its Offices of Discount and Deposite, to the 30th Nov. 1821, viz.

At Bk of the U.S. per vouchers, 3815, from Jan. 1819, to this date, 172187. & 4 * * per estimate, $90687, prior to Jan. 1819, ; Office Portsmouth, 3500 40 pr. 320, - - ... " 52040 “ Boston, per vouchers, do. -. - - 240959 “ Providence, -g - - SS169 “ Middletown, “ - - - - 80999 “ New York, “ - - 175179 “ Baltimore, 4& - - • 92.284 ** Richmond, * -- - 56700 “ Fayetteville, “ - - - - 77.04 “ Charleston, -- - - 45868, “ Savannah, -- - - - - 41200 “ Lexington, -- - - 15825 “ Chillicothe, “ - - - - 81 00 $10,00° is

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Office Bank of the U. States,
New Fork, March 6, 1822.

SIR: I have received your favor of the 26th February, and agreeably with your request, have purchased, for the use of the Department of State, a bill on London (the 1st and 2d of which are herein enclosed,) for £4,500 sterling, drawn by the Bank of the United States on Messrs. Baring, Brothers & Co. and by me endorsed. The 3d and 4th shall be forwarded by the next mail.

I enclose the necessary vouchers; amount due due this office $22,728 37

I am, sir, very respectfully, Your obedient servant, M. ROBINSON, Cashier. The Hon. W. H. Chawronn, Scecretary of the Treasury.

We, the undersigned, certify, that we consider the fair price of bills on London, of the first description, to be thirteen and one half per cent. ad

wance, JOHN G. WARREN, & SON, J. & C. BOLTON.

New York, March 6, 1822.

Bank of the United States,
29th March, 1822.

Sta: I have had the honor to receive your letter of the 27th instant. It will be exceedingly inconvenient to the Bank to give the government immediate credit here for the drafts on New Orleans for $125,000, and on Charleston for $20,000, at this moment, because, in the beginning of April, the demands upon us will be very heavy. We cannot, however, say that we will not do it, but we hope it is not necessary to require it to the whole extent, at this momett. It may be done on the 1st May next, by which time we will have an opportunity of making the ". arrangements. We will now, however inconvenient, meet your views so far as to embrace the public dividends which will be payable here on the 1st April next, which amount to $586,228 55, and the pensions being already provided for, we suppose this will substantially meet your wishes. The balance, though small, we hope you will not be obliged to draw for until the 1st May. §e draft on Baltimore shall be immediately put to your credit at New York, but you will be pleased to transmit it to the Bank, according to the arrangements between your Department and the Bank for the transfer of funds. I have the honor to be,

Sir, with great respect,
Your obedient servant,
L. CHEVES, President.

Hon. WM. H. CRAwronn,
secretary of the Treasury, City of Washington.

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Office of Discount and Deposite, Bank U. S.
Chillicothe, April 8th, 1822.

* Sin: With the weekly abstracts of this office, I have the honor to enclose duplicate receipt of John C. Wright, United States’ Attorney for the District of Ohio, for the evidences (in this office) of debts due to the United States, forming part of the “special deposite” handed over to him in pursuance of your instructions of 8th ultimo. I have the honor to be, Most respectfully, sir, Your obedient servant, A. G. CLAYPOOLE, Cashier.

The Hon. WM. H. Cn Awforn, Esq.
Secretary of Treasury.

Office of Discount and Deposite Bank U.S.
Chillicothe, March 30, 1822.

Srn: I have the honor to enclose the usual abstracts of this office; and to acknowledge receipt of your letter of 8th instant, since which I received from the Treasurer United States, and, on the 25th, transmitted the draft adverted to, for collection, to the Cashier of the Bank at Yo. and this day a letter reached me from the Cashier of the Branch of Columbia, of 12th, covering an obligation of the Farmers and Mechanics' Bank of Cincinnati, for $1,822, bearing date 19th August, 1819, payable with interest therefrom, which amount is placed to the credit of the special deposite in this office.

This obligation, with the other described evidences of debt, due to the United States, will be disposed of in the manner you have been pleased to direct, so soon as a proper communication can be had with the United States’ District Attorney.

I am, most respectfully, sir,
Your very obedient servant,
AB. G. CLAYPOOLE, Caskier.

The Hon. WM. H. Caawronn, Esq.

Secretary of the Treasury.

Office of Discount and Deposite Bank of U.S.
Chillicothe, April 4, 1832.

Received of Abraham G. Claypoole, Cashier, the following evidences of debts due the United States, handed over to me under instructions from the honorable Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, viz.

Two certificates of the Farmers, Mechanics, and Manufacturers' Bank of Chillicothe, viz.

One dated 13th August, 1819, - - $23,550
One dated 28th April, 1820, bearing interest, 350
One note thereof, - - - - 5

One certificate of the Farmers and Mechanics' Bank of Cincinnati, May 6th, 1820, bearing interest, - 11,845 One Do. Do. 19th Aug. 1819, bearing interest 1,822 Sundry notes thereof, - - - - 3,086 16,753 One certificate of Qffice Bank of the United States at Cincinnati, for notes of Miami Exporting Company, 8th May, 1820, 8,661 Three notes of said Company, said to be counterfeits, - 130 One certificate of the “Bank of Cincinnati,” 24th April 1820, bearing interest, - - - - - - 3,846 Amounting to $53,295

Say fifty-three thousand two hundred and ninety-five dollars, for which I have given duplicate receipts. J. E. COLLIER, For J. C. WRIGHT, Dist. Attoy, per his order.

Qffice Bank of the United States,
Savannah, April 11, 1822.

SIR: Mr. Pickins, an agent from the Tombeckbe Bank, arrived yesterday, with one hundred and twenty-six thousand eight hundred dollars, in notes, purporting to have been issued by the banks of Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia, and a draft on Charleston at 10 days sight, for $1,500. It is the President's opinion, as well as mine, that this deposite was intended by you to be placed in the Bank of Darien, as the notes of the Georgia banks, if all genuine, could not be taken on deposite, (unless special.) inasmuch as an act of the legislature authorizes them to refuse specie payments to the Bank of the United States, or offices thereof, and interest, if sued. Enclosed, I have the honor of handing you a copy taken from Mr. Pickins’ instructions, who will forward you my receipt for the amount placed on special deposite, subject to the order of the Treasurer, or yourself.

I am, sir, respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
J. HUNTER, Cashier.

Hon. WM. H. Cn Awromp,
Secretary of the Treasury.

Tombeckbe Bank, March 9, 1822.

DEAR SIR: I hand you, herewith, six bundles, containing one hundred and twenty-six thousand eight hundred dollars, according to the annexed statement. You will proceed first to Savannah, and if you meet no instructions there from the Secretary of the Treasury, you will make the deposite in the Branch Bank of the United States at that place. It is possible,

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