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The receipts and expenses were as follows: Amount due the Yearly Meeting, Fifth mo. uith, 1887,

$3,020.26 Quotas from Quarterly and Half-Year Meetings 4,000.00 Interest on Deposits,

56.53 Interest on Legacy of Sarah Zane, .


[blocks in formation]

5-16-'88, Balance due Yearly Meeting, $3,785.25

The Committee recommends that the sum of four thousand dollars ($4,000] be raised for the ensuing year, and propose the name of Thomas J. Husband for Treasurer, and the names of Joseph C. Turnpenny, No. 813 Spruce street, and Alfred Moore, No. 22 North Seventh street, for Correspondents, and also the name of Wm. B. Webb, as Recorder for the Yearly Meeting.

The subject of revising the quotas paid by the Quarterly Meetings to the Stock of the Yearly Meeting was considered, and after due deliberation the Committee was generally united in proposing that hereafter the quota to be paid by Burlington Quarterly Meeting be 5 per cent., that of Haddonfield Quarterly Meeting be 6 per cent., and that the quotas of the other branches remain as they are at present. On behalf of the Committee,


WM. P. BANCROFT. Phila. Fifth month 16th, 1888.

The three annual queries were read, with the answers thereto; summary answers compiled from the reports were adopted as follows:

Answers to first Annual Query. Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting reports:

That the hour for meeting at Merion has been changed from 10 to 1072 o'clock. That when Radnor Monthly Meeting occurs, the week of the Quarterly Meeting, it is held the following week, and that the First-day afternoon Meeting for worship at Spruce street has been discontinued from and after First of Sixth Month next.

Bucks.-The hour for gathering on First-day morning at Bristol, has been changed from 10 to 1 1 o'clock, from First of Tenth Month to First of Fourth Month.

Concord.—Week-day Meetings at Middletown, have been changed from Fifth to Fourth days, and weekday meetings have been discontinued at Stanton, during the week of Yearly and Quarterly Meetings.

Western.—The mid-week Meetings of Kennett Particular Meeting have been laid down, except the Preparative and Monthly Meetings which are held as heretofore.

Southern.The hour for convening the Quarterly Meetings throughout the year is 10 o'clock. NorthWest Fork Monthly Meeting is to be held at Preston, from the first of Tenth Month to first of Fourth Month, inclusive, then alternating the

the next six months at Pine Grove.

Burlington.The time for holding the mid-week Meetings at Trenton has been changed from 1072 o'clock in the morning to 772 o'clock in the evening of the same day (the Fifth of the week) except the week of the Quarterly and Monthly Meetings, when they are omitted.

Haddonfield.That the hour for meeting at Medford on First-days has been changed from 10 to 1072 o'clock, from the first First day in the Tenth Month to the first of Fourth Month, inclusive, remaining at 10 o'clock the remainder of the year.

Answer to second Annual Query.

It appears we have 38 schools, superintended by Committees appointed either in the Monthly or Preparative Meetings, taught by 146 teachers, 105 of whom are members, and 13 professors with us, and attended by 3082 pupils, 707 of whom are members, and 356 have one parent a member. When practicable pupils attend mid-week meetings with their teachers. Some of the Quarterly Meetings report First-day Schools under the care of Preparative or Monthly Meetings.

The Committee on Education and Schools produced the following report, which was read, and their labors approved. They were continued and encouraged to pursue their efforts as way opens, with authority to draw on the Treasurer for their necessary expenses.


SCHOOLS. To the Yearly Meeting :

The Committee on Education and Schools have endeavored during the year to give careful attention to the wants of the Schools, and to the needs of Friends' children. The main features of the work have not much varied from that of former years, excepting that in place of having several persons giving a portion of their time in delivering lectures to the Schools, as last year, it was thought best to employ an experienced teacher to devote all of his time to the interests of Friends' Schools, and not only to deliver lectures, but to visit the Schools, listen to the recitations, and confer and counsel with the teachers and School Committees, having in view the substantial improvement of all of the Schools.

For these duties, in Sixth month last, the Committee employed Henry R. Russell, for many years principal of Deptford School, Woodbury, N. J. He at once entered upon the work, and we think has given efficient service, and has labored acceptably in the line of his appointment. Nearly all of the Schools have been visited many times by him, and illustrated talks to the number of nearly two hundred have been given to the children, a portion of the School Committees and other Friends often being present. It is believed that these illustrations of scientific truths by simple experiments may be made invaluable to the pupils, by increasing their interest in the studies to which they relate, by inciting in them a desire for investigation, and by enlivening the ordinary routine of school work. Owing to the isolated position of many of our Schools, the teachers have little if any opportunity for observing the work of others, and when the teachers are young and inexperienced, the advice and sympathetic help of a visiting teacher should strengthen and encourage them.

The Sub-Committees appointed from the General Committee to visit Schools, have very generally attended to their appointments. This practice is helpful in affording an opportunity for the members of our Committee to become acquainted with the Schools and School Committees, of dif

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