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At a Yearly Meeting of Women Friends, held in Philadelphia, by adjournments from the 14th of Fifth month to the 18th of the same inclusive, 1888.

Under the solemnity that attended the opening exercise of our Yearly Meeting, as the voice of supplication was heard, hearts were tendered in the realization of our entire dependence upon the Guiding Hand. This was more deeply felt as we remembered the vacant places once filled by loving counselors and earnest advocates of truth.

Reports were received from the Quarterly and HalfYear's Meetings, composing the Yearly Meeting. The representatives from these answered to their names excepting six : for the absence of these sufficient reasons were given.

Several of the reports mention having received the Extracts from last Yearly Meeting. The quotas from our constituent meetings have been paid to the Treasurer of this meeting.

Minutes for Friends in attendance from other Yearly Meetings were read as follows:

For Serena A. Minard, a minister from Norwich Monthly Meeting, Yarmouth, Ontario ; for Caroline V. Cutler, a member, and companion for Serena A. Minard from the same Monthly Meeting; for Abel A. Hull, a minister from Little Falls Monthly Meeting, Maryland, with an endorsement by Baltimore Quarterly Meeting; for John J. Cornell, a minister from Rochester Executive Meeting of Friends, New York, endorsed by Farmington Quarterly Meeting; for Eliza H. Cornell, a member, and companion for her husband, from the same Meeting, and for Barton Heacock and Rachel his wife, elders from West Monthly Meeting, Ohio.

Gratitude was expressed that these Friends, as well as others not bearing minutes, were drawn to mingle with

As we regard with Christian consideration our sisters who are with us as strangers, as well as the little ones in the Father's house, we shall better know the meaning of the impressive message “ Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ." The importance of yielding faithfully to the small requisitions was impressively alluded to, and we were again reminded that a blessing rested upon the widow's mite.

A committee was appointed to examine and settle the Treasurer's account, and propose the name of a Friend to act as Treasurer for the ensuing year.


To assist the clerks in collecting the exercises of the meeting, a few Friends were appointed.

Epistles from other Yearly Meetings, with which we correspond, were received, and those from New York, Genesee, Ohio and Illinois read.

The representatives were desired to confer together, and to propose to the afternoon session the name of a Friend to serve this Meeting for Clerk, and one for Assistant Clerk.


Martha Dodgson, on behalf of the representatives, reported that they met and were united in proposing the reappointment of Margaretta Walton for Clerk, and the appointment of Annie C. Dorland for Assistant Clerk. The report was united with and they appointed for the ensuing year.

The Epistles from Indiana and Baltimore were read. As we listened to the reading of the Epistles from our sisters of other Yearly Meetings, the fountain of grateful feeling was stirred that this avenue of communication is kept unobstructed, as by this means we speak of our love for one another, of the works in which we are engaged, and of that earnest devotional feeling which recognizes the presence of the Head of the Church in our midst as the enlivening and enriching Power which directs into all good. To essay replies to these Epistles a committee was appointed.

In our deliberations mothers were tenderly advised to keep near to their children, and to be willing to come under the guiding influence of the Holy Spirit, which will enable them to direct their tender minds into those pure channels wherein they will be shielded from the corrupting influences of the world.

A report from "The Joint Standing Committee to Visit and Encourage our Members,” was read and approved, the continuance of the committee united with, and they encouraged to labor as the way may open, and wait in patient trust for the harvest.

The strengthening influence of the attendance of so many of our younger members was felt, and these were encouraged to bring to all our Meetings the help of their presence.

Their interest would thus be increased, and as they dwelt under the Preparing Hand they would grow in strength and usefulness, and the ranks of our Society be filled by those qualified for service through submission to their Heavenly Father's requirements.

Third Day Morning-Fifth Month 15th. The minutes of yesterday were read and approved. The subject referred from our last Yearly Meeting

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