Theology in Science

Jarrold, 1860 - 348 páginas

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Página 165 - Europe, is the site of two of the greatest river-systems of the earth, that of the Mississippi with its affluents, and that of the St. Lawrence with the chain of the Canadian Lakes. No prominent elevation appears between these rivers pursuing different directions, serving as a water-shed ; and as little observable is the elevation of the partition which separates the streams flowing to the St. Lawrence and to Hudson's Bay. Both have a very gentle...
Página 97 - These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens...
Página 101 - Thou coveredst it with the deep as with a garment: the waters stood above the mountains. At thy rebuke they fled; at the voice of thy thunder they hasted away.
Página 104 - He putteth forth his hand upon the rock ; he overturneth the mountains by the roots. He cutteth out rivers among the rocks ; and his eye seeth every precious thing.
Página 103 - When there were no depths, I was brought forth ; when there were no fountains abounding with water. Before the mountains were settled, before the hills was I brought forth : while as yet he had not made the earth, nor the fields, nor the highest part of the dust of the world.
Página 99 - And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after its kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after its kind: and God saw that it was good.
Página 111 - Romans, where death is said to be the consequence of sin : " By one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned.
Página 323 - That all mankind did spring from one original, and that there are no different species among men. For God who made the world, hath made of one blood all the nations of men that dwell on all the face of the earth.
Página 100 - And God said, Let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind, cattle, and creeping things and beasts of the earth after their kind; and it was so.

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