Beauty and the beast, by Sarah Tytler, Volume 3


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Página 85 - That life is not as idle ore, But iron dug from central gloom, And heated hot with burning fears ; And dipped in baths of hissing tears, And battered with the shocks of doom To shape and use.
Página 42 - ... gained at Monte Carlo, or the payment of wagers, or the prices of books or pictures which the girls had written or painted. I have heard of girls who have had the sovereigns that have been worked for pierced so that the workers might dangle and display them at their watch-chains, like so many charms. But it is a different thing when working is a necessity. I don't think I should work if I had a good allowance or a rich father,' admitted Ju-ju; 'and I believe, in my case, it is certainly much...
Página 235 - I must do something for you—not that I can ever repay you, but to prevent your being a scapegoat for me. If not, I shall break my heart for having brought you into such trouble, and he will never forgive me after all, for he is as fond of you as if you were one of his sisters.
Página 291 - You have said enough to show you will not mistake me—I love you as I love my life. I have done so from the first moment I saw you ; I shall do it to my last gasp, though you mayn't like it. I can't help it any more than you can.

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