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22. STEAM to BRAZIL and the RIVER

FISHER A day he will contain View. Interior

"TELENCE, containing Original Articles, Chronicles


CRE-FYDD'S FAMILY FARE. attention to their large and well-assorted Stock of

Now ready, in post Svo, price 7s. 6d., cloth, Jurenile Clothing. The newest fabrics are combined with


FOR FIRE, LIFE, AND MARINE ASSURANCES. HE YOUNG the latest and most fashionable designs, and the best work. manship E. Moses and Son give particular attention to The real Nickel Silver, introduced more than thirty years Head Office-No. 7 ROYAL EXCHANGE, CORNHILL, E.C. this important branch of their business, and they can with ago by WILLIAM S. BURION, when plated by the patent

West-end Office-No. 7 PALLMALL, S.W.

Housekeeping : containing Bills of Family Fare for Every confidence affirm that the prices are such as must satisfy the process of Messrs Elkington and Co., is beyond all


Day in the Year; which include Breakfast and Dinner for å JOHN ALEX. HANKEY, Esq., Governor.

"SMALL' Family, and Dinner for Two Servants. Also, Twelve most economical. This department is in a distinct part of the very best article next to sterling silver that can be BONAMY DOBREE, jun., Esq., Sub-Governor.

Bills of Fare for Dinner Parties, and Two for Evening Enterthe premises, which will be found a great convenience for employed as such, either usefully or ornamentally, as by PATRICK F. ROBERTSON, Esq., Deputy-Governor. Ladies and Children. no possible test can it be distinguished from real silver.

tainments, with the Cost annexed. By CHE-FIDD.

A small useful set, guaranteed of first quality for finish and

London : Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Nathaniel Alexander, Esq. Harry George Gordon, Esq. MOSES and SON respectfully durability, as follows:

John Alves Arbuthnot, Esq. Edwin Gower, Esq.

The Fourteenth Edition, with Coloured Plates, price 20. 6d.,

Richard Baggallay, Esq. Samuel Gregson, Esq., M.P.

or Old

Bead or Bruns.

Henry Bonham Bax, Lsq. A. C. Guthrie, Esq.
SOver Pattern.

or Lily, James Blyth, Esq.

Louis Huth, Esq.

“Pathological anatomy has never afforded more conPattern.

Edward Budd, Esq.
Charles Lyall, Esq.

clusive evidence in proof of the curability of a discase than MOSES and SON'S “SANDRING

Edward Burmester, Esq. John Ord, Esq.

it has in that of consumption."-Carswell. HAM" WRAPPER (introduced by them) is the d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. Charles Crawley, Esq. Capt. R. W. Pelly, R.N.

Also, by the same Author, price 108.6d, nevest and most fashionable Style of Overcoat for the season. 12 Tablo Forks I 13 0 2 0 0 2 4 0 2 10 0 Sir Frederick Currie, Bart. David Powell, Esq. 12 Table Spoons......... 1 13 0 2 0 0 2 4 0 2 10 0 Frederick G. Dalgety, Esq. Alexander Trotter, Esq.

ASTHMA: its Varieties and Complications. To 12 Dessert Forks 1 01 10 0 1 12 0 1 15 John Entwisle, Esq.

William B. Watson, Eige which is annexed a succinct Treatise on the principal Disease 1 4 0 1 10 0 1 12 0 1 15 0 Robert Gillespic, Esq. Lestock Peach Wilson, Esq. of the Heart.

0 16 0 1 0 0 2 0 1 5 0 • MADE and BESPOKE CLOTHING, for all Classes 12 Tea Spoons......


London : Longman and Co. and Ages 6 Egg Spoons, gilt

Two Members of the Court of Directors in Rotation, and

0 10 0 0 12 0 0 12 0 0 13 6
2 Sauce Ladles..........
0 6 0 0 8 0 0 8 0 0 9
Henry Kingscote, Esq. I John Tidd Pratt, Esq.

1 Gravy Spoon
0 6 6 0 9 0 0 10 0 0 11 0


With numerous Illustrations. No. I., price 58., " INDISPENSABLE" SUIT, from 30s. 2 Salt Spoons, gilt SPECIAL NOTICE.-The Directors are now prepared to


0 3 4 0 0 0 4 0 4 6 grant INSURANCES upon MERCHANDISE in the several 1 Mustard Spoon, gilt

Docks and Public Wharves and Warehouses in London at of Science, Reviews of Books, Notes and Correspondence. MOSES and SON'S HOSIERY and bowl

0 1 8 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 2 3

reduced rates. Full particulars may be obtained upon appli1 Pair of Sugar Tongs| 0 2 6 0 3 DRAPERY, for all Classes and all Ages.

Jolin Churchill and Sons, New Burlington street. cation. 1 Pair of Fish Carvers 4 0 1 10 0 1 10 0 1 10 0

NOTICE is also hereby given to persons Assured against 1 Butter Kaife .........

0 2 6 4 6 5 6 0 6 0 MOSES and SON'S HATS and 1 Soup Ladle.... o ló 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 8 Fire, that the Renewal Koceipts for Insurances duc at Now publishing, In Monthly Parts, price 6d. (per post, 8d.),

Christmas are ready to be delivered, and that such insurancos
I Sugar Sifter 0 3 3 0 4 6 0 4 6 0 5 0
CAPS, for all Classes and all Ages.

as shall remain unpaid after Fifteen Days from the said
Quarter-day will become void.

ARABIAN NIGHTS, with Plctures by Millais, Ten.
Total ........... 9 19 912 9 613 9 6 14 17 3
DAMAGE caused by EXPLOSION of GAS made good.

niel, Watson, Morten, Pinwell, T. Dalziel, &c. &c. Weekly Any article to be had singly at the same prices. An oak

COMMISSION allowed to Brokers and Agents efecting numbers, One Penny. SHOES, for all Classes and all Ages.

“It promises to be a most splondid edition of this most Foreign and Ship Insurances. chest to contain the above, and a relative number of knives,

wonderfui book."-Edinburgh Scotsman. &c., 22. 169. Tea and coffee sets, dish covers, and corner


London: Ward and Lock, 158 Fleet street. MOSES and SON'S OUTFITS for dishes, cruet and liqueur frames, &c., at proportionate prices.

This Corporation has granted Assurances on Lives for a
All kinds of re-plating done by the patent process.
all CLASSES, all Ages, and all Climates.

period exceeding. One Hundred and Forty Years, having
issued its first Policy on the 7th June, 1721.


Two-thirds of the entire Profits, without any deduction for
FURNISHING IRON MONGER, by appointment expenses of management, are allotted to the Assured. This Polytechnic Institution.
to H.R.H. the PRINCE of WALES, sends a 'CATALOGUE arrangement will be found to be more advantageous to the

All the best New Books in English, French, German,

gratis, and post paid. It contains upwards of 500 Illustra- Policyholder than an apparently larger proportion of the Italian, and Spanish Literature added immediately on pub 154, 155, 156, 157, Minories; 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, tions of his illimited Stock of Sterling Silver and Electro- Profiis, subject to the expenses of management.

lication in large numbers, suited to the probablo demand. Aldgate. Plate, Nickel Silver, and Britannia Metal Goods, Dish

Subscription, from One Guinea. Catalogues and terms

MARINE DEPARTMENT. 606, 507, 508, New Oxford street; 1, 2, 3, Hart street. Covers, Hot-water Dishes, Stoves, Fenders, Marble Chimney.

on application; as also the New List of Surplus Books, at 137, 138, Tottenham-court road; 283, Euston road. pieces, Kitchen Ranges, Lamps, Gaseliers, Tea Trays, Urns, MARINE INSURANCES are effected at the Head Omice grea ly reduced prices. and Kettles, Clocks, Table Cutlery, Baths, Toilet' Ware, of the Corporation.

Booth's, Churton's, Hodgson's, and Saunders and Otley's,
Turnery, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, Bedding, Bedroom

JOHN LAURENCE, Secretary. 307 Regent street, London,
Twenty large Show-Rooins, at 39 Oxford street, W.; 1, la, 2,

Illnstrated with nearly 1,500 Engravings on Wood and Bridge strect, Bradford, Yorkshire. 3, and 4 Newman street; 4, 5, and 6 Perry's place; and HRISTMAS RENEWALS.-NORTH

Twelve on Steel, 1 Newman yard, London.


PANY.-Incorporated by Royal Charter and Acts of ParliaMOSES and SON’S ESTABLISH.

of the INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION of 1862, conMENTS are CLOSED every Friday evening at sunset SLACK'S SILVER ELECTRO PLATE

Accumulated and Invested Funds .£2,122,828

talning specimens of the best exhibits in the International until Saturday evening at sunset, when business is resumed Is a coating of pure Silver over SLACK'S NICKEL, a metal

Annual Revenue ................................


Exhibition, from the works of the most famous English and until Eleven o'clock.

Continental Art Manufacturers ; also Engravings on Steel amalgamated, on chemical and scientific principles, almost to All Articles are marked the lowest prices in plain figures.

FIRE DEPARTMENT. the purity and whiteness of Silver, which renders it, as a basis

and Wood of the Sculpture : accompanied with Essays, by Any article pot approved of will be exchanged, or the for Electro Silvering, the best article that can be produced, 25th instant. Receipts may be had of the various Agencies Art as exemplified in the works exhibited ; and a History

Policies should be renewed within fifteen days from the various contributors, on the Progress and Development of money returned.

while the fact of twenty years' wear is ample proof of its List of Prices, with Rules for Self-measurement, Fashion durability. and Branches, and at the Head Office.

of the Exhibition: forming a most interesting and valuable Card, and our new pamphlet “On Modern Costume" (a

London, 58 Threadneedle street, E.C., Decembor, 1863.

record of the Exhibition at South Kensington. sequel to “Gossip on Dress"), gratis and post free. Elect. Pud. Sung. Pitd. Thread Kg. & Thd.

Ia 1 val., royal quarto, cloth gilt, gilt edges, price 21s. Fiddle Ptn. Fiddle Ptn. Pattern with Shell.

London : Virtue Brothers and Co., 1 Amen corner. TEAL and SON'S ELDER-DOWN Per Dozen. £ S. d. £ 8. d. £ s. d. € 8. d. Table Forks .. 1 10 0 1 18 0 2 8 0 3 0 0

PLATE. QUILTS, from 25s. to Ten Guineas. Also

SThe GOOSE-DOWN QUILTS, from 10s. to 328: Lists of prices Table spoons. i 10 o Dessert Forks 1 0 0 1 10 0 1 15 0 2 2 0

The following First-class Screw Steamers:

1 18 0 2 8 3 0 0 and sizes sent free by post. HEAL and SON'S Illustrated

Dessert Spns.
1 0 0 1 10 0 1 15 0 2 2 0

KEPLES, 1,499 tons register, Captain JOHN CARROLL. and Exterior, of the fish Breeding Establishment at Catalogue of Bedsteads and Priced List of Bedding, also

Tea Spoons... O 120 0 18 0 1 1 3 6 1 10 0 sent post tree on application to 196 Tottenham court

Huningue. with descriptive particulars-Also New Materials
COPERNICUS, 1,371 tons register, Captain ROBERT

for the Life of Fuseli-Discovery in Glos'ter-Condition of road. W. Cruet Frames, 18s. 60. to 70s.; Tea and Coffee Services,

Buckinghamshire-Landowners and Railway Companies - and 70s. to 200s.;

Corner Dishes, £6 15s. the set of four ; Cake GALILEO, 1,525 tons register, Captain EDWARD JOHN. other Papers, --with all the Art and Sanitary News of the CONSUMPTION, all NERVOUS, BILIOUS, LIVER, and Baskets, 258. to 50s.; and every Article for the Table, as in SON,

Week, 4d, or by Post, Bd.-1 York street, Covent garden, STOMACH COMPLAINTS, in every stage, are only aggra. Silver.

HERSCHEL, 1,525 tons register, Captain ISAAC BOGART. and all Newsmen. vated and accelerated by drugs of every description, but OLD GOODS RE-SILVERED, EQUAL TO NEW, NEWTON, 1,171 tons register (Building).; perfectly curable by

MR ESKELL'S NEW WORK ON THE TEETH. RICHARD and JOHN SLACK beg to call attention to their PTOLEMY, 1,171 tons register (Building). U BARRY'S HEALTH-RESTORING superior method of ELECTRO SILVERING, by which

Second Edition, corrected and revised, free for seven stamps. Will be despatched at regular intervals from LIVER

To be had of all Booksellers, and of the Author. sands of cases which had been considered hopeless. We

Estimates given for re-plating.
and BUENOS AYRES, calling at Lisbon.

“We can commend this little brochure."-Medical Cir. quote a few : Cure No. 58,216 of the Marchioness de Brehan,

cular. Paris, of a fearful liver complaint, wasting away, with a


For particulars, apply to LAMPOOL and HOLT, 21 nervous palpitation all over, bad digestion, constant sleep- IVORY TABLE KNIVES, best quality, warranted not to

Water street, Liverpool. lessness, low spirits, and the most intolerable nervous

OYAL FREE HOSPITAL, Gray's• inn agitation, which prevented even her sitting down for hours come loose in the handles, and to balance. together, and which for seven years had resisted the careful

1st size. 2nd size. 3rd size.

1 Dozen......... £0 16 0 treatment of the best French and English medical men.-

VERLAND ROUTE.—Communication Railway Terminus, King's cross. £1 0 0 £1 2 0

FUNDS are urgently REQUIRED. Cure No. 1,771. Lord Stuart de Decies, Lord-Lieutenant of 1 Pair Carvers.. 0 4 6 0 5 6 0 6 9


TREASURER AND BANKER.-Edward Masterman, Esq., Waterford, of many years' dyspepsia:

Cure No. 49,842.
Messrs SLACK have been celebrated fifty years for their TION COMPANY BOOK PASSENGERS and RECEIVE

Nicholas lane. • Fifty years' indescribable agony from dyspepsia, nervous

ness, asthma, cough, constipation, fatulency, spasms, sick superior manufacture of Table Knives.
ness, and vomiting. Maria Joly."-Cure No. 46,270. Mr


GENTS REQUIRED.-The ROYAL James Roberts, of Framley, Surrey, of thirty years' diseased

CALCUTTA, THE STRAITS, and CHINA, by their Steamers

INSURANCE COMPANY is prepared to entertain lungs, spitting of blood, "liver derangement, and partial GRATIS, or sent post free, containing upwards of 350 caring Southampton on the ath and 20th of every month applications for Agency Appointments from Gentlemen deatness.-Cure No. 47,121. extreme nervousness, indigestion, gatherings, low spirits, Lronmongery, Slack’s Nickel and Electro-Plated wares, by those of the

12th and 27th of each month; and for having command of Fire and Life Business.

The Royal has always been conspicuous for its liberality

MAURITIUS, REUNION, KING GEORGE'S SOUND, and nervous fancies.-Cure No. 54,816. The Rev. James T. Table Cutlery, &c. No person should furnish without one. Campbell, Fakenham, Norfolk, der of indication and tocmidity RICHARD and JOHN SLACK, ampte que el telte 20th oferes ery part the

MELBOURNE, and SYDNEY, by the Steamers leaving South and promptitude

in the settlement of claims. Its Annual Income is now over ................ £500,000

And its Funds in hand exceed ...........£1,000,000 In tins, llb., 25. 9d.; 21b., 45. 6d.; 5lb., 118.; 121b., 225.;

For further particulars apply at the Company's Offices, 122

Transfers of Policies from other Companies received 241b., 408. -Barry du Barry and Co., No. 77 Regent street,

Lendenhall street, E.C., London; or Oriental place, South-
Eronmongers to Her Majesty,

without charge for Policy, whatever the amount.

ampton. London; also at 61 Gracechurch street; 4 Choupside; 63 and

Address, JOHN B. JOHNSTON, Secretary 150 Oxford street; 54 Upper Baker street. 336 Strand, opposite Somerset House.

Royal Insurance Company, 29 Lombard street.




By first-class workmen, at
Candelabra, Moderator Lamps, in Bronze, Ormolu, China,
has been, during twenty-five years, emphatically sanctioned and Glass.

Statuettes in Parian, Vases and other Orna-


Directors of the SOVEREIGN LIFE OFFICE at 5 per cent. STRAND,

interest, and a policy of Assurance. by the Medical Profession, and universally accepted by the ments, in a Show Room erected expressly for these articles.


Every information will be given on application at the Public, as the best Remedy for ACIDITY of the STOMACH,


Wedding Stationery, Heraldic Engraving, Die Sinking, Offices, 48 St James's street, Piccadilly, S.W.

Plates for Marking Linen, Books, &c. and as a mild Aperient for delicate constitutions, more especially for Ladies and Children. When combined with the



BANK.-NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN, that tho vescing Draught, in which its Aperient qualities are much Wall Lights, and Mantel-piece Lustres, for Gas and


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of this Company will be increased. During Hot Seasons and in Hot Climates the Candles, Table Glass, &c.

held at the Bank, in Lothbury, on WEDNESDAY, the 20th REGULAR use of this simple and elegant remedy has been

UNEQUALLED for ACCURACY of FIT, FABRIC, and day of January next, at One o'clock precisely, to declere

Glass Dinner Services for 12 persons, from £7 15s. found highly beneficial. It is prepared in a state of perfect Glass Dessert do. do. do. from £2

WORK, are made to Measure by

Dividend; to submit for confirmation the election of purity and of uniform strength) by DINNEFORD and Co., All Articles marked in plain figures.

Mrs LIMBIRD, Practical Shirt Maker,

Frederick Joseph Edlmann, Esq., who has been nominated 172 New Bond street, London; and sold by all respectable Ornamental Glass, English and Foreign, suitable for 344 STRAND, OPPOSITE WATERLOO BRIDGE.

by the Board of Directors in the place of James William Chemists throughout the World. Presents.

Six for 425., 368., and $38.

Gilbart, Esq., F.R.S., deceased ; and to elect Three virecMess, Export, and Furnishing Orders promptly executed.

tors in the place of Thomas Chapman, Esq., E.R.S., John LONDON-Show Rooms, 45 OXFORD STREET, W.

Peter Gassiot, Esq., F.R,S., and Henry Buckle, Esq., who . BIRMINGHAM-MANUYACTORY AND Show Rooms,

Homeopathic Practitioners, and the Medical Pro

retire by rotation, but being eligible for re-election offer BROAD STREKT.-Established 1807.

fession generally, recommend Cocoa as being the most themselves accordingly.

healthful of all beverages. When the doctrine street, Oxford street (Established 1820), direct attention to

Homeopathy was first introduced into this country, there

WILLIAM EWINGS, General Manager. a new and patented ir provement in Artificial Teeth, by

Lothbury, Dec. 2, 1863. which a GUM COLOURED ENAMELLED BASE is sub. UPERIOR DINING ROOM FURNI. were to be obtained no preparations of Cocoa either attrac

tive to the taste or acceptable to the stomach : the nut was The Transfer Books of the Company will be closed on the used. By this system all Stumps and Loose Teeth are of elegant desigus; also, an immense variety of Dining- factured as to obtain little notice.

open on the 4th January. Proprietors registered in the carefully protected, avoiding extraction or any painful room Chairs, with the prices marked in plain

figures, are

J. EPPS, of London, i Homeopathic Chemist, was books of the Company on the 31st inst. will be entitled to operation. They are self-adhesive, defy detection, and now on View in the Show-Rooms of Messrs DRUCE and

induced in the year 1839 to turn his attention to this sub- the dividend for the current haif-year on the number of insure an amount of comfort hitherto unattainable without Co., 68, 69, and 58 Baker street. the use of metals and unsightly ligatures. Consultation N.B.-500 Easy Chairs and Settees, and 100 Fashionable ject, and at length succeeded, with the assistance of ela shares then standing in their respectivo names. free. Teesh from 5s. Sets, 5, 7, 10 and 15 Guineas. For

borate machinery, in being the first to produce an article Wardrobes, to select from. A Warranty for Twelve Months

PURE in its composition, and so refined by the perfect trithe efficacy and success of this system, vide • Lancet.' No is given. Down Quilts, 6s. 6d. cach.


turation it receives in the process it passes through, as to be connection with any one of the same name.

most acceptable to the delicate stomach. For general use,



Investments can be made either in the Share or Deposit OLLOWAY'S OINTMENT

departments, with prompt withdrawal when required. The YOUNG'S PATENT PARAFFINE LAMPS.

is distinguished as an

Inierest allowed is Fire per Cent. per annum on Shares, and and PILLS.-EXPERIENCE.-This question is often YOUNG'S PATENT LUBRICATING OIL.

INVIGORATING, GRATIFUL Four per Cent. on Deposits paid half-yearly. No partner. asked by sufferers from tumours, abscesses, and cther

chip liability, and the taking of land is quite optional. ala ming diseases, “What treatment of my malady is the

BREAKFAST BEVERAGE, ARAFFINE LIGHT safest and surest ?" The unsolicited testimony of thousands

Depositors do not become sharoholders, and the latter only COMPANY, possessing a most

participate in any profits above the guaranteed Interest. points out Holloway's Ointment and Pills as the most reliable 19 BUCKLERSBURY, LONDON, E.C.

The Society has paid from 4 to 7 per cent to Shareholders, of all curative means. The drugs of which they are com

Sole Agents for these universally used, and perfectly Safe

and they have received 59 per Cent. for the past year. pounded are bighly purifying, very strengthening, and


Dr Hassall, in his work on “ Adulterations of Food," says: Prospectuses, explanatory of the Shure, Deposit and Land altogether uninjarious. The Ointment, when applied to the Onc Gallon of YOUNG'S OIL gives more LIGHT, and "Cocoa contains a great variety of important autritivo princi

Departments, will be sent free of charge and postage to any affeci ed part, counteracts a l bad humours which are teeding burns longer, than One Gallon and a Quarter of Crystal, ples; every ingredient necessary to the growth and sustenance

part of the world. Plots of land for sale in Eighteen the disease and poisoning the system. The Pills purify the

of the body." Again, "as a nutritive, cucoa stands very much
or any of the American or Petroleum Oils.

Counties, giving the freehold franchise and securing a safe entire frame, many malignant diseases which begin in a YOUNG'S OIL may be had Retail of all respectable Oil and higher than either coffee or tea."

Directious: Two teaspoonfuls of the powder in a breakfast investment. mild and curable form have been stopped in their suspicious Lamp Dealers.

CHARLES LEWIS GRUNCISEN, Secretary, course by these invaluable remedies, and many cancers bave

Secured in tin-lined uld., Pb., and llb. packets, labelled, and
PURCHASE where thel Card is exhibited bearing our people do not with boiling water or milk
succumbed to them.
Trade Mark. 1

sold at 1s bd. per Ib. by Grocers, Confeotlonors, and Chemists. 33 Norfolk street, Strand, London, W.C.

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On January 21st, in 2 vols., post svo,




EMERSON TENNENT, K.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S. Post 8vo, with numerous Illustrations.

(On Saturday next. COURT and SOCIETY from ELIZABETH

Richard Bentley, New Burlington street. to ANNE. Edited from the Papers at Kimbolton. By

The Second Edition of Mr J. A. the DUKE OF MANCHESTER. 2 vols., demy 8vo. Fine

FROU DE'S HISTORY of the REIGN of ELIZABETH Portraits. 30s.

[Next week. On January 20, in crown 8vo, with Two Illustrations, 6s., RECENTLY PUBLISHED. Vols. I and II. Price, with Medalion, 28c. MEMOIRS of JANE CAMERON,

of Female Life in Prison. 2 vols., 21s.

Library Edition of LORD MACAULAY'S “This narrative, as we can well believe, is truthful in every important particular-a faithful chronicle of a woman's fall

HISTORY OF ENGLAND, from the ACCESSION of “The new comer whom we now hail

writes with

JAMES II. With Portrait and brief Memoir. 5 vols., 850, 4. and rescue. It is a book that ought to be widely read.” – force, with heart, with knowledge, and—what we want most

OF THE Examiner.

in a novel—with freshness."— Times. " There are many ways in which it has a rare value. The

Richard Bentley, New Burlington street.
DISCOVERY of the SOURCE of the

4. artistic touches in this book are worthy of De Foe." —Reader.


LETTERS of FELIX MENDELSNow ready, in post 8vo, 10s. 6d.,

SOHN from 1833 to 1847. Translated by Lady WALLACE. The DESTINY of NATIONS as


In one large volume, 8vo, with numerous Illustrations, 21s. Post 8vo, with Portrait, 10s. 6d.
CUMMING, D.D. 1 vol., 7s. Bd.

“Amoug the subjects expounded by Dr Cumming in this
interesting volume are The Little Horn, or the Papacy : The



Professor MAX MULLER'S LECWaning Crescent-Turkey; the Lost Ten Tribes, and the Edited by his Nephew, PIERRE M. IRVING.

CAXTONIANA: Future of the Jews and Judea ; Africa, France, Russia,

TURES on the SCIENCE of LANGUAGE, delivered at the America, Great Britain, &c.”—Observer.

Royal Institution. FIRST SERIES, Fourth Edition. Sro, 12s. Richard Bentley, Publisher in Ordinary to her Majesty. A SERIES OF ESSAYS ON LIFE, LITERATURE, AND

** The SECOND SERIES, comprising Professor Muller's MANNERS.

Course of Lectures delivered in 1863, is in the Press. Major-General CAMPBELL'S NAR

Now ready, in 2 vols., post 8vo,

2 vols., post 8vo, 21s. RATIVE of THIRTEEN YEARS' SERVICE among the

6. WILD TRIBES of KHONDISTAN for the suppression M E A D O W L E I G H.

III. of Human Sacrifice. 1 vol., with Illustrations, 148. A NOVEL.

TALES of THEBES and ARGOS. By “We venture to predict for this work a very extensive


the Rev. GEORGE W. Cox, M.A., late Scholar of Trinity appreciation of its merits. It is something far more wise and By the Author of The Ladies of Bever Hollow.'

LAYS of the SCOTTISH CAVALIERS College, Oxford. Fcap, 8vo.

[Next week. suggestive than an ordinary book of travels. There is a

Richard Bentley, New Burlington, street. thoroughly hearty honest tone about General Campbell which

Illustrated by J. Noel Paton and W. B. PATON.

7. takes us through his pages with almost the feeling of a personal sympathy."-Saturday Review.

Now ready, at all Libraries, in 3 vols., post 8vo,

With Engravings on Wood in the highest style of the art, The QUEEN'S MARIES: a Romance

small 4to, cloth gilt, 218. THE SECOND EDITION OF

of Holyrood. By G. J. WHYTE MELVILLE. Third Edition, TRAVELS and ADVENTURES of an


crown 8vo, price 6s. THE SHADOW OF ASHLYDYAT.

(On Wednesday next. OFFICER'S WIFE in INDIA, CHINA, and NEW

8. ZEALAND. By Mrs Muter, wife of Lieut.-Col. D. D.

By the Author of East Lynne.'

LIEUT.-COLONEL FREMANTLE'S Muter, 13th (Prince Albert's) Light Infantry. 2 vols., 218.

LYRA DOMESTICA, Second Series. THREE MONTHS in the SOUTHERN From the German of Spitta, Gerharat

, and other favourite “There is a great deal of pleasant reading in Mrs Muter's

Richard Bentley, New Burlington street.
book, and a mass of valuable information." -Daily News.
Now ready, in 2 vols., 8vo, 750 pages in each, 42s.,

Hymn-writers, by R. Massit. cap. 8vo.



for 1864. Under the especial patronage of her MAJESTY,
and corrected by the NOBILITY, THIRTY-THIRD

Crown sro, with Portraits, 7s.6d.

NOTES on HOSPITALS. By EDITION, in 1 vol., royal Svo, with the Arms beautifully From the EARLIEST PERIOD to the PRESENT TIME.

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE. Third Edition, enlarged; with engraved, 31s. 68., handsomely bound with gilf edges. "A work of great value. It is the most faithful record we

Thirteen Plans. Post 4to, price 185.
By C. D. Yonge.

possess of the aristocracy of the day." -- Morning Post.
*** The theme is one that will stir many a heart, young and INVASION of the CRIME A,

10. CHEAP EDITION of LOST and old and Mr Yonge has treated it in a manner that cannot fail to him .".

Vols. I. AND II.


POSITION of the THIRTY-NINE ARTICLES, Historical SAVED. By the Hon. Mrs Norton. Illustrated by Millais. Be bound, forming the New Volume of Hurst Richard Bentley, Publisher in Ordinary to her Majesty.

Fourth Edition, 32s.

and Doctrinal. Sixth Edition. 8vo, 16s. and Blackett's Standard Library. Now ready, in post Sro, 10. 6d.,



The BISHOP of GLOUCESTER and 1 vol., 10s. 6.

(Just ready.


Richard Bentley, New Burlington street. THE NEW NOVELS.

A Review of the Aim, Scope, and Character

the GALATIANS. Third Edition, revised. 8vo, 8s. 6d. of Geological Enquiry.


Fcap. 8vo, 3s. 6.

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Saturday, January 9, 1864.

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occupied Anconawhich in
No. 2,920.]



to all improvement, and never a promoter of it. Your | said that any one's liberty may be taken away under a

taxation was almost as heavy as ours, yet you did nothing certificate even less guarded than the one in question; but

with it, leaving fleet and army so diminished in strength, there are after-checks and remedy for error or abuse in 1 I might give a short hint to an impartial writer it would be to tell him his fate that France ceased to have a voice potential in the affairs the one case and none in the present. The respite once truth let him proclaim war with mankind---neither

to give nor to take

quarter. of Europe. The only good thing you ever did was by a granted by force of certificate, the sentence can never be If he tells the crimes of great men they fall upon him with the iron lands of trick. You filched the Spanish marriages from England, carried into effect, however manifest might subsequently him with slander. But if he regards truth, let him expect martyrdom on both instead of fairly and bravely carrying them by either war be the sanity of the criminal. It would be, at least, as ides, and then he may go on fearless ; and this is the course I take myself. or diplomacy.

revolting to hang a man whose execution had been indeDE FOE.

These were hard hits, in direct reply to which M. Thiers finitely stayed as it would be to hang one out of his mind;

could have said little. He has, however, the great argu- and we stop not to inquire how it is that it is thought M. THIERS IN OPPOSITION.

ment that the resources, both financial and military, with more cruel to put to death a man out of his senses than M. Thiers has opened the debate on the Address in the which the Emperor has done these great things, were one in his senses, but so it seems to be ruled absolutely by French Legislative Body with a most remarkable speech, prepared for him by the pacific and constitutional govern. the interpreters of public feeling. which charmed every one, even the Imperialists, but which constitutional government educated the statesmen, the stances of Townley's certificate, alleged to be the result of

ment of Louis Philippe. And, moreover, that pacific and It would be little profitable now to discuss the circumsatisfied no one. It was impossible to make opposition functionaries, the diplomatists, and the generals with a foregone conclusion. If the conviction was sincere and smaller or humbler, or to draw out a Petition of Rights in whom the Emperor has worked. If the Emperor has inaugu- grounded, the date of it is of no consequence. But it is too a name less shocking to the authorities. But he spoke rated free trade, completed railroads, accomplished vast certain that medical fancies are enlarging more and more the some truths which the Bonapartists could not stomach, public works, no doubt

despotism gave him powver to effect definition of insanity, and the enlargement that embraces

all this without parliamentary control. But the previous crime, and gives it impunity, will inevitably be made to made concessions that the constitutionalists would not hear free Governments had discussed and examined all these embrace also cases of private conduct. We cannot shut our of, and hinted others that made the hair stand on the head questions, all these projects, and all these laws. The eyes to the fact that the interest and the practice are in the of the thorough French liberal. M. Thiers, it is evident, Emperor had but to take them ready drawn up from the exactest correspondence. The men who make lunacy · can never lead a party in the French Assembly. He is too portfolios of the functionaries and ministers of the last their specialty are always industriously at work extending much tied to his part . He has been a Minister of repres- régime. What he has done he may have done by his own the net, adding new meshes, and taking in more and more


, but he also has worked with the ideas of those who of their quarry. It is a steady aggrandizement of the sion. He is decidedly governmental in the French sense,

preceded him.

Freedom, though crushed, dies leaving arbitrary realm of insanity. and all he really demands is, that the Emperor would its land full of good seed. Despotism, when it dies, leaves varnish over his government with a less transparent coat of nothing but the ground it has exhausted or the tares and health like that of mental health. Suppose that upon cer

Let us for a moment suppose a law relating to bodily liberalism than that with which it is at present lacquered. poppies it has sown.

tificate any one could be laid hold of, carried to a hospital, M. Thiers is, however, directly at variance with the

or licensed place of cure, and dosed and regimened. Would Imperial system on one point. He would have parliament

not every trifling symptom be treated as proof of serious THE VETO ON CRIMINAL JUSTICE.

disease? Would not the definition of health be strained a school and a university of politics, on the benches of

The remonstrance of the Derbyshire Magistrates has higher and higher, that of disease more and more enlarged, which aspirants might show their talents, and from which drawn from the Home Office a very becoming reply, in till it would seem difficult to find any one answering the they should be selected by the sovereign, the majority direct- which it is explained that the course of justice was stopped description of the hale and hearty? ing the principle of a Government, and providing the by a certificate of lunacy signed by two medical men and The Mad Doctors have this peculiar privilege, that they instruments to carry it on. This, indeed, was a question two Justices of Peace, which, in the case of a prisoner lay down the law for making their patients. If other

under sentence of death or imprisonment, makes his doctors could do the same by bodily health, what would which it was idle to argue, for facts and experience have transfer to a lunatic asylum obligatory. Such it seems is become of us? The streets would be thin, the hospitals already decided it. The Emperor has tried his own the law under a statute of 1840. Any two medical overflowing, and half the population confined for falling system of government, that is, of an administration in- practitioners and any two magistrates of a district, who short of a gigantic standard of health. It is high time dependent of parliament and people, and it has signally agree to regard a criminal as insane, are thus supreme that the crotchets of the lunacy-mongers should be failed. Baroche and Billault, as well as Fould, were men over the law of the land. They may do all that the pre- checked as dangerous, and all proceeding in the direction reared under the old charter of the Orleans dynasty and rogative can do, and in a shorter way, simply by putting of the professional interests to the multiplication of constitution. They gone, where is the Emperor to find their pens to paper. The Home Office is thus exonerated patients. their successors ? His own system begets none. It is from all blame for the respite of Townley; but charged as

With the whole case now before us, it is clear that the effete. And the Emperor has evidently the intention of it is with the duty of supervising justice, it has clearly been first error was Mr. Baron Martin's request for inquiry. changing it. At first his system admitted no minister to most remiss in suffering so dangerous a law to remain in Quod quæris habes. The trial over which he presided was be present at the debates of the Chambers, at least no force, especially as it has not been a dead letter, or slum- all the inquiry fitting and necessary. But the judge was minister with a portfolio. Now he has appointed a bered, but has once before been carried into effect The staggered by the confidence of Dr. Winslow's opinion. Minister of State, supposed to be the chief depositary of Times observes on the explanation of the Home Secretary: Why if there had been a question about the matter Dr. the Emperor's secrets, to sit in the Legislative Body, and

We are to answer for the Government.

This statement ought to be sufficient, as we shall presently point Winslow would have declared Baron Martin mad.

out, to remove any feeling of jealousy in regard to the supposed all mad according to his strained standard of reason, and How this change has been forced upon the Emperor is injustice of the proceedings, but it discloses a state of things which large definition of insanity. But no harm would have folpretty evident. In the first Assembly after 1852 the ought to be far more startling and alarming to the public mind than lowed if the matter had rested with the inquiry of the Opposition had no orators, and the Government speakers of justice couple in this country on the be an accidental dana isplatea Lunacy Commissioners, and the judgment on their able had naturally the best of every debate. Of late the con- circumstance, and would be sure, if it occurred, to be decisively put report. They found Townley not indeed of sound mind, trary has been the case. Had Billault lived, he might have a stop to. But the existence of a law so egregiously absurd as this but coherent in his reasoning, and understanding all been a match for 'Thiers; but M. Rouher, his successor, is enactment appears to be is far more serious. We have always been involved in a train of reasoning upon preposterously false not. And when the people of France read the Moni- accustomed to suppose that the prerogative of pardon rested entirely premisses, and they conclude thus to the point. teur, they must now see that the Opposition is more but the Queen's mercy, exercised upon the recommendation of the

Being of opinion, therefore, that the prisoner continues to be now in eloquent and more liberal than the Government

. This Home Secretary

, could save him. But from this statute it would the same mental state, as when he committed the murder and underwould not do for any time. It has already shown its appear that a prisoner under sentence of death can at any time be went his trial we think that, applying the law as laid down by

Mr Baron Martin to this case, the prisoner, George Townley, was results in Paris, and similar results might appear in the reprieved by mere force of a certificate of his insanity, drawn up by justly convicted. provinces. The return, therefore, to the parliamentary attested by two justices of the peace of any idiosyncrasies or intelli

Upon this report there could be but one judgment, but constitutional system is inevitable. But although M. Rouher is no match for M. Thiers, he the course of the discussion on this case, that medical men of high justice. Four gentlemen had formed an inquisition, and

gence whatever. Now, as it has been made abundantly evident, in meanwhile the certificate was signed which paralysed still had the advantage over the latter in one kind of standing may be found who will certify to the existence of insanity come to a conclusion wbich nullified the verdict and senargument, and the minister certainly pushed that ad- in almost any conceivable case of murder, and wbo, indeed,

would tence of a criminal Court, and gave impunity to murder. vantage with felicity and force. The abstract or theoretic be more likely to give the required certificate tbe worse the murder superiority of parliamentary government to Imperial absolu- justice in the spirit of the law is worth absolutely nothing. Ner do public is that there should be no such power, or at least

it is certain that the medical security for the due execution of It matters not how they did this. What concerns the tism M. Rouher faintly disputed. He knew that this was not we see that matters are made much better by the required addition no such power in hands of such uncertain fitness. The the field on which to hold the combat. He adroitly passed of the signatures of two justices of the peace. It would be hard if medical profession is the very largest, and has extremes of to a comparison between the practical results of the parlia- out of the magistrates of a county, town two could not be induced the very highest and very lowest qualification and chamentary system established and at work under the Orleans some crotchet or sentiment, or by some popular cry, to endorse such racter. The magistracy, too, is a large body, for the most dynasty, and the results of the Imperial system since the a certificate. We do not see, for our part, why anybody need be part highly respectable and trustworthy, but having its weak coronation of Napoleon the Third. What had you done hanged with this loophole to escape by. At all events, we are certain members.' Out of these two bodies in every county it can during the eighteen years of Louis Philippe's reign, asked that any clever rascal, by the help of any clever lawyer, might take never be difficult to pick two of each who would take M. Rouher. You pretended great sympathy for Italy, and advantage of the Act: , you subsequently evacuated

It is scarcely possible to exhaust the anomaly of such a state of a wrong-headed, crochety view of any question of sanity

things. order to leave Austria mistress of Italy. In contrast with a Judge and jury should be set aside by a Minister acting under the acts upon the best minds, and then judge of its operations

... It has been found dangerous that the authority of involving life and death. Mark how such a question this, look at our campaign of Solferino and its consequences. authority of the Queen ; but here the authority, not only of Judge on the worse. If Baron Martin was staggered by the Russia throughout Louis Philippe's reign insulted France and jury, but of the Queen herself, is set aside by two magistrates extravagant doctrines of Dr. Winslow, can we wonder then and showed contempt of the dynasty. The attempt to treat and in considerately passed in 1840, and it cannot be doubted that if magistrates with less reason for self-reliance are swayed France in the same way under the Emperor led to the cam- such a flagrant anomaly will be at once rectified. It is to be boped, by the nearest medical authority always besetting them, paign of Sebastopol and the neutralization of the Black Sea. too, that the attention of Parliament being thus imperatively drawn and alleging their intimate, knowledge of the particular În domestic affairs were you more successful than in to the question, it will take the opportunity to lay down some satis- case? There should be no such power as that bo incomforeign? You maintained prohibitions of every kind. Your factory law for the decision of similar cases for the future.

prehensibly created by the Act of 1840, or it should be character and your Government were under the thumb of A Minister of Justice, whose sole business was justice, vested where there are qualifications and character of the the landowner, the large possessor, the manufacturer of would not have let the public be surprised and scandalised highest order for its safe exercise. all kinds, so that you could not move an inch in the way by the discovery of a dispensing power over justice placed As we bare said before, in this particular instance we of improvement. You were incapable of making a com- within reach of any two medical men and any two magis- think little of the charge of foregone conclusion; for if the mercial treaty with any power. The smallest amelioration trates. With a proper watch over the interests of justice, gentlemen who signed the certificate really thought of post-office, of quarantine, became instantly a mountain the Act of 1840 could never have passed, or, having Townley insane, they could not suffer him to go to execuin your way, parliamentary opposition being an obstacle passed, would have been repealed or amended. It may be tion because they had formed a strong opinion that he


, 1864. ought not to be executed. They were not to let the man and is in league with unprincipled traders in Shanghai. Although word “defiant” used. It is of the mintage of the penny die waiting an unprejudiced opinion on his case.

The he can procure from the British stores all such military supplies as romances, and unknown to the English language. There whole mischief lies in the monstrous law of 1840, an private firms, and granting permits to land the same in spite of a11 is the verb to defy, and the substantives defy (obsolete), arbitrary dispensing power placed within the reach of our proclamations against the importation by foreigners of goods con- and defiance, but no such word as defiant. The writers of some hundred thousand hands, good, bad, and indifferent, traband of war. Having secured the services of an excellent officer the sensation school probably borrowed it from the French nay, some few possibly corrupt.

in Major Gordon, who appears to have entered his service, not that défiant without understanding the French, and attributing
of the Emperor of China (for he holds no authority from the latter), to the word the sense of defyingly instead of distrustingly.

Foutai Lé proceeds to render him powerless, and to hamper his
action in two ways—first, by depriving him of the means to carry And so it is that our language gets corrupted from the

out any decisive measures ; and next, by placing in exactly similar basest, the most illiterate sources. CAPTAIN SHERARD OSBORNE AND THE

positions a number of other Europeans, and playing one off against CHINESE GOVERNMENT.

the other. Major Gordon wishes to attack Souchow-foo, and asks

for 100 Europeans. The Foutai agrees, but says the 100'men must Que diable alloit-il faire dans cette galère ? -Il ne son- only be entered for one month. Gordon declines to enter into any END OF OUR LITTLE WARS IN PESHAWUR geoit pas à ce qui est arrivé.-Captain Osborne thought he such arrangement, seeing its injustice and folly. The Foutai insults thoroughly understood the Chinese and their perfidy, but the assaulting column shall be formed of all the European officers in

AND JAPAN. him by questioning his desire to fight the rebels, and proposes that he did not. Hence he let himself out to the Emperor to his employ, and that over their bodies the Chinese would advance to

The bare mention of the names of these places shows the fight his rebels, upon conditions (wanting nothing but victory

wide expansion of the interests in which, wisely or unwisely, validity) which would have given him freedom to act with Again, what faith can I have in any mandarin's listening to my we are concerned, for Peshawur and Japan are, at least, 6,000 the greatest efficiency, and at the same time secured him advice as a subordinate, when I am told by General Brown, Com- miles from each other, and 13,000 from England. We against being made the instrument of any barbarity. For more detain: Chief of our military, forese dice Corting and the parenteraf have but a few words to say of either of these wars

, for these objects it was agreed between the Inspector-General, offers ; that he purposely avoids all conference with him; and when they are not of any great importance. Let us begin with the Lay, who had the management of the affair upon the part an interview is sought by General Brown insolently replies that he first pamed. Peshawur we believe is a Persian word, sigof the Chinese Government, and Captain Osborne, that is too busy to see him ? and be it remembered that Foutai Lé is not pifying the advanced post, that is, the first place occupied Osborne should be the Commander-in-Chief of the European

a bit more unreasonable than other mandarins, and that he is an by the Northern nations in their invasion of India. The

average specimen of his class. Chinese navy acting under orders from the Emperor through

whole North-western frontier of India in bounded by a

Yet, knowing the incorrigible fatuity and faithlessness broad chain of mountains, with several passes through it, the Inspector-General, and no others. On these and other understood conditions he equipped and went out with a of this conceited people, Captain Osborne would have long, narrow, intricate, and difficult. This chain contains flotilla to China, where he found such terms proposed as

entered their service, relying upon engagements, pretext many small valleys, and these are inhabited by a rude, left him no alternative but to break off and return home for breaking which would full surely never be wanting: warlike, and indigenous race, fanatical because they are with his squadron. In a word, he had gone on a fool's With the pretensions of knowingness there is a simplicity Mahomedans, for without Mahomedanism there is no errand, and comes back with his fingers in his mouth, in this conduct absolutely ludicrous.

fanaticism in the East. These men have been the sure saying, “Who'd have thought it?" But he ought to

The wisdom of our Government does not shine in the enemies of all who pass through their fastnesses. They have thought it, for he professes to know these people, and license it gave for this expedition against all sound inter- opposed Alexander, and Timur, and Baber, in their invasion • that not the slightest dependance is to be placed on their national principle

, and not less against long experience, of India, and they opposed ourselves when going to Cabul engagements. Indeed, for the memorandum of agreement which teaches the utmost distrust of all Chinese engage and returning from it. The valleys in question are inhabited between Inspector Lay and Captain Osborne, it is set forth ments.

by a people who have taken the general name of Eusofzees by them that

(better written Yusofzis) meaning sons of Joseph, but We have to deal with Asiatics prone to deceit and falsehood, ready THE DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE ON THE FINDING notwithstanding this common designation, assumed, no to evade any engagement, directly it interferes with their views or

doubt, only since their conversion to Mahomedanism, they

OF THE CRAWLEY COURT-MARTIAL. momentary interests. We are about to afford them material military

are divided into several independent tribes. It would aid, and it beboves us to guard against its being misapplied, and The verdict of the Court-Martial on Colonel Crawley is appear from a well-written letter in the Times dated from thereby bring scandal upon ourselves and those who in Great Britain approved, and Colonel Crawley is reinstated in the com- Peshawur, that during the last fifty years the Eusofzees bave promoted our views; above all we are to take care that the mand of the Inniskilling Dragoons, with this gentle hint have been joined by a considerable number of settlers from her Majesty's Order in Council be not abused by us, by our success for the improvement of his conduct :

Northern India, and since the mutiny in 1857 by mutineer sors, or by the Chinese authorities.

His Royal Highness trusts that he will prove by tact and judgment sepoys. These parties had established themselves in the But here is the foolish inconsistency that, while they in the performance of his duties that he appreciates the importance of valley of Sitana, at a town called Mulka. Here was the knew that no faith was to be expected, they were proposing his position as a commanding officer, and that the painful experience of den of thieves from which issued the parties that levied conditions worthless without faith. Indeed these two

For it is only by a happy combination of temper, judgment, and black mail on our territories, and against which our gentlemen, so knowing in Chinese affairs, were reckoning on discretion, united with firmness, that the command of a regiment can military operations were directed. The force consisted impossibilities--and after all, the Chinese Government was be properly conducted, and the more difficult the elements with which of 6,000 soldiers, which besides "much cattle” would not more, but less false than might

have been expected. It a commanding officer may have to deal the more requisite is it for him imply a host—including servants, drivers, and camp-foldid not promise all that was asked, and fulfil nothing. It to possess and exercise thiose qualifications for command.

lowers-of some 60,000, a number that we may easily did not get the flotilla into its service against the rebels, As Terence says, Haec commemoratio quasi exprobatio est. believe was not easily maintained in a poor country with and then break all its engagements. It did at once what The Commander-in-Chief proceeds to deal more plainly a hostile population. with even worse faith it might have done at last. It made and unsparingly with the conduct of Major Swindley, The force commenced its march in the middle of October none of its easy false promises. It proposed to place Sergeant Turnbull, and Adjutant Fitz Simon, whose evidence and returned in the middle of December, having had two Captain Osborne under its Chinese Commander-in-Chief, he pronounces evasive, hesitating, and unsatisfactory: All engagements with the enemy. They destroyed the robbers and three Governors of Provinces, and so passively was he of these gentlemen are to be removed from the regiment. haunt, and lost in killed and wounded 600 men and to be under these authorities or their deputies as not to be That may be a necessary step in the circumstances, but we thirty-five officers. In the conduct of the expedition there able to stir hand or foot—" to act, advance, retire, or confess that we do not like to see it placed in the order of appears to have been a diplomatic mistake. As soon as "remain stationary,” without conferring with these digni- a punishment consequent on the evidence they gave before our force had entered the mountain country, it attacked taries, and accepting their decisions as final.

the Court-Martial. Evidence ought to be privileged, and the tribes indiscriminately, instead of confining itself to Captain Osborne very properly refused to be placed in if witnesses for a prosecution know that

they have to the peccant party. As soon as a more sagacious and bettersuch thraldom under the pretence of a command, but his apprehend reprimand and punishment for the manner or informed political agent presented himself, the mistake was reasoning for the expectation of a better treatment seems substance of testimony, they will suppress or qualify what corrected, and the principal tribe, coming over to us, assisted to us of the sort called reckoning without the host :

they might otherwise fully and boldly state, and the in- in the punishment of the marauders. What surprises us To the argument advanced by the Chinese Foreign-office “ that the terests of truth and justice must accordingly suffer. is the extent of the force employed. We should have course proposed by Prince Kung is a usual one in China," I reply 1

A witness should not be made to feel that he is on his thought that one-third of the number ought to have did not come here, or my followers either, to accustom ourselves to trial without the opportunity of defence, and that the ruin sufficed, and would surely have been far more easily the treatment usual with Chinese sailors or soldiers, or to assist them of his professional prospects may depend on the con- fed and handled. It was at least equal in number, and in a retrogressive policy in the treatment of European employés or struction put on his evidence, the animus attributed to it. far superior in material, to the armies with which Clive, steamers of European construction is an innovation, that of European No usage can justify a practice contrary to the first prin- Wellington, and others have gained great and decisive officers and gentlemen still more so. I and my force are part and ciples of justice.

battles. parcel of a new order of things indicating progress in China.” I will And how one-sided is this animadversion. If the pro Such little wars as that now terminated may be expected be no party to her lapsing back into ber ancient system and treating secution is open to censure, so, too, should be the defence, to occur now and then for a long series of years to come, Europeans as if they were Chinamen.

and the Commander-in-Chief might have made his observa- for in India, besides its principal more civilised nations, And because he and his forces as he would have com. tions on Colonel Crawley's affront to the Court, which he there exist, exclusive of mountaineers on our frontiers, manded them would have indicated, and to some extent, charged with playing fast and loose with principles; and a considerable number of half savages, protected by realized progress in China, he and his fotilla were sent on his insult to Mr Smales, glanced at as an habitual forests and hill fastnesses, ready to commit raids on home. It is the old story of the devil sick. The rebellion liar. These and other outbreaks betrayed the temper and the peaceful plains for any real or imagįnary injury: is a chronic trouble to the Chinese Government, but the character of the man, and might as properly or improperly Thus we have had wars with the Gonds of Central suppression of it by an English force acknowledging no have been made matter of animadversion as the manner of India, men who had their yearly human sacrifices to directing authority but the Emperor's, doubtless seemed the evidence of Messrs Swindley, Turnbull, and Fitz Simon. bless the earth with fertility; we had a war with the a remedy worse than the disease.

His Royal Highness deplores the alteration in the Sontals, a people of whom no one at a distance had heard And looking at the matter from Prince Kung's point of Inniskillings, but he has touched upon the cause of it in until we were at war with them. Such also was the case view, we can hardly be surprised at his preferring known reciting the qualities and demeanour requisite in a com- with the mountaineers of Assam and Cachar, whose incurto unknown evils. He was warned, we may be sure, that manding officer. It is because that “happy combination" sions we had hardly put an end to when we are assailed by the people strong enough to put down the rebellion which was wanting that the regiment fell into discord and in- the Eusofzees at the distance of some 2,000 miles. But the Government could not quell, would be strong enough subordination. What it will be henceforth it is not such petty wars, although troublesome and rather costly, by a parity of reasoning to cope with the Government difficult to conjecture, and certainly no good soldier of in no manner involve the stability of our empire. itself; and that it was the way of the English in the East, Lilley's class will be disposed to serve in it. Truly, says As to our quarrel with the Japanese, that certainly to come in as auxiliaries and to remain as

querors and the Duke, without discipline an army is worse than promised for a moment to be formidable, but it too has masters. And it cannot be denied that our antecedents useless, but the question is, how discipline is to be main-been brought to an end, and for the present, at least, there warrant this jealousy. We may know better and do better tained in an army whose laws do not protect its soldiers is no prospect of a war with Japan, although we must now, but in these matters we have a character to retrieve against wrongs, and in which such a case as Lilley's expect from time to time to have threats of war from the which requires time. And how should we like to see a remains unpunished, a scandal to the service, and deterring dissatisfaction of the feudatory Princes at our presence. French auxiliary force engaged in this intestine Chinese the better sort of men from entering it.

Even they, we have no doubt, may come to be conciliated, strife. Should we not have our misgivings of the turn The Commander-in-Chief retracts a censure he had passed when, through the prosperity of trade, they share their such an intervention might take?

on Sir H. Rose in a way which implies that there was custom duties and get better prices for the produce of their All's well that ends well, and glad we are that no more foundation for the statement that Lilley drank to excess. estates. For the present they are wretched conservatives English bands are to be lent to the uses of the barbarous There is no proof to that effect. All that is proved is that in matters of trade; but in time they will come, no doubt, Government of China. The treatment of those still in he drank some brandy, probably more than was good for to their senses, like others of the same class of thinkers this faithless service is thus described by Captain Osborne : him, as he was of a full habit, and little might be too much, nearer home. As to the punishment of the Prince of

Foutai Lé is an able Chinaman, and as unprincipled as all Chinese but to this he was probably driven by his unmerited, illegal, Satsuma, we confess that we ourselves could, from the officials. His plan would be to render me powerless, and then to and cruel imprisonment in the heat of a tropical summer. beginning, see nothing amiss about it, unless, indeed, use or togs me aside, just as he does all European leaders in his force. He is a civilian by eduoation, ruling over military and naval affairs

We shall have an opportunity before long of returning that the tone of those who inflicted it was somewhat too without the slightest knowledge of either. He is squandering the to this case, so here we stop.

exultant. Even the Prince himself seems to have come revenue of the province as well as that derived from European trade, For the first time in an oficial document we see thọ to this conclusion, for he admits that he struck the first

blow, has engaged to pay the indemnity for the murder shadow of right, or of policy, or of common sense in the disturbed, but there was a clamour in Glasgow, and it was of Mr Richardson, and agrees to use his best endeavours affair. And yet English writers are found ready to cheer said the sentence could not be carried into effect without to discover and punish the assassins. All that remains for on the Turks to this military crusade against the Christians, three regiments to enforce it, and prevent a rescue. For us to do is to conduct ourselves with forbearance, justice, which must prove the ruin of both; for certainly the Wright the appeals for mercy were not so backed, for the and firmness towards the Japanese. There must be no Mussulmans will not be the least sufferers by such a struggle. mob of London is more obedient to law, but Wright's encroachment on their sovereignty, and above all no

execution is the first for many years revolting to the cession of territory demanded. The rest must be left to

popular, we may say, the general feeling. And to say the time and to the humanising influences of trade. That trade

least, that is a very ugly fact, for thus “bad begins and is already respectable. This year, for example, the Japanese


worse remains behind." are expected to export 30,000 bales of raw silk, which is about fifteenfold the quantity furnished by China forty

It must be confessed that the coincidence of these two years ago, and the tea which they now export has advanced cases in point of time, and their startling divergence as from nothing until it exceeds in quantity all that our own regards results, have imprinted a deep stain on our

DAINTY ENGLISH. Indian territories supply—the fruit of thirty years' ex- its theory, so frequently and vauntingly held up for tion which is still resounding through the country, on the practical administration of justice, as distinguished from

Most cordially do we join in the chorus of congratulaertions. The estimated population of Japan is hardly one-admiration' and imitation. Townley was found guilty, not late addition to the Royal Family, and, we trust, to the in its infancy, far greater in proportion to the number of only on his own, ferocious and reasoning arowal

, but on comfort and happiness of the Queen.' But with equal its inhabitants, although but the growth of five short the clearest evidence, of having murdered his helpless heartiness do we enter our protest against the bad language years. That is a trade which, while it is equally bene- and unresisting victim, under

circumstances of premedita- in which this auspicious event has been promulgated. The ficial to the Japanese and ourselves, must not be lightly case a sample for a text-book, as showing all the ingredients told us very becomingly that the Princess had been “de

tion and armed preparation, which would really make the first announcement, indeed, which we read in the Times, surrendered.

necessary to satisfy the old phrase in the indictment, of livered" of a fine boy. But to this was subjoined a

"malice aforethought.” That at the time of the murder, bulletin, signed by an M.D. and a surgeon, acquainting us ANOTHER QUARREL.

and of the trial, ay and at the present moment, he was that her Royal Highness was "confined of a Prince.” Did Whilst the embers of national strife and popular rivalry and is as sane as the

judge before

whom he was tried, or ever mortal Englishman, educated or uneducated, hear of are with difficulty kept from bursting into flame upon the the twelve men who declared him guilty, no one can enter- such an expression ? We would defy Mrs Slipslop herself Eider, we are threatened with another little war in the tain a doubt, except indeed the "Mad Doctors,”.

to beat it; and sure we are that the famous Dr Slop, who opposite corner of Europe. The Parliament of Moldo- childish and insane themselves on their favourite theme, ushered úr Shandy's son and heir into the world, would Wallachia has voted the resumption by the State of the or except those who think that the punishment of death have been heartily' ashamed of it

. Was the word "deproperty possessed by foreign (Greek) monks, these cannot lawfully be inflicted, even on a murderer, and who livered” repudiated as not sufficiently refined for these having refused to pay any dues to the State, or enter into therefore catch at the plea of insanity, though with nothing gentlemen ?' And yet what expression can be more approa compromise or negotiation with it.

but the deadly act itself to support it, as a sort of pious priate, suggestive at once of safety, and of the thankfulWe may defer entering into the merits of the case ; fraud, to prevent another life being taken. Wright, on ness due for the escape from danger? We always ask but mean while beg to say, that diplomacy is worth the contrary, was convicted on his general plea of Guilty, ourselves

, when reading the fantastic details of the Court very little, if its mission be to provoke wars, instead of evidence having been considered unnecessary after that

movements, what must foreigners think of us! And in preventing them. Surely it can prevent any such outbreak plea, of having put to death a woman of violent and in the present instance, we blush to imagine the comments on between Turks and Christians, if it would be as fair to temperate habits, capable of resistance and even of aggres- the English reading public who tolerate such trash, which one as to the other, and act as the real high-minded arbiter sion, not with premeditation, but in a fit of anger at being must be made by the many strangers to our soil who yet and umpire, instead of making itself a party in every suddenly woke up from his sleep by the woman herself, are critically conversant with the English tongue. Common cause, and seeking to set Turk against Christian, and with what degree of violence or circumstances of provo- sense, grammar, and the real signification of words are all set Christian against Turk.

cation does not distinctly appear. Of the two murderers, at nought, in the wretched attempt to appear above using The whole matter in dispute is property not worth more

therefore, Townley's guilt is by many shades of a blacker the ordinary decent phraseology of our own full and than from a quarter to half a million sterling, or rather the hue. Well, the greater criminal

, by means of an absurd forcible language. Then again, all subsequent notices of rent or interest that may be supposed to accrue from such act of parliament, almost unknown and unheard of, but the subject are headed “ Accouchement of the Princess." a sum. Is this worth setting the East in a flame for? The which the murderer's command of means enabled his This is the old story, on which we have heretofore commented, Imperial Congress of Paris invented no other way of agents to ferret

out, is provided with a comfortable home of affecting to consider the event too indelicate to be menenforcing its pleasure in the Principalities than that of a for the rest of his days at the public expense; the lesser tioned in English, and therefore taking refuge in a foreign Turkish occupation. In this the said Congress quite lost offender was hanged last Tuesday. The contrast, both tongue; as if, admitting any indelicacy to exist, except in sight of the gradual change which has taken place in those between the circumstances and consequences of the two the prurient mind of the would-be euphemist, the idea countries. Formerly a Turkish occupation was humiliating cases is, to say the very least of it, most unfortunate, and could be purified and refined, by clothing it in French!and bad enough ; now that the Christian races have goes far to justify the indignant exclamations of the crowd It is sickening. enjoyed the management of their own affairs, it would be assembled at the execution, that if Townley's life was to intolerable, so intolerable that it would not be suffered. be spared, Wright was judicially murdered. The entrance of Turkish soldiers into the guaranteed But there is one point of view, in which the proceed

THE RAILWAY GUARD. Christian provinces would prove merely the signal for the ings in Wright's case seem to require some further cominhabitants of them to rise in resistance. It would be ment. In ordinary accusations of crimes and mis Upon all railways there is one grand rule for safety. If easy to provoke such a beginning of war, but where would demeanors the plea of guilty may, with some few a train be brought to a stand, or dashed to atoms, the the end be to be seen?

exceptions, be safely recorded and acted upon. Indeed, guard is to go back five hundred yards, with a lamp if by The most mistaken policy in the world is that which we have often had occasion to regret and condemn the night or a red flag if by day, to warn any following train prevails at present, which irritates and excites enmity morbid reluctance, which judges and magistrates have of the obstruction in its path, and cause it to stop. It is by between the Christian provinces and Turkey, and which shown in receiving this plea or admission of guilt. But relying implicitly upon this precaution that companies are encourages the Sultan to keep up a large army, at the very in a case of murder there is this material difference, that enabled to dispatch trains at intervals of five minutes or time when he really does not want one.

There is no though the deed of death may be confessed, it often less. Wood and iron at best are fallible, axles break, tyres European Power now menacing Turkey. Russia has becomes a question of great nicety, whether that deed fly, rails get displaced; 80 a breakdown, or worse, is enough to think of at home, so have all other Powers. amounts to the full crime of murder, or may reasonably be always amongst the possibilities, and thus an obstruction Yet this is the moment at which Turkey is invited reduced to that of manslaughter. We cannot, therefore, may be in the way of a following train a couple of miles to keep up a large army. A morning contemporary said but consider it a matter of deep regret, that Mr Justice off rushing on at the rate of forty miles an hour. But the other day that the Porte would have been in great Blackburn did not direct a plea of Not Guilty to be recorded, what matters it? Is there not the guard with his instrucperil if it had not crushed Montenegro, and that it would and the evidence to be gone into, so as to give the oppor- tions to go back five hundred yards to prevent mischief? never be out of peril till it treated Servia and Moldo- tunity for any circumstances of mitigation to appear. The And the nature of a railway guard must now be consiWallachia in the same way. What absurdity is this,--to prisoner, it is true, repeatedly and pertinaciously avowed dered. Nothing can hurt the railway guard. To say he hope to strengthen Turkey by placing her in continued himself guilty. That is, he avowed that he had killed the is imperishable is to say little of his properties. He is enmity with her Christian provinces and populations !

woman. But he did not, he scarcely could declare himself unalterable, unharmable, always in possession of all his The present is a period of peace which may not always guilty of murder in the legal sense of the word; because faculties, mental and bodily. He is never shaken, never last. And a true friend of Turkey ought to counsel her to no one, not versed in the administration of our criminal stunned, never in any way incapacitated for anything he reduce military expenditure and live at peace with her law, would be able to decide what is murder, what man is expected to do. He is like florace's hero, justum et Christian subjects, in order to be the better prepared for slaughter. Nor would the depositions, which no doubt tenacem propositi, and the ruins of a smashed train strike the time when that country may be seriously threatened by the learned judge had carefully perused, be decisive on him impavidum and self-possessed. He may have been its true enemy-Russia. Instead of this, the Sultan is this point. Every one, accustomed to preside or practise in banged about as if a shuttlecock between the battledores prompted by his own inconsiderate ardour and idle jealousies a criminal court, knows how often a single question and of two Brobdingnag giants, but he is not a jot the less to quarrel with petty princes, who desire no better than to answer on cross-examination will alter the whole com- fit to gird up his loins to run back five hundred yards be fairly treated and to live at peace with him.

plexion of a case, from that which presented itself on the ex and stop the coming train. And in this errand he never One has but to look at the Turkish Budget in order to parte examinations before the magistrate. In the present sprains an ankle, never stumbles against a stone, never see the result of such insane policy. That Budget consists instance, if the evidence had been gone into, who shall say makes a false step; for if he were liable to such accidents, nominally of fifteen millions sterling, of which fifteen that some question put by the judge himself, acting or to any others great or little, trains would not be run there are but ten absolutely to be reckoned on. of this, according to the humane maxim as counsel for the prisoner

, one on the heels of another, in the comfortable belief that the interest of the national debt takes four millions ster- or suggested by the sagacity of the jury anxious to arrive the guard's activity would always, in the event of a stopling; whilst army and navy, military expenses in fact, absorb at the whole and exact truth, might not have brought to page, prevent collision. five and a half millions. The rest is allotted to the ex- light some act of violence or aggression on the part of the Assume for a moment that the railway guard may be penses of the civil government and those of the Sultan, unhappy woman, heard by the neighbours, though un- like other creatures of flesh and blood; that in a sudden The Sultan, however, takes his share, and more than his noticed by the prisoner in the confusion and irritation of

stoppage he may be stunned by blow on the head, or share, and the civil servants and administration get nothing. his half-awakened faculties, or forgotten by him since in the lamed by one

on the leg, or blinded by one on the eyes, or Their dues are always in arrears, and the greater part of conflict of remorse for his crime and terror of its punish- any other disabling casualty; and the single security is them must rob to live. The payment of the troops them- ment. We remember no instance in latter times of a gone, upon which are built all the arrangements of the road selves is in arrear also. And all these exigencies are met person sentenced and executed for murder on his plea of for the despatch of trains. You are in a train following oy the facility of extraordinary credits, or by issuing those Guilty, and we sincerely hope we may not witness another. another at a short interval; in the event of a break down treasury bills

which it required a loan the other day to buy Under the present Secretary for Home Affairs the rigour of that train from any of the many possible causes, your in or to reduce.

of the law and the clemency of the Crown have both been life depends on the charmed life and indestructible activity The British public is interested financially and politically made to the last degree offensive to public feeling. He is of the guard of the preceding train. If he be no more in the wise and honest conduct of Turkish affairs. But not indeed to blame for Townley's escape from condign than mortal

, if he may be disabled in any way, stunned or somehow or another the Sultan has advisers who drive punishment, but when he declined to listen to interces- crippled, you may in a couple of minutes be pounded to a him into a course which must end by ruining his empire sions on behalf of Wright, professing himself bound to mummy or maimed for life. You have been placed where and leaving his creditors to look for themselves. Here, let the law take its course, the Judge seeing no reason to you are, rushing along on the heels of another train in the for example, is a war threatened with a Christian province; the contrary, we could not but remember the deviation from reliance that the guard of the train before you will always coercion, occupation not to be achieved or attempted with that course in the instance of that most wicked murderer be able to run back five hundred yards if any accident out an expense infinitely greater than the sums that were M'Laughlin. The judge in that case, as in Wright's, saw should happen. If it should unfortunately be proved that claimed or forbidden to be alienated. There is not a no reason why the sentence should be reconsidered, or railway guards are mere hesh and bļood, and not more

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