The Poetical Works of Hannah More

Scott, Webster, & Geary, 1839 - 504 páginas

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Página 399 - Small slights, neglect, unmix'd perhaps with hate, Make up in number what they want in weight. These, and a thousand griefs minute as these, Corrode our comfort and destroy our ease.
Página 435 - My work is yet in bits, But still in every part it fits ; Besides, you reason like a lout ; Why, man, that carpet's inside out." Says John, " Thou sayst the thing I mean, And now I hope to cure thy spleen ; This world, which clouds thy soul with doubt, Is but a carpet inside out. " As, when we view these shreds and ends, We know not what the whole intends ; So, when on earth things look but odd, They're working still some scheme of God.
Página 434 - I'm almost tired of life ; So hard my work, so poor my fare, 'Tis more than mortal man can bear. " How glorious is the rich man's state ! His house so fine ! his wealth so great...
Página 102 - The soul on earth is an immortal guest, Compelled to starve at an unreal feast : A spark, which upward tends by nature's force -. A stream, diverted from its parent source ; A drop, dissevered from the boundless sea ; A moment, parted from eternity ; A pilgrim, panting for the rest to come ; An exile, anxious for his native home.
Página 435 - But when we reach that world of light, And view those works of God aright. Then shall we see the whole design, And own the workman is divine. ' What now seems random strokes, will there All order and design appear ; Then shall we praise what here we spurn'd, For then the carpet shall be turn'd.
Página 388 - ... tastes impart Communion sweet from heart to heart ; You ne'er the cold gradations need Which vulgar souls to union lead; No dry discussion to unfold The meaning caught ere well 'tis told : In taste, in learning, wit or science, Still kindred souls demand alliance : Each in the other joys to find The image answering to his mind.
Página 139 - Honor is the religion of tragedy It is her moral and political law. Her dictates form its institutes. Fear and shame are the capital crimes in her code. Against these, all the eloquence of her most powerful pleaders, against these her penal statutes, pistol, sword, and poison, are in full force. Injured...

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