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between glory and liberty-the glory which is not consistent with which she had too disastrously abandoned. On December 31, 1813,

economy, but which exacts and loves heavy budgets, or the liberty she demanded peace of the Emperor. Her voice was not listened to. The ceremony of conferring the Cardinal's bat upon Monseigneur de which makes glory useless." M. Emile Ollivier sat down also amid A few months later the victorious enemy entered Paris, and bleeding Bonnechose took place on Thursday. The Cardinal having addressed great applause. The result of the debate is known.

France fell at the feet of the Bourbons. What did she ask of them? the Emperor, his Majesty replied as follows :

Interesting as the preceding speeches were, they were only looked Peace; and with peace that liberty the value of which she had then “I have reason to say that honours are heavy burdens imposed upon upon in Paris as the precursors of the great effort to be made by M. learned to feel. The Bourbons stayed there but for a fleeting moment. us by Providence, which increases duties in proportion to rank. I often Thiers in discussing the addresa, -an effort in which ho fully main- Napoleon returned, and from him France again asked for peace and ask myself, therefore, if good is not as great a tribulation as ill fortune. tained his old oratorical fame. On Monday the debate came on, and it liberty. Peace, which during a long period he was master of, he But our guide and support is religious faith coupled with political faith, being known that M. Thiers was to speak first, the Salle des Pas could now no longer give : but liberty he granted at once and comconfidence in God, and confidence in a mission to accomplish. You Perdus of the Corps Législatif exhibited at an early hour all the pletely. It has been alleged that ha did not grant liberty in good may be astonished, as I am, to see at so short an interval men, hardly bustle and animation of the old Parliamentary times. Groups of faith. That is a singular homage rendered to his memory. But, no. escaped from shipwreck, again call winds and tempests to their assist- eager political gossips began to form so soon as twelve o'clock. By Napoleon acted in perfect good faith. He constantly repeated in priance. God protects France too visibly to permit the spirit of evil to one o'clock every seat in the tribunes was occupied. Prince Napoleon vate conversation that a dictatorship could only be a concession made once more call forth agitation. The scope of our Constitution is widely was amongst the senators who sat on the bench reserved for members for a few years to a man of genius like bimself. The example of Napomarked out. Every honest man can feel himself at ease within its of the upper chamber. M. Dupin, the Marquis de Boissy, and General leon, the conqueror, elated by success, is often cited; let me take an bounds. Nearly every one can have the opportunity of expressing his Fleury were also there. Several defeated candidates at the last example from Napoleon aggrandized and ripened by misfortune. ideas, of controlling the acts of the Government, and of taking an equi- election, and among them M. Casimer Perier, were favoured with (Applause.) But liberty at this period was not to be a successful table part in public affairs. Exclusion no longer exists. The clergy places in the tribune. As soon as the Duke de Morny took the chair, experiment. Waterloo put an end to all ideas of liberty. An immense are not only at liberty to occupy themselves with religious questions, and the minutes of the last sitting had been confirmed, M. Thiers rose, reaction commenced in Europe against all the ideas of the revolution. but eminent chiefs still find legitimate place in the highest body of the and amidst profound silence spoke as follows:

When we ventured some low murmurs in favour of liberty, we were State, into which you will bring a spirit of conciliation, which does not I lately told you that I should very soon ask leave to speak of the shown the scaffold of Louis XVI. for an answer. In 1825, 1826, avd separate the cause of religion from that of country; a spirit of tolerance, homo policy of the country, and that'I should take this opportunity to 1827, we were nearly attaining our end. We approached those obscuro which attracts and persuades, and a love of a country, which series to offer some personal explanations as to the reasons for my presence in and perilous boundaries where powers are exposed to come into collidraw closer those separated by difference of opinion.“

this chamber. I well know that great assemblies have something else sion, where the prerogatives of the sovereign come face to face with to do than to think of individuals; but it seems to me a daty which I those of the country. Twice under different forms, this great question owe to my fellow-citizens, who sent me here without asking from me agitated the country, and two thrones sell

. If I may be allowed a any profession of faith, and also to you, my colleagues, whose con- simile, I would say that this fatal question has been for us what the THE LATE DEBATES IN THE FRENCH CORPS fidence I should be happy to possess-(applause)—to give these ex- tempestuous Cape was for navigation in the fifteenth century. People LEGISLATIF.

planations. It is now thirty-four years since I first sat within these trembled on approaching this redoubtable Cape ; but John of Portugal

walls. I was a member of every chamber from 1830 to 1848. I was also had the happy idea of christening it the Cape of Good Hope, and then After an enforced silence of twelve years the voices of MM. Berryer a member of the Constituent and Legislative Assemblies of the Re- the Cape was happily doubled. May God grant that our tempestuous and Thiers have again been heard in France, and these great orators public, and now you see me on the benches of the Corps Législatif of Cape may change its name also and be as happily passed." (Great have been wortbily sustained by MM. Emile Ollivier and Jules Fayre, the Empire. During this long period of time I have seen men and applause on several benches.) I will say nothing of our agitations in the principal speakers of the Five” who, up to the present session, things, opinions, and even affections, passing away in rapid succession, 1848. We went through the Republic to come to the Empire. The have constituted the Opposition in the Corps Législatif. We take and amidst the torrent which seemed as if it would carry everything idea of liberty once more disappeared. An immense military reaction from the Paris correspondence of our own daily papers an outline of away, principles alone have survived--those social and political prin- ruled in Europe. Nevertheless the vivifying spirit of the age acted the late debates, on the “ Supplemental Credits Bill" and the Address. ciples upon which modern society is based. It is true that during opon peoples, and even upon sovereigns. The princes were assembled

of the character of M. Berryer's speech on the first question the certain singularly dark days there were moments when order seemed in Paris in the persons of their representatives to regulate the conseTimes' correspondent says: "M. Berryer's speech on the supplemental to be so shaken that people anxiously inquired whether it would ever quences of the glorious peace of the Crimea, and for the first time liberty credits was listened to by the Legislative Corps with the greatest again be established. Later it was liberty that seemed to disappear; bad a congress for a tribune, and a diplomatist for an orator. The illusinterest, not greater, however, than it deserved. There were no signs and yet now order is restored and liberty is on the point of reviving trious Count Cavour was authorised to denounce the Italian princes, some of impatience, none of those interruptions which the more obsequious I doubt not that you, gentlemen, will have been struck by this con- because they had not given liberty, and others because they were the or the more servile love to throw in the way of a speaker of the sideration, that an individual, who must always be very little when sons of princes who had refused it. The emotion caused by this event Opposition to confuse, or to silence him. The gravest, the most compared with the grandeur of events

, is only worth something in so was immense. The Italians armed, the Austrians armed' also; they respectable, the most intelligent, listened with the profoundest atten- far as he understands and is faithful to great principles. For myself were soon in conflict; we rushed to the rescue, and Italy was freed. tion, and the trifling and insignificant were kept, as it were, in awe by there are three principles which I have always considered as the rule The impolsion was so rapid that in spite of our stipulations at Villathe voice and the eye of the orator. Even the President himself, did of every honest life-national sovereignty, order, and liberty. I have franca all the princes were overthrown, and but for the universal faith not venture even once on the slightest flippancy. Whatever murmurs lived with the school called that of '89, which thinks that France has of the peoples in a prudent policy the Pope would have fallen like the were heard were to all appearance those of pleasure that so prosaic a the right to dispose of her destinies, and to choose her government. others. (Movement.) This is not all. The agitation extended to all topic as the supplemental credits could be made so interesting. M. My opinion is that she should use her sovereignty very seldom, and Europe. Austria has sought in liberty a compensation for her defeats. Borryer's speech showed all the qualities of his great talents. It was that it would be even better if she never used it at all. But when the name of liberty comes back to us in every echo, and France cannot free from unnecessary ornament; it was simple, precise, and lucid. she has freely pronounced, her decision is law-(prolonged applause)—be deaf to the word. The decree of November 24 was issued. The His facts were arranged in admirable order; his figures set forth so and it would be contrary at once to right and common sense to en- necessity of liberty was once more felt. Well now, if this is a real and clearly as to attract, instead of wearying, his auditory; and, though deavour to substitute particular views for the will of the country clearly serious necessity, in what measure must it be satisfied ? That is a here and there the initiated could detect a certain irony which im- expressed. (Renewed cheering.) But after having submitted to the grave question, I admit; and yet, if we examine it well, it is not parted a piquancy to it, hix language was moderate throughout. His legal government of his country, there are two things which a citizen insoluble. I well know that liberty excites in Franco very various political adversaries themselves admitted that the twelve years wbich has a right to ask for-order and liberty. Without order society is in sentiments. Some are inspired by the name with unlimited desires, have elapsed since bis voice was heard in the French Assembly have anguish, it is troubled, cannot attend to labour, or at least works but others with chimerical fears. But that there is a measure of liberty not weakened the effect of his oratory; and even they could not but little. Now the rich man may sometimes live without working, but which is necessary cannot be doubtful. Ask at Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, feel proud that Berryer, now in his seventy-fifth year, was the Berryer society is a labourer, condemned to gain his children's bread by and Turin, and you will find that fact admitted beyond discussion. I whose words so long captivated Tribunals and Parliaments. The working from morning to evening. When order and employment are am happy to say that this necessary measure is quite compatible with picture he drew of the ruin which awaited a country,--with a load such wanting, the tendencies of society are towards despotism. If, on the our existing institutions, provided we do not dry up the happy sourco as pressed upon the finances of France,-rushing into a European other hand, liberty is wanting, society suffers in a different way, but it from which emanated the decree of November 24. Five things war, produced much sensation in the Chamber." I speak,” he said, does not suffer the less; it then agitates, feels itself humilitated, are indispensable to constitute what I call the necessary measure " with no feeling of animosity; I speak from the dictates of my con- becoines irritable, and, as wben deprived of order it tends to despotism, of liberty science, and in all honour. At the age which I have attained the so when deprived of liberty it tends to revoluţion. Such are the M. Thiers proceeded to define these five requisites as individual future is not for me. I am moved by no personal considerations; but principles which I have always kept steadily in view amidst the con- liberty, liberty of the press, liberty of elections, liberty of candidates, I shall ever remain faithful to my passion for the noble and happy fusion of events. When the Republic was proclaimed, I accepted it, who should be allowed the utmost freedom to canvass, and lastly, that destinies of my country.” When he resumed his seat, after these although it was not the government of my antecedents; and 1 asso-when public opinion was once sufficiently declared the Government words, approbation was general; and from many benches, even those ciated myself with some courageous men who defended order in the should be guided by it. M. Thiers then at great length, and with not far from where the representatives of the Government were seated, Assembly. Order was saved; France returned to the monarchical consummate ability, enlarged upon the five heads of liberty which he there was a burst of applause, which did not soon subside. The principle; I submitted again out of respect to the principle of national desired, uttering in the course of his arguments a variety of pithy deputies rose and moved from their places under the excitement of the sovereignty, but I remained in private life. During this retirement sentences which will be long remembered, such as “ Liberty in Parliamoment, and the proceedings were suspended for at least & quarter of everybody knows how I have employed my time. (Cheers.) I have ment without liberty of the press is like telling a secret to ten people, an hour.

loyally and honestly written my country's history. (Cheers.) I would with strict injunctions not to mention it to an eleventh. That is nonM. Berryer was followed by M. Emile Ollivier, who answered one willingly have passed the rest of my life in a private station, had not sensical”—". Universal suffrage is the divine right of our time”—“Just by one the arguments of M. Gouin, and contended, contrary to M. the decrees of November 1861 and 1862 been promulgated. You as you say to the press, you may criticise within certaio limits, so you Gouin's opinion, the past was most useful as a lesson and a guide for know what great changes those decrees made in ihe situation. You say to universal suffrage, you may elect whom you please within certhe present and the future. A murmur, which did not seem to be were here to vote a most without amendments or discussiou the bills tain limits"-" The irresponsibility of the sovereign is the liberty of one of disapprobation, rose when M. Ollivier spoke of the necessity of prepared by the Council of State. (Dissent.) You voted the budget the country.” After insisting pery strongly upon the necessity of disarming. "To assure peace,” he said, “it was not enough to by ministries, and the supplemental credits were only made known to ministerial responsibility, he concluded a magnificent speech, which in applaud the idea of summoning to a Congress all the Sovereigns to you by the law of accounts, that is to say, too late for any possible the opinion of many of his hearers was the finest he ever pronounced, obtain from them sacrifices and disarming. The notion of a general serions control on your part. The Emperor has changed this state of by declaring that be promised his most unreserved support to the Peace Congress is a very noble one; and fron the time of the Abbé things. He has reopened the political field. In giving you the right Empire if the Empire would grant liberty; and he warned them that St Pierre to MM. Cobden and Girardin it has seduced noble minds. to discuss an address, he placed you face to face with his gove neut, the country would ultimately exact its liberties, if what it now respectThe merit is not its mere repetition, but the readering it feasible. But represented at first by ministers without portfolio, and now by a fully asked for was not conceded. to do so there is but one way to assure for us the most efficacious minister with a portfolio, the Minister of State; he bas given publicity to M. Rouher, jin reply, recalled the words used by M. Thiers, “The economy, and that is the reduction of our armamer ts—to disarn—to your debates, granted you power to vote the budget by sections, and has country will exact," and stated that he considered that expression a be the very first to disarm--and to do so courageously and sincerely. shortened the time within which supplemental credits must be brought threat, of which the Government was not afraid, as it did not belong Thero are two modes of always endangering influence with other on for discussion. These decrees do not, no doubt, contain all the liberties to those whom people menaced. M. Rouher maintained that none of nations. The one is to be too weak; the other to be too strong. The which are desirable, but they are the pledge of those yet to be acquired, the liberty demanded by M. Thiers was deficient in the country, that nation that is too weak is despised, and its opinion has no weight. The and I, for one, thank the Emperor for them. (Applause.) After these the Parliamentary system which it was sought to bring back had bad nation that is too strong is feared, and then those who would naturally decrees I thought, and I said to my friends, that since it had now its day, that the Emperor reigns and governs, and that liberty would be disunited by a feeling of prudence, approach cach other and unite become possible to discuss the affairs of the country freely, and to take follow when the time had arrived, but that it was necessary to wait. against those they fear. The danger of France in Europe at this part in the re-establishment of liberty, abstention was no longer wise, M. Jules Favre, replying to the speech of M. Rouber, reproduced in moment comes from her being too strong. The consequence is that dignified, or patriotic. I advised that the oath to the Empire should part the arguments of M. Thiers. Of bis speech we have no detailed every time she treats, every time she acts, whatever proposal she be taken. After baving giving this advice to others, I should, however, report, and in that particular, as well as in the history of the rest of makes, people suppose that she has personal objects in view, and they gladly have been dispensed from following it myself. After having in the debate, can only cite the mere sketch given in Reuter's telegrams. do not believe in her disinterestedness. Try to convince them of the my retirement found myself at peace with all parties, I felt, I admit, On Tuesday the debate was continued. After MM. Latour Dumoulin, disinterestedness of France, and all difficulties will vanish; our in- some repugnance to relinquish this happy condition. But it is a bad Taillefer, and Glais-Bizoin had addressed the Chamber, the general fluence will no more encounter opposition, and while you increase our practice to give advice and then not to follow it yourself. A last con- debate was closed. Upon the amendment of the Opposition with prestige in the world you will have found the only real remedy for our sideration decided me; it is this—that in returning hither nobody can regard to the elections, M. Segris protested against the assumption of embarrassed finances. But I warn you, you will be condemned to a accuse me of ambition. My ouly ambition is to bring to this assembly the deputies of Paris in condeming the elections in the departments, last sacrifice, for neither economy, nor peace, nor disarming will suffice the simple tributo of my experience, to discuss the affairs of the country aud claiming for themselves the monopoly of independence. "M. Marie if you do not grant liberty to France." There is a word which is in in the point of view of the state exclusively, and never in the point surrendered his right of speaking on account of fatigue. M. Picard frequent use among the gamins of Paris, expressive of contempt or dis- of view of parties—(applause)—and thus not to be altogether useless explained the amendment, which was rejected. On Wednesday the belief; it is "connu ;” and when M. Emile Ollivier spoke of liberty, the to my country during the latter years of my life. (Great applause.) debate on the late elections and official candidatures was resumed. M. word "connu" was heard from some member unknown. “ I hear After these explanations, which I would fain have made shorter, I come Ancel spoke against and M. Lafon de Saint-Mür in favour of these the word 'connu,'”. M. Ollivier continued, " But I am not put out of to the great objects for which we are assembled. I shall not on this candidatures. M. Jules Favre made a speech which caused great countenance by the interruption. I will only observe to the hon. occasion speak either of finance or foreign politics, but only of our excitement. M. Rouland, the Minister, in reply, dwelt upon the dis. gentleman who bas used it tbat his interruption is the best testimony home policy, which ought to be the development of our institutions in loyalty of the preceding speaker. This expression was received with he can offer to me and to my friends. When an Opposition is carping the direction of moderate and regulated liberty.

loud dissatisfaction, and was subsequently withdrawn by M. Rouland and captious, wretched and without a future, it has no object, no After observing that the Constitution expressly declared itself sus. at the request of the Duke do Morny. M. Thiers supported the systematic plan; it goes on at bazard seeking where it may be critical ceptible of improvement, and that the Corps Legislatif was empowered amendment of the Opposition respecting the elections. He attacke or offensive, constantly changing, and turning round to recommence. on the discussion of the address to make known the wishes of the the principle of nominations, and expressed much respect for the rights But wben an Opposition is honourable, conscientious, and full of country, M. Thiers continued :

and origin of the majority, but regretted the abuses of the Administra vitality, it has an object, and this object it pursues indefatigably. Our When we reflect upon our history, it is impossible not to be struck tion and the introduction of the name of the Emperor into the nomi object is liberty, and we will never cease to pursue it and recall it to by this fact, that France can sometimes do without liberty, and that nations. He was only able to understand official nominations upon the you. Without liberty you cannot count upon having peace. To prove so completely as not to appear to think of it. But it is only to return condition of every kind of liberty being respected. M. Thiers pointe d it, I will repeat the profound observation of one whose anthority you to it again with singular pertinacity and almost irresistible force. I find out the abuses of power with which the Opposition reproached the will not dispute. The present Emperor, in a work remarkable on the proof of this in many leading events. There was a period when Government, and ended by declaring his opinion that universal sufdivers accounts

, explains why the Stuarts fell while William III. France was naturally forgetful of her liberties I am speaking of 1800, frage will prove the safeguard of the country. (Loud interruption. founded a dynasty; and, among other reasons, he gives this,—No immediately after the terrible ordeal of the revolution. France had the speaker explained that his remark was not intended as a threa one can for any length of time support liberty at home without giving then before her a wonderful man, whose restoring hand touched every but merely as a warning. M. Rouber declared that there was no difglory abroad.' This maxim contains one of the most fundamental thing. She was merged in him, and for a time seemed to have left ofference in the views of MM. Thiers and Jules Favre, and showed that truths of the art of governing. When one has to do with a nation's thinking. She was content to see him act, and certainly the spectacle the right of the Government to interfere in the elections was absolute, conduct, powerful and generous like ours, aliment must be constantly was worth looking at. (Applause.) France once more began to think and had existed under all Governments. The Minister then drew a given to its untiring activity. If you do not give it the progressive when she saw a portion of her armies precipitated into the burning picture of the elections under preceding Administrations, and criticise satisfaction of liberty you must give it the heroic satisfaction of glory. gulf of Spain, and the other part in the icy gulf of Russia. Then the conduct of the Opposition, his remarks calling forth the energetic The choice is between the two. There is no other possible. Choose France thought sadly and profoundly. She then regretted the liberties applause of the majority. He declared plainly that the Constitution



would only be modified by the Emperor, who reigned and governed. | Wales, and gave immediate orders for preparation to be made for pro

The Conference Proposed by England. The Chamber declined to listen to another speech from M. Jules ceeding to Frogmore House early next morning. Accordingly on

COPENHAGEN, Jan. 14.-It is stated that Bishop Monrad, the Favre. The- amendment was then rejected by 198 to 44, and the Saturday the Queen, accompanied by Princess Helena and Princess Chamber adopted the first paragraph of the Address.

Beatrice, left Osborne for Windsor, where they arrived at one o'clock. Minister President, declared to the Extraordinary Ambassadors of

The Prince of Wales met the Queen at the Windsor Station, and drove England and Russia, Lord Wodebouse and Councillor Ewers, before
with her Majesty to Frogmore House, where she passed the day. On their departure from Copenhagen, that the Danish Government would

Sunday her Majesty repeated her visit, and remained for the afternoon. willingly accept the English proposal of a conference for the settlement
On the two following days the Queen also visited the Princess, and on would scarcely lead

to any result

. But in any case the Powers who

of the Slesvig and Holstein question, although of the opinion that it Wednesday afternoon took her departure for Osborne.

agree to the conference must take care that in the meantime not a Respecting the delivery of the Princess of Wales, the Lancet of single German soldier crossed the Eider

. Should this nevertheless [A mark (*) is attached to the Events discussed or more fully nar

to-day has the following remarks: “The event," it says, was not take place, the Danish Government is resolved to enter upon war with rated in this week's EXAMINER.]

altogether 80 sudden and without premonitory warnings as has been all energy, and to prosecute it as long as the resources of the country

currently reported, nor is there any reason to suppose that it was pre- would permit. AMERICA : FOREIGN

maturely hastened by her visit to the ice. Slight symptoms existed in Jan. 1.–The Federal Government officially deny that they had the earlier part of the day, which some of the more experienced of the Important Circular of Count Rechberg on the Competency

of the Federal Diet. stated they would never tolerate or recognise the Mexican monarchy. ladies around the Princess attributed to what proved later to be the true

But her Royal Highness, equally with the Prince, has the VIENNA, Jan. 14.-It is asserted that Count Rechberg addressed a The correspondence submitted to Congress will show the true position of the Federal Government with regard to this question.

strongest dislike to what, in ordinary phrase, is called “making a fuss," circular uote the day before yesterday to all the German States, In the Confederate Congress Senator Browne urges that the conscrip- and on this occasion preferred to pass over these matters as of no formally requesting that the Federal Diet should strictly observe the tion shall be extended to all men, without exception, capable of bearing moment. On returning from the ice, at about six o'clock, the symptoms limits of its competency. Should it go beyond these limits in the

were more urgent. A telegram was then despatched to London for question of the succession to the duchies the two great German Powers 2.—The Federal Government postpones the draft till the middle of Dr Sieveking, of St Mary's Hospital, Physician in Ordinary to her would be compelled to settle that question themselves. January Royal Highness. Presently the aspect of affairs became unmistakable.

Rejection of the Austro-Prussian Motion. The Governor of New York removes the New York Police Com- A second telegram was then despatched for Dr Farre, of Hertford street,

FRANKFORT-ON-THE-MAINE, Jan. 14.-At the sitting of the who had been appointed accoucheur to her Royal Highness. Meanmissioners, on the ground

that their reports of the New York riots time, however, it was evident that more immediate aid was required, Federal Diet to-day the Austro-Prussian proposal was lost by 11 to 5. Several more merchants of New York are arrested for carrying on a and Mr Henry

Brown, of Windsor, was summoned, and had the happiness The proposal is as follows:-" That the Confederation should require

of bringing the infant prince into the world ... Dr Sieveking reached Denmark definitively to suspend the November Constitution with contraband trade with the South. The death of Archbishop Hughes , the Roman Catholic Archbishop Frogmore at about nine p.m., immediately

after the infant was born, and regard to Slesvig, and should at the same time notify that in case of

Dr Arthur Farre, who had come down by a special train instantly on refusal the Confederation will be compelled to obtain a pledge for the of New York, is announced.*

receiving his summons, arrived afterwards. All the arrangements had fulfilment of its just demands by the military occupation of Sleswig. FRANCE:

been made, as is known, for the accouchement to have taken place at That the Federal Diet shall also request the military committee to Jan. 9:— The election of M. Pereire is declared valid in the Corps the beginning of March, at Marlborough house ; as it was, there was submit propositions for raising the forces possibly required for the occuLégislatif.

not anything in readiness, nor was any nnrse present, and the maternal pation of Slesvig to the necessary strength. After the vote had taken The extraordinary credits demanded by the Government are finally experience of the Countess of Macclesfield was most useful. Dr Farre place Austria and Prussia declared that they would take the matter granted by 232 against 14 votes.

bas remained at Frogmore in continuous attendance throughout the in hand themselves., Electoral llesse and Mecklenburgh, having each A telegram is received in Paris from Constantinople, of the 8th, week. Dr Sieveking has also visited her Royal Highness daily, until one vote, and the following seven States, viz.--Lichtenstein, Waldeck, stating that the Porte has protested against the vote of the Roumanian Wednesday, when he was attacked so severely with muscular 'rbeu-the two branches of Reuss, Schaumburg Lippe, Lippe-Detmold, and Chamber for the secularization of convent property.*

matism of an acutely painful character, after returning from his visit, Prussia. The other States partly declined the proposition absolately, 10.—The debate on the Address is begun in the Corps Législatif.* that he has since been and is now temporarily confined by it to bed. ITALY:

The health of the Princess is excellent, and her convalescence has been and partly acceded to it conditionally: Even, however, where absoJan. 9:- In the Chamber of Deputies the Minister for Foreign uninterrupted. The infant Prince is, happily, a fine and healthy child. lutely favourable to Austria and Prussia, these latter States would not Affairs lays upon the table the Treaty of Commerce and Navigation Very precise statements have been made as to the uterine age of the constitute the required majority of votes, Saxony and Bavaria and

some other States lodged a protest against the vote, which was replied concluded by Italy with England and Russia. infant Prince, and his weight; but these statements have been more

to by a counter-protest of Austria and Prussia. 10.-The Italian Government signs the contract for the purchase of precise than accurate. He is believed by those best able to form an the Bologna and Ancona Railway, and the treaty for the cession to the opinion to be somewhat more than " a seven-months child." The

Proclamation of the Federal Commissioners. Roman Railway Company of the Ligurian River Railway and the weight of nine pounds gravely

assigned to the young Prince is altogether

A proclamation of the Foderal Commissioners was issued on the 9th railway from Nice to Spezzia. 11. The brigands taken from the Aunis are sent to Naples, to be weight is estimated at considerably less than nine

pounds, which is a decreeing the reorganisation of the

Central Administration

of Holstein

. good weight for a fine child of fully nine months development; six hitherto established at Plön, will cease to exercise their functions after

According to this ordinance the Government authorities of Holstein, 12.- In the Chamber of Deputies the Bill for the repression of pounds would probably be nearer to the trath, and yet leave nothing the 12th inst. The whole Central Administration of Holstein will be brigandage is passed by 150 to 46 votes.

to regret. Every one is, of course, anxious to know how the Prince is carried on by Ducal authorities in Kiel, who will administer the 13.- In the Senate to-day the debate upon the Treaty of Commerce to be brought up. He will be suckled by a wet nurse. The same and Navigation with France, which began the day before, is closed and difficulties presented themselves in this as in other matters, from the existing laws of the country under the control of the Federal Com

missioners, whose orders they will execute, and to whose decision they the treaty adopted by 70 votes to 8.

unexpected and premature arrival of the little stranger. A nurse was, will be subject in all such cases where the ratification of the King of

however, carefully selected in the emergency by Dr Sieveking from Denmark was formerly necessary. The Ducal Government, consisting PRUSSIA :

those on the list of the York-road Lying-in Institution-Mrs Connor, a of a President and five members, will enter upon their functions on the Jan. 13.- In the Chamber of Deputies the vote upon the Military married woman, of irreproachable character, good health and antece

12th inst. Budget is taken. The Conservative members, the Ministers, and a dents, and possessing the requisite physical qualities. The little Prince few Catholic members only vote for the expenses of the reorganization feeds well, and is in excellent health.”

HAMBURG, Jan. 10.--The Danes have opened the dams of the of the army (5.500,000 thalers) as proposed by the Ministry. The The bulletins of the health of the Princess and her baby have been is officially reported that the approach to Frederickstadt is partially

Eider near Tönningen, for the purpose of inundating the country. It Ministerial proposition is thus rejected by a large majority. The throughout the week of the most favourable character.

obstructed. further proposition of the Ministry that the Chamber should grant the expenses as an extraordinary credit is likewise lost by 280 to 35.

13.-Advices received here from Copenhagen of Monday state that

Jan. 9.---Dr Stanley, the new Dean of Westminster, is formally great hopes are entertained of the preservation of peace. AUSTRIA:

installed by Dr Cureton, the rector of St Margaret's. Dr Wordsworth, HANOVER, Jan. 10.--A popular meeting of 3,000 persons, from all Jan. 13.-In the Upper House of the Reichsrath the entire amount who protested against the appointment, was spared the difficulty, his parts of the country, has unanimously resolved to send a deputation to of the Marive Budget asked by the Ministry, wbich had previously term of residence having expired.

the King to petition for the withdrawal of Hanover from the London been reduced by the Lower House, is granted after an animated Luke Charles, who was convicted at the recent South Lancashire protocol, and the recognition of Prince Frederick of Augustenburg as debate. The reason given for this vote is the importance of the fleet Assizes, before Mr Justice Willes, of the wilful murder of his wife, is Duke of “Schleswig-Holstein." in a strategical and commercial point of view. executod at Kirkdale.

12.-In reply to the address presented by the deputation of the NORWAY:

A Patent of Precedence is granted to Mr Sergeant Ballantine. popular meeting, Herr von Hammerstein, the Minister of the Interior, Jan. 12.–The Duke of Wermland is seriously ill. An extraordi 11.-Henry Horace Linguarde, the actor, whose arrest for swindling declared that it was known how great an interest the King takes in nary Session of the Storthing is convoked to discuss war armaments. we reported last week, is again examined at the Mansion House, and the Duchies, but that his Majesty could not by any explanation antiThe Session will open on the 1st of February. committed to Newgate for trial.

cipate the decision of the Federal Diet. The Minister refused to give BELGIUM:

At the weekly meeting of the Lancashire Distress Committee, Mr any positive explanation as to the intentions of the King's Government, Jan. 13.-On account of the election of the clerical candidates at in the bank was 214,3431. 118. 73. Mr Farnall ststes that, on the King would be unfavourable.

M'Lure reports that 2481. were received last week, and that the balance but observed that there was no reason to sappose that the reply of the Bruges, the Ministers place their resignations in the King's hands,

2nd inst. there was an increase in the number of persons receiving ALTONA, Jan. 11.—The principal military forces of Denmark, SPAIN:

parochial relief in twenty-seven unions in the cotton manufacturing numbering 16,000 men, is concentrated in the city of Schleswig. The Jan. 9.—The Budget for 1864 is published. The increase of districts, as compared with the number so relieved in the previous inhabitants of the city are beavily burdened by the number of soldiers receipts is stated at 167,000,000 reals. The Finance Minister proposes of 2,830.

billeted upon them. Liberty square, in the city of Schleswig, is to realize the bonds of the purchasers of national property, to impose Judgment given in the Alexandra case in the Court of Exchequer. defended by five 84-pounder cannon. Colossal palisades and extensive a new tax upon travellers by railway, and

to levy some further imposts

. The Court being equally divided, the junior, Baron Pigott, according barracks are being erected at the dam of the Dannewerk. The class Marshal Narvaez declares to-day in the Senate that he had always to custom, withdrew his opinion, and the judgment stands in favour of soldiers of the age of thirty-five years has been called out. considered that Gibraltar belonged to Spain, and regretted that Spain of the defendants, but the Crown has a right to carry the case to 13. -A proclamation by the Federal Commissioners has been issued had not long since claimed it. Error - which it may be presumed will be done.

to-day, ordering a provisional regulation of the Customs. Dating from 12.-In Congress Senor Carrigniri brings forward a Bill for the The official correspondence between the Home Office and Mr Evans, the 22nd ult., Denmark and Schleswig are to be considered, with construction of a railway from Pampeluna to the French frontier. M.P. for Derby, on the subject of the murderer Townley, is published. * reference to Customs, as a foreign country. The navigation dues are MEXICO:

Townley, the murderer, is removed from Derby Gaol to the Criminal to be paid according to the rate up to the present in force. The Dec. 7: _Advices from the city of Mexico report that the French Lunatic Asylum in St George's-in-the-fields, London.

import of goods subject to duty can only take place by land viu Rendsoccupied Morelia on the 30th ult., and had also possessed themselves

The Charing-cross Railway is publicly opened.

burg and Levensau. of Acamboro, Cabija, San Miguel, and Salamanca. President Juarez

W. H. Manners, the dishonest poor-rate collector of Lambeth, is COPENHAGEN, Jan. 11.-The Faedrelandet of to-day publishes a and his Ministers are stated to have abandoned San Luis de Potosi, finally examined at the Lambeth Police Court, and committed for trial, telegram from Norway stating that orders had been given for the and gone to Darango. The Mexican General Negrete has succeeded on the charge of embezzlement to the extent of 1,5001., received by completion of the war matériel of Norway, and for the training of Comonfort as Minister of War. him on acconnt of the parish.

subaltern officers. Sixteen thousand men, composed of the reserve

12.-Samuel Wright, for the alteration of whose sentence great lately called out, will be quartered in Copenhagen to-morrow. The THE DANUBIAN PRINCIPALITIES: Jan. 14.-Notwithstanding the protest of the Porte, made in Horsemonger-lane gaol.* efforts were made by a number of Surrey magistrates, is executed at Danish Rigsrad met to-day for the discussion of the special affairs of

the monarchy. conjunction with the Cabinets of London, Petersborg, Vienna, and

Mr J. Paget, of the Middle Temple, is appointed a metropolitan ITZEHOE, Jan. 12.-Advices from Schleswig to the 10th inst. state Berlin, against the secularisation of the monastic property, the police magistrate, in the room of Mr Combe, deceased. Mr Woolrych that the Mayor, Johannsen, of Husum, has been requested to assume Chamber unanimously maintains its formervote on the subject.** succeeds Mr Combe at the Southwark Police Court, and Mr Paget will the Ministry for Schleswig, and that he has left for Copenhagen. take Mr Woolrych's place at the Thames Police Court.

VIENNA, Jan. 12.—It is stated that the Danish Minister for Foreign

13.- The formal prorogation of Parliament takes place, to meet on Affairs has addressed a note to the Austrian Cabinet indirectly admitINDIA : COLONIAL. the 4th of February for the despatch of business.

ting that Denmark had not fulfilled her engagements, and requesting Dec. 29.-An official telegram from Lahore, dated December 24,

14.-Mr Corrie, one of the stipendiary magistrates at Bow street, is that the negotiations between Denmark and Germany might be con

tinued from the point at which they ceased in 1851-52. Austria has states that the Guide Corps and a contingent of the Bonair tribe, which elected City Remembrancer in the room of Mr E. Tyrrell, resigned. were detached for the purpose of destroying Mulka, have returned to the Crawley Court-Martial are published in general orders.*

The remarks of H.R.H. the Field-Marshal Commander-in-Chief on declined the offer of Ilerr von Quaade, the Danish Minister for Foreign Umballah, after having fought two actions, in which the enemy

Affairs, to recommence negotiations with Denmark. suffered heavily, our loss being also great. The Bonair tribe surren

15.-Dr Magee, Rector of Inniskillen, is appointed Dean of Cork. FRANKFORT-ON-THE-MAIN, Jan. 12.-Austria bas insisted at the dered their chief and submitted. The original object of the expedition

Federal Diet that her motion for the occupation of Schleswig should has thus been accomplished, in the destruction of the seat of the

be speedily taken into consideration. Hindustanee fanatics. The force, therefore, will return to the plains,

No additional clause has been appended to the motion by Austria. and, after the exaction of hostages from the Judoon and Othmanzye

THE SLESVIG AND HOLSTEIN QUESTION. RENDSBURG, Jan. 12.-The Federal Commissioners arrived here tribes, will go into quarters. The Peshawur district and border arc

to-day. They are believed to have come to treat upon the matter of quiet. The Punjab is perfectly tranquil.*

French Circular to the German States.

the six villages on the north of the Eider claimed by Holstein, but not SOUTH AUSTRALIA :

France has addressed a circular Note to the secondary German yet evacuated by the Danes. Nov. 12.-Parliament prorogued while an animated discussion on for the assembling of a Conference on the Slesvig and Holstein question.

States, explaining her position in reference to the proposal of England a want of confidence motion was going on.

THE JAPANESE DIFFICULTY, intelligenco has been received that It is asserted that France states in this circular Note that the London after long discussions, extending over three days, the agents of Prince NEW SOUTH WALES:

Conference of 1852 bad only created an impotent work, which has Satsuma have agreed to make immediate payment of the indemnity, Nov. 26.-The new Ministry are all been re-elected, although not been condemned by events. A new Conference must be based upon and have promisəd in writing not to relax in active search for the without opposition. Mr Plunkett represents the Government in the proper conditions. Such a Conference must take as its starting point murderers of Mr. Ricbardson, and to subjoct them to capital punishUpper House.

the state of things now existing in Holstein, and must not be in oppo- ment, in the presence of ono or more British officers.

sition to the Federal Diet, as it would discuss questions which might Nor WAXTED HERE. A Madrid journal states that the Queen, HOME.

have already been resolved by events. France would also wish the being somewhat indisposed, in consequence of pregnancy, has ordered

Diet to be represented at this Conference, but must first know whether the right arm of St. John to be transferred te her private ebapel THE QUEEN AND COURT.

the Federal Diet, which has hitherto objected to the interference of the from one of the churches in catalonia, where it has long been kept, HER MAJESTY received news at ten o'clock on Friday night, foreign Powers who signed the Protocol of London in the quarrel with The relic will not be sent back to catalonia until after Her Majesty's At Osborne, of the lying-in of her Royal Highness the Princess of Denmark, has changed its views on that subject.


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other parts of the East. In answer to a shareholder the chairman said

that the first call of 200,0001. has not yet been employed, and that

Into London from the 11th of January to the 14th of January, 1864, there is consequently no probability of a further call for some time.

both inclusive.
- The dividend declared at the meeting of the Union Bank of
Australia was at the rate of eight per cent. for the half year, leaving

Wheat. Barley. Oats. Malt.

Flour. MESSRS LAING AND MERRIDEW, of Mincing lane, in the annual upwards of 6,0001. to be carried over.— The Brighton Railway traffic


Sacks circular just issued, make the following remarks on the prevailing returns show this week a decrease of 8731., compared with last year ; English and Scotch mania for joint-stock associations : "One important feature of the and the South Eastern an increase of 2041.— Notice is given of the Irish past year has been an extraordinary extension of the movement for closing of the transfer books of the General Credit and Finance Com- Foreign ...

2500 the formation of joint-stock companies, under the limited liability pany of London, preparatory to the general meeting.—The third act, which partially developed itself during 1862. The gross nominal ordinary general meeting of the shareholders of the Imperial Bank RAILWAYS AND PUBLIC COMPANIES. capital of those established during the last twelve months amounts to (Limited) is called for the 18th inst., when a dividend is to be declared.

From the List of Messrs Holderness, Fowler, and Co., Stock and Share more than 1,000,000,0001., but probably the actual proportion paid – A general meeting of the National Discount Company is convened

Brokers, of Change alley, Cornhill. up, does not represent more than one-third of that sum, and as many for the 20th inst.—The half-yearly meeting of the Scottish Australian of these undertakings consist in the transfer to a public company of Investment Company is called for the 29th instant.— The Great SOARES

RAILWAYS. a business previously carried on by private parties, the operation has Western Railway Company of Canada bave intimated that "the loss in a less degree effected the money market. In addition to these on exchange by the conversion of American money received for the

RAILWAYS. limited liability companies, the foreign loans negociated during the carriage of through traffic from the commencement of the current

Stock Caledonian year represent a total of 40,000,0001. ; of this sum however not ex- half-year to Dec. 26, 1863, amounted to the sum of 30,0831. 9s. 3d.,

Great Northern ceeding one-fourth is estimated to have placed in the markets of and at that date there was a further sum of American funds still Stock

133 Great Britain. Amongst the home and colonial undertaking new remaining to be converted of 34,805 dols. 58c.”—The directors of the Great Eastern

495 504 Great Western

654 654 banks figure for large amounts, and it is difficult to see from what Consolidated Discount Company notify the commencement of business

Lancashire and Yorkshire

1103 sources the promoters expect to derive a business that can be profit- at No. 4 Abchurch lane. The first call of 31. is to be paid on the

London and Black wall able to the shareholders. It is to be feared that the competition shares of the National Steam Navigation Company (Limited) by Feb. Stock

London and Brighton engendered by so many new undertakings may result in a too great 8.-A special meeting of the London Financial Association will be held Stock London, Chatham, and Dover extension of credit to admit of their being carried on with safety.”. on the 20th inst., to confirm the resolutions passed on the 21st ult. - Stock London and North Western

1073 London and South Western...

1011 1027 THE FINANCIAL CORPORATION (Limited) is announced. The A first call of ll. 109. is to be paid on the shares in the London

1284 capital is fixed as high as 5,000,0001, in 30,000 shares of 100l. each, Tavern Company (Limited) by the 30th inst.-An extraordinary Stock North British

52 of which 15,000 shares, or 1,500,0001. are to be issued in the first meeting of the Maremmana Railway Company is convened for the 6th North Eastern, Barwick

103 1033

1034 instance. The direction is composed as follows, viz.: Mr J. Goodson of February at Leghorn.—The receipts of the Great Western Railway Stock

Ditto York...

90% (Chairman of Great Eastern Railway Company), Mr R. Spooner of Canada for the week ending the 25th December, were 11,8581., Stock South Eastern

953 95: 955 (Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Hindustan, China, and Japan), being 1,2431. more than in the corresponding week of the previous Mr J. D. Thomson (of Messrs Thomson, Watson, and Co.), Mr T. year. -- Mr A. R. Lafone, of Liverpool, who suspended in March, 1858,

BRITISH POSSESSIONS. Cotterell (Director of the Bank of Hindustan, China, and Japan), with mercantile liabilities for 246,5491., but who undertook, upon

Stock Cape Town and Dock, 6 per

cent. guaranteed ... Mr G. Smith (Deputy Chairman of the Kent Waterworks, and receiving a letter of licence, to pay ultimately 20s. in the pound, with East Indian, gurntd. 5 per cnt. 100

105 Director of the East London Bank), Mr J. W. Hollond (of Forest interest at 5 per cent., has already accomplished that object, and fully Stock Great Indian Peninsula, guiahilly, Mr R. Collum (Director of the Scottish Union Insurance Com- justified the confidence reposed in him.-A petition for the winding-up Stock Madrat, guntar per cent.... pany), Mr L. Nathan (Director of the Van Diemen’s Land Company), of the Pneumatic Ship Raising and Universal Salvage Company (Limited) Stock Scinde, Guarntd. 5 per cent....

1043 and Mr R. D. Heatley (of Messrs Heatley, Cowan, and Co.) The is to be heard before the Master of the Rolls on the 16th inst.-- The solicitors are Messrs Maples, Maples, and Teesdale, and Messrs Crystal Palace Company have announced that the half-yearly dividends FOREIGN RAILWAYS. Hughes, Masterman, and Hughes; the bankers, Messrs Barclay, on the Seven per cent. Preference Stock and the Six per Cent.

Bahia and San Francisco (LiBevan, Tritton, Twells, and Co.; and the brokers, Sir R. W. Carden Debenture stock to the 31st December, and the dividend on the ordi

mited) guarntd. 7 per cent.


Northern o1 France
and Son. The prospectus recites that the association " will under- nary stock for the twelve months ending 31st October last, would be Paris, Lyons & Mediterranean
take all financial business of importance, including the negotiation payable on the 15th instant.-A prospectus has been issued of the Paris and Orleans
and arrangement of loans on security of rates, harbour dues, or other London Mercantile Discount Company, with a capital of 500,0001. (of

Recife and San Francisco (Li-
mited), gwarntd. 7 per cent.

161 17)
similar securities, and will itself make advances wherever the trans- which half is to be first issued) in shares of 501.— The Indian Carrying San Panlo (Limited) guaran-
action is only for a limited period.” The preliminary expenses are to Company have advices from Calcutta by the present mail, stating that

teed 7 per cent.

83 be limited to per cent on the nominal capital. The directors waive the Government had provisionally accepted their tender for the bullock

South Austrian and Lombardo

20% 20% all “remuneration until after a dividend of five per cent. is paid to trains by which the transport work of the Government has hitherto 20

Southern of France the shareholders, and their remuneration will not exceed one-fifth been effected, and that the transference would probably be made by Wstn. and N.-Wstn.of France part of the surplus after payment of such five per cent."

the 1st of January or February.—The London and North Western THE INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SOCIETY bave intimated that they Railway traffic return shows this week an increase of 7,1801. over last

BANKS. are prepared to receive subscriptions for the capital of the Anglo- year; the London and South Western an increase of 9011.; the Great

Alliance Bank of London and

21 pm

451 Italian Bank (Limited). This project commends itself to attention Eastern an increase of 9461.; the Great Northern an increase of 4,0491.;

Australasia not only because there is at present no bank for facilitating transac- and the Great Western an increase of 3,6261.—The half-yearly meet Bank of Egypt...

255 263

264 tions between England and Italy, but also by reason of the high ing of the Petroleum Trading Company (Limited) was held at the

Bank of London respectability of the names attached to it. The reputation, wealth, company's offices on Wednesday, when the report and balance-sheet to


Colonial ... and financial experience of the Baron Ricasoli, late a member of the the 31st December were read and adopted, and a dividend declared at Imperial Ottoman

7 pm Turin cabinet, render bis co-operation an advantage of no small the rate of 10 per cent. per annum for the six months, being at the

London Chartered of Australia

263 273

207 importance, even apart from the assurance which it conveys that the same rate as that paid for the previous half-year.

London and County ...
London Joint Stock ...

383 39) institution is formed under official auspices and enjoys government

London and South African ... favour. The other gentlemen composing the council of directors are

London and Westminster Sir J. Hudson, late British minister at Turin; Mr J. Lubbock, of

Oriental Robarts, Lubbock, and Co.; Mr R. Benson; Mr J. Bordier, of


South Australia
Union of Australia ...

Bordier, Fabris, and Co.: Mr F. Doulton, M.P.; Mr C. Göschen, of
Fruhling and Göschen; Mr I. Leonino; Mr G. G. Nicol; and Mr C.
FRANCE.-THE IMPERIAL DECREE stating the conditions of the

Union of London Bell, of Thomson, Bonar, and Co. The solicitors are Messrs Bircham, from the 18th to the 25th of January. The issue price will be 66f. new loan is as follows: The public subscription will remain open

MISCELLANEOUS. Dalrymple, Drake, and Ward, and the brokers Messrs Seymour and 30c. Interest will be reckoned from the 1st of January. Subscrip.

Anstralian Agricultural Co. and Cazenove and Co. The aims of the new institution embrace tions of 6f. rente will not be subject to deduction. One-tenth of the Stock

100 Canada Land ...

32 . 10 a wide scope, comprising not only the transaction of financial business amount taken is to be paid at the time of subscription, and the re

Crystal Palace between Great Britain and Italy, and the extension to the latter

Peninsular and Oriental country of the English banking system, but also the development of mainder in ten equal instalments, on the 21st of each month. A

Royal Mail the commercial resources of Italy by means which will doubtless be bonus of 4 per cent. will be allowed on all instalments paid in advance.

100 East London Water Works ... more fully developed in due season. The prospectus mentions that “ direct communication has been beld with the government, and with

West Middlesex Do. many of the leading commercial and financial interests of Italy, and


Stock the formation of the company has not been undertaken until it has

East and West India Docks

Stock been ascertained that its establishment will be regarded with the

London Do.

Stock St Katharine's Do. greatest favour' by the government, and will meet with the warm SYDNEY, held its balf-yearly meeting on the 28th of October, when

Imperial Gas ... and cordial support of the commercial public." There can be no a dividend and bonus equal to 20 per cent. per annum were declared. Phænix Do. ...

United General Do. doubt that is point of banking facilities Italy is remarkably backward, The net profits amounted to 73,2631., and 3,4101. had been recovered

Westminster Chartered Do. and it is equally clear that the interests of the country demand that from bad debts, which, with a previous balance of 3,1281, made a the financial monopolies of the olden times should cease, and that a total of 79,8011. for distribution. After payment of dividend and


100 Alliance due place should be accorded to associations of capitalists like the bonus, 4,8011. was carried over.

151 153
one now formed, working in accordance with the progressive move-


ment of the times. In introducing a project of this class, therefore, LAND, held its half-yearly meeting on the 30th of October, when the
the International Financial Society are to be commended as keeping net profit for the six months ending the 30th of September was stated Guardian


519 strictly within the pale of their legitimate operations, and the con- at 39,5241., which, with a previous balance of 1,6681, made an avail Imperial Fire nexion cannot fail to be beneficial in the future to the shareholders able total of 41,1921. Of this sum 27,0001. was carried to reserve, of both companies. The present amount of the capital of the Anglo- thus raised to 60,0001., while a dividend at the rate of 10 per cent? London Fire and Ship Italian Bank is 1,000,0001., in 20,0001. shares of 501. each. absorbed 12,4681., leaving 1,7241. to be carried forward.

Rock THE REPORT OF THE UNION BANK OF LONDON, at the meeting held on Wednesday, was of a very satisfactory character. The net profits

THE FUNDS.—Consols opened on Monday at 91: for money and for the six months ending December last amount to 114,3231., to WEEKLY TEMPERATURE : 8 a.m. M. 35o, Tu. 38°, W.370, Th. 370, F. 83°

closed on Friday at 903. which 'must be added 6681. brought forward from June last. The

FRIDAY, FOUR O'CLOCK. dividend declared for the balf-year was 18s. per share,' clear of income WEEKLY RETURN OF BANKRUTTS : Tuesday, 60; Friday, 65.

FOREIGN (continued). tax, being at the rate of 15 per cent. per annum, and leaving a

Consols ... balance of 60,9921., 60,0001. of which is appropriated to the reserve



Do. July Account 91 914 Russian 5pr. Cent. 1862 fund, increasing it to 170,0001. Out of the latter the directors now

903 add il, per sbare (60,0001.) to the paid-up capital, which is thus tions of live cattle and sheep, &c., into the port of London from the METROPOLITAN CATTLE MARKET, MONDAY.—The importa-3 per cent. Reduced

Ditto 45 per cent. per Cent, New

Sardinian 5 per cent. raised to 780,0001. The balance carried forward is 9921.

Bank Stock
Continent during the past week has again been limited. The Custom- India Stock

Spanish 3 per Cent.... 524 523

Ditto Passive
THE FINANCIAL CORPORATION, with a capital of 3,000,0001., one- house official return gives an entry of 944 oxen, 530 calves, 2,031 sheep, Do. 5 per cent Loan... 1063 1068 Do. 3 pr.Cent. New Def.

464 half of which is to comprise the first issue, in shares of 1001. each has 29 pigs, and 4 horses, together making a total of 3,636 head, against 3,350 Exchequer Bills

3pm Ditto, Certificates issued its prospectus. One of the chief arguments used by the directors head at the same period last year.


Turkish 6 per Cent. in launching this project is the high premium attained by several other


70% French 3 per Cent.

Ditto ditto 1862

673 undertakings of a similar character. They state that the enormous

Italian 5 per cent. 677 673 Ditto 4 per Cent. increase of commercial and industrial enterprise has caused proportionate

Mexican 3 per Cent. 361

Ditto Consolidés requirements for financial accommodation.

Portuguese 1853


234 Ditto, 1862

47 473 THE INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SOCIETY announces that it is pre- Prices per Stone.

Ditto 1862

Prices per Stone. At Market. pared to receive subscriptions for the capital of the Land Securities Company (Limited), captial, 2,000,0001. in 40,000 shares of 501. each,

BANK OF ENGLAND.-An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and of which 1,000,0001. in 20,000 shares of 501. each, are only to be issned Muttn 4 0 to 6 1 Sheep

4,810 | Beef 3 8 to 5 2

4,900 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Wednesday, the 13th day of

21,570 Muttn 4 0 to 6 4 Sheep at present. 31. per share to be paid on allotment. The company has Lamb

19,530 Jan., 1864. been established to make advances on land with promptitude, at a 40 to 5 8 Pigs


580 Veal 4 0 to 5 8 Pigs moderate rate of interest, and at small attendant expense. The com

Notes issued

· £27,690,680 Government Debt £11,015,100 Other Securities

3,634,990 pany will act as agents between the investing public and the borrower.

Gold Coin and Bullion 13,040,680 They will also make advances repayable at fixed terms, or by termin


Silver Bullion able annuities, on Landed Estate, and on every charge upon Land,

Per Quarter.
Per Quarter.

$27,690,680 such as county and parish rates, rates levied on land under public

Jan. 14, 1864.

M. MARSIIALL, Chief Cashier. or private acts of parliament, royal charters, commissioners of


BANKING DEPARTMENT. sewers, improvement rent charges on private estates, town improvement wheat, English 395 50s 30s 50s Beans, English 318 429 31s 42s Proprietors' Capital £14,553,000 Government Sacnrities (inrates, ground rents, harbour trusts, &c.


- Foreign
308 36s SOs 365 Rest

3,365,861 cluding Dead Weight An. MISCELLANEOUS.-At the annual meeting on Monday of the Barley, English 328 38s 32s 38s Peas, English 345 508 348 509 Public Deposits (including


£11,077.189 London and Brazilian Bank & dividend of 17s. 6d. per share was

Exchequer, Savings' Banks, Other Securities

. 20,555,386 Oats, English declared free of income tax, being at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum.

183 248 185 248 Tares
Commissioners or National

6,927, 185 Scotch ...

Per 280 lbs. Debt, and Dividend AC

Gold and Silver Coin

667,917 The reserve fund now amounts to 20,0001. The proceedings were re Irish

175 238 178 239 Flour, English


. 5,264,097 garded as very satisfactory.-At the meeting on Monday of the Land

178 228 178 22s Foreign 325 36s 32s 36s Other Deposits

- 15,411,794 Mortgage Bank of India, Mr S. Laing in the chair, it was resolved to

Seven Days and other Bills 632,925 accept the agency of the Crédit Foncier of the Island of the Mauritius, HAY MARKET.- Per load of 36 trusses : Hay, £3 os. to £4 108.

£39,227,677 and of similar agencies, should they offer, from cognate societies in Clover, £4 os. to £6 108. Straw, £1 6s. to £1 103.

Jan. 14, 1964,

M. MARSHALL, Chief Cashier.

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ing communes the General ordered that from 200 to 500 blows with a was preferred to the deanery of Peterborough, from whence, in THE CIVIL WAR IN AMERICA.

stick should be inflicted on each. He nevertheless failed to extort any 1842, he was transferred to the deanery of Westminster; and in

confession from them. Their mutilated bodies were then removed, 1845 he was consecrated Bishop of Ely. Dr Turton was a most The war intelligence this week is scanty. General Thomas has and the General ordered Norbert Urbanus, fifty years of age, and learned divine, a profound mathematician, and an elegant and correct telographed to General Halleck that General Wheeler captured a possessing great influence in the country, to be brought forward. He classical scholar. His theological works are numerous, but he is Federal supply train at Charleston, in Tennessee, on the 29th. "General first spoke to bis prisoner with great mildness, in order to induce him principally known by his refutation, in two volumes, of the doctrine Wheeler attempted to capture the escort also ; but reinforcements from to give information, but he could obtain nothing from him. He then which had been laid down by Cardinal Wiseman with reference to Calboun arriving for the Federals, he was obliged to retire. The ordered that he should be beaten without mercy, and that his wife and the Eucharist. In 1827 he published, under the signature of Crito Federals claim to have killed and wounded several of the Confederates, two children should be committed to prison. "Finding that all was in Cantabrigiensis, a vindication of the literary character of Professor and captured 125 prisoners. They state their own loss at one man vain, the General endeavoured to terrify Urbanus by commanding that Porson from the aspersions of Dr Burgess. In 1835 he issued a wounded. The Confederate General Forrest destroyed a portion of the he should be shot. All the preparations were made, and he was led to valuable work, entitled “ Thoughts on the Admission of Persons, Memphis and Charleston Railway between Collinsville and Moscow, in the place of execution. He there exclaimed with a firm voice, “ You without regard to their Religious Opinions, to certain Degrees in the West Tennessee, on the 29th, but is said to have been worsted in en- have commanded that I shall be shot, but that is nothing new here. Universities of England.”. Having suffered much from ill-health, his gagements with the Federals at Summerville and Middleburg. The It is not two months since we witnessed in this little town the death of lordship has led a very retired life for several years, and has interfered Federal General Ellett, with a brigade of men, is patrolling the banks one of our brothers. If it be necessary that I should die for the very little either in political or ecclesiastical affairs. By the Bishop of the Mississippi for the purpose of preventing the firing upon the advantage of my country and of my religion, I do not fear death." of Ely's decease, Bishop Ellicott (Gloucester) obtains bis seat in the merchant steamers by guerillas, several parties of whom he has suc- Ho was then released. The General next commanded that other House of Lords, from which Bishop Turton's successor, so long as he ceeded in capturing. According to deserters' accounts, Generals Early, villages, containing in all 117 houses and 500 inhabitants, should be is junior bishop, will be excluded. Imboden, and Rosser, with 11,000 Confederates, are at Newmarket plundered, and the inmates, men, women, and children, brought to The EARL OF Clare died on Sunday, after a protracted illness, at and Fort Jackson, in the Shenandoah Valley.

Dusiaty, where they were exposed to cold and lunger in order to force his residence at Kensington. He was born 2nd Oct., 1793, and

them to give information. The pillage continued from the 7th to the married, 1825, Diana, eldest daughter of Mr C. B. Woodcock, whose THE CRAWLEY COURT-MARTIAL.

23rd of December, and all the property of the villagers was sold for former marriage with Mr M. Crosbie Moore was dissolved in the early

anything offered by the Burlaki, or “old believers." All the agri- part of that year. By his marriage he leaves surviving issue three The following are the remarks of his Royal Highness the Field. cultural implements were given for nothing to the Burlaki, who rushed daughters--Lady Florence, married to Lord Wodehouse; Lady Louisa, Marsbal Commanding-in-Chief on the General Court-martial held at on the houses of the Polish peasants. The entire population of Dusiaty married to the Hon. G. N. Dillon; and Lady Elioor, married to Mr Aldershott

, on the 17th November, 1863, for the trial of Lieutenant- and of Skopsistik were transported to Siberia. Of all these unfortunate F.:H. Cavendish. The only son of the late earl, Viscount FitzColonel T. R. Crawley, 6th Dragoons :

people not one offered to give information to the Russian General. All gibbon, a lieutenant in the 8th Hussars, was killed at the battle of “Horse Guards, Jan. 14, 1864.

bore their fute with fortitude, and in full confidence of the resurrection Balaklava in October, 1854. Lord Clare was formerly in the army “After a patient and protracted trial the court-martial on Lieutenant- of their beloved country.

(in the Grenadier Guards), and served on the staff in the Peninsula; Colonel Crawley has been brought to a close by the full and honour

WARSAW, Jan. 10.-A Government ordinance has been issued to- was present at Oporto, Talavera, and also took part in the battle of able acquittal of that officer. The Judge-Advocate-General has day imposing upon all the towns an extraordinary contribution of three Busaco, for which he had received the war medal and clasp. la submitted to her Majesty to confirm and approve the proceedings, per cent. upon the rent of the houses. Warsaw, Praga, and other default of male issue the title becomes extinct. and the Field Marshal Commanding-in-Chief has recommended to towns of Poland are to pay double the amount of the chimney-tax. MR J. P. PLUMPTRE, formerly M.P. for East Kent, died at his resiher Majesty that the verdict of the Court shculd be now carried out. The time on or before which payment of this contribution must be dence, Fredville, near Dover, on the 6th inst.

, in his seventy-third Lieutenant-Colonel Crawley will, therefore, resume the command of made is fixed in Warsaw for the 31st of January, and for the other year. He belonged to a distinguished Nottinghamshire family, and the Cth Inniskilling Dragoons with the least possible delay, and his towns the 25th of February, under a fine of from 25 to 50 per cent. for several centuries the name was associated with the Parliamentary Royal Highness trusts that he will prove by tact and judgment in the performance of his duties that he appreciates the importancy of his The Polish National Government has addressed a proclamation to representation of the borough of Nottingham. On the death of his position as a commanding officer, and that the painful experience

of its troops, dated Dec. 15th. It is a strong exhortation to courage and father in 1827 Mr Plumptre succeeded to the family estates in Kent, the past has not been losť upon bim. For it is only by a happy com- perseverance, and conclades with these words : “ Soldiers ! you must him great influence, and for some time he represented East Kent in bination of temper, judgment, and discretion, united with firmness, that accomplish your task to the end, and always cry Poland for

ever! Parliament. In 1852

he retired from Parliament. He was appointed the command of a regiment can be properly conducted, and the more free, one, and independent, with Lithuania and Ruthenia united by the late Duke of Wellington Deputy Lord Warden of the Cinque difficult the elements with which a commanding officer may bare to to it!'

Ports, and for many years acted as a commissioner of Dover harbour. deal the more requisite is it for him to possess and exercise those

Mr Plumptre was of an exceedingly benevolent disposition, and his qualifications for command.


contributions to religious and charitable institutions connected with ** The Court bas remarked on the animus displayed by Major Swindley

East Kent were on a scale of the most princely liberality. in giving his evidenoe, and has further noticed the evasive, hesitating, THE EXTRAORDINARY EFFORTS made by large numbers of people Mr Bennes, THE SCULPTOR, died last week. “A few years ago," and unsatisfactory character of the evidence of Surgeon Turnbull and in Lambeth and Southwark, aided by the memorial of the visiting says the Athenæum, “ this artist was in good practice, especially as a Lieutenant and adjutant Fitzsimon. In the proceedings of the Mhow justices of the county prison of Surrey, to procure a commutation of modeller of busts; and he possessed natural talents sufficient to have Court-martial both Major Swindley and 'Surgeon Turnbull were the capital punishment of the convict Samuel Wright having been raised him to one of the highest places of his noble calling. But he similarly reflected upon. His Royal Highness was disposed on that unavailing, lio was exccuted on Tuesday morning in front of Horse fell into troubles about money, and other things, which preyed on bis occasion to give these officers a further trial, and did not remove them monger-lane gaol, in which he had been confined after sentence of spirits, and left him too weak and agitated for his real genius to have at that period from the Inniskilling Dragoons, but he feels that he death was pronounced. So great was the exciteinent, especially among a fair irial. The best judges, however, thought very bighly of his cannot again treat them with a like leniency. 'Major Swindley has, people on the Surrey side of the river, consequent upon the failure to work. Of lato he lived much alone ; and his eyes were closed, we unfortunately, not availed bimself of the forbearance then shown to avert the convict's doom, that about 1,000 of the metropolitan police, are sorry to add, in the Middlesex Hospital." him. He has not ceased to entertain feelings which strike at the root some of them mounted, were posted and held in reserve in the imme Bishop Arnoldi, of Trèves, of “Holy Coat" celebrity, died in of all discipline. His continuance in the 6th Dragoons can therefore diate neighbourhood of the place of execation, in apprehension of a that city of apoplexy on the 7th inst., in his seventy-third year. no longer be permitted, and he will be removed from the regiment disturbance, and a rumour was current on Monday night that the THE LATE LORD Elgin. The result of the post-mortem examiaccordingly. Surgeon Turnbull, in like manner, has laid himself open military would be called out if necessary. As the event proved, there nation of the late Lord Elgin has proved what had been suspected to the gravest censure. His conduct with reference to the entries in never was less occasion for more than ordinary precautions to maintain from the first—that his death was not attributable to any disease of the Hospital Records will become the subject of furtber inquiry, and, order. The crowd was much less numerous than is accustomed to Indian origin. It was found that the heart was in a state of what should his explanations not prove satisfactory, most serious notice assemble at executions in London, and, upon the whole, behaved with is called professionally “ fatty degeneration"—that is, that it bad lost must necessarily be taken of his proceedings ; but, at all events, bis greater decorum, excepting perhaps during the few moments that the its muscular character, and become weak and dilated. The right continuance in the Inniskilling Dragoons has become impossible. convict appeared upon the scaffold, when some expressions of indigna- ventricle was fatally affected. There was also advanced disease of Lieutenant and Adjutant Fitzsimon has by his replies and evasive tion were used, directed, however, not against him, but the department the kidneys. The changes in the structure of these vital organs bad answers proved himself utterly unfit for the post of adjutant, the which had refused to grant his reprieve. Besides the efforts previously been long in progress. It is strange that they had not earlier given duties of which he carried out in so unsatisfactory a manner, as made to obtain a remission of the capital punishment, Mr Gurney, marked evidence of their existence, for they would have soon proved proved by his own evidence. It is further most undesirable that he M.P., and Mr Phillips, two of the visiting justices of the prison, had fatal under any circunstances and in any climate. sbould continue in the 6th Dragoons. He therefore will likewise be an interview on Monday with Mr Justice Blackburn, before whom the removed from the regiment. The general tone and temper evinced by prisoner had pleaded “Guilty.” They entreated the learned judge in THE DEATHS IN LONDON LAST WEEK were 1,798, an excess of 279 a portion of the officers of the Indiskilling Dragoons is most de: the most earnest manner to interpose with the Home Secretary, but above the average. The increase arose from the recent depression of plorable. When the Field-Marshal issued he stated that he could not see anything in the case that would justify temperature, as is more particularly shown by the number of deaths his Memorandum on the Mhow Court-martial, he was not, as he his interference, and that the law must take its course so far as he was from diseases of the respiratory organs. The number of deaths in is now, aware of the extent of ill-feeling which actually prevailed. concerned. From that time it was felt that nothing more could be this class, which more than others rises and falls with the fluctuations Discipline cannot be maintained when such views are entertained by done to save the prisoner, although up to a late hour on Monday night of heat and cold, rose last week to 473. In the previous week the any portion of the officers of the regiment, and it greatly redounds to it was still hoped that a reprieve might arrive. A handbill in the number was 313. The corrected average of the class for ten correthe credit of the corps generally that its efficiency did not suffer more by following terms, and with a border in mourning, was extensively sponding weeks is 354. The deaths from bronchitis in the last four the insubordinate and defiant tone manifested by some of its leading circulated in the neighbourhood of Horsemonger lane: “A Solemn weeks were 147, 154, 177, and 326. Pneumonia does not exhibit any mombers. The sad and painful lesson which has been experienced by Protest against the Execution of Wright. - Men and women of London, increase. Phthisis, which was fatal in the previous week in 165 all will, it is hoped, not be forgotton by those who have escaped cen- abstain from witnessing this sad spectacle of injustice. Let Calcraft cases, numbered last week 194. Epidemic diseases do not disclose

Without discipline an army is worse than useless, and, under all and Co. do their work this time with none but the eye of Heaven to any remarkable feature. Typhus yields 75 deaths, the largest contricircmstances, it must, therefore, be maintained. His Royal Highness, look upon their crime. Let all window shutters be up and window bution to the mortality of this class ; scarlatina 74, whooping-cough having bad a personal and intimate knowledge of what the Innis- blinds be down for an hour on Tuesday morning in Southwark. Eng- 48, measles 28, small-pox 10. Nine persons died at the age of 90 killing. Dragoons were in, former days, is most painfully im- lishmen, shall Wright be hung? If so, there is one law for the rich years and upwards; among these a gentleman is registered as baving pressed with the altered tone of the regiment in respect of too many of and another for the poor !” After sentence the convict was attended died in Mary street, Pancras, on the 5th of January, at the age of 100 its officers which is now brought to his notice. Bad elements must by the Rev. Mr Jessop, the chaplain of the gaol. On one occasion, yeare. have heen introduced, which have tended to this lamentable change in while in conversation with this gentleman, he stated that on the night a corps second to none in former days, both as regards discipline and of the murder, after he and the deceased woman had quarrelled in THE WAR IN New ZEALING. The chief feature of the war last efficiency. The Field-Marshal Commanding-in-Chief trusts that the consequence of her threatening to leave him, he lay down on a bed received was the evacuation of Mere Mere, the Maori stronghold, by decisive steps now taken may at once and for ever put a stop to similar and went to sleep ; that she came and shook him, saying, she would the rebels. On Thursday October 29, the steam gunboat Pioneer practices, alike destructive to the interests of the corps and to those not allow him to sleep there ; that he jumped up and seizing a razor made her first reconnaissance of the native position on the Waikato, of the individuals concerned. His Royal Highness cannot conclude which lay on a table he cut her throat; and that the last words she when she was fired upon by the rebels, but without sustaining any these remarks without observing that be considers it due to the Com- uttered were, “Oh, Sam, I did not mean to do that!" He did not injury. General Oameron and his staff remained half-an-hour, mander-in-Chief in India to state that, while he is still of opinion that know whether she meant that she did not intend to leave him, or that making themselves acquainted with the nature of the position. whilc the character for sobriety of Sergeant-Major Lilley up to the period she did not intend to use a kuife to bim, which she had previously the natives were expending much amunition to no purpose. The of his arrest was supported by the evidence before the Court, state-threatened to do. At the last moment he was asked whether he bad steamer then retired. On the sunday following a new post, which ments were subsequently made to Sir H. Rose, borne out by the anything to add to the statements he had made in reference to the had been established above Mere Mere, was attacked by the rebels, opinions of the medical officers of the regiment, which explain to the crime. He replied that he had not, and that all he had stated was when a sapper was shot dead and a sailor wonnded in the leg. It Field-Marshal Commanding-in-Chief the grounds upon which that true. The convict was escorted to the scaffold by Mr Abbott, the was supposed that one of the rebels was killed. on the same day distinguished Generai officer made the observations on that portion of Under Sheriff of Surrey; the Rev. Mr Jessop, the chaplain; Mr Sterry the Pioneer proceeded up the river, and fired several sbots at some the case included in his remarks on the Mhow Court-martial.-By and Mr Dermer, two of the visiting justices; and by Mr Keene, the natives. News was soon afterwards brought that the enemy were command of his Royal Highness the Field-Marshal Commanding-in- governor of the prison. He was calm and collected, and on the way evacuating Mere Mere, and paddling over the swamp in 13 lsrge Chief,

expressed his gratitude for the exertions that had been made to save canoes. Wben the steamer arrived at Mere Mere, there was uot the “W. F. FORSTER, Military Secretary." his life. He walked with a firm step through the corridors of the gaol, least sign of the enemy. On the following day the troops landed,

and ascended the scaffold without assistance. It was then nine o'clock. when they found no one to oppose them; and the news we hear of

The moment he was seen by the crowd there were loud cries of the rebels is that they have turned up in the neighbourhood of the POLA N D.

“Shame," “ Judicial murder," " Where's Townley ?" and great yelling Thames, and that the natives of that district had joined them. FarMore of Mouravieff's Cruelties.

and hooting, which lasted some moments. The convict appeared ticulars of these occurences are from General Cameron iatest despatch. Private letters from Lithnania to the 25th of December are lament- touched by the interest taken in him by the crowd, and repeatedly able. One of the latest acts of General Mouravielf was to order the bowed in acknowledgment. The drop at length fell

, amid a roar of

BIRTHS.-On the oth, at Southampton, the wife of W. A. Stride, General commanding the district of Jezorosy not to appear before indignation, and he soon ceased to live. After hanging the usual time Esq., of a son-On the ith, at Donnington Lodge, Berks, the wife of him until he had completely suppressed the insurrection, in that the body was cut down, and buried towards evening within the pro- c. S Slocock, Esq., of a daughter-On the 8th, at St George's road, quarter. The General came to the conclusion that it was useless cincts of the prison. On Sunday and Monday he addressed letters in the wife of the Hon. Richard Bethell, of a sou--On the nith, Lady to make any distinction in a country where the entire popula. affectionate terms to his mother, and expressing great solicitude about Katharine Hamilton Russell, of a son and heir-On the 11th, Lady tion is favourable to the insurrection and be determined to Serike his two unfortunate children by a former wife, it is understood. Both Katharine Eustace Robertson, of a daughter.—On the 11th, the Countess a great blow. Having selected a colonel and two other superior lived blinds were drawn down and shops partially closed in token of

in the vicinity of the prison and the neighbourhood in which he had of Lichfield, of a son. officers notorious, for their cruelty as his assistants, he arrived

MARRIAGES.—On the 23rd Dec., 1863, Lord Abinger, to Helen,

second daughter of Captain Magruder-On the 1st, A. G. Hogg, Esq., at Dusiaty, a chateau belonging to the Counts Ladislas and Cæsar bis untimely end. Plater, which had been confiscated by Mouravieff, and there established

to Eleanor, daughter of the late J. Darvall, Esq.-On the 7tb, G. R.

Daniel, Esq, 64th Regt., to Helen, daughter of Colonel Guy, C.B. his head-quarters. He commenced by transporting all the farmers on the estate en masse without any trial, and with them the Abbé

DEATHS.-At Newcombe Villa, Nurrayfield, near Edinburgh, on Obituary.

the 9th, Mr Charles McIntosh, in the 70th year of his age.-On the Viotwaricz, the parish priest of Dasiaty- man beloved by his

10th, at Rosherville, Kent, R. Chapman, Esq., in the 102nd year of his parishioners. The Canon Macewicz was the next victim. Having DR TURTON, BISHOP OF Ely, died at his residence in Dover street age. He was born at Whitby, Yorkshire, 12th October, 1762-On the got rid of all the clergy, the General proceeded to the village of Aulu- on the 7th inst., aged eighty-four. He was a native of Yorkshire, 10th, at Wandsworth, Mrs Flockton, aged 87-On the 11th, at Gronant, zezs, consisting of ten farmhouses. Determined, if possible, to discover and on coming up to the University he entered at Queens

' College
, Eljatshire, J. Dawson, Esq.

, 80. On the futb, at Clevedon, F. Whally the chiefs of the

national organization, he ordered ten peasants to be where he kept nine Terms, and afterwards migrated to St Catharine's Esq., 83-On the 12tb, at Poplar, J. Carter, Esq., 83-On the 9th, at brought before him, the greater number of them being fathers of College, of which he subsequently became a Fellow on his graduating Dolphin,'82—On the 7th, Mr D. Davies, of Essex street, Islington, 85 families, and, having selected two, the bastinado was applied to them as Scoior Wrangler, and First Smith's Prizeman, in the year 1805. On the bth, at Egham, 'Trew Jegon, Esq., 91-On the oth, at Lewes, J. during the night. The following day he ordered ten victims to be led In 1822 he was appointed Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, and Woods, Esq., 87—On the 9th, at Highbury, Mrs Woodward, 87–On the to the market-place of Dusiaty, and in the presence of the neighbour- in 1827 he became the Regius Professor of Divinity. In 1830 he erd, at Lancaster, the Rev. J. Rowley, 91,






LISS BATEMAN.LE A H.- The street, wit 22 Cornhili, "London, *£.c.; and 120 horey E. MOSESR apd SON'S. SANDRING

H. ,





Sek? Wholesale cand for Export, by the Proprietors, E. MOSESand SON'S OUTFITS for






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Sole Proprietor and Manager, Mr B. WEBSTER.

attention to their large and well-assorted Stock of

COMPANY. Seventeenth week of the great Tragedienne, Miss Bateman,

The Directors entertain APPLICATIONS for ALLOT. in the highly successful Drama of LEAH. immediate use, WARM CLOTH OVERCOATS the latest and most fashionable designs, and the best work.


E. Mosks and Sox give particular attention to

Also, SEAL SKIN and manship. CHILD ARE DOING WELL Mr J. L. Toole. At Eight,

TURE STOCK, which has been created under the

this important branch of their business, and they can with
confidence affirm that the prices are such as must satisfy the

powers of the Company's Act of 1853, for the purpose of LEAH. Miss Bate van; isopported by Messrs A. Stirling, H. J. and D. NICOLL, LADIES' CLOAK and HABIT most economical. R. Phillips, Billington, Stuart, Stephenson, Eburne, and

This department is in a distinct part of paying off and extinguishing the mortgage debt of the Miss H. Simms. To conclude with a Fairy Extravaganza y

MAKERS, 114, 115, 118, and 120 Regent street, W.;

22 the premises, which will be found a great convenience for Company. Cornhill, London, E.C.; and 10 Mosley street, Manchester. Ladies and Children.

The Stock has a fixed and perpetual yearly dividend or H. J. Byron, Esq., LADY BELLE BELLE; or, FORTUNEO

interest, at the rate of 4 per cent. per annum; and such AND HIS SEVEN MAGIC MEN. Mr J. Clarke (from the

dividend or interest is the first charge upon the tolls and Strand), Meurs R. Phillips, Stephenson, Eburne, Romer, NICOLL'S WARM OVERCOATS AND WRAPPERS and C. J. Smith ; Miss Woolgar, Miss K. Kelly, Miss Patti

nodertaking, and lands, tenements, and hereditaments of FOR GENTLEMEN.

MOSES and SON respectfully, the Company, and has priority of payment over all other
Josephs, Miss Louise Laidlaw, Miss Seaman, and Miss

Preference, or Guaranteed.
Commence at Seven.

Any amount of stock not being a fraction of a pound can
GENTLEMEN, in all sizes, kept ready for iminediate use.

be subscribed for. H. J. and D. NICOLL, 114, 116, 118, and 120 Regent

Interest will commence from the date of the receipt of

the money by the Company, and will be paid half-yearly, HAMWRAPPER

on the 15th January and 15th July, by warrants on the triumphant and enthusiastic success of the great street, Manchester.

newest and most fashionable Style of Overcoat for the Season. Company's Bankers, which will be sent to the address of Tragic Artiste, Miss Bateman, on her first appearance in the

each registered proprietor. character of LEAH, in the uew five-act Drama of that title, having been nightly repeated, and even exceeded, during the

Communications on the subject to be addressed to J. and D. NICOLL, COURT last sixteen weeks amidst the applause and tears of crowded


HENRY OAKLEY, Secretary. audiences, and the profound impression created upon all who w.; 22 Coruhill, E.C., London ; and 10 Mosley street, Man

MADE and BESPOKE CLOTHING, for all Classes Secretary's Office, King's-cross Station, London, bare witnessed the touching impersonation by Miss Bateman

and Ages. chester.

November, 1863. of the heart-broken Jewish maiden, being conärmed by the unanimous verdict and critical approval of the entire PARENTS and GUARDIANS are RESPECTFULLY press, the Manager of the NEW ADELPHI THEATRE INVITED to INSPECT the NEW GARMENTS, and

TO IRONMASTERS. has the honour to announce that Miss Bateman will appear the CHOICEST FABRICS for WINTER DRESS for in the New Drama of LEAH EVERY EVENING, till YOUNG GENTLEMEN.


RAILWAY. further notice; and, in order to meet as far as possible the increasing demand for stalls, has added two more rows to

The Directors are prepared to receive TENDERS for the those previously eristing. SAUCE,-LEA

DRAPERY, for all Classes and all Ages.

Wrought-iron Spikes, 60 Tons Cup-hended Fish-plate Bolte, WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE.

and 30 Tons of Square-headed Fish-plate Boits. THEATRE ROYAL, DRURY LANE. This delicious condiment, pronounced by Connoisseurs

Persons disposed to Tender may obtain specifications and "THE ONLY GOOD SAUCE," CHATTERTON.

CAPS, for all Classes and all

received) at this otce, or after instant.

Tenders, scaled up and marked “ Tender for Chairs, Morning Performanco of the Pantomime every Wednesday, is prepared solely by LEA and PERRINS.

Spikes, or Bolts," as ihe case may be, must be lodged at this at Two o'clock. The Public are respectfully cautioned against worthless

Office before Eleren o'clock a.m. on FRIDAY, the 29th inst.

MOSES and SON'S BOOTS and On Monday and following nights, A Now Serio-Comie imitations, and should sce ibat Lea and VERRINS' Names

N.B. - The Directors do not bind themselves to accept tho Drame, by Edmund Falconer, entitled

are on Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and Stopper. NIGHT AND

lowent or any Tender SHOES, for all Classes and all ages.

By order, MORN. Principal characters by Mr Phelps, Messrs Ryder,

ASK FOR LEA AND PERRINS' SAUCE. Raynor, Fitzjame, &c.; Misses R. Leclercq, Atkinson,

HENRY OAKLLY, Secretary. and Heath. After which the GREAT DRURY LANE ANNUAL, in the form of a GRAND COMIC CHRIST- Worcester; Messrs Crosse and BlaCKWELL; 'Messrs

, all

Secretary's Omice, King's-crous Statiou, London.

Jan. 12th, 1861.
MAS PANTOMIME, ercitled SINDBAD THE SAILOR, Barclay and Sons, London, &c., &c.; and by Grocers and
the Great Rock of the Diamond Valley, and the Seven Oilmen universally,
Wonders of the World. The extensive and magnificent

Scenery by Mr William Beverley. Characters in the opening

HOUSES, by Messri Neville, Fitzjames, 'Tom Matthews, and Master

ACCUSTOMED to take EVIDENCE on COMMISPercy Roselle. Misses E. Weston Coventry, Rose Leclercq,

BORWICK'S BAKING POWDER. 154, 155, 156, 157, Minories; 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, SION, is about to visit Australia, where he will remain Cicely Nott, and Miss Lizzie Wilmore. "Harlequinado For Bread. Pastry, and Puddings.


a year, and return by New Zealand and the Cape of Good Clowns, Harry Boleno and C. Lauri. Pantaloons, Messrs W.

506, 507, 308, New Oxford strect; 1, 2, 3, Hart street.

Hore. He will undertake business in any of these Colonies A. Barnes and J. Morrie. Harlequins, Messrs J. Cormack The Queen's Private Baker says

137, 138, Tottenham-court road; 283, Euston road.


for reference, &c., A. 15. care of Messrs and S. Saville. Columbincs, Madame Boleno and the Misses * It is a most useful invention."

SAUNDERS, OTLEY, and MORGAN, Bankers, Army Gunnis. Prices as usual. Box-omice open from ten till Are Capt. Allen Young, of the Arctic Yacht “l'ox,” states that

and Colonial Agent, 9 Waterloo place, Pallmall, S.W. daily.

“It keeps well and answers admirably." E. Hamilton, Esq., M.D., F.S.A., observes that

ESTABLISHMENT. " It is much better for raising Bread than Yeast, and much

Bridge street, Bitadford, Yorkshire, more wholesome."

VEOLOGY.-KING'S COLLEGE, OYAL ST JAMES'S THEATRE. Sold everywhere, but see that you get “BORWICK's."

Ker. T. Wiltshire, M.A, will give a COURBE of LECTƯRES

on GEOLOGY, on Wednesday evenings, from eight to nina Great Attraction.

MENTS are CLOSED every l'riday erening at sunset o'clock. The first Lecture, January 2uth, to be continued to Second week of Mr and Mrs Charles Mathews.

CAPTAIN WHITE'S ORIENTAL until Saturday evening at sunset, wlien business is resumed Easter. A MORE EXTENDED COURSE will begin on Mr J. L. Toole as Mrs Brown, Mr Phelps, Me Fechter, and PICKLE, CURRY or MULLIGATAWNY

until Eleveu o'clock.

Wednesday and Friday mornings, from nine to ten o'clock, Lady Audley every evening. - 1863; or THE SENSATIONS

All Articles are marked the lowest prices in plain ngures. commencing January 27th, and will be continued to Jane. OF 'TUE PAST SEASON, until further notice. -Among the

Any article pot approved of will be exchanged, or the

R. W. JELF, D.D., Principal. artists who will appear here are Mr Benjamin Webster, Mr

money returned. J. L. Toole, Mr Paul Bedford, and Mr Charles Mathews. 'Mrs Curry Powder, and Curry Sauce, may be obtained from all List of Prices, with Rules for Sell-measurement, Fashion Stirling, Mrs Frank Matthews, Miss Cottrell, Miss Went.

Sauce Vendors, and wholesale of

Card, and our new pamphlet “On Modern Costume" (a worth, Miss Fanny Josephs, and Mrs Charles Mathews. CROSSE & BLACKWELL, Purveyors to the Queen,

sequel to " Goesip on Dress"), gratis and post free. On MONDAY and during the Weok, at Seren, THE

road, in the immediate vicinity of the Great Northern ADVENTURES of a LOVE LETTER; COOL AS A SOHO SQUARE, LONDON.

Railway Terminus, King's cross.

FUNDS are urgently REQUIRED.
WINES-PURE AND CHEAP. Uplolstery Goods, Bedsteads fixed, Superior Bedding; Nicholas lane.

assortment of First Class Cabinet Furniture, TREASUREK AND BANKER.--Edward Masterman, Esq., A New Comedy, in Rehearsal, by Leicester Buckingham, Esq.

THE IMPERIAL WINE COMPANY, Carpets, new Fabrics for Curtnins, &c. &c. convenicntly

arranged for inspection in the Furniture Gallerics and Show Consisting of leading Growers of Clarets, Porta, Sherries, &c., Rooms of Messrs DRUCE and Co., is unequalled in extent

Inports the choicest Wines, HILHARMONIC SOCIETY

And sells to the Public at reasonable prices.

visit this Celebrated Establishment, every article being CONSUMPTION arc EFFECTUALLY CURED by Conductor : Professor STERNDALE BENNETT,

marked in pluin figures, that they may make their own cal. Mus. D.-- The Directors respectfully announce that the CELLARS—Marylebone Court House, W.

culations from the goods before them, or Estimates will bo

KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES, CONCERTS of the ensuing season will take place at the STOKES AND OTricy.s—314 Oxford street, W.

given for furnishing any class of residence in Town or Which are DAILY RECOMMENDED by the FACULTY HANOVER SQUARE ROOMS, on the following Monday EuroRT AND BOTTLING. VAULTS—15 Jobu strost, Crutched Country, free of charge, and thic goods can be at once selected – Testimonials from the most eminent of whom may be inEvenings: February 29; March 14; April 18; Alay 2, 16, Friars, E.C., London.

from the Show Rooms, with which a written warranty for spected as the most effectual, safe, speedy, and convenient and 30; June 13 and 27.

twelve months will be given. Public attention is particularly reuncdy for Cough and all Disorders of the Lungo, Chest, Subscriptions received by Messrs Addison and Lucas, 210

invited to several suites of Chamber Furniture exactly similar and Throat.
Regent street
LAZENBY anel SON, FOREIGN to those in the Exhibition of 1862, also to some very beauti-

Sold in Boxes, 11. 11d. ; and Tips, 25. 9d., 45, 6d., and 11s.
SAUCES and PICKLES prepared under Personal

offered by them at a great deduction

in price. N.B. - Hive cach, by 1: KEATING, Chemist, 79 St Paul's Churchyard, MINSTRELS.-ST

Hundred Fushionable Easy Claire, Sctices, Side and Centro

London. Soid rotail by all Druggists, &c.
JAMES'S HALL.-Owing to the success which has

Ottoinans of the newest forms. One llundred Superior Ward attended their recent performances in the above Hall, the

Priced catalogue post free.

robes, Sixty Sets of very tue Dining Tables, Eighty elegan Proprietor begs to announce that they will appear, for a 6 Edwards street, Portman square, London, W.

Sideboards in Oak, Walnut, and Mahogany, Dining and PARENTS AND limited number of nights, in the Minor St James's Hall,

Drawing Room Chairs in almost endless variety of paitern, which has been elegantly decorated and furnished. Perform

N. B.--Sole Proprietors of the Receipt for Harvey's Sauce. and a very large collection of Parisian Tables, Cabinets, and schools induce a solicitude for their personal comfort and auce every night at 8. Wednesday and Saturday at threc.

Cabinet Tables, &c. &c., at prices not to be met with else attraction, and

where. Stall chairs, Ss. ; area, 28.: gallery, 18. Proprietor W.

Drawings aud Books of Bedsteads and price of

Homeopathic Practitioners, and the Medical Pro. Bedding sent post free. Burton; Secretary, H. Boufauti.

A Servant's bed-roorn, well and

ROWLANDS' MACASSAR Oil, for accelerating the fession, generally; recommend Cocoa as being the most completely furnished, for 840. DRUCE and Co., 68 and 69 growth and improving and beautifying the hair,

When the doctrine of Baker street, Portman square. Favourable arrangements can
Homeopathy was first introduced into this country, there be made for delivery in the country.

ROWLANDS' KALYDOR, for improving the skin and OCIETY of PAINTERS in WATER- were to be obtained no preparations of Cocoa either


complexion, and removing cutaneous dcfects, and COLOURS.-The ANNUAL WINTER EXHIBITION tive to the taste or acceptable to the stomach : the nut was

ROWLANDS' ODONTO, or Pearl Dentifrice, for rendering of SKETCH ES and STUDIES by the Members is now OPEN either supplied in its crude state or so unskilfully manu

YOUNG'S PATENT PARAFFINE OIL. the teeth beautifully white, and preserving the gums, aro at their Gallery, 5 Pallmall east. 9 till dusk. Admission ls. factured as to obtain little notice.


considered indispensable accompaniments to the attainment JOS. J. JENKINS, Secretary. J. EPPS, of London, Homeopathic Chemist, was

of those personal advantages so universally sought for and induced in the year 1839 to turn luis attention to this sub YOUNG'S PATENT LUBRICATING OIL. admired. ject, and at length succceded, with the assistance of ela. borate inachinery, in being the first to produce an article

Sold by A. ROWLAND and SONS, 20, Hatton Garden, CONSTIPATION, DEBILITY, NERVOUSNESS, Pure in its composition, and so refined by the perfect tri. DYSPEPSIA, COUGH, ASTHMA, CATARRI, CONSUAP turation it receives in the process it passes through, as to be

PARAFFINE LIGHT COMPANY, London, and by Chemists and Perfumiers. TION, DIARRHEA, all NERVOUS, BILIOUS, LIVER, most acceptable to the delicate stoniach. For general use,


Ask for ROWLANDS' Articles. and STOMACH COMPLAINTS, in every stage, are only

Sole Agents for these universally used, and perfectly Safe aggravated and accelerated by drugs of every description, but E P P s'S COCOA

Oils and LAMPS. perfectly curable by

is distinguished as an


Pills are a purely vegetable preparation, and may be

Rock, or any of the American or Petroleum Oils.
REVALENTA ARA BICA FOOD, as proved by thou.

YOUNG'S OIL may be had Retail of all respectable Oil and taken at any time by either ock without fear of danger. Ílicy

act upon the bowels mildly yet effectually, and by the fine Bands of cases which had been considered hopeless. We

possessing a most

Laiup Dealers. quote a few : Cure No. 58,216 of the Marchioness de Brohan,

PURCHASE where the Card is exhibited bearing our pressive accumulations, regulate the secretions of the liver

tonic, aromatic, and aperient properties, they remove all opParis, of a fearful liver complaint, wasting away, with a

Trade Mark

and bowels, strengthen the stom ich, and purify the blood. nervous palpitation all over, bad digestion, constant sleep Dr Hassall, in his work on " Adulterations of Fool," "ays :

Unlike many remedies, they do uot induce liability to take lessness,' low spirits, and the most intolerable nervous "Cocoa contains a great variety of important nutritive priuci.

sold or establish a necessity for the bebitual use of purgatives agitation, which prevented even her sitting down for hours plen; every jpg edient necessary to the growth and sustenance together, and which for seven ycars had resisted the careful of the body." Again, "as a nutritire, cocoa stands very much treatment of the best French and English medical men.higher than either coffee or tea."

is a perfectly palatable form for administering MEDICINE. Curc No. 1,771. Lord Stuart de Decies, Lord-Licutenant of Directious: Two teaspoonfuls of the powder in a breakfast this popular remedy for weak digestiou.

Sold by all Chemists and other dealers in Patent Medicines, cop, filled up with boiling water or milk.

Manufactured by T. Morson and Son, 13 and 46 SouthWaterford, of many years' dyspepsia-Cure No. 49,842.

at ls. 1 d., 25. 9d., and 4s. fid. Wholesale Depoi, 22, Bread secured in tin-lined 16., Hlb., and 116. packets, labelled, and ampton row, Russell square, W.C., in bottles at 35., 5s., and ** Fifty years' indescribable agony froin dyspepsia, nervous

street, London. sold at 1:. 6d. per Ib. by Grocers, Confectioners, and Chemists. 10s. cach.-PEPSINE LOZENGES in boxes at 25, 6d. and ness, asthma, cough, constipation, flatulency, spasms, sick

4s. 61. Cueh. ness, and vomiting. Maria Joly."-Cure No. 46,270. Mr James Roberts, of Framley, Surrey, of thirty years' diseased DINNEFORD'S

RHEUMATISM! lungs, spitting of blood, liver derangement, and partial deatness.-Cure No. 47,121. Miss Elizabeth Jacobs, of

CHE PURE FLUID MAGNESIA extremc nervousness, indigestion, gatherings, low spirits,


for RHEUMATISM, LUMBAGO, PAINS in the and nervous fancies.-Cure No. 54,816. The Rev James T has been, during twenty-five years, emphatically sanctioned fidently recommended as a simple but certain remedy for ' LIMBS, CHILBLAINS before they are broken, &cms Campbell, Fakenham, Norfolk, of indigestion and torpidity by the Medical Profession, and universally accepted by the Indigestion. They act as a powerful tonic and gentle DREDGE'S HEAL-ALL, the celebrated Embrocation which In tins, 116., 25. 9d.; 216., 48. 6d. ; 61b., 11s.;


, 225.; HEARTBURN, HEADACHE, GOUT, and IN DIGESTION, blances, and thousands of persons can now bear testimony successtul in alicviating the pains of the above disorders, 2411., 40s. --Barry du Barry and Co., No. 77 Regent street and as a mild Aperient for delicate constitutions, more espe to the benefits to be derived from their use. Suld in botties giving ease after the first application, and, if repeated acLondon; also at 61 Gracechurch street ; 4 Cheapside ; 63 and cially for Ladies and Childreu. . When combined with the at 1$. 14d., 28. 9d., and 11s. enchi, in every town in the cording to the directions, seldum falling to effect a perfect 150 Oxford street; 54 Upper Baker street.

ACIDULATED LEMON SYRUP, it forms an agreeable Effer kingdom. "CAUTION !–Be sure to ask for ** Norton's Pills: cure. -Price lc. 14d, and 2s. ed. per bottle -- Please observe ycscing Draught, in which its Aperient qualities are much and do not be persuaded to purchase the rarious imitations. that the names of " BARCLAY and SONS, Farringdon increased. During Hot Seasons and in Hot Climates the

street," are cngraved on the Government stamp.-Sold by OLLOW AY'S PILLS.-Nothing REGULAR use of this simple and elegant reinedy has been

all chemists. found highly beneficial. It is prepared (in a state of perfect more beneficial influence over nervous disorders than any 172 New Bond street, Londou; and sold by all respectable WAFERS -- Bampton Street, Tirerton.-Sir,- It is now

WINTER COUGH by Dr LOCOCK'S PULMONIC other medicine. Their mode of action is thorougbly con- Chemists throughout the World.

R KAHN'S SPLENDID ANATOMI. sonant with reason-They completely purify the blood,

fourteen years since I canght a violent cold and a harasrelieve boih head and stomach of all faulty functions, and

sing cough, which returned every following year and Daily froin Twelve till Ten. Admission, 1s. Consultations expel al oppressive accumulations from the bowels. With the blood purited and all poisons purged from the system, THOUSANDS OF SUFFERERS HAVE FOUND RELIEF remained during the winter. I tried various medicines from 11 a.m. 10 8 p.m., at the private rooms attactied to the

without effect, until about iwo years since I cominenced Museum ; also by letier.

AND CURE BY USING regularity must prevail throughout the body; aches and

taking your Wafers, when I found relief from the first box, pains must cease; bealthful energy must supplant weari. "SAL VEO PE DES"

and this valuable medicine entirely cured it in a very short ness, and the shaky perves must regain their wbolesome


time.-J. DAVEY."-" Witness, Mr G. Rossiter, Chemist, tone. A course of ihese Pills eradicates low spirits, nervous

Tiverton." To singers and public speakers they are inexcitability, hysterica, neuralgic twitches, and other de Sold in bottles 25. 6d. each, Wholesale, 13 Little Britain ; valuable for clearing and strengthening the voice; they Sec Extra Double Number of Health, post free for six rangements dependent on nervous maladies, which every Barclay and Sons,

Farringdon street, E.C.; and all Patent have a pleasant taste. Price is. 1jd. and 2s. 9d. per box. stamps, from Health Otlice, j6 Racquet court, Fleet street, considerate person may thus certainly and safely remove. Medicine Vendors.

Sold by all druggists. Beware of Counterscits.

London; and all Booksellers.





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