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Notice.—The conductors of the Journal Op Progress will not consider themselves responsible for the opinions expressed in any article to which the name of the writer is prefixed.

*»* That portion of the publication which is devoted to the Journal Of Social Progress is paged separately from, the present, and is provided with a separate index.'




Indnstrial Education.

The Great Indnstrial Exhibition of 1853, and its influence upon the

development of Indnstry in Ireland. By Sir Korert Kane, F.R.S.,

M.RI.A 1

On Schools for teaching the higher branches of Science. By the Editor 38

On the state and progress of Agricultural Edncation in Ireland. By

M. Brocan ....... 97

On Societies for the promotion and encouragement of Indnstrial Arts.

By the Editor ....... 161

New Or Uituerto Undeveloped Besources Of Ireland.

L Internal Communication.
Notes on the Inland Navigation of Ireland. Parts I. and II. By H.
HrasEssr, M.B.I.A 249, 281

II. Mines.

The Mines of Ireland. No. 1. By J. Beete Jures, A.M., F.R.S.,

Director of the Geological Survey of Ireland, and Professor of

Geology in the Mnsenm of Irish Indnstry . . . .87

Catalogue of the several localities in Ireland where Mines or Metaliferons
indications have hitherto been discovered . . . 287, 324

HI. Fisheries.

On the Artificial Breeding of Fish. By G. J. Allman, M.D., M.R.I. A.,

Professor of Botany in the University of Dublin (with two Illnstra-

tions) . . . . . . . . .65

On the Artificial Oyster Beds of Lake Fnsaro, and on the importance
of adopting a similar method on other coasts. By M. Coste, Member
of the Institute of France . . . . . .44

Application of Fish Offal and Marine Exuvia? to the manufacture of
Artificial Manure. By the Editor . . \ . . .7

TV. Peat Bogs.

On the nses to which Turf might be applied in Ireland. By the Editor.

1. Turf Paper . . . . . .171, 248

2. Peat Charcoal . . . . . . .195

Mr. J. W Rogers's letter on the same subject . . . 246

3. Prodncts of the distillation of Peat. Part I. The Utilization of

the Waste Gases from High Furnaces charged with Peat (with

Illnstrations) ....... 347

On the employment of Peat in Burning Clay Pipes or Tiles. By Henry
Anderson, Juur., of Ballynacree, Bally money . . . 802

V. Miscellaneons.

On the manufacture of Beet Root Spirit. By the Editor . . 185

Minino Macuinery, Metallurgy, Fuel, And Tue Manufacture Of Metals.

On the Electro-chemical Treatment of Ores of Silver, Lead, and Copper.

By M. Bf.cquerel, Member of the Institute of France . . 226

On the application of the Centrifugal Blowing Machine to High Fur-
naces. By Fredericr Marquardt (with Illnstrations) . . 231
On the Calorific Power of Turf . . . . .133
On the Cost of cutting Peat, and making Peat Charcoal in France . 262
On the method of preparing the improved Galvano-plastic Moulds of

MM. Lefevrc and Thourct . . . . .139

On two processes for the preparation of Alumininm, and on a new form
of Silicinm. By H. Sainte-claire Deville

Machines for facilitating the Ascent and
Descent of Miners

Arrangement of tho Fnse in the Bore in
Blasting Operations 108

On the employment of Water In filling
np deep Bore Holes In Blasting Opera-

Montigny's Chronomctrical Anemometer
for Currents of Air in the Galleries of
Mines .. .

New form of Safety Lamps

Rcuben Plant's Safety Lamp .. ..

M. BcVard's Machine"for Sifting Coal ..

Machine for Washing Coal

Woelekner's Improvements in the Pistons
of Horizontal Cylinder Blowing Ma-

Application of the Electric Light to Metal-
lurgy Purposes

Roasting of Iron Ores with the assistance
of a let of Steam

Manufacture of Coke free from Sulphur

New kind of Peat Charcoal .. ..

Employment of Quick Lime in High
Furnaces .. ..

Gas Puddling Furnace at Ilaenhurg, in
the Hortz 146


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Application of Gas to Assay Furnaces 881
Constant Action Blowpipe .. .. 834
Hardening of English Cast Steel for Cut-
lery 21

On the Composition of the Sheathing of

Ships .. .. 109

M. Gaudina method of cansing Deposi-
tions of all kinds of Metals upon any
Metal whutevcr by immersion in a
Liquid, or by a Current of Electricity 147
On the formation of Brass by Galvanic

Agency 374

Briant's Process of Electrc-gllding .. 874

Oxidized Sliver 110

Galvano-plastic Niello .. .. .. 110

Method of communicating a dull Black
Colour ttt Brass .. .. .. 147

Picault's method of making Razors .. 207
On the permanent expansion of Cast
Iron by snccessive Heatings .. .. 287

On the Fatigne and consequent Fracture

of Metals 238

Infinence of Bismuth upon the Dnctility

of Copper 208

The recent experiments upon the Metal
Aluminlum 110

Non-metallic Mineral Baw Materials, And Manufactures From Mineral

Besume of Besearchcs on the Besistance offered by Hydranlic Limes
and Cements to the destrnctive action of Sea Water. By MM

Malaguti & DUROCHER ......

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Natural Deposit of Saltpetre .. .. 242
Employment of Basalt, &c for the manu-
facture of Pipes, 'tc 844

To render Sandstones and other Porons

Materials impervions to Water .. 55

Purification of Graphite for Lead Pencils 21
Manufacture of Artificial lilocks by ig-
neons means, adapted for hydraulic
and marine constrnctions
Results of some recent investigations of
M. Vicat upon tho destrnctive action


which Sea "Water exerts upon Hydrau-
lic Mortars 111,376

Manufacture of Parafflne from Bitumin-
ons Shale 112

Manufacture of Porons Bricks .. .. 180

Norton & Boric's Tubular Tilea .. 276

Novel mode of constrncting Ships .. 331

Artificial Grindstones and Files .. 54

New Plastic Material 832

Manufacture of Laminated Bitumen .. 210

Railway, Naval, And Civil Engineering, Macuinery, Manufacturing
Tools, And Instruments In General.

On an application proposed by M. Minotto, of the properties of the
Wedge for improving the methods of transmitting motion in Ma-
chinery. By Henry Hennessy, M.K.I.A. . . . 129

Account of experimental inquiries made by M. Darcy on the Motion
of Water through Pipes. By Henry Hennessy, (M.B.I.A. . 221

On the Incrnstation of Steam Boilers. By M. Cocste . . 371

Wright's Stone Drilling Machine, (with Illnstrations), . . 259
Railway, Naval, And Civil Engineering, Macuinery, &c. continued.

Tachometer for Railway! .. 49
Self-acting Oil Apparatns for greasing the
Axles of Locomotives, Railway Car-
riages, and Machines generally .. 51
Improved Car-trnck for Railways .. 209
Attaching Car Wheels to Axles .. 3.13
Bourdon's Sprinjr Manometer .. ,. 238
The American Tuunelling Machine .. 240

Improved Excavator 209

Latt£en'9 New differential Governor for

Steam Engines .. .. .. .. 273

Spark Arrestors 272,333

Comparison of Iron and Wooden Vessels 378

New Application of the Centrifugal Ma-
chine .. 21

Hydraulic Axle-cnshion for Centrifugal

Machines nsed in cooling Wort .. 115

Dodge'sPump Valve (with an Illnstration) 274

Hydro-pnenmatic Battery .. .. 309

Method for forming Moulds for Casting

Cos-wheels, wiihout the necessity of

making a complete model .. .. 209

Loyi«ra Hydrostatic Percolator .. 275

Improved Augur 241

Improved Windmill 274

Machinery for forming Spikes .. •• 376
Stone-Dressing Machine .. .. 271

A new Hammer for forming and dressing

Millstones, by which the great danger

to the health of the workmen from

the dnst prodnced Is avoided
Tempering and flattening Saws
Sawing Machines
Plamng Wood Mouldings

Mortising Machine

Improved Tenon Machine

Cutting Tenons on Spokes .. -

New Filter for purifying Oils ..

Brlet's Gazogene Apparatns

Life Preserver Seat .. .. ..

How's Engine Room Telegraph
Velocimctcr for Measuring the Steerage

Way of Ships 883

Perry's Brceeh Loading Rifle .. .. 377

On the nse of Alloys of the more easily

fnsible Metals for Plummcr Blocks ..

Different methods proposed to prevent

the Incrnstation of Boilers
Friction co-efficient between Clay and

Iron 149

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Terwangne's Hemp and Flax Breaker 147

Flax Breaker 240

Thomas's Patent Linen Power Loom .. 49

Improved Roving Tube 278

Improved Woollen Condenser .. 209, 377

Rotary Drying and Tentering Machine 208
Bonelirs Electro-magnetic Jacquard Loom 113

Improvement in Looms 241

Ra^uenet-Roland s Dents of Tempered

Cast Steel 113

Ferrenx' Dynamometer for Measuring

the Strength of Thread .. .. 114

Sewing Machines 877

New Material for the Cards of Jacquard

Looms '884

New Mode of preparing Hemp .. .. 117

On a new process for the preparation of

the Cocoons of the Silk Worm .. 212

On the different Machines employed for

Hammering Sole Leather .. .. 115

Machine for Cutting Shoe Welts .. 241

To render white Flaunel not liable to be-
come Yellow by keeping .. .. 116

Scholar's Felted Cloth 117

New Stuff adapted for Upholstering pur-
poses, Table Covers, Carpets .. .. 884

American Artificial Leather .. . 278

New process of Tauning .. . 888

New method of quick Tauning with Ca-

techu 118

Printed Leather 278

Dyeing And Gilding Of Animal And Vegetarle Surstances, Calico

Printing, Manufacture Of Colours.

Application of Murexidc as a colouring matter for Wool . .173

On the means of determining the nature of the colouring material

employed to Dye any particular fabric .... 143

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