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taires, MeVlicamenteuses et Commerciales, avec l'lndication des Moyens
de Its Reconnaltre. Par M. A. Chevallier, Pharmacien-Chimiste, &c. 49

Dictionary of Adulterations of Alimentary, Medicinal, and Commercial

Substanees, with Directions for their Discovery. By M.A. Chevallier ib.

Rev. VI.—1, History of Medicine from its Origin to the Nineteenth Century;

with an Appendix, containing a Philosophical and Historical Review

of Medicine to the Present Time. By P. V. Renouard, M.D. Trans-

lated from the Freneh by Cornelms G. Comegys, M.D., &c. . . 65

2. The Medical Profession in Aneient Times: an Anniversary Discourse
delivered before the New York Academy of Medicine, November 7th,
1856. By John Watson, M.D., &c ib.

Rev. VII.—Clinical Lectures on Certain Diseases of the Urinary Organs; and

on Dropsies. By Robert Bentley Todd, M.D., &c. . . .89

Rev. VIII.—1. Report from the Select Committee on Medical Department

(Army); together with the Proceedings of the Committee, Minutes of

Evidenee, Appendix, and Index. Ordered by the House of Commons

to be printed ........... 101

2. The Crimean Commission and the Chelsea Board; being a Review of

the Proceedings and Report of the Board. By Colonel Tulloch, late

Commissioner in the Crimea ........ ib.

Rev. IX.—The Census of Ireland for the Year 1851. Eleven Vols. Pre-

sented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty . 115

Rev. X.—Guy's Hospital Reports. Edited by Samcel Wiles, M.D. Lond.,

and Alfred Poland. Third Series. Vol. II 133

Rev. XI.—Traite" de l'Angine Glanduleuse, et Observations sur 1'Action des

Eaux Bonnes dans cette Affection; precedes des Considerations sur les

Diatheses. Par Noel Gueneau DE MussY, Me'decin de l'Hopital de

la Piti<5 et de l'Ecole Norruale Superieure 143

Treatise on Angina Glandulosa, with Observations on the Action of the

Waters of Eaux Bonnes in the Complaint; preceded by Remarks on

Diathetic Affections. By Noel Gueneau De Mdssy, Professor, &c. . ib.

Rev. XII.—1. Chimie appliquee a la Physiologic et a la The'rapeutique. Par

M. le Docteur Mialhe, Pharmacien de l'Empereur .... 153

Chemistry applied to Physiology and Therapeutics. By Dr. Mialhe . ib.

2. A Treatise on Therapeutics and Pharmacology, or Materia Medica. By

George B. Wood, M.D., President of the College of Physicians of

Philadelphia, 4c. Two Vols ib.

3L3ibHogvapI)ical lUtovK.


Art. I.—On the Diseases of Women; including those of Pregnancy and Child-

bed. By Fleetwood Chubchill, M.D. Trin. Col. Dublin, &c. Fourth

Edition 171

Abt. II.—On the Prevention and Treatment of the Sheffield Grinders'

Disease. By J C. Hall, M.D., &c 174

Art. III.—The Asylum Journal of Mental Science. Published by authority

of the Association of Medical Officers of Asylums and Hospitals for the

Insane. Edited by John Charles Bucknill, M.D 175

Abt. IV.—The Functions and Disorders of the Reproductive Organs in Youth,

in Adult Age, and in Advanced Life, considered in their Physiological,

Social and Psychological Relations. By William Ac Ton, late Surgeon

to the Islington Dispensary, &c. . . . . . . .176

Art. V.—Medical Examinations and Physicians' Requirements Considered.

By Thomas Mato, M.D., &c 178

Art. VI.—New Remedies, with Formulas for their Preparation and Adminis-

tration. By Robert Dunglison, M.D., &c 179

Art. VII.—The Hygienic Treatment of Pulmonary Consumption. By Ben-
Jamin W. Richardson, M.D., &c ib.

Art. VIII.—The Structure, Functions, and Diseases of the Lungs. By

Thomas Williams, M.D., &o 181

Art. IX. —A Report upon some of the more Important Points connected with

the Treatment of Syphilis. By Holmes Coote, F.R.C.S., &c. . . ib.

Art. X.—Archiv fur Ophthalmologic. ErsterBand, Erste Abtheilung, lieraus-

gegeben von Dr. A. VON Gbafe. Zweite Abtheilung, herausgegeben

von Prof. F. Ablt, Prof. F. C. Donders, and Dr. A. Von Grafe . 184

The Archives of Ophthalmology. Vol. I. Part 1, edited by Dr. Von Grafe.

Part 2 edited by Prof. Arlt, Prof. Donders, and Dr. Von Grafe.

Vol II. Vol. III. Part 1 ib.

Art. XI.—Notes on the Belgian Lunatic Asylums, including the Insane

Colony of GheeL By John Webster, M.D., &c 185

Art. XII.—On the Diseases, Injuries, and Malformations of the Rectum and

Anus. By T. J. Ashton. Second Edition 188

Art. XIII.—Practical Hints on the Management of the Sick-room. By

R. Hall Bakewell, M.D., tc ib.

Art. XIV.—Summary of New Publications 1S9


9. Gun-shot Fractures, by Dr. Stroheter, and Resection in Gun-shot

Injuries, by Dr. Esxarch. (Slightly abridged.) Translated by S. F.

Statham. With some Remarks on Tonic Treatment, by the Translator 285

10. An Essay on the Excision of Diseased Joints. By Mr. Blackburn.

('Guy's Hospital Reports,'first series, vol. i. 1836) . . . .ib.

11. On Excision. By Surgeon Thornton, 9th Regiment. (Reports of

Crimean Medical and Surgical Society: 'Medical Times and Gazette,"

Sept. 13th, 1856, and Sept 20th, 1856) ib.

12. On Excision of the Hip-joint. By Mr. Hancock, Surgeon to Charing-

cross Hospital, &c. (' Lancet,' April 18th and 25th, 1857) . • ib.

Rev. II.—Bijdrage tot de Kennis der Spijsvertering van de Flantaardige

Eiwitachtige Ligchamen. Door Dr. Rinse Cnoop Koopmans. (' Neder-

landsch Lancet,' No. 7, p. 385. 1855) 318

A Contribution to the Knowledge of the Digestion of Vegetable Albumi-

nous Bodies. By Dr. KinSe Cnoop Koopmans ib.

Rev. in.—1. Small-pox and Vaccination. Copy of Letters from Dr. Edward

Seaton to Viscount Palmerston; with enclosed copy of a Report on the

state of Small-pox and Vaccination in England and Wales and other

Countries, and on Compulsory Vaccination; with Tables and Appen-

dices. Presented to the President and Council of the Epidemiological

Society by the Small-pox and Vaccination Committee. (Parliamentary

Paper, 3rd May, 1853) 325

2. On the Protective and Modifying Powers of Vaccination. By Edward

Cator Seaton, M.D ib.

3. "Small-pox" and "Vaccination." Articles in * Copland's Dictionary

of Practical Medicine.' Parts XVI. and XVIII ib.

4. General Board of Health. Papers relating to the History and Practice

of Vaccination. Presented to both Houses of Parliament, by command

of Her Majesty ib.

Rev. IV.—Ueber die Bewegung der Iris: fur Pbysiologen und Aerzte. Von

Julius Budge, Professor in Bonn 352

On the Motion of the Iris: for the use of Physiologists and Medical Prac-
titioners. By Julius Budge, Professor in the University of Bonn . ib.

Rev. V.—1. A Treatise on the Diseases of the Breast and Mammary Region.

By A. Velpeau, &c. Translated from the French by Mitchell

Henry, &c, for the Sydenham Society 3gg

2. A Treatise on the Cancer of the Breast and of the Mammary Region.

By A. Velpeau. Translated from the French by W. Maiisden

M.D., 4c. . t jD_

8. A Treatise on Cancer and its Treatment. By J. Weldon Fell, M.D., &c. ib.

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