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necessary expenses. Henry M. Laing was added to the Committee. In consideration of their action, this Meeting directed the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to be paid by Mary F. Saunders, who has charge of the funds of Women's Meeting, to this Committee, to use according to their discretion.

A Sister from a distance, led in love to mingle with us, bore testimony to the value of prayer, the drawing

, near to our Father in spirit and in truth. As we are exposed to many temptations that would draw us from the path of virtue, His love will so animate our whole being that we shall be able to realize “the path of the just is as a shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.” This must come through submission of that strong self-will which stands in the way of simplicity in life, word and deed, and the daily pressing toward that perfection to which each one of us is called. This will guard us from depending upon outward testimony, and if we act in and under the Divine influence our faith shall be established in it, and by the resignation of our will to that of our Heavenly Father, we shall hear the Shepherd's voice, “ Be faithful and true to that which you esteem right and holy, for the Purifier will gather only the pure gold.”

A report from the Indian Committee was read and united with, and the Committee continued. To fill the

vacancies caused by death during the past year, Elizabeth M. Cooper and Louisa J. Roberts were appointed.

An Epistle to our Sisters of other Yearly Meetings was read and united with. The Clerk was directed to have it transcribed, signed on behalf of this Meeting, and forwarded to each one of the Yearly Meetings with which we correspond.

Afternoon. We had a visit in gospel feeling from our Friend Robert Hatton. His mission was to encourage us to trust in our Heavenly Father's love and strength. We would find it to divide between order and confusion, helping each one to fulfil the daily duties of life.

A report from the Joint Committee on Isolated Members was read, united with and the Committee continued. It was authorized to communicate with Committees of other Yearly Meetings. in reference to perfecting a complete list of isolated Friends, and to extend to such members, as way opens, aid and encouragement in maintaining their ground as Friends, and in looking forward to gathering themselves together in religious fellowship under the system of our Society, Men's Meeting concurring.

Men Friends inform that they have united in continuing the Committee to visit and encourage our Members.

A memorial was read for our deceased friend, Sarah T. Betts, prepared by Abington Monthly Meeting, with the approval of Abington Quarterly Meeting, drawing us into sympathy with the Mothers in the Church, who are still with us, desiring that the blessing of Infinite Love may continue to rest upon their spirits.

The Committee to collect the exercises of this Meeting, feeling sensibly the loss of the willing and valuable aid of our departed friend, Susan Roberts, desire to offer to this Meeting an expression of their realization of this bereavement, which is felt not alone in this Yearly Meeting, where she was so actively interested and so useful, but doubtless throughout our Religious Society.

In considering the state of our Society, much valuable counsel has from time to time been given. While a difference of opinion on many subjects must necessarily exist in so large a body, yet the spirit of condescension, and a desire for the right has prevailed. We have noticed an increasing interest among our young members, and a desire was felt that they continue to increase in interest in the testimonies of our people ; not feeling as if they have no part in them. Especially has their attention been called to the Third Query. The spirit of this does not enjoin any particular form of dress, but the adoption of that simplicity which shows they are strong enough to come forth from the changing fashions of the times, wearing a simple apparel which would add to the strength of the physical, and increase their influence and usefulness in the community, and lead them “by the still waters,” and into “the green pastures” of the Father's love.

As we come to the close of this Yearly Meeting, there is a silent as well as a spoken gratitude for the privilege of thus mingling together. We feel the mantle of Divine Goodness has been over us. When the waters were troubled this “ Peace be still” has stayed all feeling but that of love and kindness. We believe covenants have been made at this time with our Heavenly Father, and may we bear to our homes the remembrance of these covenants and crave strength to bring them into our daily lives.

Under the covering of Divine Love the Meeting concluded to meet again at the usual time next year, if so permitted.




MONTH, 1885. We, who were recipients of the wise counsel and loving interest of this dear friend and mother in Israel so many years, feel it is due our children and those who may succeed us, to hold up her memory as a living proof of the sufficiency of that divine principle which was the strength of her life in the early morning, at noonday, and no less conspicuously manifest as she neared the close of her earthly existence.

She felt, in her youth, that life was given for a noble purpose; that the gratification of the unsanctified appetites and passions did not yield that which her spirit hungered for. Some of us have been instructed in listening to her as she portrayed the earnestness with which she sought the God of her life, and a willingness was wrought to surrender all that she had that she might purchase that Peace, without which life seemed vain. As the gentle manifestations of Truth dawned upon her mind, she was led to see a path of meekness and self-denial open before her. While yet a child she became convinced it was her duty to assemble with her friends for public worship in the middle of the week; having felt the consolations of the Heavenly principle within, she longed to commune with it.

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