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All the roads to Coimbra from the eastward, the 8th Portuguese regiment, distinguished lead over one or the other of these Sierras. themselves. Major-general Picton reports They are very difficult for the passage of an of the gıh and 2 ist Portugiese reziments, army, the approach to the top of the ridge commanded by Lieutenant-colonel Surton, on both sides being mountainous. As the and by Lieutenant-colonel de Arouje Bacelapproach of the enemy's whole army was on lar, and of the Portuguese artillery, comthe ridge of the Mordego, and as it was evi- manded by Lieutenant-colonel Areniclid. dent that he intended to force our posi'ion, Major General Leish reports the good conLieutenant-general Hul crossed that river, duct of the royals, ist battalion gih, and 2nd by a short movement to his left, on the battalion 3Sth regiment; and I beg to assure morning of the 26th, leaving Colonel le Cor your lordship that I never witnessed a more with his brigade on the Sierra de Ma cella, to gallant attack than that make by the 38th, cover the right of the army; and Major-gene- 45th, and 8th Portuguese regime t, on the sal Fane, with his division of Portuguese ca. enemy's division which had reached the ridge valry, and the! 3th light dragoons, in front of of the Sierra. the Alva, to observe and check the move- On the left, the enemy attacked with three ments of the enemy's cavalry on the Monde- divisions of infantry or the 6th corps, ibat go. With this excep ioil, the whole army part of the Sierra occupied by the left diviwas collected upon Sierra de Busaco, with sion, commanded by Brigadier-general Crawthe British cavalry, ob-erving the plain in furd, and by the brigace of Portuguese inthe rear of its left, and the road leading from fanity, commanded by Brigadier-general Mortagoa to Oporio, through the mountain- Pack. ous tract which connects the Sierra de Busaco One division of infantry only made any with the Sierra de Caramula.

progress towards the top of ihe hill, and they The 8th corps joined the enemy in our were immediately charged with the bayonet front on the 26th, but he did not make any by Brigadier-general C. awturd with the 48ih serious attack on that day. The light troops 52d, and 95th regiments, and the 3d Porius on both sides were engaged throughout the guese Cacadoies, and driven down with imá. line

biene loss, Atsis in the morning of the 27th, the Brigadier-general Cleman's brigade of Porenemy mace two desperate attacks upon our tuguese infantry, which was in reserve, was position, ihe one on the right, the other on moved up to support the right of Brigadierthe left of the highest point of the Sierra. general Crawfurd's division, and a battalion The attack upon the righi, was made by two of the 19th Portugese regiment, u: der the divisions of the ad corps, on that part of the command of lieutenant-colonel Macbeari, Sierra occupied by the 3d division of infantry. made a gallant and successful charge upon a One division of French infantry arrived at body of another divisionof the enemy, which the top of the ridge, when it was arracked in was endeavouring to penetrate in that quarthe rest gallant manner by the 88th regi- ter. ment, under the command of the Honorable In this attack Brigadier-general Crawfurd, Lieutenant-colonel Wallace, and the 45th Lieutenant-colonels Beck with of the 951h, regiment under the command of the Honor- and Barclay of the sid, and the commanding able Lieutenant-colonel Meade, and by the officers of the regiments engaged, distine $ih Portuguese regiment under the command guished themselves. of Lieutenant-colonel Douglas, directed by Besides these attacks, the light troops of Major-general Picion.

the two armies were engaged throughout ihe These three corps advanced with the bay- 27th, and the ath Po.tuguese Cacacores, and onet, and drove the enemy's division from the the ise and 16th regiments, c'irected by Biiadvantageous ground which they had obiain- Ladier-general Pack, and commandedly Lieued. The oiher division of the ad corps ar- ienant-colonel de Rego Benito, Lieuienantjacked further on ihe righi, by the road leada colonel Hill, and Major Amstrong, shewed ing by St. Antonio de Cantaro, also in front great steadiness and galiantry. of Major-general Picton's division. His The loss sustained by the enemy in his divisiou was repulsed before it could reach the attack of the 27th has been enormous. top of the ridge, by the 74th regiment under I understand that the General of division the command or the Honorable Lieutenant- Merle and General Mouc n, are wounded; colonel French, and the brigade of Portu- and General Simon was taken prisoner by the guese infantry, under the command of Colo. 52d regimeni, aigl 3 colonels, 33 oficers, and bel Champelinond, directed by Colonel 2,0 men. Mackinnon; Major-general Leith also moved The enemy left 2000 killed upon the field 10 his left, to the support of Major-general of battle, and I understand from ihe prisoneis Picion, and aided in the deteat of the enemy and deserters, that the loss 11 woulded is on this post, by the 3d baitalion royals, the immense. ist baitalion, and the 2d batalion 30ih regi- The enemy did not renew his attack exInent.

cepting by the fire of his light voops on the In these attacks Major-generals Leith and 2011, but he moved a large body of infantry Picion, Colonels Maikinnon and Champel- and cavalry from the lett of his centre to the inoud of the Portuguese service, who was rear, from whence i saw his cavalry in inarch wounded, Lieutenant-colonel Wallace, the on the road which leads from Moriagoa over Honorable Lieutenant-colonel Meade, Lieu- the mountains towards Oporio. tenant colonel Sution of the gth Portuguese ( have also to me lion in a particular regineni, Major Smith of the 45th regiment, manner the conduct of captain Dansey, uf who was unfortunately killed, Lieutenant- the 38th regimeni. solvael Douglas, and Major Birminghans of

Haring Having thought it probable that he would to Brigadier-general Howarth, and the Ari endeavour to turn our left by that road, I had tillery, and particularly to Lieutenant-colodirected Colonel Trant, with his division of nel Fletcher, Captain Chapman, and the offianilizia, to march to Sardao, with the in- cers of the Royal Engineers. tention that he should o cupy those moun- I must likewise mention Mr. Kennedy, tains, but unfortunately he was sent round and the officers of the Commissariat, wbich by Oporto by the general officer commanding department has been carried on most suce in the North, in consequence of a small de- cessfully; tachment of the enemy being in possession I should not do justice to the service, or to of St Pedro de Sul; ard, notwithstanding my own feelings, if I did not take this oppor. the efforts which he made to arrive in time, tunity of drawing your Lordship's attention he did not reach Sardae lill the 28th at night, to the merits of Marshal Beresford. To him after the enemy" was in possession of the exclusively, under the Portuguese govern ground.

ment, is due the merit of having raised, for. As it was probable that in the course of med, disciplined, and equipped the Portuthe night of the 28th the enemy would throw guese army, which has now shown itself

cahis whole army upon that road by which he pable of engaging and defeating the enemy: could avoid ihe Sierra de Busaco, and reach I have besides received from him, upon ale Coimbra by the high road to Oporio, and occasions, all the assistance which his expeThus the ai my would have been exposed to rience and abilities, and knowledge of this he cut off from that town), or to a general country, have qualified hiin to afford me. action on less favourable ground; and as I The enemy has made no movement in had reinforcements in my rear, I was in- Estramadura, or in the northern Provinduced to withdraw from the Sierra de Busaco. ces, since I addressed your Lordship last. Theeneny did break up in the mountains at My last accounts from Cadiz are of the eleven at night of the 28th, and he made 9th instant. the inarch expected. His advanced guard I inclose a return of the killed and wouuded was at Avelans, in the road from Opcrio to of the allied armies in the course of the 25th, Coimbra, yesterday; and the whole army 26th, 27th, and 2stb instant. I send this was seen in march through the mountains; dispatch by my Ald-de-camp Captain Burgh, that under my command, however, was al- to whom I beg to refer your lordship for any ready in the low country, between the Sierra further details, and to recommend him to de Busaco and the sea; and the whole of it, your lordship's notice. with the exception of the advanced guard,

I have the honour to be, &c. is this day on ihe left of the Mondego.

WELLINGTON. Although, from the unfortunate circum- Return of ibe killed, Wounded, and Missing, ir sta' ce of ihe delay of Colonel Trant's arrival Lord Wellington's Army, or tbe 256b and cólb. at Sardao, I am apprehensive that I shall Captain Hoey, Deputy Adjutant General not succeed in effecting the object which I of the ygth reg. severely wounded; Cornet had in view in pas ing the Mondego, and Keating, of the 16th Light Dragoons, in occupying the Sierra de Busaco, I do not slightly; 2 serjeants, s rank and file, woundregret my having done so This movement ed. 7 rank and file missing. has afforded me a favourable opportunity of The return in the action at Busaco on the shewing the enemy the description of troops 271h of September, is as follows: Major of which this army is composed; it has Sinith, Captain Urquhart, and Lieutenant brought the Por uguese levies into action Onsley, of the 45th reg. and Lieutenant with the enemy for the first time in an ad- Henry Johnson, of he 88th, killed. vantageous si'uariun; and they have proved Wounded.--- 181 bati. sed foot, Lieut. col. that the trouble which has been taken with Barclay, slightly: 70th foot, Lieutenan-cothem has not been thrown away, and that lonel C. Campbell, Assistant Adjutant GeThey are worthy of contending in the same peral, ditto. +34 foot; Captain i.ord Fitzranks with British troops, in this interest- roy Somersel, aid-de-camp 10 Lord Wel. ing cause, which they afford the best hopes lington, diito. ist foot guards, Captain of saving.

Marquis of Twendale, Deputy Assistant 7 hroughout the contest upon the Sierra, Quarter-master General, ditio. ist batt. and in all the previous marches, and in those 40th foot, Captain George Preston, aide-dewhich we bave since made, the whole army camp to Sir B. Spencer, ditio, 1st batt, 7th has conducted themselves in the most regular foot, Lieutenant Marr, ditto, ist batt, gib manner. Accordingly all the operations foot, Lieutenant Lindsay, severely, 2d0att. have been carried with ease, the soldiers 24th foot, Captain Meachan, slightly. 20 have suffered no privations, have undergone bait. 38th foot, Lieutenant Miller, diuto, ist no unnecessary fatigue, there has been no batt. 45th foot, Major Gwyn, severely; Lieuloss of stores, and the army is in the highest tenants Harris and Tyler, ditto; Lieutenant spirits.

Anderson, slightly. isi baft. s. th foot, I have received throughout the service, the Major Napier, severely. ist bati. 5zd foot, greatest assistance from the general and siálf Captain George Napier, slighily ; Lieute. Officers.

nant C. Wood, dutto. 5th batt. 63th foot, Lieutenant General Sir Brent Spencer has Lieutenant-colonel Williams, and Captain given me the assistance which his experience Andrews, ditto; Lieutenants Jorie and Eberenables him to afford me, and I am particu- stein, severely; Lieutenant Frankeine, Jarly indebted to the Adjutant and the Quar- slightly. 74th foot, Lieutenant Cargell, se Termaster-general, and the officers of their verely 16t. basi. 19th foot, Captain Doudepartments, and 10 Lieutenant-colo nel Ba- glas, ditio. 2d batt. 83d toor, Lieutenant ibursi, and the officers of my personal staff; Colihursi, slightly. isi bait. Sóth tuoi, Ma. jor Silver, severely (since dead); Major sion of arms, and on honourable terms m H'Gregor, and Captain Dermott, severely; surrender the island. There was not a moCaplains Daisey and Burv, slightlý;

Lieu- ment to be lost in saving an enemy comtenants Fitzpatrick and Nickle, and Ensign pletely in our power, and I accordingly isLeonard, severely. ist batt. of the line of sued immediate orders for the troops to halt. the King's German Legion, 1 ieutenant Du- Thus, sir, in a few hours, has this rich, sing, slightly. ad ditto, Major Wurmb, extensive, and valuable colony, been added ditto. Petachment zd light ditto, Lieut. to his Majesty's dominions, with a populaStolte, severely.

tion of upwards of 100,000 souls, and with a Missing.---1st batt. 79th foot, Captain A. loss on our part comparatively trifling when Carneron.

the nature of the service is considered, a reTotal.--- Major, ! Captain, 1 Lieute- turn of which accompanies this dispatch, with nants, 1 Epsign, 5 Serjeants, 97 rank and a copy of the capitulation. sile, killed; 3 Lieutenani-colonels, s Majors, I have deemed it proper, for the present, 1e Captains, 16 Lieutenants, 1 Ensign, 21 to divide the island into two districts, North Serjeants, 3 drummers, 434. rank and file, East, and South Wesi, in order to facilitate wounded; í Captain, i serjeant, 29 rank the distribution of the troops to the differene and file, missing.

out-posts, and I have the satisfaction to say C. STEWART, Maj. Gen. and Adj. Gen. that those arrangemen's have been already N. B. The officer and men returned mis- effected, and that that part of the force ina sing, are supposed to be prisoners of war. tended to be employed on the ulterior object Return of the Killed, Wounded, Missing, end Pri- of the expedition, is now in readiness to move soners of War, of ibe Portuguese Army, on tbe

at the shortest notice. 27b of September.

(Signed) Henny S. KEATINC,;

Lieut. Col. Comm. Killed.-- -4 Captains, 2 subalterns, i Serjeant, 1 drummer, 82 rank and file.

St. Paul's, isle of Bourbon, July 21, 1819. Wounded.--- Colonel, 1 Major, 2 Cap- List of Oficers killed and Wounded. tains, 18 subalterns, 9 Sereanis, 478 rank Flank Corps, Lieutenants Spucks and and Ále.

Wannell, slighily wounded; His Majeszy's Prisoners and Missing.---2 Serjeants, 18 8 th reg. Lieutenant John Graham Monic, rank and file.

lilled, Major (Vm. T. Edwards, slightly Total --- Killed, 90; wounded, 512 ; pri- wounded; Lieutenant Michael Creagh, is risoners and missing, 20.

gade Major, dangerously wounded ; Leute. Downing-street, October 25, 1810.

nants Archibald ni Leon and A. K. Blackall, A dispatch, of which the following is severely wounded; Lieutenant Juhn Webb, an extract, was last night received by ard while, severely wounded.

slightly wounded; Lieutenant Wm. Richa the Earl of Liverpool, one of his Majes- Total.---! subaitem, !, serjeant, 15 rank ty's Principal Secretaries of State. and file, killed; i major, 7 subal erns, 2 To N. B. Edmondstone, Esq. Chief Secretary :o

serjeans, 2 drummers, bó rank and file, and Government, Calcutta.

I seaman, wounded. SIR---I have the honor to report that the Capitulation for the surrender of St. Denis, force, consisting of 1860 European and 1870 the capital, and the whole is arid of ionda. narive troops, which the Right Hon. the parte, agreed upon between Coi. Si, SuGovernor General of India, in Council, has sanne, commanding the island of sopa. been pleased to confide to my orders and di- parte, for his Majesiy the Emperor of rections, for the conquest of the island of France, King of lialy, &c. &c. ou ile olie Bourbon, arrived at Roderigues on the 20th

band, and Commodore Rowlev, comof June.

manding his Britannic Majes y's squaFrom the unfavourable state of the wea

dron, Lieutenan: Colonel Keating, comther, we were delayed at Roderignes until manding his Britannic Majesty's and the the morning of the jd inst, when we weigh

Hon. East India Company's land forces, ed anchor, and proceeded to the point of ren- and R. J. Farquhar, esq. on the other. dezvous, fifty miles to windward of the The whole of ihe islant of Bonapa te shall island of Bonaparte, which point we reach- be delivered up to his Britannic Majesty : ed at four o'clock on the evening of the 6th. the city of St. Denis at 12 o'clock to-morrow

The first brigade, composed of his Majes- the 9th of July, and the other military staty's 86th regiment, the first battalion of the tions in succession, as early as intelligence 6th regiment of the Madras native infantry, of the present capitulation can be cuinmuand a small detail of artillery and pioneers, nicated. commanded by Lieutenant-colonel Fraser, At 12 o'clock to-morrow, the French was ordered to land at Grand Chaloupe, and troops which occipy ihe arsenal and lmto proceed by the mountains direct against perial battery, shall evacuate their pol, and the west side of the enemy's capital; whilst ihe grenadier company of his Majesty's 6th the second, thid, and fourth brigades, were regiment, and the grenadier comparis of the to land at Riviere des Pluies, and io force 6th Madras native regiment, will take posthe lines of defence extending from the Bu sesion of them, when the French flag will tur Redoubt on the north or sea side, to the be struck, and i hat of his Britannic Majesiy Redoubt No. !!, on the south, and from displayed. thence to crons the rear of the town to the The er jops of the line and Garde Natio, river St Denis.

nale shall b: a'lowed all the hunours of war; I received, however, a message from the they shall march out of the city with their left, that the enemy had sent oui a trum- aims and baggage, drums heating, inalches peler, with an officer, to demand a suspen- lighted, together with their field ariilicos;


they are to lay down their arms on the sea- Funeral honors shall be paid to the French facé, in front of the imperial battery: the officers who have fallen in the battle, accortroops of the line are lo surrender themselves ding to their respective ranks. prisoners of war, and to be embarked na such An inventory shall be made of property of for the Cape of Good Hope, or for England. all descriptions belonging to the state, which

in consideration of the distinguished chi- shall be delivered over to the person appointsacter of Colonel St. Susanne, and his offi- ed by the English government to receive it. cers, and of heir gallant defence of the place, All warlike stores, magazines, provisions, the officers of all ranks are allowed to pre- charts, plans, and archives, are included is serve their swords and military decorations; this article. they are to continue prisoners of war, and The laws, eustoms, and religion, of the into embark for the Cape of Good Hope, or for habitants, as well as their property of all England. Colonel St. Susanne and his fa- descriptions, shah bu respecies and insured mily shall be allowed a passage to the Isle of to them. France, or to France, upon his giving his parole of honour not to serve during the war, or till he shall be regularly exchanged.

ALPHABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCIES and Dividends, announced between

The 2015 of September and the 20th of October, extracted from the London Gazettes.


(Sandya Everett Francis, Woolley, Wilts, cluthier.

Horton, and Pearke, Crabe court, Fleet Artet, 26 ( The Solicitor's Names are between Parentheses.) rosberry wniam, and Edward Ingleby, Liverpunt more BAKER Robert, Raynor. Notrinxham, innholder. (Wise, chants. Nottinghant, and Barber, Petteriane

windle, John freet, Bedford ruime Barlow Thomas, Weimurland Place, Middlesex, brewer,

Francis John, Cambridge, curn fad r. (Ney and Popes (Hewitt and Kirk, Manchester, and Hurd, Temple

Mincing lane Barratt William, Eat Retford, Notts. grocer. (Allen, Garner Thomas, Dudley, Worcerer, grocer. (Robia fonte Carlisle treer, Soho, and Mannam Kalt Retford

Dudley, and Auftice and Cox, Temple Bartolitri Gaetano, late of Well Aret, St. Mary le bone, Gill Jofeph, Upper Mary le tone freet. leather cuttero priutseiler, but now in the King's bench. (Dawson

Jeyes, Charlotte ftreet, Fitzroy square and Wrattiflaw, Warwick Areet, Golden fqoare Glover Mary and Ehsabet, Kiddermintter, milljaert. Bates James Henry, Rotherhithe, tailor. (Harley, New

(Hallen, Kiddermitter, and higB Ha.ton Gardea Bridre freet, Blackfijars

Gluyas William and Oliver, Marazion, Cornwall, dealets. Bayley Chritopher, Bath pal y conk and woollen draper.

Johns, or Edmus, Peazaoce, and price and (Highmore. Bush line, london; and Wingate, Math

Browne, Lincoln's in Beonett William. Piccadilly, linen draper. (Titfon, Gough John, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, vi&ukter. Chatham Place. Blackfriars

(Tilson, Chatham Place Berry Samuel, Buckfalt Abbey, Devon. woullen madu. Greeme William Theopbilus, zo wilism Netedfe, facturer. (Williams and Darke, Prince's drett,

Autin Friars, merchants. (Fairise and Francis Bedford row, and Terrell Exeter

Lincoln's ina Bethell John Seon, Hackney, baker. (Keurick, Hatfield

Hall Robert, Swansea, deater. (Bou efield, Bourerie Itreet Christ church, surry

Street, Fleet fiteer Blundell Ralph, Liverpool, victualler. (Carr, Liverpool, Hamilton Robert Ola B ond Areet, underwriter. (Den. and Blackrock, Ter ple

nerts and Greaves, King's Arms yard, Coleman ftreet Brook Jofeph, Huddersfield, York, itwinner. (Stephen- Haywood John, Woid Areet, Cheapide, woollen draper 100, Holmfrth and Batrye. Chancery lane

Smith, Do let Areet. Salisbury fquare Brooksbank William. Churrill, York, shopkeeper. (Gran. Heach Richard. jun. London Road, Southwark, coach ger, Leeds, and Croney, Hathorn court. Gray's inn

maker. (Smith, Dorset itreet, Salisbury Square Browne Juhn Hutchinson, Camberwell, merchant. (Swain, Hendet fom John, Lambeth. hik and carico pringer. Steven, and Maples. Old Jewty

(Hraling, i gwrence lane, Cheapide Bullocke Charles, cockspur reet, coffee honre keeper. Hewlett Thomas, southborough, Kent, gunpowder ma. (Vizard and Hutchinson, N-w finare. Linenle's inn

nufacturer, (Warry, Norfolk itreet, Strand Burrats Thomas, Tildefley Banks, Lancalter, cotton fpin. Hills Yeter. Shoe lare, dealer in fpirirs. (Chapman ted

(Ellis. Chancery lane, arte Johnson and Lond. Stevens. St. Mild ed' court, Poultry dale, Manchefrer

Hills Thomas. Abbey Mills, Wet Ham, milier, Butler Edward, tate of Deptford, common brewer, but thews and Randall, alle freet, Robb now of Bride land, London. (Langham, Bartlett's

Hubron James, Scou kport, Cheker. corton (pioner. (Buck. buildings

ley, Manchester, and Milne and Parry. Temple Carr James, North Shields, grocer, (Reed, Newcale. Hollingdale William, Riverhead, Keót. linen draper. and Fairless, Staple's inn

(Ware, Blackınan freet, Southwark, and Craw, Sevec. Chetham Heory, Petter lane, hatter. (Berridge, Hatton oako Garden

Hordern Anthony, st. John's Areet. potter. (ChippeaChilence Thomas, Batcomb, Somerset, miller. (Warty, dall, Grear Queen areet New inn, and Evered, pton Mallet

Nudton Henry N ate Hreet, tavern keeper, (SherClements Robert, Norwich, apprailer. (Simpfov and

wood, Canterbury fquare, Southwark Rackham, Norwich, and Windys. Son, and Holtaway, . Hughes Thomas, ind Christopher Sevecke, Bithop (gate Chancery lane

freet, drapers. (Willis, Fairthurbe, and Clarke, Cock Alexander. and David, Marshal Creet, $i. James's Warnford court army ciut' icrs. (Parker, 7 en pls

Hutchinson William, Sipith's Buildings. Leadenhall Arett, Cottle Robert, Manchetter merchant. (Sykes and wine merchant. (bberwood, Cufion-court, Broad Knowles, New ina and Belk, Pontefract

Atreet Cox James, Keruington, painter. (Truwhite, Lyon's Ingham John, and David Fox. Bradford York, calia

manufacturer (Evans, Hatron Garden, and Crobesi Coxon George, Church Areet, Ch FA Church. curry, mill. Bradford wright Lane, 1 avrei.ce Pountry will

Jackson Francis, Jun. Great Driffield, York, druggit. Crickmore Thomas, Ski her irret, pewterar. (Warne, (Exky, stocker and Dawfon. Furnival's inn, and Corf Old rond Ariet

wurth, Hulle Crow John Dean ftreet, Weftminster, carpenter. (Pop Jarritt George, Piccadilly, batter. (Rhoec., cook sod kin, Dean itseer, Soho

Handley, St. James's Walk, Clerkenwet Sut:ing Miriam, Bacton. Suffolk, butcher. (Bignold, Jewell John. Angel Areet, London, tailor. (YOUNG jun Norwich

Vine street, Piccadilly Dick in Traac. Liverpool, merchant. (Blakebell and Johninn Robert, Liverpool, merchant (Greaves and Makinron, Temple; and Alcrof. Liverponit

Brome. Liverpool Ilking i ha les Jenkins and Vincent May Liverpool Johnson James Alexander. Friar's Areer, Blackfriar's

patent filk hat wanufaaurers. (Atanitreet and road. melter. (Silver Aldersga.e freet Een, Liverpool, and Windle, John Kreet, Bedford Jones Edward. T'oddinghurit, Eflex, vidualler. (Hee

ley, Ungar and Marve). Cur Gtor itreet I ans Joshua, Balton-le-Mors, Iercader, cotron manu. Jopes avid William Charles, Hanfaro Place, Blackfriar's

facturer, (Mangea), Warwick ny vare, au Kays road. gaun içiler. Gregou and Dixos, Angel Balap)


Jose de

Jofeph Aaron, and George Sheppard, Trome Selwood,

Somerfety clothiers (Rotton, Frome, and Elis,

Hatton Garden Juke John Batty, Hall, merchant. (Froft's, Hull and

Solter and Sun, Kartiest's buildings Kay Jarnes Tharples, Lancaner, innkeeper. (Kays,

Balton-le-Moors, and Butterfield, Coppice row, ClerkKeland Richard, Sandford, Devon. tanner, (Williams

and Darke, Prince's ftreet. Bedford row, and Terrell,

Exeter Kennett Richard, Cheapfide, hatter. (Harrison, Old

City Chambers, Binopsgate treet Kennett Richard, and Osborn Punchen, Cheapfide, hatters.

(Birkett, Bond court, Walbrook Knight Johs &rooker, Pore reet, cheesemonger. (TAY:

b. Fore treet Kaoules Thomas, late of Leeds. York, but now a pri.

Coner in Rothwell goal, ironmonger. (Parker and
Brown Sheffield, and Blagrave and Walter, Symond's

inn Lasarus Jacob, and Godfrey Alexander Cohen, Eat India

Chambers, Leanienball ftruet, merchants. (An

Deficy and Bennett, Angel court Leemiar Thomas, Salford. Lancafter, timber merchant.

Ellis Chancery lane, and Edge, Manchetter Lewis Thomas. Cufhion cuurt, Broad freet. wholesale

ironmonger. (Mafon and Rogers. Fofter lane Lost William, Little Ormond ftreet, platerer and paper

Langer. (Turner and Pike Bloomsbury square Lonemore Samuel, Brifol, linen draper. (Bayly,

Rrittol Luud Thomas, Devonshire treet, Queen square, piano.

farte maker Collins a 3 Wajler, Spital fyuare Mac Alpio John, Briñol, merchant. (Tarrant, Chancery Marsh Charles, Wolverhampton, grocer. (Biddle, Wol.

verhampton, and Thornas Staple inn Martin Thomas Overton Flint, dealer. (Brown, Wrex

har.. and Kinderley and Co. Gray's inn Maron Philip, Bribol, boot and thoc-maker. (Stephens,

Bristol, and sweet and Stokes, Temple Y'Leod Thomas Harrison, Tukenhouse yard, merchant.

(Palmer, Tomlinfons, and Thorson, Copthall court N Nair Archibald, Abchurch lane. London, merchant.

(Palmer, Tomlipfons, and Thomo, Copchall court Moore William, Well Smithfield, oilinan. (Sweet and

Stukes, Temple Moriand James, Deptford, coal dealer. (Metcalf, Bafing.

hall Greete Munt John, and Thomas Adams, Leadenhall Areet, hat.

makers, (Rivington, Fenchurch buildings Neave Thomas and Mofes, Bicktun, Hants, millers.

(Peard, Ely Place, and Hooper, Ringwood Nichols Winiana, Piccadilly, linen draper. (Wilko,

Hoxton fquare Nisbert Samuel, Hackney, exchange-broker. (Popkin,

Dcan freet, Soha Narbura Walter, High Holborn, linen draper. (Warne,

Old Broad ftreet Nutt William, Leicefer, grocer, (Grearer, Leiceker and

wurun. Temple Nutter Hannah and John, and Thomas Wake, Hudders.

feld York, merchants. (Allison, Huddersfield, and

Willie, Fairthorpe and Clarke. Warn ford court O'Donoghue Bartholomew. Widcumbe, Somerset, wine

merchant. (Smith, Brittol Packham William, Appledore, Kent, vi&tualler. (Fowle,

New Roinney, and Barnes, Clifford's inn Papillon Peter Francis. Bermondsey, calico printer. (Pul.

lets, Fore treet Parkin Thorras. Croad freet, merchant. (Palmer,

Tornlibsons and Thomson, Copthall court Pearce William, Liverpuol, liquur merchant. (Mafley

and Cartwright, Liverpont Peirce Thomas, and william Abbott P. Chapmanade,

Wilts. clothiers. (Barton, Warminder, and Ne.

ther role and Portal, Effex ftreet, Strand Pickering Thomas, Moore kreet, Wet minker, vitualier.

17letcher, Hyde ftreet, Bloernsbury Price June and Thomas, Briftol, wine merchants.

(stephens, Brilok, and Sweet and Stokes, Taper

Terple By ell Joha, Oxford, horse dealer. (Tomes, Oxford,

and Purche Bernard ftreet, Rufell fquare Reynundfon Thomas, Manchefer, cortou merchant. (Ellis,

Chancery laue, and Knight, Mancheiter Lobertfen William, Great St. Helen 3, Bifuopfgare ftreet,

me chant. (Palmer, Tomlinson, aud Them long

Copthail court Tobilliard Nicholas, Weymouth, merchant. (Henning,

Weymouth, and Alexander, New square, Lincoln's Rogers John, fen, and jup. Fortplace, Bermopdf y, build.

crs. Wasbrough, Copths Court Rewton William, and the mas Mornall, Chester, bankers.

(K dblewhite, Rowland, and Robinson, Gray's inn

piace Ruficii Edward. York Atreet, Southwark, merchant.

Bifhop, rolborn count, Grays ins Salmonfun Abraham, wellcore Square, merchant. (Harris

and un Cattie rrect, Hound foi ch Garage Daniel toaley, Glocefter, pig dealer. (Okey.

Glocefter, and chilus Lincoln's inu Schaar Charles, Prince's freet, Cavendith square, tailor.

(Lane, Lawrence Pountpey hill Senior Joto lve thorpe, York, clothier. (Ice, Wake

felá aro ykes, and Knowles, New Inn thav Richard, Stuke-upon-Trent, Startord, merchant,

(Walhat and Ward, Newcalle-under. Lyme, and Price

and Williams, Lincoln's inn MONTHLY Mag. No. 205.

Shepards George, Cannon ftreet road, St. George's in the

Eait, oilman (Wilde, Cattle ftreet, Falcon square Sidford John Calpe, Wilts. auctioneer. Prowd and Co.

Serle Areet, Lincela's inn, and Moule. Melkfiam Smith Matthew. Charlton, Kent, rope inaker. (Mauro

nal, Warwick square Smith Joseph Manningham. York, cotton merchants

(Evans, Hatton Garden, and Crosley, Bradford Spicer Joseph, Folkftone, mariner. (Rippon, London

road, Southwark Stevens Charles, Billericay, Esex, baker and faddler.

(Cutring, bartlett's buildings Storkl John, High Holborn, dealer in flour. (Fitzgerald,

Leman ftreet, Goodman's Fields Suter George, Broad freet. Bloomsbury, vidualler. (Al

dridge and Smith, Lincoln's inn Swan George, Newcattle-upon-Tyne, grocer.

(Bell and Brodrick, Bow lane, and Seymour, Newcale Swann William Shiffoall, Suop, breeches maker. (Bucko

pall, Allbrighton, and Griffith, James Areet, Bedford

row Sykes Joseph, Queon üreet, Cheapfide, fugar factor

(Bovill, New Bridge Atreet, Blackfriars Taylor Charles, Brittol, filversmith. (Vizard and Hutch.

inson, Lincoln's inn, and Harris, Jun. Brifol Teidemas William, fep, and jun. Portsmouth, tavern

keepers (Poulden, Porti.nourh, and shelton, ser

fons house, Londen Thacker juhn, Bury St. Edmunds, brandy merchant,

! Haynes. Fenchurch ftreet Thibault France, Great Mary-le-bone freet, working

Jeweller (Henson, Dorfet Atreet, Salisbury fyuare Thomas Thomas, late at Charterhouse fuvare, Jeweller.

but now a prisoner in the Marthalrea. lunes and

Roche, Covcic Garden church yard Thomas John, Horsham, brandy merchant. (Reardon

and Davis, Corbet court, Gracechurch freet Thomas John, Llanrhynmair, Montgomery, Mannel-ma

aufrcturer, (BICE Hatton Garden, and Mardin

Llanidloes Tolley Robert, Hamptonwick, Middlesex, malttera

(Holmes, Great James ftreet, Bedfordrow Tugwell Thomas, Horsham, tanger.

(OsbalJefton, Little Tower Itreet Turner Robert, Hull, grocer. (Martin, Hull Vaux John, Cuthion court, Broad areet, broker. (Bar.

rows and Vincent, Bafinghall areet Wales Charles Henry, Vigo lane. Piccadilly, printer,

(Antice and Cox, Temple and Toompfon, Stamford Ward Robert, Old Atreet, vidualler. (Wilde, Calle treet,

Falcon square Whitebrook William, Crutched friars, wine merchant

(Sheppard, Dean Areet, Southwark Wilton John Offett, York, clothier. (Clarkson, Effex

freet, Strand, and Clarkson, Wake-eld Wrighe Jobo, fen. Great Roffell &reet, upholferer. (Pas

ten, Crofs freer, Hatton Garden Wylie Henry, Mitre court, Aldgate, merchant. (Blues

and Bowman, Old Bethlem

DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED. Alcocks Jofeph, Nettlebed, Utford, vidualler, ox, 16 Anderson John, Stockport, Chester, draper, uct. so Apthorp Charles Ward, Bridge Areet, Blackfriar's, mer.

chant, November 24 Armfirong Joon, High Areet, Southwark, linen drapet,

November 10 Arton John, Great Driffield. York, grocer, odober 16 A scough James. Leeds, York, woolla pier. November 10 Afcough George, Gery UX, York, woolfapler, Nov. 10 Audin Thomas, Chester, coach proprietor, oender 33 Naker George, City Road, coach maker. Noverbes Ball Jaines Belcher un. Kcofington, coach matter Novi 1. Barna John Truio, Cornwall, mercer, Novembar 20 Bater John, Strand, tailor, Ostober 27 Batie Andrew, Newcastle upon Tyne, rrocer, odober is Beesley Trancis, and Thomas Owen, Rood labe, wine and

brandy merchants, November Bennett James, Plymouth, haberdasher, November 3 Bennett Thomas, Liverpool, merchant. October 29 Berridge William, Maiden Joe, Wood Areeig hosier,

Novemher 3 Berry Jofeph, Manchefter, calico printer. O&ber 13 Birneli William, Great St. Helen's broker, November : Blackburn W. Leeds, York, wool apler, November 14 Bonner Francis Heory. Fleet Creet, tationer, November, Boulton Geurge, Charing Crors, cueck proprietor, No.

ember 10 Brewer Thomas, Baldw n's gardens, Gray's inn lane, cio

plate worker, Yovernber 10 Broadneld F. N. Stourport, Worcefter, boat builder,

November 13 Brown John, Little Eastcheap. cheeremonger, Nov. 3 Brown Stephen, Bloxwich, stafford, rope maker, Oct. so Brown stephen, and William rlldefley, Bloxwich, Stafford,

rope reakers, October zu Browse and Ji Powel., Liverpool, merchants Noy. 12 Byfon David, ew Road, St. Pancras, daruary, Nov 10 Burge Joun, Cattle Casey, Someriet, Auckiag maker

October 29 Cafell Samuel, and Walter Powell, Lombard treet,

bauk rs, November 24 Chapinan William, deverley York, liden draper, Nov. 13 Chinery Francis, Oxford Atreet, liueo draper, October 30 Chriftian William, Liverpooi. attorney. October 17 Clancy William, St. Mary Axe, merchant. No ember 3 Culeman John, Live perib sevir baker, v&ober 18 Colins Letitia, Halfmoon Brert, midliner, November Cuulthard Joseph, Buckiersbury, warehousemaa, Nur. at


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