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Cox James and John Smith, Mancheker, au&ioneers,

November 6 Crean Edward, Margaret Areet, Cavendish square, car.

penter, November 3 Curiis R. Worcester, linen draper. November 13 Davey James. Eat Andey Devon yeoman, November 1 Davidson John, Eat India Chair bers, eadenhall friet,

merchant November 3 Javis T. Haverford wel, mercer November 15 Devenith Ann and Henry Newport, Villier's ftreet, Strand,

uphollterers, October 12 Dinsdale Jofeph Hull dealer, October 30 Dodd y Pall Mall, hatter, Noveinber 10 Duckworth Thomas, Parbold Lancashire. vidualler,

october 15 Duffield George, Bermondsey, hearth rue manufaâurer,

November 3 Zlderton Flarry, Srifol, money fcrivener, November 17 Elliott Thomas, sejford Areet, Covent Garden, tallor,

odtuber 30 Elfden John, Newmarket, carpenter, October 31 Emmett ni J. and ). Gerrard Greet, tailors, November is Euftace William Little Carter Lane, Doctor's Commons,

cabiner maker, November 10 Forfer Kichard, High Atreet, Bloomsbury, cheesemonger,

November 3 Fotter Robert, King and road, Gilkman), November 3 Free Wilian Hinry, Broad itreet, Horfley-down. mer.

chant, November 24 German Jarvis, Aldermanbury, hofier. November 3 Gibfun John, Liverpool, tailor Now mber 9 Good timihy, Hul, doen aker, October 16 Hale arry and Harry Haggard H, Birchin lane, bilmen,

October 27 Hall homas, Berwick on Tweed, me chant, November 6 Hanson Joseph, Hura Green Suflex

innkeeper, Nov, 10 Hanfon Thomas, Battle, Suflx, ir nkeeper November 10 Maafow joseph, Surk Green, and Thomas Hanson, Battle:

innkeepers November 10 Hart George, Woo Ibridge, Suffolk, brewer. November 1 Hey Thomas, Lombard åreet, Fl et kreet, dealer in fpi

rituus liquo's November 3 Rinde J. Bucklersbury, who efale grocer, October 21 Holloway John, Peter St, Swithio's lane, wine mer

chant, November 10 Molton Robert, Wooburn, Bucks, malfer, odober 27 Hond William Tarcham, Hanis. contractor for catrle,

November 3 Howell William, Neath, Glamorgan fhopkeeper, oa. 13 Howell Pary, London road, surry habervaiher, Nov. 10 Howse John Wantage, Berk. currier, November 10 Huches Henry, Worcefter, hatter, &uber 30 Hunt Robert, Nottingham, mercer, October 17 Hutchinson john Hay, f'oland Areet, vidu aller, Nov 13, Ivory John, Mark lane, broker, October 17 Jackes william, Guilford treet, Blackfriar's road. cora

dealer, Normher 13 Jarvis Jaines, Bath, vidu aller, November 5 Jetřery's Nathaniel, Pall Mall, jewe ler, Norember 6 Jones william, Woolwich tailor. Novemier 10 Kerry Jono, Little Newport Atreet, Long Acre, haberdasher,

October 23 Kluth George, Coventry street, tailor, November o Kucht Edward, Horydown lane, liget rruan, Oct. 27 Lance Christopher Groivenor place, baker, October 23 Lincker John, Liverpool, wool cu draper, November 10 LinWs liam. Leeds. York. fpirit merchant. Nov. 10 Lines J. Upper Queen @rect, Rotherhithe. imith. Nov. 13 Lloyd Samuel. Paddington. Middlesex, grocer. Odtuber jo Lucas Nathaniel and Charles. Werks. Pancras laue. mer

chante. November 19 Macleod W. Upper Crowa @reet. Weitminster, army agent.

November 10 Marni Rachel. Rayleigh. Efex. linen draper. December 1 Mattias John Brighton, dlater. November 10 Matthews fames. Hereford mtalınan October Mnowall William. Tottenham court, St. Pancras, linea

draper. Odober 23 Mitchel William. Turnwheel lane. sugar factor. Nov. 13 Moss Joseph, jun. Newbury Berks. timber d a'er. Oct. 14 Murray Bom24. Paternuiler row. Spitalfields, thue manu.

facturer, uctober 17 Newcurabe John Exeter, vidyaller. November, Newman Robert. Dartmouth, Devon ship builder, oct. 25 Newwsite J. Bishopfgare freet without. linea draper.

Novcmber 13 Oldham Jofeph. Melton. Sufolk, grocer. November 2 tarke Wiliam. Liverpool. ipinit merch21. October 24 Parker Michael, Bipon. thopi cepet. Novcmer! Parker George. Cheniee arees. Oxford road. Br tith wine

nsker. November 17 Parnell Robert. Newent, Glocefter. tasacr. November 1

Parr Robert. Watlin's treet. wholesale haberdacher. Now

veinber 10 Payler T. Greenwich. merchant. November 10 Payne fames Weft square. Southwark, army contrador

November 5 Pearce William, Dover. cydwrider. November 13 Pennfaac, Leather lane. oil and colourman Pears Samuel. Bread ftreet, warehouseman, Nov. 19 Perkins Abraham. Stamford. Lincoin, grocer October 23 Perkins John Queen ftreet. Cheapfide. tationer. Nors Petrie Johu Kempton aid Joho Ward, Hanworth. Mide

dlesex, dealers. November 3 Phillips Thcmas. Plough court. Lombard Areet. mercbant.

October 5 Popplewe'l james, and James Jepfon. Lawrence. Poutney

lane. brokers. November 17 Potts Lawrence. Brital, cutler, oåtober 26 Prime James, and Jeremiah Smith. Birmingham, and of

Spowhill, London, hofiere. and dealers in Jace. Od. * Pugh Georse. and James Davis, Old Fith freets chemiks

November 10 Pyrke Duncum e. Bishopírate Arect, hatter. November to Railey Thomas, and James Hunt. Hul, brewers, oa. 16 Read Robert. Caroline Mews. Bedford square, table

keeper. Otober 23 Richard fon Abraham St. Dunftan's trill, Tower erecta

victualler. November 13 Rickinan w. Northampton. line draper. November 10 Rooke Thomas. Bengco Herts. farmer. Now, 6 Roper Robert. Hound fcitch. timber mercbant. Nov. 10 Rote Thomas Drewcatt. Mariborough, tallow chander.

Oftober 25 Rothery T. Leeds. York. Woolapler. Noverpber 14 Sayer Joseph, Upper North Place. Gray's inn lane, coach and

harnci maker, October 31 Scott John, Strand, bookfeller, December 1 Seager Stephen Page. Maidaone, dealer. Nov. 30 Sellers Robert Scufcoates, York grocer Nov. 6 Shafe Joh. Shoe lane, copper plate maker Oct. 33 Shevill W. Bury free Wapping, dealer Nov. 13 Shillibeer Hei ry Blatchford Piymo ih Dock audjupeer, 02. 24 Silverlock Henry, Havant, Hauts linen draper, oa, & Simmons Benjamin Jare of Newcaitle itreet, Straad, doc

maker, but now in the Kirg's Bunch, Nov. 13 Skelton James Bramley, Size lane. merchant, od. 23 Skinner David, Newington Caufe way. cabinet maker. Nov. 3 Soane. Robert Mark lane and Deptford, proviáva merchant,

Nov. 10 Spencer John High freet. Mile End viênaller. Nov, 19 Sprague Gilbert, Toptham, Devon. rope makar. Nov. 10 Spring Redhaw Calgor, Lincoln. mercer. Nov.s Stanford Edward. Canse treet. Leicester field, livery takke

keeper. Now. 3. Steedman George. and John M Lean. Bamb Arçet, potatoe

merchants. oct 23 Steevenson Thomas, Snow's fields, Bermondsey. wootapler,

oct 3 Stem Cou Saintiel Axbridge. Somerset. baker. Nov, 1 Storey Juleph and Robert, St. Margaret's kill. So threk

linen drapers. Nov. 6 Swee:i s John, Old Bond ftreet tailur. od.)3 Symond John Ramden. Oxford horfe deater. oct. 16 Taylor M. J. Latham. and E. Belcher. Liverpoole pepe

cha 'ts. Nov. 13 Tralford John Froddingham. Lincoln. beast jobber. Res. $ Trier Richard George, Parfon's Greeo. Fulham, bakes.

October 30 Troutseck Whliam Henry. Minories, victualler, Nov. 3. Turner P Market Rafn, Lincoln. grocer. Nov. 13 Tutin Ralph. Chandos Atreet, Covent Garden. cheese onger,

October 20 Valentine Richard and Joha. Murgford's court, Miik aree

Warehousemeo, cctober 17, Wake William spital tiqi are, filk weaver. O&tober 3 Wallis James Ficet âreer, engrayer. Sov. 3 Ward James. Bermondsey, brewer, November 3 Wardman Thomas. Horton, York. calico manuftaret.

October 34 Watson John, fen, and jun. a d Joseph Watson, Preton,

Lancaster, cortou manufact rers. Nov 13 Weale Philip Kingtou Hereford; tailor; Nevis Wutters B; Finch lane, Cornbilly bruker; Novi 10 Weiglutinan Thomas Newgate tirect. mercer, Nov;17 Weighernan W; Birminghan, mercer, Nor, :O Weds Thomas; and George Owen rakei Bankside, Surly

timber merchants; Sar, 5 Wilcucks Thomas, Exeter; tallow chandler, Xor, Williams William, Lad Lave, vidualler, October 27 Wood Thom is; Sheffield, merchant, Ottuber : i Wright Charles; Aldgate; rouaccenft; November ; Young Gaven; and Gave. Glennie; Budge row; wertBAR

Nov; 12


Wilh Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased. On Wednesday, October 3, the Coffre-dam; workmen employed in excavating the earth

at the Limehouse entrance of the West for the foundation, having observed the wao India Docks, crected for the purpose of keep. cer to burst underneath the pites, were ordering out the water, while the building of the ed to remove immediately from the dam. The wing-wall of the lock was going on, gave way. confidence, however, reposed in its security, Al usarly huzb water, in the afternoon, the from the immense strength of the biocos, &c. 1726-still such, that hopes were entertained bold and well-executed bas-relief, the battle that it would not entirely give way; but in a of Trafalgar. few minutes, the piles, which were upwards

MARRIED. of thirty teet long, were forced perpendicu- At St. Luke's, Chelsea, Captain Thomas larly into the air; the water of course filled Fraser, of the Madras engineers, to Mrs. Ann the daro, and the effects were immediately Brown, relict of Henry Brown, esq. late comfelt in the bason, though not to the extent mercial resident at Ramnad. that might have been expected Fortunately At Hammersmith, William Marshall, esq. no-lives were lost. The situation of the dam to Mrs. Cloud, widow of Mr. Thomas C was so much exposed that not less than from At Mary-le-bone, Count Melchior de Pothirty to forty vessels passed every tide. lignae, third son of the Duke de Polignae, to Many of these, in passing (notwithstanding Alphonsine, eldest daughter of Madame le every exertion on the part of the dock master), Vasson de la Touche. -Peter Aime Ouvry, came with a severe crash against the dam, and esq. of Abingdon-street, Westminster, to from this circumstance, and the pressure of Sarah Amelia, eldest daughter of John Dela. about fifteen hundred thousand tons of water, main, esq. of Berner's-street. the blowing up of the whole was not to be Ac St. George's, Bloomsbury, Thomas wondered at.

Vernon, esq. to Miss Billingham, niece of the Early on Friday morning, October 5, a late William Martin, esq. of Tewkesbury. dreadful fire broke out at a large warehouse, At St. James's, Sir George Warrender, nearly adjoining Mr. Calvert's brewhouse, in bart. to the Honorable Anne Boscawen, Tbames-street, wbich at first threatened the youngest daughter of the late Viscount Fala destruction of the whole of that immense mouth.-Edward H. Nevinson, esq. of Saville. building, and even of the barges on the river; but row, to Miss C. Bonney, daughter of the late by the timely arrival of the engines, and a Rev. Dr. B. of King's Cliffe, Northamptonpleontol supply of water, the fire was got un- shire. der about chi ee o'clock; but not till the whole Robert Shafto Adair, esq. eldest son of of the extensive warehouse was burnt to the William A. esq. of Cumberland-place, to Miss ground, and two or three houses damaged. Elizabeth Maria Strode, of Kenisngton palace. The loss by this conflagration is computed at Dr. Faulkner, physician to the Forces, to 15,000). No lives were lost.

Mrs. Assiotti, retict o: George A. esq. deputyThe Royal Cockpit, St. James's Park, so commissary.generai for North Britain. luag tile receptacle of the most cruel recrea- At Putney, John Winter, jun. esg. of St. tion, so long the resort of the cheat and of Swithin's-lane, Lombard-street, to Miss Gor." the pick-pocket, iş now no more. The go- don, daughter of Charles G. esg, of Gower. Ternors and trustees of Christ's Hospital, to street, Bediord-squsre, and of Berkhampstead, wbom the ground belongs, met on the spot Herts. the very day the lease expired, and gave direc- At Hackney, Mr. Willianı Seamour, of tions for the immediate crasement of the Fenchurch-buildings, to Sarah, eldest daugh. buildings.

ter of Mr. George Adams, of Stamford-hull. The monument decreed to Lord Nelson by Ac St. George's, Hanover square, Joseph the City of London, in Guildhall, is now exe. Brecknell, esq. to Lady Catharine Colyear, cuted in marble, and placed to correspond daughter of the Earl of Portmore. with that of Lord Chatham. At the top of a At St. Pancras, Thomas Hunter, esq. pyramid or obelisk the name of Nelson is in Hammersmith, to Francis Charlotte, youngscribed within a wreath of oak; and very pro- est daughter of John Abraham, esq. of How. perly, as aliuding to his great patriotism: be- land-street, Fitzroy.square. --William Johnpeath the names of his most famous achieve- son, esq. banker, of Stamford, to Charlotte, ments are recorded by the city of London, daughter of Matthew Consett, esq. of Guilfoide wbo, with the mural crown on her head, has street. jast put the last letter to the word “ Trafal. At St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, the Rev. T. 'gar." On the left hand of the beholder, Bri: Scales, of Wolverhan pton, to Christiana, el. taonia, surroundd with her usual attributes, dest daughter of the Rev. A. Simpson, divin is represented sitting, and woefully muaing nity tuior at the Independent Academy, upon a medallion, bearing the likeness and Haxton. nane of the departed hero. On the fore- At Great Ealing, John Griffin, esq, to Caground, a gigantic figure of Neptune, lying therine, eldest daughter of F. Tyler, esq. down, the right hard elevated, and in the arti- George M. Hoare, esq. of Norden-lodge, tude of sudden astonishment, seems to wit- Surry, io Angelina Frances, daughter of James ness, at a distance, the glorious buc dearly- Greene, esq. bought victory, which closed the wonderful At Newington Butts, John Hopkins, esq. career of Lord Nelson. On the basis of the to Mrs. Berridge, of, SouthCenotaph, between two small niches, each wark. containing, in demi-relieve, the figure of a sais The Rev. Mr. Lawson, to Miss Butter. lor, of excellent workmanship, is a tablet rea worth, daugiiter of Mr. Alderman B. of Cody to receive the inscription ; and under, in a ventry.

DIED. of Mr. W.


years an eminent warehouseman ia Loth. DIED.

bury, 82 At an advanced age, Mrs. Elisabetb Hatfield, At Kentish Town, Mrs. Mary Hugb, 92 widow of the late Joseph Hatfield, esq. of At Clapton, Mrs. Farrel, 67. Fishlake, Yorkshire.

At Thatcham, Jobn Wbiting, esq. 24. In Devonshire.street, Queen-square, Mrs. Matilda, youngest daughter of the late Milne, widow, 73.

Nathan Basev, esq. In Stratton-street, the infant daughter of At Stockwell, Samuel Porensett, 'sq. 65. Lieutenant Colonel Bunbury.

In High Holborn, Mr. Jon Page, auctiIn Golden square, in consequence of her oneer. clothes taking fire, Mrs. Woodgate, mother At Fulham, Robert Campbell, esg. of Ask. attorney,

wich and Lochgais house, Argyleshire, and In High-street, Mary-le-bonc, Mrs. Car- sheriff of that county. penter, 85.

At Greenwich, Peter Poussett, esg. 80. In Upper Berkeley-street, Mrs. Deering, At his brother's, in Scotland-yard, of the wife of George D. esq.

Walcberen fever, Lieut. J. Skene, 28. At Kentish Town, Jobn Williams, esq. one

In Somerset Place, Cbarles Edward Beresof his majesty's serjeants-at-law.

ford, esq. secretary to the commissioners of At Greenwich, William Collins, esq. of John- 'the Stamp Duties. street, Adelphi.

At Edmonton, Mrs. Hodgson, wife of Wm. In Upper Berkeley-street, the Reru. Ralph H. esq. Carr, of Cockers, Durham, and grandfather of In Hill-street, Berkely.square, the infant Sir Charles Coote, bart. 73.

son of George Baring, esq. Joon Ellison, esq. of Thorne, York, banker, In King's Road, Bedford-row, Sarab, wife brother to Colonel Ellison M. P. for Lincoln, of Mr.' Samuel Page, architect, and only 46. He left Doncaster in good health only daughter of Daniel Say, esq. of Sandon, two days before his death.

Essex, 39.' In Warren-street, Fitzroy-square, Mr. In Spring Gardens, Eliza, wife of T. H. Orton, one of the gentlemen of his majesty's Harris, esg. commander in the East lodia bread-pantry.

Company's service, 19. At Charing Cross, Mr. Brown, watch- At Chelsea, Mrs. Catberine Abbott, 74. maker.

At Greenwich, Miss Prisca Anderso, At Old Brompton, Mrs. Naylor, relict of youngest daughter of Colonel A. of the Royal Colonel N. 76.

Artillery. In Hans-place, the infant son of the Hon. In Sloane-street, Alexander Leitcó, esq. Fitzroy Stanhope.

At Kingsland, Joseph Savage, esq. surgeon. At Black heath, William Churchill, only son In Basinghall-street, Toomas Loggen, esq. of Peter Laurie, esq.

solicitor, In Lincoln's-inn-fields, Alexander Popham, In Houndsditch, Mr. Wm. Fisber. esq. late one of the masters of the Court of In Bow-lane, Jobn, only son of John Chancery, 81.

Hammen, esq. In Great Ormond-street, Charlotte Harriete, At Hampstead, Mrs. Susannab Townsberd, second daughter of Sir Digby Mackworth, of Church-street, Spitalfields. bart. 14.

At Lambeth, Elizabetb, relict of Joseph In Upper Grosvenor-street, Sir Benjamin Houghiand, esq. 90. Sullivan.

At Hillingdon, Anna Maria, second In Sloane-street, Richard Twiss, esq. 70. daughter of the late Wm. Pope, esq.

In Hart-street, Bloomsbury, Jon Manley, In Devonshire-square, Charles Steer, esg. esg of the Temple, and of Holbrook-lodge, At Stockwell, Robert Tyler, esq. 69. near Horsham, 76.

At Clapton, Sarab, third daughter of Wm. At Chelsea, Mr. Tbomas Antbony Devis, of Lister, M.D. of Lincoln's-inn fields. Castle-street, Cavendish square.

At Kennington, Mrs. Elizabetb Hall, wife At Kentish Town, Thomas Greenwood, esq. of Mr. John H. of Cheapside, 34. At Blackheath, William Batley, esg.

At Strand on the Green, Mr. James S. At Dulwich, Mrs. Browne, wife of Edward Newton. B. esq. 64.

In Cadogan-place, Caroline Henrietta, young. At Richmond, the Rev. John Smitb, rector of est daughter of the late Hon. George Nae Ashwickin with Lerga's, Norfolk, and of pier, 20. Hinderclay, Suffoik, 91.

In Charlotte street, Bloomsbury, Mrs. Arr At Hackney, Mrs. Sarah Chambers, relict Martin, wife of Mr. Ambrose M. of Mr Jarvis, C. 64.

In Soho-square, Jonas Dryender, esg. 63, At Sunbury, Theresa Caroline, daughter of Librarian to Sir Joseph Banks and to the Charles Bishop, esq.

Royal Society, and a vice-president of the In George Street, Hanover-square, Mrs. Linnean Society. His eminent attainments in Hall, wife of Nicholas H. esq.

that branch of science which he chiefly cultiva. At Hackuey, John Hankinson, esq. many ted, had long placed him in the first rank amore


the naturalists of Europe ; and his catalogue other religions, have recourse to that dreadof the Banksian library, which is before the ful expedient as a means of security for their public, will be a lasting monument of erudi- fame and rest of their souls. Mr. Abraham tion, perseverance, and sound judgment, which Goldsmith, whose self inflicted death gave has never been equalled, and cannot be sur- birth to the preceding observations, was the passed.

second son of a respectable Dutch merchant, At Ealing, Jebar Williams, esq. one of the of the Jewish persuasion, and came over to king's serjcants at-law, a native of Carmar. this country with his father and elder bro:her. then, and formerly fellow of Wadham college, He was born in the year 1757, and as soon as Oxford. He was a man gifted by nature his mind had acquired sufficient powers was with extraordinary powers of memory and an initiated into the principles of merchandize. excellent understanding ; to these happy en- Tenderly attached to his brother, he þecamo dowments he added the most patient and per. his partner when both were grown up, and severing application to the study of the law: when the death of their father left them in bis labours were crowned with success ; he possession of a capital that enabled them to became one of the most eminent lawyers of venture into bold speculations. Their indefamodern times. His luminous expositious, tigable industry and natural acuteness soon sound deductions, clear reasoning, profound and improved their fortune, which was greatly accurate knowledge in his profession, were augmented by the marriane of the elder justly appreciated, in Westminster-hall, by Goldsri with the daughter of Mr. Solomons, his contemporaries, and will long be recol- of Clapton, who brought him no less a sum lected by them with admiration and merited than one hundred thousand pounds. From tkat eulogy; but his professional and posthumous time their commercial undertakings became fame will not rest on the trail basis of living more considerable, and in a few years they were testimony, his edition of Lord Chief, istice ranked among the first men in the monied Saunders's Reports will remain to after ages a world. Their increasing riches introduced proud and splendid monument of his intimate them to the notice of an administration celeacquaintance with the laws of his country, brated for the expence which it incurred, and his deep research and erudition, his indefatiga- the debt which it entailed on the nation, ble and successful industry in the persuit of Whenever a loan was wanted, the Guldsmids legal knowledge.

easily supplied a large portion of it; and as the At Morden, Surry, Abrabam Goldsmid, esq. ternis on which it was obtained were always When the depraved gambler, reduced to desc advantageous, their fortune kept pace witla peration by an adverse throw of the dice, visits the facilities which they granted to Governop himself the injories which he has inflicted ment. In the purchase and sale of bullion, on society: when the seducer or adulterer lifts stocks, navy bills, and exchequer bills, and against his own brease the pistol with which in negotiating foreign bills of exchange, they he was wont to defend and augment bis also annually disposed of millions, till at last crimes; when the fashionable idiot, tired with the extent of their speculations, the greatness a life of folly, and shuddering at reflection, of their credit, and the liberality of their dispoBecks in vain for endlest rest in the grave, sitions, caused them to be placed, without one we are grieved, but not surprised, at the blind dissenting voice, at the lead of the Stock audacity of our fellow creatures. But, when Exchange. Thus eminently raised in the the benevolent of heart, in whose hands wealth public opinion, they incessantly laboured, not has proved a source of comfort to the poor, as- to obtain the applause of men, which they sistance to the helpless, and suppore to the already possessed, but that of their own hearts. deserving, close an honorable and useful ca- Charity and benevolence marked all their aca Teer by an act as cowardly as it is criminal, we tions, and their munificence was not confined not only feel grief but astonislıment at the to the deserving onjects of their own nacion weakness and perversity of man. We interro. and belief, but to Christians of every denomigate the past to discover some traces of iniqui- nation. They supported every public-spirited ty unmarked by the eye of the world, which institution with their subscriptions, and never might have led more watchful observers to closed their hearts or their purse to those who the expectation of such a deed; but when, as wanted assistance, whatever might be their in the present case, none appears, we can religious principles. The unfortunate end of only attribute the rash action to the absence Mr. Benjamin Goldsmid, one or two years ago, o; that Christian light which reveals in pre- is well k own. It greatly affected his brother, sent calamities future blessings, and those and perhaps first awakened the thought of Coristian principles that seeten the most bit- committing suicide in his mind. Mr. Gold. ter cup, with the dew of resignation. It is smid was joint contractor with the house of remarkable, that whilst chiefly the wicked Sir Francis Baring for the last loan, and taking amongst Christians, or (buse who, although the largest probable range tha he had deale born under the dispensation of the gospel, amongst his friends one half of the sum allot. both by their conduct and professions, deny ted to him, the loss sustained by the remainder its doctrine and contemn its faith, are found at the rate of 651. per tnousand, which was to commit suicide, the best characters in the price of Thursday, was more than any indiv widual fortune could be expected to sustain. rived, he had expired in the arms of his afflicte Ever since the decline of omnium from par, ed family; but wholly unconscious of being Mr. Goldsmid's spirits were progressively with them. He has left a widow and several drooping; but when it reached five and six children. He was in his 53d year. An inper cent. discount, without the probability of quisition was held, on Saturday, on the body, secovering, the unfortunate gentleman appear. at his house at Morden. Among the Jury ed evidently restless iv his disposition and dis- were some of the mos' respectable and intelije ordered in his mind; and, not finding that gent persons of the vicinage. The proceed. cheerful assistance amongst his monied friends ings lasted but a few minutes, when the fol. which he had experienced in his happier times, lowing verdict was returned : “ Died by bis he was unable to bear up against the pressure oren band, but not in bis senses at the time." of his mis.ortunes. Another circumstance His remains were interred in the Jews' burial that is said to have pressed heavy upon his mind ground, at Mile-ead. The hearse, which within the last week was, that he had borrow. conveyed the body, passed over London bridge, ed of the East India Company half a million followed by the carriage of the deceased, and He had given security for this sum, but the thirteen mourning coaches, in which were the period of redemption had arrived, it was to High Priest, the Elders of the Synagogue, and have been paid off on Friday, and Mr Gold a great part of the family, except his brothers, smid, it is reported felt considerable difficulty who were too much affected to attend. On in raising the money. Həwever, it is said their arrival at the ground, a number of poor there will be amply sufficient, when his af- persons had collected to witness the infairs are arranged, to pay all debts, and leave terment of a man, who had proved not only 2 large surplus. His account with govern their particular benefactor, but had studied to is perfectly elear, and the only loss he aprender himself useful through life to all pears to have sustained is by the fall of classes of mankind. The mourners were omnium. It is rumoured that Mr. Goldsmid scarcely able to support themselves Mr. had at one time determined, if possible, to Alison, the brother-in-law of the deceased, put an end to all his dealings in the Stock fainted over the body twice, and sunk on the Exchange, and to retire to private life. But grass, lamenting the dismal event. The this determination could not be executed im. High Priest and Elders paid every distinction mediately, and in the mean time heavy de- in their power to the remains of their departed mands would come against him. His temper, friend; but in conformity to the Mosaic laws, hitherto so equal, became, in consequence, they withheld from him the customary funcirritable. He lost all his fortitude. Despon- ral rites. dency took possession of him, and drove him Of an exhausted constitution, and a broken to the commission of that fatal act which ter- heart, Febnson, the mechanist, late of Druryminated his life. Yet he so far mastered his lane Theatre. He had been reduced to the feelings in company, that his friends and fami- greatest extremity of distress before he ape jy had not the least apprehension of his com- prised the performers at the Lyceum of his niitiing suicide. He canie to town on Thurs- condition. They, zealously subscribed for his day, September 27, in his carriage, from Mor- support, as soon as they heard of his situations den, accompanied by his brothers, Edward but their assistance came too late for any hope and' Isaac, and his son Moses, and several of his recovery, friends who met him did not observe any thiny particular in his manner or appearance. Mr. James Beattie, 43, professor of civil and He returned to Morden to dinner, and had natural history in Marischal college and univer. company. In the evening he joined in a par- sity, Aberdeel. Asa man of science, his attain. ty at cards, after walking a good deal in his ments were of the highest stamp. He pose grounds, and giving notice to several of the sessed that enlargement and expansion of mind, workmen employed in bis large premises that without which scientific pursuits never can be be should soon discharge them. On Friday prosecuted with success; that ardour which morning he rose at his usual early hour, and, stimulates and facilitates every exertion; and about half past seven o'clock, was observed !0 that persevering industry which subdues every pass over the bridge to the wilderness or rook- obstacle. His general knowledge was copious ery, in his grounds; and there he perpetra- and comprehensive, and applied with sound tcd the fatal deed. His coachmen having, as judgment, and accurate discrimination, to was usual, enquired what horses were to go to every subject which he bad occasion to discuss. town, he was referred to Mr. G. being told He commanded a great store of erudition, and at the time which way his master had walked. was intimately acquainted with the Greek and The coachman went in search of him, and Latin classics, whose writings he not only pes was the first that found him weltering in his rused with critical skill, but had many of blood, with the pistol grasped in his right their most brilliant passages recorded in his me hand. Life was not quite extinct, but before mory, the medical assiscaace which was sent for ar.



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