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building rock at the bottom of the bluffs (specimen No. 90.) Diggings commenced on the northwest of 11, and lead ore discovered ; a little lead ore raised on southeast of 7; there has been, however, no quantity of ore raised in this township as yet.

Fractional township 92.—Little or no prairie, except a strip of prairie bottom on 8 and 17; good timber on the south and along the eastern border ; the rest is principally a dwarf growth of timber on the ridges. Tolerably well watered. Soil: first-rate on the prairie bottom; near “ Prairie La Porte” and narrow bottoms along the creeks, second rate and wet. Subsoil : gravelly and rocky. Cliffs of specimens No. 3 and No. 68 (chert) common. On northwest of 7, discovered a quantity of lead ore in a ravine; twenty-five pounds were procured in a few minutes, there is probably a valuable lode here.

Fractional township 93.-No prairie; the bottoms are well timbered ; on the bluffs a growth of shrubs; the bottoms are not extensive. Soil: on the bluffs, third rate; bottoms, second rate, wet. Sub-soil : in the bottoms, clay; in the bluffs, clayey and rocky. Rock : Nos. 3 and 80, with specimen No. 68, (chert.) No discoveries of lead ore, although there are many indications of it.


menteves op hip 81. most beati clay, watered principally

Township 78.—All gently rolling prairie, except about two sections of timber on the Wapsipinecon river, of white and black oak; well watered only in the northwest and southeast. Soil: third rate, light, sandy. Subsoil : clay. Northeast of 1, rock similar to specimen No. 24, containing numerous fossils, (specimens Nos. 106, 55, 57, and 58.)

Township 79.–Rolling prairie; rather broken near Red Cedar river ; belt of good timber along Red Cedar river, of white and black onk, and basswood ; well watered. Soil: third-rate, light, sandy. Rock (No 24) along the bluffs of Red Cedar river.

Township 80.--All thinly timbered; principally white oak and black oak; land gently rolling; well watered by Cedar river and its branches. Soil : first-rate. Sub-soil : clay. Rock (No. 3 and No. 21) on southwest of 3. This is a most beautiful township.

Township 81.-Rolling prairie, except about four sections, which are groves of white oak and basswood; pretty well watered. Soil: secondrate, sandy, light-colored. Sub-soil : clayey. Rock (No. 3) with columlar structure.

Township 82. All rolling prairie, except a little scattering timber in the northwest, and a little grove on 18 and 19; badly watered. Soil: thirdrate, sandy, light colored. No rock visible.

Township 83.—About two-thirds prairie, interspersed with fine groves of timber ; well-watered. Soil: second.rate, light-colored, and fine. Rocks: Nos. 3 and 12.

Township 84.-North of Wapsipinecon river, rolling prairie. The only timber is on the Wapsipinecon river, and a little scattering timber in the northeast on 1, 2, and 12; the timber on Wapsipinecon river is rather indifferent. Not well watered, except in the south. Soil: third-rate, Sandy, particularly on the river. Sub.soil : clay. Rock frequently exposed on the north side of Wapsipinecon river; also on northwest of 33, south of the river. (Specimens No. 3, with fossils Nos. 29 and 73.)

Township 85.-Almost all rolling prairie, with some wet sloughs; in the northwest, sursace broken ; about three sections of timber, partly in 28, 34, 35, and 30; very badly watered—only two insignificant creeks. Soil: second-rate, but wet. Rock is exposed chiefly in north and northeast, (specimen No. 3 ;) magnetic boulders on northwest of 4, on the ridges.

Township 86.-One half rolling prairie ; surface rather broken in the southwest ; one-half thinly timbered with white and black oak, and in the bottoms, cotton wood; maple, ash, and basswood along the south fork of Makoqueta river; some good timber in the northwest. Pretty well watered. Soil: on the river, second rate, sandy; the rest, third-rate, sandy, Rock frequently exposed all over the township, (specimen No. 3,) containing fossils (Nos. 73 and 63.)

Township 87.-Chiefly prairie ; sursace broken on the east line; also on 17, 20, 22, and 27; the rest rolling. Abou seven sections of timbered land; the timber on 31, 32, and 30. very good ; the rest average timber. Not well watered; no springs. Soil: in the souibwest, second-rate, sandy; in the prairie, third rate. Sub soil : in places, clay. Rock well exposed on the east ; also on 22, 27, 17, 34, and 35 ; on northeast of 24, large orthoceralites (specimens No. 56, also No. 64;) southwest corner of 1, lossil (No. 29.)

Township 88.-Six sevenths rolling prairie; one seventh stunted white and burr-oak timber-chiefly along the streams. Well watered both by streams and springs. Soil: second.rate, sandy, with flinty fragments; in the middle of the towuship, black. Sub-soil : yellow clay. Rock (No. 3) containing fossils (Nos. 28 and 95.) No appearances of lead ore.

Township 89.--Mosily all rolling prairie; no timber of any value; not well watered, except by Bear creek. Soil: third rate, with flints; some little of the soil is clayey in the oak bushes on 15 and 16. Rock, No. 3; fossils, Nos. 29, 54, and 94. The millstone quarry mentioned by the surveyors is merely granite boulders, and a cliff of specimen No. 3, above. On the north west of 4, where the surveyors note appearances of lead ore, nothing but siliceous masses of chert (specimen No.68) is to be found. This alone cannot be considered evidence of the existence of lead ore. On the northwest of 14 is a magnetic boulder, with polarity. This is a poor township.

Township 90.-Three-fourths prairie; good timber in the northeast : sugar tree and basswood in the low ground, oak in the high ground. Prelty well watered by streams and springs. Soil: first-rate, black; land rather broken in the south west ; soil second-rate in the northeast ; surface very broken. Rock, No. 3; fossils, No. 29. No indication of lead ore except sink holes.

Township 91.—No prairie ; well timbered with sugar maple, walnut, hickory, and oak; surface very broken and hilly; well watered by streams. and springs. Soil: third-rate, clayey. Rock, No. 3, with No. 31. No indication of lead ore on the surface.

Township 92.—About two sections of rolling prairie, with some scattering timber partly on 3, 4, 9, 10, and 15; the rest of the township is timbered with a variety of pretty good timber; not well watered, except in the west. Soil: on the ridges, third-rale, clay. Sub soil : clay. Soil in the bottoms first-rate, but not extensive. Rock: generally specimens Nos. 3, 26, and 80, with fossils Nos. 63 and 67. An indurated clay slate on southwest of township 86, on high ground, near the hcad of a stream running to

the southeast corner of this township. A mineral (specimen No. 27) we siliceous rock, which, by decomposing, forms a material used for porcelan similar to that on the Mississippi river, below Cape Girardeau, is fooo: frequently in this township; it passes, however, rather too much into hortstone. Some (specimen No. 15) iron ore found on southeast of 13. Lead ore found on the south west of 1. No discoveries in the west of the towoship. The northeast half is included in the lead region.

Fractional township 93.-About four sections rolling prairie; the rest. timbered; on the tops of the ridges the growth is stunted; surface of time bered land, broken; well watered by streams and springs. Soil: clarey mould. Sub soil: clay. More sand in soil of the eastern part of the township; bottoms first rate, but rather narrow; apland in the west, secondrate in the timber, first-rate in the prairie ; upland in the east, third rale. Not many ledges of rock in the west part of the township; specimen So. 3 exposed in the east. A little argillaceous iron ore on southwest of 35. No lead ore discovered; the eastern part of the township shows some indi cations of lead ore.

Fractional township 94.—About three sections of open prairie in tte southwest corner; the rest thinly timbered with white oak, basswood. furt. oak; in the west, sugar-maple, and basswood in the low ground; scatterag oak on the ridges; pretty well watered by streams and springs. Soil: in the narrow bottoms, first-rate; in the ravines and on the ridges, third-rate except in the extreme north, where it is second-rate; clay appears to pie. dominate as an earthy ingredient; many loose fragments of rocks dissti. nated. Rocks: No. 102 above, No. 98 below, and Nos. 3, and 100 still lover.

Fractional township 95.-No prairie of any extent; the most of the township timbered with a thin growih of oak, sugar-maple, basswood: 10 extent of bottom; pretty well watered, except on the bluffs on the east side Soil: third.rate on the ridges in the east; in some parts of the west, secondrate; in the narrow buttoms, first-rate; very rocky in the e:ist, clavey in the west. Near the ferry, on the Mississippi river, opposite - Prairie du Chien," rock (No. 101) is exposed about filieen feet above the water; sonie of specimen No. 15 near Bloody run. No claim, except that of Basil Giard.


Township 78.—Two-thirds prairie; the low prairie rather swampy; the rest rolling. One-third timber, chiefly on the Wapsinonor river, red-oak, elm, and black walnut; three small groves, one in 30, the others in 31 and 33. East side well watered by the Wapsinonox river. Soil: first rate in the northeast; the rest second rate, dark, three feet thick. Sub soil: three feet clay, sand below. No rocks discovered. In 3, a chalybeale spring dis. covered.

Township 79.–Nearly all rolling prairie, with some hazel bushes; some timber, chiefly on 33, at the head of the Wopsinonox river ; twenty or thirty acres of timber (called “ Hickory grove") on the northeast of 10, (not on the east of the creek, as noted on the surveyor's plat.) Soil: second rate, Jark. Sub soil: clay. Not very well watered, except in the south. Rock: in the northeast, on 10 and 3, siliceous and calcareous, (specimen No. 25,) with fossil (stylina.)

Trionship 60.--Three-fourths prairie; rolling in the south ; surface

broken along Red Cedar river in the northeast; one.fourth stunted timber; on Red Cedar river, a little sinted scattering black oak and hickory. Soil : some first-rate black soil in the prairie, in 2, on Red Cedar river; in the northwest quarter of the township, soil third-rate, yellow; the rest, secondrate, dark; soil generally sandy. Sub-soil : in the hills, clayey. Well watered, especially in the northeast, on southeast of 10, south west of 11, north west of 14, and northeast of 15. Rock (No. 3) containing fossil, (No. 56,) on the northeast of Red Cedar river.

Township 81.— Three-fourths prairie; rolling, except in southeast, where it is flat; and about two sections in 17, 21, and 18. Good timber occupy. ing about nine or ten sections; chiefly white and black oak and hickory, Well watered. Soil: in the southeast, first-rate; in the west, second-rate flat prairie ; first-rate in the north, black soil. On 16, 10, 11, and 19, rock (No. 3;) also slaty limestone (No. 10.)

Township 82.-Rather more than one half flat prairie; some pretty good oak timber in the northeast, and in the north half of 5 and 4; stunted oak timber in the south west. No water in the northwest ; small creek in the northeast; and southwest not well watered. Soil: in the northeast, firstrate; also in the northwest ; in the southeast, light, sandy. Sub-soil: clay, then sand. Rock on 9 (specimen No. 3;) on northeast of 29, (specimens Nos. 12 and 3.)

Tounship 83.—Rolling prairie, except three or four sections. The groves of timber are basswood, black walnut, and white oak. Not well watered. Soil: first-rate, black, except in the northeast corner, which is second-rate. Sub-soil: in some places, clay. Rucks : on the middle of 15 some specimen, (No. 3,) but no ridges or ledges of limestone, as represented on some of the maps.

Township 84.—About nine sections, in all, rolling prairie ; (wo sections broken prairie; about twenty five sections of timber, heavy on the southwest of the Wapsipinecon river; pretty well watered by the Wapsipinecon river, by the Buffalo creek in the north, and by a small creek in the centre. Soil : in the prairie upland, generally first-rate, except in the northeast, where the surface is broken and soil third-rate; in the timber on the Wapsipinecon river, surface broken, soil second-rate, sandy. Sub.soil: sand. Numerous ledges of specimen No. 3 exposed.

Township 85.—Three-fourths very rolling prairie ; one-fourth timber, generally of a thin growth of white oak, black oak, and burr oak; on 31 and 32, land broken, but tinber good; some small groves of stunted timber in the northeast; poorly watered, except in the southwest corner. Soil : in the prairie, second-rate; in the northeast, third rate; in the southwest, poor third-rate, except on southwest side of Buffalo creek, where it is sec. ond rate. Sub soil : sand. Some ledges of specimen No. 3 on Buffalo creek. Rock not often exposed in the centre and north.

Township 86.-Eight ninths rolling prairie; one ninth timber; on the northeast corner good quality of basswood, black walnut, cherry, sugarmaple, white oak, and black oak ; vot very well watered ; a good spring on south vest of 10). Soil : generally first-rate; in the northwest second-rate, and surface broken; northeast, in de timber, second rate; second-rate also in the southeast, and rolling. Some compact carbonate of lime on the northeast of 10; also, lodges of specimen No.3, with fossil No. 54 (- calamopora") on southeast of 3.

Township 87.-One-third rolling prairie ; some low flinty hills; two

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thirds second-rate timber; on 4, some first-rate timber; on 13, 24, and 5 black and white oak, sugar.maple, basswood, and ironwood; bartens in 1, northeast of 2 and 12 third-rate; well watered by the Makoquela river and Limestone creek (called by the settlers Buck creek;) two goed springs on the northeast of 27 and southeast of 27. Soil: first rate on 28, 33, 18, 7, 22, and 8; second rate on 19, 20, 21, 29, 30, 31, and 32; second rate and surface broken on 5 and 6: soil generally sandy, but dark. Sub-soil: sand and gravel. Full of rocky cliffs (specimen No. 3 ;) some (specimen No. 15) on 6, 7, 8, 16, aud 17; magnetic boulders on 35 and southwest of 21.

Township $8.-One-fourth broken and rolling prairie; three-fourths timber of various kinds; on the eastern sections a light growth of white, red, and burr oak, and basswood ; sections 8, 9, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, ard 36, about one half tolerable growth of red, white, black, and burr oak, and bassrood; on 18, 23, and 28, one-fourth same kind of timber; on 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 30, 32, 33, and 34, all timber-mostly a heavy growth of white and red oak, white ash, hickory, and basswood; well watered by beautiful limpid streams, and a number of fine springs of excellent water. Lake Chester (on the corners of 16, 17, 20, and 21) is a very clear sheet of water, with a shore of gravel; the depth of water, on an average, is thirty fette Soil : good second-rate, generally sandy. Sub soil : in some parts and in some parts a yellow clay. Iron ore (No. 15) in detached fragments very abundant on 2 and 3, and on those sections which range south from them, with broken masses of rock (No. 3) and chert (No. 68.) Seretai ledges of specimen No. 3 in various parts of the township.

Township, 89.-All but two sections rolling prairie ; one grove of good hickory and white oak timber, partly on 8, 9, 16, and 17; the rest is dwart timber ; tolerably well watered by Plum creek and several good spre Soil : second rate ; sandy, with fragments of chert disseminated. buv soil: yellow clay. Large cliffs or specimen No. 3 on specimen o.2 fossils (Nos. 54 and 94.) No appearance of any valuable quantity of! ore or lead ore; some pieces of iron ore (No. 15) on southwest ol so alle southeast of 34. .

Township 90.--The south half is broken prairie ; north half time good timber on Ell creek-a variety, but chiefly oak; well watered by streams and springs. Soil: third rate, clayey. Sub soil: clay. specimen No. 3 on the streams; fossils Nos. 28 and 54; some fragmentos specimen No. 15 loose on the surface.

Township 91.-No prairie ; all a tolerably heavy growth of summe ple, walnut, hickory, and oak; surface very broken and hilly; we, both by streams and springs. Soil: second-rate. Bottoms on 4 half a mile wide; rich soil, first-rate. Rock of ihe township, specinie 3. No discoveries or indications of lead or iron ore.

Township 92.-About three sections of high broken prairie, on river, is good heavy timber, but surface of land very broken; a 5 portion of sugar-maple on 22, 26, 27, 34, and 35; very well streams. Soil: in timbered land in the northeast, second-rate ; !.. third-rate, rather sandy, gravelly bottom. Rock of the towns men No. 26; also, some of specimen No. 80; some magnetic

Township 93.-One-half rolling prairie; one-half timber in the west ; in the south, oak openings ; pretty well watere third-rate except the rolling prairie in the northeast; light: the ridges ; in the prairie, a sandy mould. Sub-soil: gentia

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Botloms on Elk creek

35; very well watered by

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some magnetic boulders. one-half timber; heavy aak

y well watered. Soil: all ortheast; light and sandy on

Sub-soil: generally sandy,

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