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this world is a stage : in it we act as we are bidden : the Power that will contain the sixth edition of Dr Arnott's · Elements of | NOVA SCOTIA: directs us is invisible. He alone knows why we dance, cease to Physics. It is the author's final revision of a work sin Feb. 6.—The judge of the Admiralty Court at Halifax decides to oppressors, others oppressed; while this quarrel arose between Vasitta gularly well fitted to acquaint the educated general restore the Chesapeake and cargo to her owners

, subject to conditions and Wis Wamitra ; and why Arichandra is to suffer for his innocence reader with the theory and daily application of those respecting the payment of such expenses as the Attorney-General may

exact. The Attorney-General demands a surety against latent claims, and purity of heart. Let His will be done

principles of Natural Philosophy of which some clear but the owners of the Chesapeake demur to this. We take the following to be a favourable specimen of knowledge ought to be regarded as a part of all liberal Hindu description of natural scenery:

education. It is neither dull nor superficial; a true How enchanting is the scene before us

pleasure-book of science as well as a trusty book of This sylvan lake, and its

ном Е. . adjoining grove of fruit and flowering trees form a delicious retreat reference for the intelligent but not professionally scientific in the midst of so wild a country. How came they here? Is this world.

THE QUEEN AND COURT. the resort of gods or nymphs ? Observe, over the limpid water of There is republished this week from its serial form Mr

HER MAJESTY and those members of the Royal Family who were this magnificent lake, float the white, the red, and the blue lotus: On T. Adolphus Trollope's capital story of Beppo the Con- at Osborne returned to Windsor Castle on Friday, to remain thero for many brilliants. Their slender stems rise above the water-level

, script,' of which more hereafter ; there is a new novel by three months. The Prince and Princess of Wales have been enjoying bearing aloft many a peaked bud and full-blown blossom; while Hamilton Aidé, entitled “Mr and Mrs Faulconbridge;' their sojourn at St Leonard's as much as the state of the weather has hovering over them wild bees, drunk with honey or drowning in love, a cheap edition of Charlie Thornhill,' Mr Charles Clarke's during his visit. On Saturday morning a coastguard-man, named chase their mates in ceaseless revolutions. Nor is the bank less lively novel of the world that rides much on horseback; | Terry, was accidentally drowned in a heavy sea, at Pett, whilst gorgeous. The majestic bamboo, with its fluted stem, yellow as if and a still cheaper edition of Charles Auchester.' assisting to save the life of a man who was left helpless in a fishing bathed in saffron-water, and rich in feathery foliage, leans over the lake. The banana is there, heavy with its golden-tinted fruit. Up

The new number of the North British Review looks very into conversation with the coastguard-man on duty at 39 Tower

smack. The Prince, whilst on a walk on Saturday afternoon, entered shoote the tall and tender areca, its emerald tufts waving to the winds

, good and well

entitled to the distinct notice it shall have Station, and was told the circumstance in a homely way. On its delicate stem entwined by the betel creeper. The champac and the from us next week.

Monday, his Royal Highness, through Major Teesdale, forwarded a mellica—flowers, indeed, of all hues and forms, redolent with rich

cheque of 501. to the widow. It is intimated that in consequence of perfumes-scent the atmosphere. The clouds emit a gentle shower:

the inconvenience experienced at the Queen's levées and drawing. bright look the trees. And as genial zephyrs blow the outstretched

rooms from the overcrowded state of the apartments, it will not be branches rustle with tremulous motion—their radiant leaves


expected that ladies or gentlemen should attend at Court upon more throwing off the moisture in a profusion of pearly drops. Birds sing.

than one occasion during the season. This does not apply to those How sweet is their melody! How handsome the peacocks! Parrots, [4 mark (*) is attached to the Events discussed or more fully nar- who are present in an official capacity. mainas, and green doves fit from bough to bough. How joyous they rated in this week's EXAMINER.] seem!-Not even the noon-day sun can make itself felt within this

Feb. 12.-A fall occurs of nineteen arches of the South London bower.


Railway, in course of construction at Brixton, but happily without The succeeding account of the now bustling commercial DENMARK :

accident to life or limb. It is supposed to have been caused by the town of Benares, as it appeared perhaps 3,000 years ago, the Danes at Düppel, where there are six Danish regiments.

Feb, 13, 14.-Prussian and Austrian attack on the entrenchments of sudden change in the weather.

13.—The following barristers are appointed Queen's Counsel : when the original of this work was produced, is, at least,

16.- The Danes have made two sorties from Düppel, in one of Messrs D. D. Keane, J. J. Johnson, and W. Field. very curious. The Hindus are here described as divided wbich the 1st Regiment of Danish Foot is said to have been almost In the Court of Queen's Bench a verdict is given for the plaintiff into four great castes, as was probably the case in the destroyed.

with 25l. damages, in the case of Parson v. Surgey, for a libel. locality in which the Hindu religion originated, although 17.- The Germans threaten to enter Jutland if Düppel be not eva At a meeting of the curators of the patronage of Edinburgh

cuated. now, with its influence spread over many nations, it

University, Mr G. Moir, advocate, is elected Professor of Scots Law, AMERICA:

in room of the late Professor Ross. amounts to almost as many hundreds.

Jan. 30.—The Boston Advertiser states that the Secretary of the 15.-A fine strong and lively salmon, between two and three feet in
Navy has ordered a court of inquiry to assemble at Boston for the length, is to be seen in one of the ponds at the Regent's park Zoological

purpose of investigating the charge against the master's mate of the Gardens, having been brought there through the perseverance of Mr BOOKS OF THE WEEK.

Vanderbilt for shooting Mr Gray, of the Saxon, after the capture of the F. Buckland.

vessel.* HISTORY.-'Annales Monastici.' Vol. I. Annales de Margan (A.D.

It is decided by the Town Council of Dublin to place Mr Foley's 1066-1232.). Annales de Theokesberia (A.D. 1066-1203.), Annales de for three years, or during the war. The draft is to be made on the

Feb. 1.-President Lincoln orders a draft of 500,000 men, to serve statue of the late Prince Consort in College green.

After a brisk contest, attended by much disorder, Mr Moor, the Fellow and Assistant-Tutor of Trinity College. (Royal 8vo, pp. 557.)- 10th of March, crediting and deducting therefrom so many as may Conservative candidate for Brighton, is returned by a majority of 195 *Magna Vita S. Hugonis Episcopi Lincolniensis." From Manuscripts have been enlisted or drafted prior to March 1, and not heretofore over his nearest opponent, Professor Fawcett. * in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and the Imperial Library, Paris. credited. This order includes the 300,000 men called for in October At the weekly ineeting of the Lancashire Distresg Committee Mr Edited by the Rev. James F. Dimock, M.A., Rector of Barnburgh, last, and is in effect an additional call for 200,000 men.

Maclure reports the receipts last week at 391. 38., and the balance at Yorkshire. (Royal 8vo, pp. 484.) — Leecbdoms, Wortcunning, and The House of Representatives pass a Bill reviving the grade of the bank 177,5051

. 195. Mr Farnall reports a decrease in the number Starcraft of Early England. Being a Collection of Documents, for Lieutenant-General in the Federal army, and recommend®General receiving relief for the week ending the 6th inst. from twenty-seven the most part never before printed, illustrating the History of Science Grant for the position,

unions of 1,598 persons as compared with the previous week. It is in this country before the Norman Conquest. Collected and Edited by the Rev. Oswald Cockayne, M.A. Vol. I. (Imperial 8vo, pp. 510.) mittee of Ways and Means to inquire into the expediency of increasing one fortnight, and that the committee shall thenceforth meet every

The House of Representatives pass a resolution directing the Com- resolved " That on Monday, the 7th March, this committee adjourn for Longmans.

NATCRAL Philosophy.- Elements of Physics, or Natural Phi- the duties and taxes on foreign and domestic articles of luxury, so as fortnight, instead of weekly, until otherwise ordered.” losophy.' Written for General Use, in Plain or Non-Technical Lan- to produce an annual revenue of 350,000,000 dols. Also a further 16.—Mr A. Birch is appointed Colouial Secretary for British guage. By Neil Arnott, M.D., F.R.S., &c. Sixth and Completed resolution restricting the Bank circulation to 300,000,000 dols., and to Columbia. Edition. Part I. (8vo, pp. 400.) Longman and Co.

issue 200,000,000 dols. in bonds for the redemption of the currency. 17.- A Cabinet Council is held at the Treasury. FICTION.- Beppo the Conscript.' A Novel. By T. Adolphus 4.- The New York Senate pass a Bill legalizing the bounty loan of A boiler explosion takes place at Aberaman Ironworks, Aberdare, by Trollope, Author of 'La Beata,' &c. In Two Volumes. (Post svo, pp. 2,000,000 dols. raised by the supervisors in July last, and authorize the which pine persons are killed and many injured. 302, 298.) Chapman and Hall.—Mr and Mrs Faulconbridge.' By issue of bonds for 4,000,000 dols. additional, for the bounties to 18.-The case of Narracolt v. Narracott and Hesketh, in the Hamilton Aidé, Author of Rita,' &c. In Two Volumes

. (Post 8vo, volunteers to be enlisted under Mr Lincolu's call of the 1st inst. The Divorce Court, is concluded after three days' trial. The jury return a pp. 279, 314.) Smith, Elder, and Co.-Charlie Thornhill; or, the Dunce Bill has also passed to a third reading in the House of Assembly. of the Family.'

verdict against the defendant, tinding bim guilty of adultery with Mrs A Novel. By Charles Clarke. Second Edition. (Crown 8vo, pp. 388.) Chapman and Hall. Charles Auchester,, A Hartford, Connecticut, is destroyed by fire. The loss in buildings,

5.-A portion of the manufactory of Colt's revolving firearms, at Narracott, and condemning him in 2,5001, damages.
QUARTERLY. - The North British Review. No. 79. Edinburgh: machinery, and arms is estimated at upwards of 2,000,000 dols.
Edmonston and Douglas.

PAMPILETS. - England, Denmark, and Germany.' By S. E. B. Feb. 13.—The theatre and town-hall of Chambery are entirely

Bouverie-Puseyi' (8vo, pp. 36.) J. H. and J. Parker. Correspond- destroyed by fire. The loss of property is very great, but no ives are
ence between Mr Cobden, M.P., and Mr Delane, Editor of the Times ; lost.

The Cologne Gazette says: “It has been officially contradicted by with a Supplementary Correspondence between Mr Cobden and the The French Academy of Moral and Political Sciences elect, as the Russian organs and telegrams to some foreign papers, that any Editor of the Daily Telegraph.' (8vo, pp. 35.) Manchester: Ireland and corresponding member, Mr Edwin Chadwick, of London, on the women

or children have been transported from Poland to Siberia. Tho Co.- Explanation of the Danish Question, with Translations of the vacancy caused by the death of Archbishop Whately, of Dublin, Coastitution of November 18, 1863, and other State Papers.' (8vo. pp.

148th number of the Wilna Courier, however, dated 28th December

16.— The legal papers state that an order has been issued by the (8th January) last, publishes an advertisement from the Wilna Govern117.) Bolton, St George's place, Hyde park corner. The Use of the Chambre de Mises en Accusation sending the case of Mazzini and the ment, inviting tenders for clothes and shoes for the use of prisoners to Burial Service as Required by Law' By Thomas S. L. Vogan, M.A., four Italians before the Court of Assizes of the Department of the be transported from Wilna.'". (These articles are required for men, Dean. (8vo, pp. 83.) Bell and Daldy.- Prison Discipline. A Report Seine upon the charge of conspiracy against the life of the Emperor. for women, and “ for little children up to twelve years of age,” and they adopted at the Hampshire Quarter Sessions, January 4th, 1864. With a

The case will probably come on for hearing on the 25th inst. are to be the same as used by convicts.) “These conditions,” says tho Preface and Notes. ‘By the Earl of Carnarvon. (8vo, pp. 42.) John ITALY:

Cologne Gazelte, after citing thern, " are temporarily laid down until it Murray.-The Sugar Question as it Affects the Consumer.' By M. B.

Feb. 12.—The Minister of the Interior issues orders to the prefects is decided whether the convicts shall proceed on foot, by water, or in Dureau._Edited by Joseph Travers and Sons (Svo; pp:73.) Longman to push on the armament of the National Guards. Large quantities of carriages. There can be no doubt of the authenticity of this document,

seeing that it is published in Mouravieff's own official organ. This Session 1864. By J. W. Bazalgette, Engineer. (svo, pp. 252.) Brick- material of war continue to be forwarded to Ancona and Bologna. hill and Smith, Newington Butts. AUSTRIA:

advertisement does not give any clue to the number of persons transFeb. 16.—The Reichsrath is closed in a speech from the Emperor. ported, as it is probably only for the purpose of completing the store Three new volumes of the series of Chronicles and

of clothing already possessed by the government. The comparatively SPAIN: Memorials issued under the direction of the Master of the

large amount of clothing for children is explained by the fact that the

Feb. 15.—The Budget is presented to Congress. It estimates the Russians prefer to send very young children out of Poland into the inRolls have appeared this week. One is the first of a revenue at 2,146,000,000 reals

, and the expenditure at 2,143,000,000 terior of Russin, as such are more easily made Russians in manner and series of the Monastic Annals of the Thirteenth Century,' reals

. The extraordinary Budget amounts to 469,000,000 reals. religion." edited by Mr Luard, including an accurate reissue of those

16.-A bill is brought into Congress, calling out 35,000 men. THORN, Feb. 13.-The insurgent leader Jankowski and the given by Fulman and Gale in ill-edited volumes that are Advices received

at Madrid from St Domingo represent the insurgents National Gendarme Schindler were banged upon the glacis of the

to be much discouraged. Fresh reinforcements were constantly Warsaw citadel yesterday. A Cossack was shot for desertion to the now costly and rare. Mr Luard, following the excellent arriving.

insurgents upon the same occasion. example set by himself in his edition of Bartholomew 17.-The Madrid papers announce that a bill has been introduced 16.-Advices received here from Warsaw state that the GoCotton,” distinguishes by his type that part of each in the Cortes, authorising credit operations on the guarantee of the vernment had ordered the Bernardine priests of the Church of Chronicle in which the author is a copyist, not an original bonds given by the purchasers of national property.

the Holy Cross to quit their residence within three days, as it was authority, and in this first volume he has edited the PORTUGAL:

required for a State prison. The priests declared that they would • Annals of Margan,' which were incorrectly published by

Feb. 14.–The railway from Lisbon to Beja is successfully opened. only yield to force. The streets adjacent to the citadel of Warsaw

were to be demolished, in order to make room for the erection of Gale; the 'Annals of Tewkesbury,' which contain much HOLLAND:

bastions. excellent matter never before printed ; and the Annals of and picture gallery of Rotterdam, which are entirely destroyed. The that on the 10th inst. one squadron and a half of Russian dragoons,

Feb. 16.—A great fire occurs at the Schieland Palace, the museum

BERLIN, Feb. 17.- Private letters received here from Warsaw state Burton,' a chief source of the history of their time, which loss is irreparable.

led by a single officer, entered that city in the greatest disorder. It hitherto have been accessible to students only in Fulman's BRAZIL :

was concluded from this circumstance that an engagement unfavourable volume of "Rerum Anglicarum Scriptores.'

Jan. 25.-A change of Ministry takes place. Senlior Zacarias, to the Russians had been fought in the vicinity of Warsaw.-General Another of the volumes of old Chronicles issued this President of the Chamber, is intrusted with the formation of a new Kotzebue has been nominated Adlatus of General Berg. week is the Rev. J. F. Dimock's edition of a large bio- Cabinet

, which is composed as follows: Zacarias, President of the BRESLAU, Feb. 18.–Advices received here from Poland state that graphy of “St Hugh of Lincoln,' from one of Sir Kenelm Council and Minister of Justice ; Carvalho, Minister of War; José on being informed that the Russian Colonel Bentkowski was marching Digby's MSS. in the Bodleian, in which the first six Jose Mariano de Mattos, War; Domiciano Leito Ribeiro, Agriculture of liza for the purpose of making a diversion. After

a short engagechapters and a-half are deficient. But a few months since and Public Works.

ment the Russians retreated to Baranow. In the meantime Bosgak the early portion was discovered by Mr J. H. Parker, of MEXICO:

proceeded by forced marchies towards the town of Konskie, attacked the Oxford, in the middle of a MS. volume of Miscellanies, in Jan. 13.-Letters from Matamoras give accounts of another Russian garrison on the 8th inst., and drove them out of the town. the Imperial Library of Paris; so that we have here a revolution in that city, which had placed Cortinas in power. Ruiz and The Russians were then attacked by the detachments under Kurowski complete edition of the once famous large Life of St. bis followers fled to Texas

. During the contest the Federal General and Rudowski, and lost their military chest, eleven baggage waggons, Hugh,' from which were derived the shorter biographies Perron, at Brownsville, sent three regiments of soldiers and a battery 200 muskets, and thirty-two prisoners, while eighty-seven were left of artillery to Matamoras to protect American citizens there.

dead on the field. Almost all the guards of the Warsaw and Vienna already in print.

15.- It is asserted in French advices that the adherents of Juarez Railway have been arrested. The station master of the railway The third volume of the Chronicles is of a not less have almost everywhere been dispersed.

terminus in this town has been arrested by the Prussian authorities, interesting character, the first volume of Mr Cockayne's

and sent to Berlin to appear before the Supreme Court. collection of documents, illustrating the science of the


MUNIFICENT LEGACY.-The late Mr John Farnell, of Isleworth, A valuable addition to our current literature is the first

Dec. 27.-The Confederate steamer Tuscaloosa is seized in Simon's bas left the National Lifeboat Institution a legacy of 1,0001., free of of two parts (the second to be published in October) which Bay by Admiral Sir B. Walker.*







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Great Northern

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Great Western

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tions of the past year at 252,7621., against disbursements of 169,2001.

for the same period in the adjustment of claims, thus leaving a net
balance on the underwriting account of 83,5621.–At the meeting of Into London from the 15th of February, to the 18th of February, 1864,

both inclusive.
the Electric and International Telegraph Company, held on the 11th,

Wheat. Barley.

Mall. Flour. THE ANNUAL RETURN OF THE PUBLIC INCOME AND EXPENDITURB a dividend was declared at the rate of 3 per cent. for the half-year. of the United Kingdom in the year ending the 31st of December The first ordinary general meeting of the Southampton Imperial Hotel

Qrs. Sacks last shows that the total revenue was 70,433,6201. 59. 91. The total Company (Limited) is called for the 27th inst., at the London Tavern,

English and Scotch ordinary expenditure was 66,910,9871. 11s. 10d., which would show to receive the directors' report and accounts. -A general meeting of Irish an excess of income to the amount of 3,522,6321. 13s. 11d. ; but the Universal Private Telegraph Company is called for the 24th inst. - Poreign 900,0001. is to be deducted from this for expenses of fortifications, so The annual meeting of the British Land Company (Limited) will be that the available surplus amounts to 2,622,6321. 133. 11d. The held on the 26th inst., and will be made special, to authorise the RAILWAYS AND PUBLIC COMPANIES. balances in the Exchequer on the 31st of December last amounted to directors to increase the capital by the issue of new shares.—A petition

From the List of Messrs Holderness, Fowler, and Co., Stock and Share 7,491,8131. 38, 9d. for the winding up of the Northern Bengal Tea Company (Limited) is

Brokers, of Change alley, Cornhill. THE BRITISH AND CALIFORNIAN BANKING COMPANY (Limited) to be heard before the Master of the Rolls to-day.—The directors of is announced under the auspices of the London Financial Association. the Agra and United Service Bank (Limited) have declared the usual scares Its capital is fixed at 2,000,0001. in 40,000 sbares of 501. each, with dividend (payable 1st March), at the rate of 101. per cent per annam, a first issue of 20,000 shares. This project proposes to take up ground for the six months ended 31st December last, and a bonus of 41. per

RAILWAYS. which has not yet been occupied by any English joint-stock bank. share, making altogether 18 per cent. for the past year ; and,' in


1204 1214 1218 The field is large, and the board is composed of gentlemen of position, consequence of the increased business of the bank, they have raised

Succk the majority of whom have had much banking experience. the reserve fund to 225,0001.—We are requested to state that the Stock

136) 1371 137 THE SOUTH-EASTERN BANKING COMPANY (Limited) is similarly share list of the London Chemical Company (Limited) will be closed

Great Eastern


05] 653 brougat forward. The basis of this project is an amalgamation with to-day, and that the allotment will take place immediately. The


Lancashire and Yorkshire an old-established bank and its branches, whereby it is proposed to failure was announced on Monday of Messrs D. and J. Birkett and Co.,

London and Black wall

7+ carry out a broad scheme for affording increased banking facilities to cornfactors, the oldest London house in that branch of trade, and

London and Brighton


107 xd

1064 xd the South-Eastern counties of Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, and Sussex. whose credit had hitherto been unquestioned. Their liabilities, how

London, Chatham, and Dover
London and North Western

1104 1104 No new bank has been formed in these districts since 1839, when the ever, are only 26,0001. and the assets are estimated at about 20,0001.— Stock

London and South Western... London and County Bank was established. The business of the new The failure of Messrs Langlon and Robinson, timber merchants, was also


Stock company is of course to be of the usual character. The capital is announced on Monday. Their liabilities are stated at 200,0001., but

543 North Eastern, Borwick

1041 500,0001. (subject to increase to 1,000,0001.), in 20,000 shares of 251. a favourable liquidation is expected. It is rumoured that the forth


599 each, of wbich 10,000 shares are to be issued in the first instance. coming dividend on South-Eastern Railway stock will not exceed

York ..

914 92 Only 121. 102. per share is to be called up. 54 per cent. per annum.—The Brighton Railway traffic return shows

Sonth Eastern

953 THE SOUTH WALES COLLIERY COMPANY (Limited) is announced. this week a decrease of 1,245l. compared with last year, and the

BRITISH POSSESSIONS. The capital is 200,0001., in 8,000 shares of 251. each.' The board is South-Eastern a decrease of 1,2491. — The receipts of the Grand Trunk

Cape Town and Dock, 6 per unusually weighty for a project of this kind, comprising the following Railway of Canada for the week ending 23rd Jan. were 18,8581. sterling,

cent, guaranteed names : Mr Crawshay Bailey, M.P. (chairman); Mr R. W. Ken-being 4881. less than in the corresponding week of last year.— The Stock

East Indian, gurntd. 5 per cnt.

103 104)

1044 nard (deputy-chairman); the Hon. S. P. Vereker ; Mr W. Challis receipts of the Great-Western Railway of Canada for the week ending Stock Great Indian Peninsula, gna

ranteed 5 per cent.

103} un (of Sir J. Pirie, Bart., and Co.); Mr T. Gratres, banker of Newport ; the 29th Jan. were 14,0801., being 1,0601. more than in the corre

Madras, girnd. 5 per cent....

1035 1025 Nr W. B. Greenfield (director of the Pernambuco Railway Company); sponding week of last year. The report of the directors of the

Scinde, guarnid. 5 per cent....

and Mr L. Heyworth, jun., of Liverpool. It is proposed to lease or International (London bridge) Hotel Company (Limited), submitted on
purchase coal fields in the South Wales basin, and to work the col- the 18th inst., states the gross receipts for the half-year at 13,6551., FOREIGN RAILWAYS.
lieries for export and home consumption, in consideration of the and the net profits at 4,551l. A dividend at the rate of 6 per cent.

Bahia and San Francisco (Li-
mited) guarntd. 7 per cent.

169 17* 161 great and increasing demand, both at home and abroad, for South per annum was recommended, and a reserve of 1,4021, to be carried Wales coal, for steam and other purposes. A lease for fifty years forward. --A dividend of 21. 5s. per share (less exchange) is now

Paris, Lyons & Mediterranean

36 375 has been obtained of extensive seams of coal in the barony of Aber- payable

to the shareholders of the Melbourne and Hobson's Bay Railway

Recife and San Francisco (Ligavenny, described as identical with and forming portion of those on the English register.—At the late meeting of the Bank of Egypt

mited), g. arntd.7 per cent. now worked with great success by the Blaenavon Company and other a dividend was declared at the rate of 7 per cent. per annum for the

San Paulo (Limited) guarancoalowners. half-year.-A meeting of the creditors of Messrs J. Orchard and Co.,

tred 7 per cent.

11 dis – 11 pr.

South Au trian and LombardoThe Selim TEA COMPANY is announced, with a capital of 150,0001. drapers, of Regent street, whose suspension was announced on the 29th


20 20$ (of which one-balf is to be first subscribed), in shares of 101.' The ult., has been held, when the liabilities were stated by Mr White, the

Southern of France ... proposal is to purchase a freehold estate of 4,004 acres in the district accountant, at 60,0001., and the assets at 39,0007. Mr Orchard not

Wstn, and N.-Wsto. of France of Darjeeling, on the Selim spur of the Himalayas, for the cultiva- being prepared with an offer of composition, it was determined to take

BANKS. tion of tea and cinchona. The price to be paid is 40,0001., balf in an assignment.—The half-yearly meeting of the South-Eastern Railway

Alliance Bank of London and casb, by instalments spread over two years, and half in paid-up Company is convened for the 25th inst. - The second call of 21. 10s.

Liverpool sbares. is to be paid on the Five per Cent. Preference shares of the Great

755 Bank of Egypt ...


264 xd THE LONDON Gas METER COMPANY have issued a prospectus, with Eastern Railway Company by the 23rd inst.— The fourth ordinary

Bank of London a capital of 100,0001. (of which half is to be first subscribed) in shares general meeting of the International Hotel Company (Limited) is called

City of 101. The object is to take over the business of Messrs Bischoff, for the 18th inst., when a dividend is to be declared.-A petition for

Imperial Ottoman

81 Brown, and Co., at a valuation, one-third in cash and two-thirds in the winding up of the Wellinyton Reversionary Annuity and Life

89 pm 181

27 Loudon Chartered of Australia

267 paid-up shares, which are not to receive dividend until 7 per cent. is Assurance Society is to be heard before the Master of the Rolls to-day.

London and County - Mr Ivie Mackie, of Manchester, a director of the Consolidated Bank,

58) xd & un distributed on the remainder.

London Joint Stock THE BUENOS AYRES BONDED WHARF AND RIVER TRansit Company has joined the direction of the London and Northern Bank (Limited).

London and South African

274 (Limited) is announced, with a capital of 300,0001., in 15,000 shares Messrs Frühling and Göschen have announced the dividends due the


Oriental of 201. each, one-third of which bave been subscribed for privately. 1st March on the Egyptian Government Loan of 1862.-At the half

South Australia The object is to carry out a concession from the Argentine Congress yearly meeting on Wednesday of the Mutual Life Assurance Society

Union of Australia for the canalization and development of the traffic of a narrow the report stated the policies of the past year to have been 260, for an

13 -421

431 stream in the immediate neighbourhood of Buenos Ayres, and the aggregate of 171,8471., yielding in premiums 6,1231., a larger business

MISCELLANEOUS. improvement of which is a matter of much importance to the trade than in any preceding twelvemonth. The policies now in force are of that region. It is mentioned that the concession allows a net 3,185, for 1,811,6321., and the invested funds of the society are

Australian Agricultural profit to the company of 18 per cent. during a period of twenty years, 475,676.Advices from Nova Scotia give satisfactory accounts re

Crystal Palace and that the charges involved would then be 50 per cent. less than garding the gold mines at Sherbroke in that colony. It is said that

General Steam what the shipping interest now pays to lighters and carts in the open the process of quartz crushing is now in activity, and that the results

Peninsular and Oriental roadstead of Buenos Ayres. The limit of twenty years, however, are profitable.—The dividend on Glasgow and South-Western Railway

Royal Mail applies simply to the canal, the profits derivable from the booded wharfs stock is officially announced at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum,

East London Water Works and warehouses remaining to the company in perpetuity. Arrange- against 5 for the corresponding period of 1862.--The London and North

Grund Junction Do. ments have been made with contractors for the completion of the Western Railway traffic return shows this week an increase of 8,7671. works, and for the payment of five per cent. interest to the share-over last year; the London and South-Western a decrease of 1611.; the

East and West India Docks holders during construction, for a sum within the limits of the Great Northern an increase of 3,1141. ; the Great Eastern an increase Stock London Do.


St Katbarine's Do. company's capital. A number of respectable names are attached to of 1,4621.; and the Great Western an increase of 3.0391. -A call of 51. the project. The brokers are Messrs P. Cazenove and Co. is to be paid on the shares of the Bank of Wales by the 11th of

Imperial Gas ... THE HOLLAND TRAMWAY COMPANY (Limited) is announced. The March. The annual general meeting of the Commercial Union As

United General Do. object of this undertaking is to form tramways in the more important surance Company will be held on Tuesday, the 8th March, for the Westminster Chartered Do, towns of Holland, a commencement being made with a concession for purpose of receiving the report of the directors for the past year, and

INSURANCES, a line which is to run from the Hague to the watering place of the declaration of a dividend.—At a meeting of the Thames Tunnel

Alliance Scheveningue. This line is to be finished in May next, and the con- Company, held on Wednesday, the resolution previously passed, in

134 tractors are to band it over complete to the company for the sum of favour of a sale of the property to the East London Railway Company,



All 40,0001. A large traffic already exists along the road. The capital was confirmed.-We are requested to state that the share list of the is 200,0001., in 20,000 shares of 101. each, of which 5,000 shares are South Wales Colliery Company (Limited) will be closed on Monday,


Imperial Fire

to be first issued.
the 22nd inst., for London, and on the following day for the country.


204 214 THE SALE OF THE “GREAT EASTERN” STEAMSHIP took place on - The North-Eastern Railway traffic return shows this week an increase Wednesday at the Liverpool Cotton Sales Room. She was knocked of 4,0181. over last year; the Midland an increase of 3,847/.; the Lan

London Fire and Ship down at 25,0001. to the representative of the Great Eastern Steamship cashire and Yorkshire an increase of 3,5071.; and the Marchester, ShefCompany (Limited). This company has only recently been formed, field, and Lincolnshire, an increase of 1,2251. with the object of again running the vessel. The 25,0001., however,

THE FUNDS.-Congols opened on Monday at 91 for money and only represents a small portion of the cost of the ship to the new WEEKLY TEMPERATURE : 8 a.m. M. 45°, Tu. 47°, W.36°, Th. 33°, F. 29°

closed on Friday at 914. company, as they have already purchased bonds of the Great Ship WEEKLY RETURN OF BANKRUPTS : Tuesday, 79; Friday, 1087

FRIDAY, FOUR O'CLOCK. Company amounting to 70,0001., and the actual cost of the ship to

FOREIGN (continued). the new concern (after receiving the dividends on the bonds pur


Peruvian 1862 chased) will be about 80,0001.

Do. July Account

Russian 5pr.Cent.1862
METROPOLITAN CATTLE MARKET, MONDAY.—The importa-3 per cent. Reduced ...


913 911 Ditto 41 per Cent. CIAL SOCIETY (Limited), to be submitted at the meeting on the 1st March, Continent during the past "week” has been small. The Custom-bouse Bank Stock tion of live cattle and sheep, &c., into the port of London from the 3

per Cent, New

911 Sardinian 5 per cent.
has been issued. The accounts embrace the
operations of the society up official return gives an entry of 706 oxen, 328 calves, 1,511 sheep, 128 pigs, bodia perske

Spanish 3 per Cent.... 513 52
Ditto Passive

33 to 31st December last, and show that the net profit, after deducting and 2 horses, together making a total of 2,675 head, against 1,589 head at

per Cent. Loan ... 104 · 1047 Do. 3 pr.Cent, New Def.

454 all current expenses, and writing off all preliminary expenses, the same period last year, 1,668 head in 1862, 1,392 in 1861, 2,326 in 1860,

Exchequer Bills

2 - 7 dis Ditto, Certificates 131 amounts to the sum of 199,9501. 183. 11d. The capital called up is 3,681 in 1859, and 1,480 in 1858.

per Cent.

Ditto ditto 1858

703 750,0001., or 5l. per share, of which one-half was paid on the 28th

French 3 per Cent.

Ditto ditto 1862

68% 694 May, and the remaining half on the 13th July last. The directors

Italian 5 per Cent. 66) 663 Ditto 4 per Cent. are of opinion that, in this early stage of the company's operations,

Mexican 3 per Cent.


49% – 504 Portegnese 1863 494 497 Venezuela

28 it would be unwise to divide too large a proportion of the profits,

Ditto, 1862

474 notwithstanding the favourable conditions under which they have Prices per Stone. At Market. Prices per Stone. At Market. entered upon the new year. They therefore recommend that the balance be applied as follows: Ist. 19,9311. 103. 1d. to payment of


BANK OF ENGLAND.--An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and

5,420 Beef 3 interest at 5 per cent. per annum on the called-up capital, in Beef 3 8 to 5 Beasts

4,480 sth Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Wednesday, the 17th day of Muttn 4 0 to 6 4 Sheep

0 to 6 4 Sheep conformity with clause No. 154 of the articles of association. 2nd. Lamb

18,030 | Feb., 1864.

Calves 77,5681. 93. 11d. to bonus; to make, together with the above interest, Veal

6 Pigs

Veal 4
4 Pigs


· £27,513,125

Pork 3 a dividend of 13s. per share, free of income-tax; equal in all to 25

£11,015,100 Other Securities

3.634,900 per cent. per annum. 3rd. 18,0001. 193. 5d. to reserve fund, in

12,863,125 conformity with clause No. 25 of said articles. This, after deducting


Silver Bullion the necessary amounts for directors' commission and income-tax on

Per Quarter.
Per Quarter.

£27,513,125 the dividend, will leave a balance of 76,6801. 19s. 5d. to be carried

Feb. 18, 1864.

M. MARSHALL, Chief Cashier. forward to new account, which balance, together with the amount


Week. Weuk. of 18,0001. 198. 5d. placed to reserve fund, leaves a total of Wheat, English 41s 488 408 48s Beans, English 313 42s 315 428 Proprietors' Capital

£14,553,000 Government Securities (in. 94,6811. 183. 10d. undivided. The directors have secured permanent Foreign


3,579,846 cluding Dead Weight Ad. offices at the building now in course of erection at No. 60 Thread- Barley, English

Peas, English
Public Deposits (including


£11,124,584 - Foreign needle street, which they believe will be ready for occupation about

323 373 323 37:

Exchequer, Savings Banks,
Outy, English

403 445 408 44 June next. Mr R. P. Harding and Mr E. H. Galsworthy have been

Comunissioners oi National

7,365, 145 Scotch ...

Debt, and

Gold and Silver Coin
17% 233 | Flour, English

720,510 appointed auditors, and their remuneration will have to be fixed by

7,079,789 the meeting. The same gentlemen offer themselves for re-election. Foreign


Other Deposits

13,306,150 MIECELLANEOUS.—The fourth annual meeting of the Universal

even Days and other Bills

548,192 Marire Insurance Company took place on the 11th inst., when the HAY MARKET.-Per load of 36 trusses: Hay, £8 09. to £4 103.


£39,066,983 directors' report was adopted. It stated the net receipts on the opera- Clover, £4 03. to £5 103. Straw, £1 23. to £1 108.

Feb. 18, 1864.

M. MARSHALL, Chief Cashier.

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meeting held the day before yesterday at Slesvig of the members of the

Slesvig Estates left to-day with an address to the King of Prussia and
We continue to give the fragmentary intelligence received from the the Emperor of Austria.

MONDAY, Feb. 15.-Business began with a series of questions and sent of war in Slesvig, in the order of its reception.

APENRADE, Feb. 16.-Tho Austrian head-quarters have arrived answers, the following being the most prominent: In answer to Mr COPENHAGEN, Feb. 12.—The Fædrelandet, of to-day, publishes the bere, and the Prussian head-quarters have been transferred to BLACK, Mr M. Gibson said that there was no intention of bringing in following telegraphed advices : “The enemy has halted near Flensburg: Gravenstein. Field-Marshal von Wrangel is on his way to the latter a bill to consolidate the Acts relating to copyright in works of literaand has not continued his advance. Loyal Slesvigers are still expelled place. There are indications of an intention on the part of the allies ture and art.--In answer to Sir M. FARQUHAR, Sir G. Grey said it by the people, partly with the concurrence of the Prussian troops. No to enter Jutland.

was his intention to introduce a bill for the better protection of the further news from the army. The German reports of the engagements ALTONA, Feb. 17.-The Austrian Civil Commissioner, M. Revertera, metropolis from fire.--In answer to Mr W. EWART, The Marquis of near Oversee and Bilskaw entirely misrepresent the facts. The Danes in a speech made at Flensburg, said that all the wishes of the Slesvig? HARTINGTON said that since the commencement of the war in the had only two regiments reduced in strength, the numbers in all Holsteiners would be satisfied, although a personal union of the United States Lord Lyons had supplied Reports of the improvements amounting to 3,000 men. No fighting took place in the streets of Duchies with Denmark could not be given up. Prince Frederick which had taken place in artillery, but subsequently three officers had Flensburg." Charles received yesterday a deputation of the citizens of Flensburg.

been sent to America more especially to attend to this subject. No 15.—The official Berlingske Tidende of to-day says: “It may be SLESVIG, Feb. 17.-Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia will com- similar commission had been sent to Denmark during the present war. considered certain that an armistice involving the evacuation of the mand the force destined for the attack on Düppel.

-In answer to Lord HOTHAM, the Marquis of HARTINGTON said that mainland of Slesvig will not be accepted by the Danish Government." GRAVENSTEIN, Feb. 16.-In consequence of the thaw which has set no supplementary estimate would be necessary for defraying the Expenses The Dagbladet says: "Unless the enemy evacuates Slesvig and re-in and the marshy nature of the country, the movement of heavy of the late court-martial at Aldershott, but they would be taken out of establishes in that duchy the rule of the King and the status quo of the artillery has become difficult. The attack on the intrenchments of votes under different heads in the estimates of last year, A return 31st of January, an armistice would be inadmissible."

Düppel has not, therefore, yet been made. Prince Charles and Prince stating the amount of the expenses would be granted.-In answer to The following report has been issued by the Minister of War: Albrecht of Prussia have taken up their residence in the Palace of Mr DISRAELI, Mr LAYARD said that an answer had been received to " The enemy assembled in considerable force at Ulderup, and sent a Gravenstein. 30,000 Prussians are concentrated in the district of the Proposition of her Majesty's Government to Austria and Prussia, on Patrol to-day to Nybol, which was withdrawn after a few shots bad | Sundewitt.

the subject of an armistice; that answer was not favourable, and there been fired.”

RENDSBURG, Feb. 17.-It is asserted by Prussian officers quartered was no reason to hope that an armistice would be agreed to.-In answer 17.-The Government have published the regulations for the blockade in this town that Field-Marshal von Wrangel has given Denmark a

to Mr GREGORY, Mr LAYARD said that the treaty on the subject of the of the ports of the enemy. Count Hamilton, Swedish Minister at very short delay to evacuate Düppel and the island of Alsen. In the Cession of the Ionian Islands was not signed, and could not be produced. Copenhagen

, has been summoned to Stockholm to confer with his event of the Danes not evacuating these positions, the Prussian army Alabama, Confederate ship of war, the Government knew nothing of it; Government. The enemy in Sandbjerg and the Danes in Roehave would immediately occupy Jutland. fired at each other across the Sound without effect.

STOCKHOLM, Feb. 16.-The official Post Tidning states that Sweden but, in such a case, the law would be applied equally to both belligerent 18, 4.15 p.m.-It is officially announced that the enemy has thrown does not support the proposal of an armistice between the Austrians parties in America. -On the motion for the second reading of the Insane a bridge across the Egern Sound, and occupied Broacker in consider- and Prussians and the Danes, neither has she recommended the with Prisoners Act Amendment Bill, Mr G. HARDY stated that in his opinion able force. A Datish ironclad battery has left Sonderburg for that drawal of the November Constitution.

the bill did not provide an adequate remedy for such a case as that of place. The weather is frosty.

Paris, Feb. 18.—The Paris papers publish a telegram from Copen- Townley, which had given rise to its introduction. He suggested that 18, 10.85 p.m.-The following official despatch has been received hagen, dated 18th inst., asserting that the position at Düppel is the bill should be left as it was, so far as persons sentenced to penal from the seat of war : “ This morning a force comprising infantry, defended by 40,000 men and 200 guns.

servitude were concerned; but in the case of persons sentenced to death cavalry, and artillery attacked our outposts along the whole line.

alleged to be insane a commisison should issue, or some public judicial After an engagement lasting several hours our troops were repulsed,

inquiry should take place into the mental state of such persons, and but at three p.m, they reoccupied all their former positions. Our loss

tinis might be made quite consistent with the exercise of the prerogaamounts to thirty-five killed and wounded. According to private

tive of the Crown in reference to the commutation of sentences.

Mr intelligence received here, the enemy has entered Jutland."

IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. MACDONOGH was of opinion that the existing law did not take away FLENSBURG, Feb. 13. - Prince Frederick has been proclaimed at

the discretion of the Secretary of State to act in such cases as that of Tondern, and the Danish officials have been expelled from the town.

Townley, and therefore the present bill was not necessary to give such

HOUSE OF LORDS. So long as Field-Marshal von Wrangel and General von Gablenz

a discretion. All that was required was a declaratory act putting an remain here, no attack upon the works at Düppel is expected to

Monday, Feb. 15.-Earl Russell, in reference to certain observations end to any doubt as to the construction of the present law.-Sir C. take place. Small outpost skirmishes have occurred, after which the of Lord Derby on a former occasion, to the effect that in the seizure of the O’LOGHLEn said he would have preferred an enactment by which a Danes have withdrawn bebind their intrenchments. The Danes have steam rams at Birkenhead the Government was influenced by remon- pablic judicial inquiry shonld be held in the cases to wbich the bill dismissed 100 Friesland soldiers from their arıny, and it said that they strances of Mr Adams, made on the 4th and 6th September, said that, applied, but he should not oppose the measure. Still, he could not but will also send away the Slesvig-Holsteiners. The Danish army is in fact, the decision to detain the vessels was co ne to on the 3rd Sept. object that the bill was confined to England, as when it passed there reported to be greatly exhausted and suffering. The sick have been with regard to the threat of the American Government to have certain would be a difference between the law in this respect in Ireland and sent on to Copenhagen from Alsen. The chief of the Flensburg police vessels pursued into British ports, if it was ever made, it had been en- Scotland.—The bill was further critically discussed by Mr Scourfield, has been replaced by a Prussian officer. Large numbers of troops tirely withdrawn.— The Earl of DERBY asked why no steps were taken Mr D. Seymour, Mr Hunt, Viscount Enfield, Mr M. Smith, Mr Evans, continue to pass through the town, Prussian pontoons have also been to detain the steam rams until the 8th of September, when the govern- Sir G. Bowyer, Sir F. Goldsmid, Sir W. Jolliffe

, Mr Alderman Rose, sent forward. The Austrians are now being held more in reserve. ment had decided to do so on the 3rd. Some further explanation was and Sir F. Kelly, who expressed a strong opinion against the disLarge quantities of captured war material have been brought in here. necessary with regard to a despatch of the United States Government, cretionary power exercised by the Secretary of State in crimioal cases Advices from Tondern state that after the inhabitants had expelled the said to have been addressed to her Majesty's Government, having been after the decision of a court of law, and contended that in all cognatə Danish officials, they recalled the burgomaster.

laid before Congress, when it had never been delivered.- Earl RUSSELL cases to that of Townley, supervision should be made only by a judge 14.-The allies attacked the intrenchments of the Danes at Düppel said that the subject of the steam rams was under consideration, and a and jury; and therefore that the vice of the present law which gave yesterday. A determined battle is still going on.

Numbers of correspondence took place with Mr Laird between the 3rd and 8th that power to the visiting justices instead of to two ordinary ju-tices, wounded are constantly brought into the town.

The Austrian lead- September as to the despatch referred to. It was a matter affecting was retained.—Sir G. Grey said, with reference to the suggestions quarters will be transferred to Apenrade to-morrow. The Austrians the Government of the United States in regard to Congress rather than which had been made, they would be duly considered, and as to the are erecting strand batteries here. General von Gablenz has visited that of her Majesty's Government.—Lord STRATHEDEN and CAMPBELL main suggestion, that in cases like those under discussion inquiry into the Danish wounded. A thaw has set in.

called attention to the treaties and conventions by which the possession the state of a criminal's mind should be judicial in its nature, it was 15.- The Danish gunboat Husby has fired upon an unfinisbed of Slesvig was guaranteed to Denmark, enumerating them from those better to retain with the Secretary of State the power of deciding on Prussian land battery. Six. 12-pounders were, however, placed in of 1715 and 1721 down to that of 1852, which he contended did not the tribunal which should take cognizance of the matter, experience position and fired on the gunboat, which subsequently withdrew. The supersede any of the others, each of them guaranteeing the possession having shown that on inquiries before juries in commissions of lunacy Duke of Augusten, has been proclaimed at Apenrade. This morning of Slesvig, while nothing had been done by Denmark to justify the great delay and uncertainty arose ; at the same time, he was prepared an Austrian pontoon bridge, the Prussian Guard, and a Hussar regiment setting aside of that guarantee.-Earl Russell stated that Austria | to discuss in committee the proposition that the inquiry should be before passed through Flensburg on the direct road to Düppel. A Prussian and Prussia had acknowledged the efficacy of the treaty of 1721, but a judge and jury. If he had attempted to make the law uniform in the battery of heavy artillery has gone to Glücksburg, and is probably under existing circumstances he declined to declare what was the United Kingdom it would have involved a consolidation of a number of destined for Holnes, from which place the harbour of Flensburg and the policy of her Majesty's Government on this question.

statutes, and thus would have prevented the application of a prompt intrenchments of Duppel can be bombarded. The roads are in a bad TUESDAY.—The LORD CHANCELLOR laid on the table returns of remedy to a defect in the law of England. The bill was then read & condition.

benefices sold under the operation of the Augmentation of Benefices Act. second time.- On the second reading of the Malt for Cattle Bill, Sir H. 16.- The Austrian and Prussian Commissioners have left for Apen- Thirty-seven livings had been disposed of which had produced 65,3001., STRACEY denied that it was a boon to the agricultural interest.--Mr rade. Prussian police have arrived here from Berlin. It is stated of which 37,8501. had been paid into the Bank of England. - Lord Briscoe stated that some of his constituents were of opinion that the that the Austrians will occupy North Slesvig and the Prussians the CARNARVON moved for a return of Claims by British subjects upon the measure was one which would be beneficial to it.—Mr G. W. BENTINCK south of the duchy. Amtmann Thomsen of Oldensworth and the United States' Government since the secession of the Southern States. He

characterised the bill as an ingenions device to stave off the question of President of Husum have been appointed heads of administration also asked for further information as to claims made by the United the repeal of the malt-tax, and a number of other members discussed in Bredstedt , Eiderstedt , Tönningen, and Friederichstadt. They are States

' Government on the Government of Great Britain for damages the proposed measure. --Mr HENLEY urged that this bill would not empowered to appoint and dismiss officials in Slesvig, subject to the to American ships by the Alabama and other Confederate cruisers. settle the vexed question as to whether malt was advantageous in the approval of the Commissioners.

He repeated the details of several cases in which English vessels had feeding of cattle.--- The CHANCELLOR of the ExCHEQUER said he did 18.-Cannonading has been heard in this town. It is expected that been captured, especially that of the Saxon, and the circumstances not present the bill as one which would be specially efficacious

, but as defending the intrenchments at Düppel is said not to be considerable

. lieutenant in command of the party by which

she was boarded. If the with the safety of the revenue. He repudiated the notion that it was Many inhabitants of Sonderburg have left that town. The Danish incident had been correctly described, a most barbarous murder

had intended as a means of getting rid of an agitation for the repeal of the army is stated to be short of provisions. The bridge at Eckensund is been committed. Ho read passages from the correspondence of Mr malt-tax, and denied that that duty stood first for reduction when that finished. Troops are marching towards Broacker. A detachment of Adams referring to the capture by the Alabama, and censured an article stood in competition with beer

, spirits, wine, tea, and sugar, on Sappers are on the way to the Dannewerke for the purpose of blowing admission made by Lord Russell that he should be ready to enter into which large duties were levied. He laid down that, apart from the up the fortifications. Frost has set in.

a calm consideration of the facts and principles involved in similar question of revenue, it would never be desirable nor wise to render Field-Marshal von Wrangel, on his departare for Gravenstein, took cases. The Federal Government

, Lord Carnarvon contended, would spirits

, and even beer, free from taxation. - The bill was read a second an affectionate farewell of the principal inhabitants of the city, and ex. take only one view of these captures. He calculated the amount of time. pressed a hope that Slesvig would soon be free from the evils of war. claims likely to be made on the English Government under this head

TUESDAY.—The House was occupied for an unusually long space Despatches received here from Gravenstein state that the attack on at 2,500,0001. Unfortunately, the Federal Government bad so lent of time in private business, in the discussion of private bills, and a Düppel has not yet commenced. The fortifications of Alsen are being itself to the cry for compensation by England that, even if disposed, it series of resolutions proposed by Mr M. GIBson, for the regulation of strengthened. Six Danish regiments are stationed at Düppel. Three would hardly be able to resist the feeling it had excited. To hold ont private bill business. The resolutions provided that the Committee of intrenchments on the high road liave been strongly palisaded. A vain and visionary hopes in reference to this question was useless, and Selection and the General Committee on Railway and Canal Bills

, bridge has been built near Eckensund for the passage of troops to be impressed on Lord Rassell the necessity of settling it as soon as after the committal of sach bills, should be empowered, with the conSundewitt. The atmosphere is clear, and the weather fine.

possible.—Lord Russell saw no advantage in producing the volumin- sent of all parties, to refer the same to the Chairman of the Committee 19.-A Danish ironclad appeared before Egunsund, to destroy the ous papers relating to the many cases of captures of ships running the of Ways and Means, who, with members to be appointed as members bridge that had been thrown across it by the allies. The Prussian Federal blockade. As to the claims for damages done by the Alabama, of the Committee on unopposed bills, be empowered to hear the parties batteries at Hollnis and Rinkenis opened fire upon her. After an her Majesty's Government had from the beginuing contended, and did promoting or opposing such bills, or their agents; they reduced the hour's engagement, during which the ironclad received several shots , still contend, that it was in no way responsible for the alleged losses

. fees to be paid by opponents and by promoters of private bills for proshe retired without baving attained her object. The brigade under He had held out no hope that the English Government would change ceedings before committees and in the House, and

on the taxation of General Koeder, in conjunction with the 64th Regiment of Infantry, its opinion, but he had trusted that the Federal Government would, costs on private bills ; they empowered the SPEAKER to revise the list carried in the first assault

the Büffelkoppel, occupied by the Danes. on further consideration of the case, modify its views. He repeated of charges for Parliamentary agents, solicitors, &c., and provided that They drove the Danes back to their intrenchments and captured sixty what he had been censured for admitting—that the fitting

out of the the minutes of evidence on opposed private bills should be printed at prisoners. The loss of the Prussians was two killed and ten wounded. Alabama was a reproach to the English law, but he trusted the the expense of the parties whenever copies are required.- On moring The Prussian Hussars of the Guard, forming part of the allied van- Foreign Enlistment Act would yet be found sufficient for th: object it the resolution relating to the Charges for Parliamentary agents, Mr guard, bad a successful skirmish with the Danish dragoons on the was meant to attain.—Lord CARNARNON did not press the whole Gibson adverted to the high fees paid to the Parliamentary bar, and frontier of Jutland.

return he had moved for, but asked for the papers connected with the to the rules laid down by the bar in relation to their fees; and he HAMBURG, Feb. 15.—The Hamburger Nachrichten of to-day most important of the English cases that of the Sazon.—After a short stated that the leaders of the bar were of opinion that the rules as to publishes advices from Flensburg to Saturday evening, stating that conversation, the return thus amended was agreed to.

fees ought to be very considerably relaxed, and he therefore abstained the whole of Slesvig, except Sundewitt and Alsen, has been evacuated

THURSDAY.—The Marquis of CLANRICARDE gave notice of calling resolution that Committees on private Bills be ordered to meet at

from asking the House to express any opinion upon the subject.-A by the Danes. Four Danish spies, among them Pastors Morik and Hansen, and a carrier named 'Gravestein, have been brought into | America, and asking what steps the Government proposed to take in other resolutions were agreed to.-The public business did not commence

attention to Recruiting by Federal agents in Ireland for service in eleven o'clock” met with strong opposition, and was withdrawn. The 16.-Frustworthy advices received here from a private source state the matter. The Earl of Powis asked whether any steps would be till nearly half-past eleven o'clock. –Mr M. GIBSON obtained leave to that the Danes have made two sorties from Düppel, and inflicted taken this year for providing

a proper Museum and Library of Patents
.. bring in a Bill to facilitate, in certain cases

, the obtaining of powers for the considerable loss on the Prussians. There are 2,000 sick and wounded Earl GRANVILLE said the matter was involved in some difficulty, but construction

of railways ; and a Bill to facilitate, in certain cases, the at Habersleben, Apenrade, and Flensburg. The Nachrichten publishes it was under the consideration of the Government. The Earl

. of obtaining of further powers by railway companies.

WeDnEsdAY.-Mr Laird, in moving the second reading of the Sallied from their intrenchments and attacked two Prussian batteries. Removal of clerks of the peace from their office, and asked whether

the Chain Cables and Anchors Bill, explained the few differences

between The Danes are said to have been almost destroyed.

Berlin, Feb. 16.--According to the official reports received here, CHANCELLOR admitted that it was desirable to make some change in replied briefly to objections raised to that ineasure, and adverted to the the Danish ships of war have received orders to capture shipping the law, and promised to consult the Home Secretary on the subject.

serious losses sustained by shipowners, and the great sacrifice of life, belonging to all the States of the German Confederation. This FRIDAY.—The LORD CHANCELLOR took his seat on the woolsack through the defects of ground tackle.—Sir J. ELPHINSTONE, in sapmeasure contradicts the report that Denmark had decided upon exempt at five o'clock.—Lord Colville gave notice that on Monday he porting the bill, detailed the evidence as to the large number of wrecks, ing from capture the ships of some of the States.

should put a question to the noble Earl the Secretary of War, touching the immense amount of property and the number of lives lost or placed Kiel, Feb. 15.-One battalion of the 18th Regiment of Prussian the conduct of the Judge-Advocate at the late Court-martial held on in jeopardy, by defective anchors and cables.---Mr Hurr, on the part Infantry has arrived here on foot from Neumunster. The troops have Colonel Crauky.—Some private bills were read a second time. The of the Gorernment, agreeing in the object of Mr Laird, did not offer been billeted in the town. A pumber of 84-pounders, intended for the Bishop of Armagh moved for certain returns connected with the Irish any opposition to the second reading of the bill; but he suggested tbat arming of Friedricksort, left this city to-day. A deputation from a Church.---The returns were ordered. —'Their lordships then adjourned. the provisions for securing the test of quality were not adequate to


the prevention of fraud. --- Mr LINDSAY objected that to pass a law that the system of transportation could not be carried out further than Jham. On arriving there, they found Hall sitting on a sofa in the same whereby people were made to depend upon Acts of Parliament instead at present, and hoped that at some future time that end might be room with his father, mother, sister and brother, and the landlord of of upon themselves would relieve shipowners from a duty they owed to attained. Having criticised some? arts of the bill, he gave it his the Wellington Inn. The officer claimed Hall as his prisoner, and the public.. He pointed out objections to the details of the bill, and general support.—Sir G. Grey having replied, the bill was read a charged him with having shot his wife with the intention of murdering the difficulties that would attend the carrying its provisions into effect. second time.

her. The prisoner quietly said, “It is true; I did,” and gave himself He did not, however, oppose the second reading.-Mr Cave, Mr Friday.-In reply to Mr Hurt, Mr LAIRD said he had no objec- up to the officer. He was not at all excited, but, on the contrary, was BENTINCK, and Mr HORSFALL, supported the principle of the bill, and tion to postpone his motion for going into committee on the Chains, perfectly calm and collected, and even

gentle in his manner. On in a bill for a more equitable distribution of the charge on landed in the interim he would receive the assistance of Government in said, "Good bye, I hope we shall meet in heaven.” The pistols were property for the relief of the sick and destitute, known by the name of modifying the bill.—In reply to Mr S. BEAUMONT, Mr LAYARD said perfectly new. One of them

had been discharged; the other was Poor-rate, stating facts showing, in his opinion, the expediency of that no communications had been

addressed, during the recess, to her loaded, but had no cap on. On the charge being drawn, the shotting substituting union rating for parochial rating: -Mr Cox secunded the Majesty's Government with the view to a Recognition of an Empire in was found to consist of a conical ball. The prisoner was brought motion, because the bill would, he thought, open the question of Mexico, and the Government declined giving any opinion on the subject. before the magistrate on Wednesday; and on a medical certificate equalising the poor-rate. -Mr WARNER advocated a county rating and In reply to Lord ELCHO, Mr Cowper said that the Royal Commission being produced to the effect that the young woman was in a highly the abolition of the law of settlement:-- Mr Packe observed that the had recommended an alteration in The Royal Academy, the executive dangerous state, he was remanded until

Saturday. He is by trade a bill would

open a much wider question than Mr Bernard seemed to of which were now deliberating. The site of the International Exhi- stamper, and was employed in a workshop in Vyse street. It appears suppose. --Mr VILLIERS, said there was no intention on the part of the bition had not yet been cleared'; but although the removal was going that the prisoner and the young woman were married last Christmas Government to oppose the introduction of the bill, which would,

how: on rapidly, no precise time had been fixed for erecting a building on day: Before the marriage the prisoner told her that he had furuished of extending the area of the poor-rate. Among the measures it would Har's motion for an Address to her Majesty, praying for the selection marriage. He, however, went into lodgings, and his wife was so angry involve were a change in the law of settlement and a revaluation of of Wakefield as the assize town for the West Riding of Yorkshire, was at this that she left him in nine days,

and refused

to live with him til rateable property - The motion was withdrawn: 74 new writ for opposed by Mr Barnes, and, on a division, was defeated by 138 against a house was provided. This greatly exasperated the prisoner, who Dorsetshire was then moved, in the room of Mr KER SEYMER, who 119.

gave way to an extreme fit of jealousy. On Tuesday night he called resigns on account of ill health.

at the place where his wife was living in Princess street, and demanded THURSDAY.-In answer to Mr H. BAILLIE, on the subject of the

her to give up the earrings and wedding ring with which he presented Capture of ressels in neutral ports, the ATTORNEY-General said that


her at their marriage, saying he was going off to Liverpool. After he was not of opinion that on an English vessel being captured by an

some words they parted. In two hours afterwards the prisoner called American ship of war in the harbour of a neutral State her Majesty's

for his wife at her mother's house, and they went out together between Government should wait for the action and decision of a Prize Court

New York, Feb. 9.—Mobile despatches report that eight Federal nine and ten o'clock, and walked about for two hours, talking over before reparation and satisfaction were asked of the American Govern. regiments, with two batteries of artillery, crossed Big Black River on their affairs. The sequel has already been told. The young woman ment. Of course, that being so, that opinion applied still more strongly the 5th inst. Considerable excitement prevailed in Mobile.

died on Wednesday night at a quarter to five o'clock, after suffering to an English vessel taken as a prize out of an English harbour. The The force which was expected to attack the city was estimated at fearful agony, aggravated by an unsuccessful attempt to extract fact of the British vessel Science, said to have been taken in Mexican 30,000 strong.

the ball. waters, was in dispute; but the instructions to American cruisers were

There is a doubtful report from Chattanooga of a wide spread

THE VILLAGE OF RINGSTEAD, near Thrapston, in Northamptonprecise, that no neutral ship should be taken out of the harbour of mutiny in the Confederate army.,

shire, is at present in a state of great excitement, owing to the supposed Matamoras, and therefore if an English vessel was taken there it would General Butler sent an expedition, consisting of three brigades of discovery of a murder which took place in that neighbourhood about certainly be given up. In answer to Mr Hust, Mr LAYARD said that infantry, four regiments of cavalry, with twelve guns, across the York thirteen years since. On the afternoon of the 4th inst., while

a the offer of the Portuguese Government to mediate between this country River towards Richmond, for the purpose of surprising the Confederates labourer, named Warren, was engaged in cleaning out a dyke, at the and Brazil had been accepted by her Majesty's Government, but he and releasing the prisoners in Richmond. The expedition reached side of a road or lane leading from Denford to Keystone, his spade came was not aware that it had been accepted by that of Brazil.--Sir within twelve miles of Richmond, but was discovered through infor. in contact with a complete skeleton,. The remains are those of a fullR: DEEL moved the second reading of the l'estry Cess Abolition (Ireland)mation furnished by Federal deserters, and compelled to return without grown female, of middle height, and it is the opinion of the villagers Bill, the object of which was to take away the power of making attaining its object.

that they are those of Lydia Astley, who mysteriously disappeared assessments from vestries.-After some discussion the bill was read a

Advices from Charleston to the 7th inst. state that the firing on the some thirteen years since, and who had been cohabiting with a married second time.—Sir G. Grey moved for leave to bring in a Bill to amend city had ceased.

man named Weekly Ball, upon whom suspicion fell at the time; but, the penal servitude acts, stating that it was founded on the report of the Feb. 10.—The Richmond Eraminer states that a German has been though a reward of 2001. was offered, nothing could be discovered, and commission which sat on the subject last year. It was established by arrested in Richmond as the ringieader of a plot for the release of the Ball, who had been apprehended, was discharged. At the time the the report that, notwithstanding the increase of crime in England and prisoners in that city, and the assassination of President Davis. The girl was missed a letter was received by one of the local magistrates to Ireland of late years, in the aggregate there liad been a great decrease same paper states that the Federals lost 1,500 men during the con. the effect that the writer had seen

the deceased in company with a of crime in the last twenty-one years. In the opinion of the commis- federate attack on the Federal outposts at Newbern.

strange man in Gold street, Northampton ; but this statement was not sion the impression that the penal system was, so far from deterrent,

generally credited, in consequence of the condition in which the girl attractive, was wholly erroneous, and that any augmentation of the

The Military Situation.

A witness has now voluntarily come forward for the purpose of punishment of prisoners under penal servitude was not advisable. The From the accounts received by each successive mail, it is evident declaring that this letter was written by him at the dictation of Weekly recommendations of the commission applied firstly to administrative that active operations will shortly be resumed on both sides. Up to Ball himself. At the time of the girl's disappearing cries of “ Murder!” details which required no alteration of the law, and next to such the latest dates, which reach to the 6th inst. from New York, the were heard in an orchard at the back of Ball's liouse, and there was changes in the system as involved amendment of the law. With

symptoms of activity were to the following effect: The Federals

, on abundant proofs of his having been up all the night. On Monday a regard to the first, steps had been taken to bring the improvements their part

, had re-occupied Burlington in Western Virginia, and were meeting of magistrates took place, when a warrant was issued for the suggested into operation. The first recommepdation of the commission reported to be driving the Confederates southward. The latter, under arrest of Ball, who was apprehended at Ramsay, where he has been involving changes in the law was that no sentence of penal servitude | General Early, had made a raid along the Baltimore and Ohio Rail- living since the occurrence, and brought to Thrapston. should be less than seven years. The evidence showed that short road, burning the bridge across the Potomac at the north branch of sentences had failed of their effect, and the Governmeut concurred Patterson's Creek, but the Federals drove them off, and pursued them in the recommendation. It was connected with another, which with cavalry, and the railroad was stated to be again in working order. suggested that all sentences of penal servitude should terminate in It appears, however, that General Early made a stand at Moorfield,

Notabilia. Western Australia. Although the Government had not adopted that Western Virginia, on the 4th inst. Six bours' skirmishing ensued, at recommendation, they felt that it was borne ont by the evidence. the end of which time the Confederates fell back to the south fork of The Danne-WERKE.—Sir Emerson Tennent gives in the last number That recommendation had excited great, perhaps unnecessary, aların the Potomac, followed by the Federals. At the last accounts the of Notes and Queries some learned and interesting antiquarian and hisin the eastern portion of Australia ; but the real objection was that it skirmishing had been renewed, and it was reported that on the 5th torical notices of this ancient Danish defence :—"Torfæus says the was not desirable to send convicts to a colony when their sentences Early again fell back. In North Carolina the Confederates advanced name is not Dana-verk • Danorum opus," but Dana-virki, Danorum, would shortly expire, and they would be quite free. It was, however, to Newbern, and took possession of the railway to Moorhead City on vallum, or the Danish entrenchment. Mr Laing, in his version of still intended to send about 600 convicts a year to Western Australia ; the 2nd inst. On the same day they captured and destroyed the gun the 'Heimskringla,' says in a note at p. 390, vol. i., that it was raised conditional parduns being abolished. It had ben determined to adopt boat Underwriter. On the 3rd they withdrew to Kingston. Memphis by Harald Blaatand to resist the incursions of Charlemagne. But five years as the minimuin sentence of penal servitude. With regard letters of the 28th ult. confirm the Confederate accounts of the evacua- whatever the date of its original formation, this remarkable work was to the recom vendation that all penal convicts should suffer nine tion of Corinth, Mississippi, and add that all the Federal forces in the in complete preservation and efficiency in the time of the King Olaf months' separate confinement, with power of remission for good con- vicinity were at Memphis, being organized for a grand secret expedi- Tryggveson, who reigned in Norway between A.D. 995 and 1000; and duct, it had been adopted, and this principle would apply generally to tion, which would set out in a few days, under the command of General his Saga recounts the two expeditions conducted by the Emperor Otho, sentences. It had not been thought advisable to make any alteration Sherman. Deserters report that large quantities of Confederate arms to compel the Danes by force of arms to conform to Christianity; in the existing system of tickets-of-leave. The commission had pro- and ammunition have been transferred from the east to the west of the History (remarks Sir Emerson Tennent) it is said repeats itself; and posed the establishment of a better supervision of holders of tickets-of- Mississippi during the present blockade of that river. The Confede- the result of the assault of the Emperor Otho has a parallel in the preleave; and the Government bad directed that all prisoners before their rates re-occupied Corinth, Mississippi, on the 30th ult

. Confederate sent war between the Prussians and the Danes ; when the former, indischarge should be photographed, and copies of their likeness sent to telegrams from Morristown, East Tennessee, state that on the 28th ult. stead of persevering in the attack on the Danne-verke, turned the flank chief constables of police, who would have power to compel them to General Martin attacked the Federals between that place and Louis- of the defenders by a movement across the Slei, by which they sucpresont thenuselves when required; and if any breach of their license ville, and after a stubborn fight drove them from the field. Reinforce-ceeded in landing their troops in the rear of the great embankment, had been committed, they might be deprived of the second portion of ments of cavalry had been received by the Federals. The tone of the Precisely the same stategy is stated, in the Saga, to have been resorted their gratuity ; and power was given to magistrates to punish sum. Southern press is very cheerful. The Richmond Sentinel says there is a to by the German Emperor nearly a thousand years before. Earl marily, the conviction to be reported to the Secretary of State, at whose great general revival in the spirits and confidence of the people rela- Hakon, who commanded on the side of the Danes, so successfully rediscretion it would be to revoke the license. The bill, therefore, on the tive to the war. The army is in the best spirits, and the welcome pulsed every assault of the enemy, that Otho fell back towards the south, whole, gave effect to the recommendations of the commission.

news comes from Tennessee and Virginia that the troops are volunteer-collected his ships of war at the mouth of the Slei, landed them to the Mr ADDERLEY objected to the provisions of the bill by which a few ing by brigades and regiments to re-enlist for the war. General Lee north of the Danne-verke, and eventually achieved a victory." convicts were to be sent to Western Australia ; and urged that the issued an order on the 22nd ult., stating that the temporary reduction AMERICAN PRINTING-OFFICE.-A paradise of a printing office is ticket-of-leare system could not be effectually carried out in this of rations was caused by circumstances beyond the control of those thus described in the Boston Olive Branch, on which women are emcountry, as there could be no valid supervision over the licensed con- charged with the support of the army, but it was hoped this would be ployed as compositors :-"Our rooms are well carpeted, and the girls do victs. "He criticised the whole system of encouraging and rewarding of short duration. The army had proved that the country could refuse not come till nine or ten o'clock in the morning, retiring in good season, what was alleged to be good conduct on the part of convicts, which Jo sacrifice too great for its patriotism. The steamer Flambeau, from seldom making ever seven or eight hours a day. „Smart compositors seemed as if founded on the principle of bribing prisoners not to break Charleston on the 1st inst., reported the bombardment of the city to be can in that time earn 11. 155. a week. We have also one female clerk out against the authorities placed over them. He also contended for still in progress, but that as yet there was little evidence of its destruco out of the three we employ. Added to this one desk has also been uniformity of practice in the treatment of prisoners in every gaol in the tiveness. The recent shelling of Fort Sumter was in consequence of occupied by a female editor, as our assistant, at a salary of 250 dollars. country, He was for legislating on the principle solely of punishment; the discovery that the Confederates had remounted five guns in the She has spent seven hours a day in the office for five days a week. he would abolish tickets-of-leave, and insist on all sentences being fort, and were opening embrasures through the rubbish for their service. We generally have in our office an organ or a pianoforte, and have rigidly carried out, while sentences should be accurately defined by act Confederate despatches of the 31st ult. state that no damage of conse- music at meal hours." of parliament. He proposed to introduce reforms founded on exactly opposite principles to that of the Government, and leave the House to quence had been done to the fort. decide between them.-Lord Naas advocated transportation to Western according to the Nashville Union, that the Federal army had crossed

By a telegram from New York on the evening of the 6th, we find,

The Navy ESTIMATES FOR THE YEARS 1864-65.—These estithence to the other parts of Australia. He expressed himself dis- attack Rome, Georgia. Australia, urging that it was not easy for convicts to escape from the Tennessee River, near Larkinsville, its object being probably to mates were presented to Parliament on Tuesday. They show a net

. to for appointed with the provisions of the bill which applied to ticket-of-leave

service of the year, including 314,2301. for the army department-conmen, giving a preference to the Irish system. In most other respects he

veyance of troops-is 10,432,6101. The last vote was 10,736,0321. approved of the bill.-Mr C. FORTESCUE, in reference to the colonial


The decrease in the estimates takes place in the following items: For part of the question, contended that the Government had done wisely

wages to seamen and marines, 47,3041. less is asked; for victuals and in choosing the middle course they had adopted with regard to AT MIDNIGHT, on Tuesday, Police-constable Patrick Golden was on clothing to ditto, 112,8671. less; and in the matter of naval stores, for transportation to Western Australia. He pointed out, and argued from duty in Dartmouth street, Birmingham, when he heard the report of a the building, repair, and outfit of the fleet, &c., the sum for the storethe statistics, that the fears which were entertained of an influx of pistol a few yards off, followed by a deep moaning. He ran towards keeper-general of the navy is reduced by 169,9511., and that for compcriminals from that colony to other parts of Australia were unfounded. the spot, and found a young woman lying in a pool of blood, her feet trolier of the navy by 195,1371. ; half-pay to officers is reduced by -Sir J. PAKINGTON approved of the adoption by the Government of being in the gutter, and her head towards the middle of the street. 21,551l. ; civil pensions and allowances by 949l. ; medicines and medical the system of longer sentences for criminals; and with regard to He lifted her up and recognised her as a young woman who was lately stores by 1,6507. ; wages to artificers abroad, 7521., and the scientific transportation to Western Australia, though believing transportation married to a young man named George Hall. He found a wound on branch by 6851. The total of these items of decrease is 550,8461. ; but the best secondary punishment, and that that to Western Australia her face, from which the blood was flowing freely. The young woman against this is to be put an increase in other particulars of 247,4241., might well be extended, he did not tbiok its advantages were such as was at once conveyed to her mother's house. She was quite insensible. distributed thus: Admiralty office, 3,283l. ; coast-guard service 1,0231., to weigh against the real feeling of the rest of the Australian colonies A bullet had sbattered the jaw, and passing the neck had lodged in the her Majesty's establishments at home, 9,2581.; her Majesty's establishagainst it. While approving of system of remission of punishment, vertebræ. A surgeon removed portions of the fractured bone, and did ments abroad, 1,2961. ; wages to artificers employed at her Majesty's he was of opinion that it should be accompanied by rigid supervision everything in his power to alleviate the sufferings of the woman, but establishments at home, 162,438l. ; new works in the yards, &c., of licensed convicts. He should give the bill, to which he was on the gave no hope of her recovery. The next stage of the tragedy developed 16,000l. ; miscellaneous services, 2,9501. ; military pensions and allowwhole favourable, a full consideration.-Mr CHILDERS gave a full itself an hour afterwards. Police-constable w. Dromage was on duty ances, 7,0961. ; and army department, conveyance of troops, 44,0801., history of transportation to the Australian colonies, and argued from at Hockley hill shortly after one o'clock, when he was accosted by a leaving the net decrease, as we have stated, 303,4221. A statement the facts that the system bad not been successful, and could not be man having two pistols in his possession, who told him that a short prefixed to the estimates shows that the net amount of expenditure for repeated on any large scale, even in Western Australia.—Mr WALPOLE time before a relative of his, named George Hall, came to him in the naval services for the year 1862-3, after deducting extra receipts and said that in the present system of penal servitude, with its three Wellington Inn, and asked him to take a glass of brandy with bim as repayments paid to the exchequer, was 11,532,565l. 13s. 8d.; the net gradations of punishment, was combined a penal and a reforniatory it would be the last he would ask him to take. On being asked what amount for 1863-64 was 10,462,3221., and the estimated net amount process, and this was preserved and improved upon by the present bill; he meant, he replied that he had shot his wife, and handed him a for the forthcoming year is 10,169,0221. and he deprecated the system advocated by Mr Adderley, as calculated couple of pistols; and having taken of bis brandy he left the house THE ARMY ESTIMATES. ---The estimates for the army during the to fail either in the object of deterring from crime, or in doing what with the landlord to go home to his father's. The man gave the pistols years 1864-5 show a decrease of 215,3491. The total sum required is could be done towards making criminals better men. He regretted to the officer, who accompanied bim to Hall's father's house in Birming- 14,844,8881. The decrease in the clothing establishment and supplies

amounts to 33,6911. There is a decrease in the charge for barrack the Royal Scottish Academy, and made his first appearance as a MR THOMAS COURTNEY, who was very recently appointed Clerk of establishments and supplies of 24,4721.; and 16,0001. of this amount classical artist at one of the exhibitions, In 1835 he became an asso- the Crown in the county Down, died on the Ilin, at bis residence in is said to be due to a more economical use of fuel and a reduction in ciate of the Royal Scottish Academy, and in the following your Fitzwilliam square. He was registrar to the Chief Justice of the the price of fuel.” A slight diminution in the force, from 147,118 to exhibited at the Royal Academy of London. On his subsequent Queen's Bench, and also to the Consolidated Nisi Priu Cart. 145,654 men, causes a reduction under the head of pay of 31,0001. artistic career we need not dwell

, the many fine pictures which he Count Rossi, the husband of Malle. Sontag, the celebrated ginger, But the largest item of decrease is 265,8501. in the article of military painted speaking for themselves.' Mr Dyce was not only a distin- died in Brussels last werk. H.quitted the diplomatic service in 1850 stores. It is stated in explanation that the diminution arises partly guished artist, but he was an accomplished scholar and an able critic. to accompany his wife to America. He leaves two sons and two from the contracts for the supply of small arms having been completed, Mr W. Mure, the British Consul at New Orleans, died in London daughters. partly from the termination of the contract with the Elswick Ordnance on the 14th, from the effects of debility and disease. He will be much Me C. W. GILES-PULLER, M.P. for Hertfordshire, died at Company, and partly from the reserve proportion of camp equipage, regretted by those in New Orleans and in the United States by whom Youngsbury, on the 16ih inst., in his fifty-seventh year. His death &c., being nearly complete." An increase of 33,0001. is partly caused his impartiality and bonourable feeling in the discharge of duties makes vacant one of the seats for the county, which, it is said, will by the necessity for experiments in ordnance and projectiles of larger rendered particularly difficult and onerous by the nature of the times be sought on liberal principles by the Hon. I. Cowper, Dext brother natures.". The only other important reductions are of 60,0711. on were appreciated and acknowledged, even in the midst of great party of Eari Cowper. works and buildings, and of 46,2761. dne to the yeomanry cavalry not strife and national animosity. Appointed in 1843, he speedily made Miss Lucy AIKIN died at Hampstead on the 29th ult., in her being assembled for permanent duty during the ensuing year. These himself known at the Foreign Office by his lucid and admirable eighty-third year. The English version of the Adventures of reductions, however, are unfortunately balanced by a very heavy reports, and his great tact and knowledge of affairs and men enabled Rolando,' so long popular with the young, was from her pen. She increase caused by the war in New Zealand. That island figures as the him to steer bis course amid perils in which his brother consuls in was an author from her seventeenth year; many articles in the most considerable cause in the heaviest items of increase. The increase the United States were wrecked, although he never for a moment reviews and magazines and in the Annual Register were here. The in the expense of commissariat supplies alone amounts to more than compromised a principle or shrank from its assertion. He obtained first work of importance which she wrote was the Memoirs of Queen 200,0001. The same source of increase appears under the head of from the State Legislature of Louisiana large concessions towards Elizabeth,' which appeared in 1818, and which rapidly passed medical stores and service to the extent of more than 10,0001., and the the free blacks, British subjects, who had been incarcerated with through several editions. The memoirs of James the First followed working pay for men in the field in New Zealand causes an increase common felons during the stay of the vessels to which they belonged in 1822, of Charles the First in 1833, the Life of Addison in 1843. under the head of regimental pay. The improved shooting of the army in the State ports. By Mr Mure's exertions these free blacks were REAR-ADMIRAL NICHOLAS Cory died at Plymouth on the 13th has caused an increase of more than 1,0001. in the amount required for allowed to remain at large under certain conditions, and his services iost., aged 66. He saw good service in the early part of his career.. good shooting pay, and the volunteer corps bave proved so much more were acknowledged by Lord Palmerston, who, though not in office at efficient than was anticipated last year that there is an increase of the time, wrote a letter to Mr Mure to express bis high sense of the THE DEATHS IN LONDON LAST WEEK were 1647, an excess of 195 6,3761. under the bead of their capitation allowance. The net decrease, benefit he had rendered to freedom and humanity. During the above the average. Notwithstanding the late severe weather, the as we have above stated, is 215,3491.

Crampton difficulty he managed to avoid the breath of suspicion and deaths from pulmonary diseases (exclusive of phthisis) declined from The Cape of Good Hope.- The following summary is from the slander

, and in many difficult questions he displayed equal judgment 438 in the previous week to 427 last week ; but the eff-cts of the low

and address. From his intimate knowledge of American affairs, he temperature will probably be seen in future returns. Bronchitis was Cape Argus of January 6 : Since the departure of the mail steamer

was enabled to predict with remarkable foresight the sure advent of fatal in 277 cases, of which 130 were those of persons of 60 years of Cambrian on the 21st of Dec., the most interesting event that has the tremendous struggle wbich gave no sign to others, and Lord age and upwards ; 83 persons died from pneumonia, 35 from asthma, occurred has been the seizure by the Government under orders from Russell bestowed bigh praise on his despatches in relation to the and 183 from phthisis (or consumption). The deaths by zymotio home, of the Confederate cruiser Tuscaloosa, formerly the Federal causes of Secession and its probable consequences and result. No diseases were 331, the corrected average for corresponding weeks barque Conrad. The Tuscaloosa, which was in Simon's Bay rather man could brave the climate of New Orleans for so many years bring 317. Eight deaths occurred from small-pos, 32 from measles; more than three months ago, returned to that port on Saturday, Dec. without serious injury to his constitution, and Mr Mure came to 55 from scarlatina, 6 from diphtheria, 65 from whoopingcough, and 72 26. Lieut. Lowe, her commander, reported that since her last visit Washington in 1862, on his way to England, in deplorable health, from typhus. Six hundred and sixiy-three persons died under 20 the Tuscaloosa had been cruising between the Cape and Brazil, and which was aggravated by the hardships of a journey in winter from years of age, and 431 were 60 years and upwards; the deaths of 6 had spoken nearly 100 vessels. "But of that number only one hap- New Orleans through a country ravaged by hostile armies, and des- nonagenarians are recorded, the oldest of whom was a widow, who pened to be a Federal. That one was the ship Living Age, which, titute of ordinary conveyances and facilities for travelling. He came had attained the age of 96 years. having an English cargo on board, was released on giving a bond. to England in the hope of recovering his strength, but never altoLieut. Lowe hoped on this visit to Simon's Bay to get the bottom of gether rallied. his vessel recoppered, as well as to take in all the supplies he needed.

LADY KEATING, the wife of Sir H. S. Keating, one of the justices But his hopes were doomed to disappointment, for on the day after her of the Court of Common Pleas, died this week. She was the daughter the 10th, Lady Webster, of a son. - On the iotb, the wife of G.

BIRTHS.-On the lith, Lady Louisa Feilding, of a daughter-On arrival Admiral Sir B. Walker despatched from the fing-ship a licutenant of tie late Major-General Evans, of the Royal Artillery. and a boarding party of twenty-five men to take possession of the

Longman, Esq., 9th Lancers, of a son - On the 13th, the wife of Du Pre

Baroness RÚTHVEN died on the 13th inst., at Freeland, Perthshire. Grenfell, of a son-On the 11th, the Hon. Mrs Maynard, of a daughter Tuscaloosa in the Queen's name. The officer promptly. executed the She was daughter of James, forth baron, by Lady Mary Elizabeth - On the 13th, the wife of Colonel F. English, C.B., of a daughter-On order of the admiral, and the vessel was seized accordingly. Lieut. Leslie, daughter of the sixth Earl of Leven. On the extinction of the 16th, at Kedleston, Lady Scarsdale, of a daughter -- On the 15th, Lowe lodged with the admiral a formal protest against the seizure, the mile line by the death of her brother, fifth Lord Ruthven, the Lady Harriet Lynch Blosse, of a son-On the 15th Lady Lucy Massy, wbich will be transmitted to the home Government. The United barony devolved on his only sister, the deceased. She married, in of a son...On the 14th, Lady Frances Tremayne, of a son. States consul, Mr Graham, lodged a claim to the vessel on behalf of 1806," Mr Walter Hore, of Harperstown, county Wexford, by whom of the late R. Mosley, Esq.-On the sth, Captain Lynch Keogb, to Mrs her former owners, and has since been informed by the Governnent she had a numerous issue. The barony devolves on ber eldest son, Smith, of Bocage park, Middlesex-On the 6th, A. K. Maybury, Esq; that she will be detained until she can be handed over to them.

an officer in the Rifle Brigade.
MAJOR-General Portlock died on the 14th inst., at Black Rock, Jan., 'Lieut. C. Deshon, to Mary, daughter of Captain Cassidy, 4th Regt.

M.D., to Julia, daughter of the late R. Crawshay, Esq.-On the 30th near Dublin, aged sixty-nine. He was a distinguished officer of the DEATHS.-On the sth, at 33 St Peter's square, Haminersmith, Any Obituary.

Royal Engineers, who, by his works on geology and other subjects, Elizabeth, relict of S. Lanigan, Esq., surgeon, R.N.-On the 9th, at

contributed much to the advancement of science. In early life he Barnstaple, Mrs Hole, aged 81—On the 6th, at Clapham, Mrs Butt, 85WILLIAM Dyce, Esq., R.A., died on Sunday, at his house at was for many years on active military service in Canada, and on On the 6th, at 8 Grosvenor street West, Mrs Oldroyd, 85 - On the 10th, Streatham, in his fifty-eighth year. He had been suffering for months coming home in 1824 he was attached to the Ordnance Trigono- at Fieldgrove, H. Sealy, Esq., 82-On the 13th, Archdeacon of Kilfenora, from chronic bronchitis, but died at last from cancer of a most painful metrical Survey, and was chief assistant of the director, Colonel 84-On the 13th, J. W. Hillhouse

, Esi; 81.-On the 14th, at Isleworth, and distressing nature. William Dyce was born at Aberdeen. His (afterwards General) Colby. In the execution of that survey, par- Mrs Kidd, 87–On the 14th, J. A. Webb, Esq., of Stowmarket

, 87-On father was Dr W. Dyce, and his cousin is the Rev. Alexander Dyce, ticularly in Ireland, he made through a series of years such strenuous the 10th, at Godstone, MrJ. Nixon, 83—On the 11th, at Hornsea, Mrs degree of M.A. at Marischal College, Aberdeen, at the early age of K.C.B., now Under-Secretary for Ireland, bas said of him that “no On the 15th, Mrs Hazel, 'of Aston, Berks, 87—On the 7th, at Brompton, the well-known Shaksperian Commentator. William Dyce took the and successful exertions that his associate, Major-Gen. Larcom, Bainton, 85-On the 13th, at Highgate, Mrs Jones

, 82-- On the 19th, sixteen, and it may be added that he was known through life as a man, perhaps, ever in his own person performed Bo great an amount of Miss Penelope Gordon, 84—On the 7th, at Naples, W. E. Routh, Esq., 86 polished scholar and able writer.. Indeed, at the age of twenty-two, labour, both of observation and calculation.”

-- On the 13th, at Hammersmith, A. Haines, Esq., 82-On the 14th, at in 1828, he wrote a paper on electro-magnetism which obtained the GENERAL W. Douglas, R.E., died at Hastings on the 10th, aged Blackheath, Mrs Collins, 83-On the 11th, at Sidbury, the Rev. H. Blackall prize at Aberdeen. After taking his degreo be entered at seventy-seven. He had been sixty-three years in the army. Fellowes, 90-On the 13th, at Shipdham, Mrs Bullock, 86.




LISS BATEMAN.-L E A H.-The DU BARRY'S HEALTH-RESTORING giving case after the first application, and the repeated deres




Sole Proprietor and Manager, Mr B. WEBSTER.
Gentleman engaged in Her Majesty's Service under

Twenty-second week of the great Tragedienne, Miss Bateman peculiar circumstances of most immediate urgency, Un MESSENGER, or LIGHT PORIER. Can have eighteen
in the highly successful Drama of LEAH.
doubted security on real property and a bonus of 101. given

The Directors entertain APPLICATIONS for ALLOT.

years' good character from the publishing tirm he has left, On Monday, February the 22nd, and during the week, for the accommodation for two months, together with


on account of the business being disposed of.-Address THE PRETIY HORSEBREAKER Mr J. L. Toole and references of the highesi character and position. - Address,

TURE STOCK, which has been created under the

T. W. R., Mr Roberts, 85 Farringdon street, E.C. Miss Woolgar. At Eight, LEAH, Miss Bateman ; supported J. N. S., care of E. Rowden, Esq., 6 Wardrobe Terrace,

powers of the Coinpany's Act of 1853, for the purpose of by Messrs A. Stirling, R. Phillips, Billington, Stuart, Ste Doctors' Commons, London.

paying off and extinguishing the mortgage dsbt of the phenson, Eburne, and Miss H. Simms. To conclude with a


RHEUMATISM! Fairy Extravaganza by H. J. Byron, Esq., LADY BELLE

The Stock has a fixed and perpetual yearly dividend or BELLE; or, FORTUNEO AND HIS SEVEN MAGIC MEN. CONSTIPATION, DEBILITY, NERVOUSNESS, CHE most EFFICACIOUS REMEDY interest, at the rate of 4 per cent. per anaumn; and such Mr J. Clarke (from the Strand), Messrs R. Phillips, Stephen. DYSPEPSIA, COUGH, ASTHMA, CATARRH, CONSUMP

dividend or interest is the first charge upon the tolls and

for RHEUMATISM, LUMBAGO, PAINS in the son, Eburne, Romer, and C. J. Smith; Miss Woolgar, Miss TION, DIARRHEA, all NERVOUS, BILIOUS, LIVER, LIMBS. CHILBLAINS before they are broken, &c., is

podertaking, and lands, tenements, and heredicaments of K. Kelly, Miss Patti Josephs, Miss Louise Laidlaw, Miss and STOMACH COMPLAINTS, in every stage, are only DREDGE'S HEAL-ALL, the celebrated Embrocation which

the Company, and has priority of payment over all other Seaman, and Miss Willard. aggravated and accelerated by drugs of every description, but

dividends on any other stock or shares, whether Ordinary,

bas long been known through the West of England as so
Commence at Seven.
perfectly curable by

Preference, or Guaranteed.
successful in alleviating the pains of the above disorders,

Any amount of stock not being a fraction of a pound can

be subscribed for.
REVALENTA ARABICA FOOD, as proved by thou.
cording to the directions, seldum failing to effect a perfect

Interest will commence from the date of the receipt of triumphant and enthusiastic success of the great sands of cases which had been considered hopeless. We

cure. ---Price Is. 1fd. and 2s. 9d. per Bottle. - Please observe
that the names of “ BARCLAY and SONS, Farringdon

the money by the Company, and will be paid half-yearly, Tragic Artiste, Miss Bateman, on her first appearance in the quote a few : Cure No. 58,216 of the Marchioness de Brehan, street," are engraved on the Government stamp. – Sold by Company's Bankers, which will be sent to the address of

on the 15 h J nuary and 15th July, by warrants on the character of LEAH, in the new five-act Draina of that title, Paris, of a fearful liver complaint, wasting away, with a

all chemists. having been nightly repeated,and even exceeded during the last pervous palpitation all over, bad digestion, constant sleep

each registeret proprietor. twenty-one weeks amidst the applausc and tears of crowded lessness, low spirits, and the most intolerable nervous

Communicat ons on the subject to be addressed to audiences, and the profound impression created upon all who agitation, which prevented eren her sitting down for hours

HERY OAKLEY, Secretary. have witnessed the touching impersonation by Miss Bateman together, and which for seven years had resisted the careful to cleanliness in using and effectua ly realising beauof the heart-broken Jewish maiden, being confirmed by treatment of the best French and English medical men. tiful teeth, is

Secretary's Office, King's-cross Station, London, the unanimous verdict and critical approval of the entire Cure No. 1,771. Lord Stuart de Decics, Lord- Lieutenant of


November, 1863. press, the Manager of the NEW ADELPHI THEATRE Waterford, of many years' dyspepsia.-Cure No. 49,842. has the honour to announce that Miss Bateman will appear “Fitty years' indescribable agony from dyspepsia, nervous

Or Pearl Dentifrice. Prepared from Oriental herbs with in the New Drama of LEAH EVERY EVENING, till ness, asthma, cough, constipation, flatulency, spasms, sick. unusual care, transmitted to this country at a reat ex CHEAP AND GOOD WINES. further notice; and, in order to meet as far as possible the ness, and vomiting. Maria Joly."-uure No. 46,270. Mr pense, this unique compound estirpates all tartarous increasing demand for stalls, has added two niore rows to James Roberts, of Framley, Surrey, of thirty years' diseased adhesions to the teeth, and insures a pearl-lik. whiteness OFpler's and COCKBURN's Pont, 408.; SHERRIES those previously existing. lungs, spitting of blood, liver derangement, and partial to the enamelled surface. Ils antiseptic and antiscorbutic

from 18s.; and CLARETS, 145.; deafness. ---Cure No. 47.12). Miss Elizabeth Jacobs, of properties exercise a highly beneficial and salutary i..

extreme nervousness, indigestion, gatherings, low spirits, THEATRE ROYAL, DRURY LANE.

fluence; they arrest the turther progress of the decay of

To be obtained pure and cheap of the and nervous fancies.-Cure No. 54,816. The Rev James T. the tee h, induce a healthy action of the gumns, and cause Managers, Messrs EDMUND FALCONER and F. B.


Campbell, Fakenham, Norfolk, "of indigestion and torpidity thein to assun.e the brightn ss and colour indicative of per-
of the liver, which had resisted all medical treatnient."

fect soundpess. The breath also attains a healthy purity Which Imports the choicest Wies, and sells to the Public at Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, THE MAN OF THE In tins, llb., 28. 90.; 216., 4s. 6d.; 5lb., lls.; 1216., 22s.; and sweetness.- Price 2s. 9d. per bux. Caution.--The

reasonable prices.
WORLD; Messrs Phelps, G.Neville, Barrett; Misses Atkinson, 241b., 40s. ---Barry du Barry and Co., No. 77 Regent street, words " Rowlands' Odonto" a e on the label, and " A.
R. Leclerg, and Murray. And on Wednesday, Thursday, and

CELLARS-Marylebone Court House, W.
London; also at 61 Gracechurch street ; 4 Cheapside; 63 and Rowland and Sons, 20 Hatton garden," on the Government
Friday the New Serio-Comic Drama, entitled NIGHT AND

STOKES AND OTTICES-314 Oxford street, W. stamp 150 Oxford street ; 54 Cpper Baker street. MORN, in which Mr Phelps will appear, supported by Messrs

Sold by them and by Chemists and Perfumers. EXPORT AND BOTTLING VAULTS-15 John street, Crutched Barrett, Raynor; Misses R. Leclercq, Atkinson, and Heath.

Friars, E.C., London. After which the GREAT DRURY LANE ANNUAL, in the


RHEUMATISM, CHILBLAINS, &c. entitled SINDBAD THE SAILOR, the Great Roc of the


INDIG ESTION.-MORSON'S PEPSINE Diamond Valley, and the seven Wonders of the World. The

really Concentrated Essence of the Sea-weed. It is

WINE is a perfectly palatable form for administering extensive and magnificent Scenery by Mr William Beverley by the Medical Profession, and universally accepted by the has been, during twenty-five years, emphatically sanctioned daily increasing in celebrity as a remedy for all kinds of

this popular remedy for weak digestion. Characters in the opening by Messrs Neville, Fitzjames, public, as the best Remedy for ACIDITY of the STOMÁCu, ing the pain, and speedily curing coller disease. Weakness

Rheumatism, whether Acute or Chronic, immediately reliev.

Manufactured by T. Morson and son, 19 and 46 South. Tom Matthews, and Master Percy Roselle; Misses E. Wes

ampton row, Russell square, W.C., in bottles at 33., 5s., and ton, Coventry, Rose Leclercq, Cicely Nott, and Miss HEARTBURN, HEADACHE, GOUT, and INDIGESTION,

105. cach.-PEPSINE LOZENGES in boxes at 2s. 6d. and Lizzie Wilmore. Harlequinade--Clowns, Harry Boleno and and as a mild Aperient for delicate constitutions, more espeo the nbs, Scrofulous Swellings, and all those affections

43. 60. each. C. Lauri. Pantaloons, Messrs W. A. Barnes and J. Morris.

cially for Ladies and Children. When combined with the for which the sea-side is recommended, and is also an admirHariequins, Messrs J. Cormack and S. Saville. Columbines, rescing Draught, in which its Aperient

qualities are much

ACIDULATED LEMON SYRUP, it forms an agreeable Effer. able application for Chilblains. Madame Boleno and the Misses Gunnis. Prices as, usual.

Solit in Bottles, 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and 11s. cach, by T.

FIELD'S CELEBRATED Box-office open from ten till five daily.

increased. During Hot Seasons and in "Hot Climates the KEATING, 79 St Paul's Churchyard, Londou; and by all
REGULAR use of this simple and elegant remedy has been Chemists.

UNITED SERVICE SOAP TABLETS, found highly beneficial. It is prepared (in a state of perfect OYAL ST JAMES'S THEATRE. purity and of uniform strength) by DINNEFORD and Co.

4d. and 6d. exch, sold by all Chandlers and Grocers throughManager, Mr BENJAMIN WEBSTER. Crowded with 172 New Bond strect, London, and sold by all respectablo

ORE rank and fashion. The New Comedy every evening. MonChemists throughout the World.


see that the name of J. C. and J. FIELD is on each packet, day, and during the week at Seven, a New Comedy by Leices.

WAFERS. - From Messrs Fergyson and Son, Auctioneers,

box, and tablet. Wholesale and for exportation at the Works, ter Buckingham, Esq., cutitled the siLVER LINING. By

Leek, November, 21, 1862.-" Sir, the beneficial effects we Upper Marsi, Lambeth, London, S. where also may be Mr Charles Mathews, Mr Frederick Robinson, Mr Ashley, Mr

obtained their Prize Medal Parafline Candles. AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS.—These have derived from your Pulmonic'Wafers make us feel it a Johnstone, Mr Montague, Mrs Charles Mathews, Mrs Frank Pills are a purely vegetable preparation, and may be

duty to offer you our gratuitous testimony to their supeMatthews, Miss Cottrell, Miss Wentworth, and Mrs Stirling. taken at any time by either ser without fear of danger. They Hiority over any other remedy we have ever tried for colds,

Prize Medal. PARAFFINE, To be followed by Un anglais Timide, entitled COOL AS A

coughs, and hoarseness, so peculiarly troublesome to our CANDLES. act upon the bowels mildly yet effectually, and by their fine CUCUMBER: and 1863, or THE SENSATIONS OF THE tonic, aromatic, and apericnt properties, they remove all op

pro ession.' They have a pleasant iäste, Sold by all drug. PAST SEASON. Mr J. L. Toole and Mr Paul Bedford.

Adopted by Her Majesty's Government for the Military
pressive accumulations, regulate the secretions of the liver
gists, at Is. 1 d., 2s. 9d., and 11s. per bux.

and bowels, strengthen the stomach, and purify the blood.
Unlike many remedies, they do not induce liability to take

J. C. & J. FIELD. road, in the immediate vicinity of the Great Northern and are thus strongly recommended as the Best PAMILY ANGUS SLEIGH'S

The original Manufacturers, and holders of the 1862 Prize

“SALVEO PEDES” Railway Terminus, King's cross. MEDICINE.

Medal, caution the public against any spurious imitations. FUNDS are urgently REQUIRED.

Is a sure remedy for nearly all ailments of the foet. Their label is on all Packets and Boxes. Sold by all Dealers Sold by all Chemists and other dealers in Patent Medicines, Sold By Chemists and Perfumers in bottles 23. 64. each; throughout the Kingdom. Wholesale and for exportation at TREASURER AND BANKER, Edward Masterman, Esq., at ls. 13d., 28. 9d., and 41. 6d. Wholesale Depot, 22, Bread Nicholas lane.

Wholesale, A. Sleigh, 13 Little Britain, and all Patent the Works, Upper Marsh, Lambeth, London, S, where als street, London.

Medicine Vendors,

may be obtained their celebrated United Service Soap Tablet.


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