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At the Yearly Meeting of Friends, held in Philadelphia, by adjournments from the 14th day of the Fifth month to the 18th of the same inclusive, 1888.

Reports were received from all our constituent branches. The one hundred and thirty-five Friends therein named as having been appointed representatives to attend the service of this meeting, being called, were all present except eleven. For the absence of two reasons were assigned.

Minutes for Friends in attendance from other Yearly Meetings were read as follows:

For Abel A. Hull, a minister from Little Falls Monthly Meeting, Md., held Third month 6th, 1888, endorsed by Baltimore Quarterly Meeting, held the 12th of the same month.

For John J. Cornell, a minister from Rochester Executive Meeting of Friends, N. Y., held Fourth month 27th, 1888, endorsed by Farmington Quarterly Meeting, held the 2d of the present month.

For Barton Heacock and Rachel, his wife, elders, from West Monthly Meeting, Ohio, held Third month 2 ist, 1888.

Minutes were introduced from Women's Meeting for Friends in attendance, and read as follows:

For Serena A. Minard, a minister from Norwich Monthly Meeting, Ontario, held Third month 14th, 1888.

For Caroline V. Cutler, a member, and companion of Serena A. Minard, from the same Monthly Meeting of the same date.

For Eliza H. Cornell, a member, and companion of her husband, John J. Cornell, from Rochester Executive Meeting, held Fourth month 27th, 1888.

Epistles were produced and read from our brethren of New York, Baltimore, Ohio, Indiana, Genesee and Illinois.

To respond as way may open to the evidences thus furnished of brotherly regard, a committee was appointed.

A proposition was brought forward from Burlington Quarterly Meeting "that change be made in the apportionment of its quota of Yearly Meeting stock.'' After deliberation the meeting united in referring the subject to the committee to be appointed to examine and settle the Treasurer's account, which was authorized to revise the quotas of all the Quarterly Meetings.

The Representatives were desired to confer together and propose to our next sitting the name of a Friend to serve the Meeting as Clerk, and two Friends as Assistant Clerks, for the present year. They were further desired to present the name of a Friend from each of the Quarterly Meetings and from Fishing Creek Half-Year's Meeting, to aid the Committee appointed by Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, in preserving order in and about the Meeting House during the sittings of the Yearly Meeting. Then adjourned until 3 o'clock this afternoon.

Second day- Afternoon.

John Wildman, on behalf of the Representatives, reported that they had conferred together and were united in proposing Emmor Roberts for Clerk, and Evan T. Swayne and Alfred Moore for assistant Clerks for the present year. On separate consideration, the Friends named were united with by the Meeting, and accordingly appointed.

They also reported the names of Friends to aid in preserving order in and about the Meeting House during the sittings of the Yearly Meeting.

To assist the Clerks in gathering the exercises of the Meeting, in preparing and publishing the extracts, and



in transcribing and forwarding the epistles, a mittee was appointed.

To examine and settle the Treasurer's account, report the sum necessary to be raised the ensuing year, bring forward the name of a Friend to serve as Treasurer, the name of a Friend to serve as Recorder in the place of Samuel S. Bunting, who requested to be released, and the names of two Friends to serve as Correspondents of the Yearly Meeting, a committee was appointed.

The proposed changes of Discipline, brought up from Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting in 1885, laid over from last year, and referred to this Yearly Meeting, were again considered, but the Meeting was not able to unite in their adoption.

Then adjourned until 10 o'clock to-morrow morning.

Fifteenth of the Month and Third of the Week. The Committee appointed at last Yearly Meeting, on the bequest of John M. George, deceased, produced the following report, which was read and approved.

To Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends :

The Committee appointed at the last Yearly Meeting to confer with its Treasurer and the Executors of the will of John M. George, deceased,

REPORT, That they have given such attention to the object of their appointment as they deemed necessary, and appeared to be proper.

They received a communication from the Treasurer of the Yearly Meeting in Eleventh month last, stating that in the event of any money being paid to him by the Executors of the will of John M. George, deceased, he proposed, with the approval of the Committee, to deposit it with the Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on Lives and Granting Annuities, No. 431 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, and also to procure in the vaults of that Company a fire-proof closet, and place therein all papers relating to the Trust. At a meeting of the Committee, held Twelfth month 16th, 1887, these propositions of the Treasurer were approved.

It being thought proper that the Committee should engage counsel to attend to any legal requirements in connection with the bequest, they retained Alfred Moore for

that purpose.

The Executors have filed their first account, which has been adjudicated by the Orphans' Court. After providing for debts, legacies and expenses, there remained $163,439.61. Of this amount there were set apart by the Court as a contingent fund to provide for taxes and expenses incident to

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