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1st Session.




A repeal of so much of the act of Congress of April 18, 1818, as conflicts

with the ordinance of 1787.

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To the honorable the Senate and House of Representatives in Congress

assembled :

We, the undersigned, citizens of Stephenson county, Illinois, would RESPECTFULLY REPRESENT:

That that portion of the State of Illinois, embracing said county, lies north of an east and west line drawn through the most southerly bend or extreme of Lake Michigan; that the tract or country lying north of the line aforesaid is claimed by the Territory of Wiskonsin, under the ordinance of 1787, which claim, in the opinion of your petitioners, is first and should be allowed. We, therefore, whose names are hereunto annexed, citizens and qualified voters in the county aforesaid, would most respectfully petition your honorable body to repeal so much of the act for the admission of Illinois, as conflicts with the ordinance before referred to, and to restore to the inhabitants resident upon the tract of country north of the above-described line, and now embraced in the State of Illinois, their ancient rights secured to them by the ordinance aforesaid. And, as in duty bound, your petitioners will ever pray.

James Hart
Luther W. Guiteau
John Howe
John Rice
A. B. Guiteau
Wm. H. Wollenbeck
John Randolph Howe
A. T. Green
John Glover
A. Cobb

George Kavenaugh
Barlle Doyle
Richard Gould
F. A. Strorky
N. Gitchel
Jacob Pifaub
John Pope
George Purinton
N. C. Rogers
C. Miller

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Horatio Hunt
John C. Woodworth
J. Marsh
Wm. W. Buck
Elias S. Dykins
Thos. R. Covell
Wm. Robey
Barton Johnes
John Baker
Seth Scott
C. Martin
F. C. Winslow
J. C. Stonemun
Thomas Early
T. Sessit
Lorenzo Lee
Elias H. D. Sanborn
Richard Earl
B. R. Willmott
C. Truax
A. M. Johnson

1st Session.





In relation to the southern boundary of Wiskonsin Territory.

MAY 25, 1840.
Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.

An adjourned meeting of the citizens of Galena and vicinity, was held at the court house, on Saturday the 7th instant, on the subject of the disputed boundary between the State of Illinois and Territory of Wiskonsin. CHARLES S. HEMPSTEAD, Esq., former chairman, and 0. S. Johnson, se. cretary, appeared. After the proceedings of the meeting held on the 1st of February were read, Major THOMAS MELVILL, was called to the chair ; when

Mr. Hempstead, from the committee who were appointed to lay before the meeting, such information as would enable them to express an opinion, on the subject in controversy, presented the following report, which, on motion, was accepted by the meeting, and the committee discharged.

REPORT. The committee who were appointed at a former meeting of the citizens of Galena, held on the 1st day of February, in pursuance of their appointment, beg leave to report all the material facts in relation to the "boundary question between Illinois and Wiskonsin, and which they will do as briefly as the importance and nature of the case will admit of.

In investigating this highly important and very interesting inquiry, the comniittee have diligently examined every source of information within their reach, and believe that they are now enabled to lay before their fellow citizens all the facts necessary to enable them to form an opinion upon the subject, and they are submitted in the following order :

1st. The occasion and object of the cession of the country called the northwestern territory, to the United States.

2d. The mode, terms, and conditions of that cession. 3d. The manner in which the United States have carried it into effect.

Under the first head-while our confederated States were struggling during the glorious war of the Revolution, and in the midst of that dreadful contest, at a time when the issue was doubtful, Congress, appealing to the patriotism of the States which had large tracts of unappropriated and waste lands, 10 cede them to the confederated and United States, to pay the na.

tional debt, and to create a common fund to aid in their Government. Ac. cordingly, Congress, on the 10th October, 1780, passed the following resolution :

Resolved, That the unappropriated lands that may be ceded or relinquished to the United States, by any particular State, pursnant to the recommendation of Congress on the 6th day of September last, shall be disposed of for the common benefit of the United States, and be settled and formed into distinct republican States, which shall become members of the Federal Union, and have the same rights of sovereignty, freedom, and independence, as the other States : that each State which shall be so formed shall contain a suitable extent of territory, not less than 100, nor' more than 150 miles square, or as near thereto as circumstances will admit: That the necessary and reasonable expenses which any particular State shall have incurred since the commencement of the present war, in subduing any British posts, or in maintaining forts or garrisons within and for the defence, or in acquiring any part of the territory that may be ceded or relinquished to the United States, shall be reimbursed :

“That the said lands shall be granted or settled al such times, and under such regulations, as shall hereafier be agreed on by the United States ja Congress assembled, or any nine or more of them."

2d. As to the mode, terms, &c.

To this invitation, Virginia, one of the largest States in the Union, responded by authorizing a cession of all the northwestern Territory, then claimed by her under her chartered grants, and as conquered by her arms, by the following deed of cession :

" Whereas, the General Assembly of Virginia, at their session cominencing on the 20th day of October, 1783, passed an act to authorize their del. egates in Congress to convey to the United States in Congress assembled, all the right of that commonwealth to the territory northwestward of the river Ohio: and whereas, the delegates of the said commonwealth have presented to Congress the form of a deed proposed to be executed pursuant to the said act, in the words following:

“ To all who shall see these presents, we, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Hardy, Arthur Lee, and James Monroe, the underwritten delegates for the comnionwealth of Virginia, in the Congress of the United States of America, send greeting :

“Whereas, the General Assembly of the commonwealth of Virginia, at their sessions begun on the 20th day of October, 1783, passed an act, entitled “An act to authorize the delegates of this State in Congress to convey to the United States in Congress assembled, all the right of this coinmonwealth to the territory northwestward of the river Ohio," in these words following, lo wit:

(Here follows the preamble of the act.]

īs Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That it shall and may be lawful for the delegates of this State to the Congress of the United States, or such of them as shall be assembled in Congress, and the said delegates, or such of them so assembled, are hereby fully authorized and empowered for and on behalf of this State, by proper deeds or instruments in writing, under their hands and seals, to convey, transfer, assign, and make over unto the United States in Congress assembled, for the benefit of the said States, all right, title, and claim, as well of soil as jurisdiction, which this commonwealth hath to the territory or tract of country within the limits of the Vir

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