General School Laws: With an Appendix of Blank Forms

Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Company, state printers, 1905 - 170 páginas

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Página 111 - An act to provide for the publication and distribution of laws and documents, reports of the several officers, boards of officers and public institutions of this state now or hereafter to be published, and to provide for the replacing of books lost by fire or otherwise, and to provide for the publication and distribution of the official directory and legislative manual of the state of Michigan, and to repeal Act No.
Página 119 - ... shall draw his warrant on the state treasurer in favor of the treasurer of the...
Página 17 - If any person offering to vote at a school district meeting shall be challenged as unqualified by any legal voter in such district, the chairman presiding at such meeting shall declare to the person challenged the qualifications of a voter ; and if such person shall state that he...
Página 7 - The legislature shall encourage the promotion of intellectual, scientific and agricultural improvement; and shall, as soon as practicable, provide for the establishment of an agricultural school.
Página 52 - ... for the term of one year, two for a term of two years, and two for a term of three years...
Página 100 - Board, and impressed with the seal thereof; and the said certificate shall entitle the holder to teach in any of the schools of the State without farther examination, and shall also be valid during the lifetime of such holder, unless revoked by .said Board.
Página 59 - ... or who having entered upon the duties of his office, shall neglect or refuse to perform any duty required of him by the provisions of this act, shall thereby forfeit his right to the office to which he was elected or appointed, and the county superintendent shall thereupon appoint a suitable person in his stead.
Página 49 - Treasurer, on the presentation of such order, with the receipt of the person named therein endorsed on said order, and duly acknowledged, in the same manner as conveyances of real estate are required to be acknowledged...
Página 138 - And the said parties of the first part for their heirs, executors and administrators, do covenant, grant bargain and agree, to and with the said party of the second part...
Página 82 - Such application shall be accompanied with a bond, executed by two or more responsible citizens, or some legally incorporated surety company authorized to do business in this state, to be approved by the comptroller, in the sum of five thousand dollars...

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