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Their Meeting was not prepared to unite with the Memorial to Congress presented by the Committee.

Our Meeting is willing to wait until Men's and Women's Meeting can act in harmony in this inatter.

The Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Queries, and the First Annual Query, with their answers, were read and considered.

The deficiency noted in the answering of the Sixth Query has given cause for fear in the minds of some Friends that our members are not impressed as they should be with the duty of keeping free from every form of lottery, as the most alluring may be in connection with practices in the social or home circle.

In the exercise introduced by the reading of the Seventh Query, the hope was expressed that we shall one day rise to a higher understanding of its spirit, and that we shall desire to do more than merely to live within the bounds of our circumstances, so that there may be an overflowing into other less-favored households. If our young Friends begin to practice economy in their allowances, and follow it in all the details of life, they may be enabled to lighten others' burdens, following the recommendation to search out the cause that we know not.

The Report of the nominating committee on the John M. George estate was read and approved by this

Meeting Men's Meeting informed that they united with the report.

A Committee of five Friends to advise with the Treasurer and Executors of the will of John M. George, was appointed; also, one to take into consideration the whule subject of the will of John M. George.

A letter of love was received and read from our invalid friend and sister in the Truth, Edith W. Atlee, which was acceptable to the Meeting, and drew forth expressions of our tender sympathy. Silent aspirations arose that her closely tried faith may endure to the end.

The Meeting directed the clerks to forward to her a copy of this minute, with a message of love.

Fifth dayAfternoon.

The remaining Queries with their answers were read and considered. The following summaries were united with as nearly representing our condition. Several of the reports give account of the number and condition of the First-day Schools under their care.

feel that the answers to our Queries come before us in a stereotyped manner, the invitation was extended that they themselves enter into the spirit of these Queries, and by individual

who may

To any


watchfulness let their influence be exerted, so that our answers in the future may give evidence of their interest. May the mothers be faithful in gathering the children about them, to read with them the Scriptures of Truth. Let them not entrust this duty to others, for a concerned mother's care is a blessing to her children through life. How important, therefore, that her yea be yea, and her nay, nay; herself fully realizing the import of the word, No. Let none be discouraged

, if they see not now the fruit of their labors, but bear in mind that it is not always the successful, but the faithful servant who is blest.

An interesting report from our Educational Committee was read, considered, approved and continued.

Men's Meeting informed that they had united with the report and continued the Committee. Joseph Flowers was released from this Committee, at his request,

A report from the committee to examine and settle the Treasurer's account, was read and united with.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Women Friends, in Account

with M. F. Saunders, Treasurer:

1887. 5 mo. 1o. Credit by balance due the Yearly Meeting ..

$1,191 46

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4 oo

11 mo. 7, Received from Philadelphia Quarterly

Meeting : 1888. Quotas from the Quarterly and Half-Year



356 oo

$ 71 00

1887 7 mo. 6. Paid for Printing and

Distributing Extracts mo. 5. Paid Henry M. Laing,

Treasurer of the Com-
mittee on the Educa-
tion of the Colored

People of the South .
5 mo. 15. Balance due the Yearly

Meeting .

500 00

980 46

$1,551 46 $1,561 46

We have examined the above account of Mary F. Saunders, Treasurer, compared it with the vouchers, and find it correct, showing a balance due the Yearly Meeting of $980.46, the Quotas being all paid. On behalf of the Committee, Philadelphia, 5 mo., 1888.




Men Friends proposed to this Meeting that we act with them in the appointment of a Treasurer who shall have charge of the funds belonging to the Yearly Meeting. We have considered the proposition, and united with them in the appointment of Thomas J. Husband, for that purpose. We have appointed Mary F. Saunders, 453 North Seventh street, to have the care of the funds belonging especially to Women's Meeting

The minutes of the Representative Committee, or Meeting for Sufferings, were read and united with, and the names of the Friends to constitute this Committee for the ensuing year were read.

An interesting report from the Committee to inquire into the condition of the Colored People of the South, was read and partially considered.

Sixth-dayMorning. The Report of the Committee on the condition of the Colored People of the South, was again considered. Much interest was manifested in the work. The Report was very generally united with, and the Committee continued. Men's Meeting informed they had accepted the Report without adopting the recommendation therein contained. They continued the committee with authority to draw on the Treasurer for

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