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Compendium of Entertaining Knowledge,

For JANUARY, 1789.

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DEATH too many for the DOCTOR. Embellished with a Humorous Print (from an original Design) by

Collins. IN N a late publication “ The Doctor dif- any means, to be put off. He is as inex.

mising Death(see our Magazine for orable and as determined as a Police Confta. December last) the artist has whimsically re- ble with a preventive commission in his pockpresented the emaciated patient retired to a et, in an attack upon a wretched pedlar's country village, where the grim tyrant pur- pack, who could not produce a license; or a sues him ; however, in this falubrious four unrelenting Bailiff at the back of an retreat, the valetudinarian fets him at defi- unfortunate defenceless debtor, without the ance, whilft the Doctor at his back, like means of making an escape, or money to Sterne's centinel on Pont.neuf, puts on a bribe him. . formidable countenance, and levels his har. No doubt on't, a fomnambulizing Efcuquebus in the form of a huge fyringe at the lapius may put you to sleep with the touch impertinent inruder, who retires from the of his titillaring magnet, inspire you with window, into which he first peeped, with medical knowledge, and a prophetic fpirit, a sarcastic grin it his medical adversary. and make you prescribe for yourself; how

In the present scene, however, Death is ever, even this supernatural Doctor will be 100 many for th Doctor, the patient is re- of little avail if the bare-boned Spe&tre should presented as retrned to his town residence, refuse to coincide. Some there were, and forgetful of his late wonderful escape, indeed, who have been enamoured with the relapses into his ormer course of diffipation, horrid sprite, and have actually woood and in consequence of which, notwithstanding folicited his acquaintance, and the monster his friend the Dotor (armed with a clyfter is eafy enough of access, for an ounce and a pipe, and a maazine of noftrums at his half of lead; ma couple of yards of cordage ; back) has vi&toriusly triumphed over cold -a certain potion of liquid laudanum;-a and vapours; Lath attacks him with a poignard,-or a pond, will conduct a poor host of foes. — Eft, Luxury crowned with mortal to his gloomy dominions in a trice. a ducal coronet, itterded by his conftant Few, however, cover his company, as the companion Apopley, seizes the terrified generality of mankind think he is rather too Doctor by the thre, and is trampling him free of his own accord, and makes too quick to the ground. lithe front advances all. advances, by fending his odious heralds bee conquering Love, ipping the gay fantastic- fore him, in the different forms of asihmas, round in a minuet p; his brows adorned coughs, gouts, fevers, agues and declines, with a fashionable lume of feathers a la which are certain indications of his near apLondre ;-this littlelind urchin bids defi- proach ; indeed we have known a dance ance to the Doctor skill, and displays on and a glass of cold water to attract his athis banner the wellnown motto « Omnia tention as readily as a large quantity of the vincit amor.". In e rere Fever, bran- pernicious pure native, which never fails to dishing his flaming to, leads on a troop of bring the caitiff forward ; indeed he has hoftile spectres, armevith darts and fiery brought almost as many to his dreary regibrands, Mouling in trnph at the success of ons by morning cordials, often repeated, as their victorious allonquering monarch, by peftilence, war, or famine, especially of who, when in downrit earnçx is not, by the lower orders of people. Some have Hib. Mag. Jan. 178


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