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WITH ALL THE MARRIAGES AND DEATHS; Arranged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to South

Communications for this Department of the Monthly Magazine, properly authenticated, und sent free of Postuge, are always thankfully received. Those are more perticularly acceptable which describe the Progress of Local Improvements of any Kind, or which contain Biographical Anecdotes or Facts relative to eni neng or remarkable Characters recently deceased.

NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURILAM. ployed in the canal, and the rowers of the On the 11th of October, the celebrated Red-car life. boat, were regaled with beef and

stock of cattle, the property of, and bred porter; and seventy gentlemen sat down to by. Mr. Charles Colling, of Ketton, near an excellent dinner at the town hall, the voDarlington, was sold by public auction. The lunteer band playing all the time. After farm does not exceed 300 acres, and the total dinner, resolutions were entered into, and a produce of cattle and sheep was 84851. The committee appointed, to enquire into the prices at which the cattle were disposed of, practicability and advantage of a rail-way or were as follow:

canal from Stockton, by Darlington to Wins. Buils.-Comet, six years old, sold for 1000 ton, near Barnardcastle, for the more easy and guineas, purchased by four eminent gentle expeditious conveyance of coals, lead, &c. mea farmers and breeders, on the banks of Married.] At Bishopwearmouth, Mr. Jothe Tees; Petrarch, two years old, sold for seph Spence, to Miss Potter, daughter of the 365 guineas; Major, three years old, sold late Mr. Thomas P. for 200 guineas ; May Duke, three years old, At Sunderland, Mr. Ralph Parkinson, to sold for 145 guineas; Alfred, one year old, Miss Dixon, sold for 110 guineas; Duke, one year old, Mr. Thomas Nicholson, of Warkwortli, ta sold for 105 guineas; and five others of infe- Miss Isabella Thompson of Alnwick. rior note from 50 to 76 guineas each..-Bull At Newcastle, Mr. George Walion, to Miss Calais -Cecil, sold for 170 guineas; Young Jane Baldwin.-Dr. Trotter, to Miss Dixon, Favourite, 140 ditto; George 120 ditto; daug later of the late William of Hawke One 20 ditto ; one 60 ditto; one b0 ditto i well, Northumberland. coe 15 ditto.-Cows. Lilly, three years old, At Berwick, Mr. James Bruce, of the Asro sold for 410 guineas ; Countess, nine years gel lon, to Miss Elizabeth Hume. eld, sold for 400 ditto; Laura, four years At Simonburn, Mr. William Shields, jun. old, 210 ditto; Lady, fourteen years old, sold of Durham, to Miss Mary Ridley, second for 206 dicio; Celina, five years old, sold for daughter of Thomas R. esq. of Park End, 200 ditto; Peeress, five years old, sold for Northumberland. 170 ditto; Magdalene, five years old, sold John Row, esq. of Newbottle, to Miss Hudfor 170 ditto; Cathalene, eight years old, sold dock, daughter of Mr. William H. of Sugfor 130 dito; Daisy, six years old, sold for derland. 140 ditto, Johanna, four years old, sold for At Durham, William Williams, esq. to 130 dirto; Beauty, 120 dicto; and five others Miss Larnbton Surtees, daughter of the late from 15 to 83 guineas, of inferior note.-- Crosier S. esq. of Redworth House. Heifers. Young Countess, two years old, Died.). At Durham, Mrs. Meard, relice sold for 206 guineas; Duchess, sold for 183 of John M. esq. of Chiswick, Middlesex.--ditto ; Charlotte, one year old, sold for 136 Mr. George Dixon, 46.-Mrs. Young, 40.ditto; Lucy, one year old, sold for 132 ditto; Alice, wife of Mr. John Robinson, 75. Young Laura, two years old, sold for 101 Ac Alton Style, ncar Durham, Mr. Joha ditco; Shocke, three years old, sold for 105 Maddison, 92. ditto; Johanna, one year old, sold for 35 dit. At Alnwick, Miss Robson. to.- Heifer Calves. One sold for 106 gui. At Bank house, Lady Ogilvy. Reas; one for 75 ditco; two for 50 ditto, At Hexham, Mrs. Rattery, 29. each; and one for 25 ditto.

At Helmsley, Miss Coning, 23. The canal lately made for altering the Ac Whatton, near Morpeth, Dorothy, rea Course of the Tees, between Stockton and lict of Thomas Bowker, esq. of Deckham's Portrack, was opened on che 18th of Septem. Hall. ber, with great rejoicings. Three sloops de. At Nee les Hall Moor, near Morpeth, Mr. corated with flags, proceeded from Po.track, Swan, 53. through the canal, attended by the volunteer At Monkwearmouth, Mr. Andrew Miller, baad and a number of boats. Guns were fired 70. as che vessels entered and went out of the ca. At Newcastle, Mrs. Ann Pollock, 63. nal. Os their arrival at Stockton, the com- Mr. George Noble, 60.-Mr. Matthew White Paay's fag was taken down from the first sloopfield, 68.--Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Francis wbich came up, and placed on the top of the Stephenson, 46.- Joseph, second son of Ms. cupola at the town hall. The workmen em. Matihew Forster, attorney.-Captain Wila John M. esq.




liam Taylor, of Liverpool, 31.- Mr. Thomas from Kendal, and thus facilitate the inter. Gilford, 24.-Mr. John Dobby, 37.-Mr. course of the western and eastern parts of William Dodds.

Westmoreland. To assist this, the commisa At Sunderland, Mrs. Hannah Butterwick, sioners of the turnpike roads ought still fur. 23.-Mr. James Rurn, 22.

ther co divert the road to the left immedi. At Bishopwearmouth, Miss Jane Clarke, ately after the alteration upon the fell, so as daughter of Mr. Robert C.-Mrs. Young, to cross the brook of Wasdale by a bridge wife of Mr. James Y.

higher up; by which the declivity to the At Berwick, Mr. Adam Richardson. -Mr. Demmings, the dangerous descent to the preThomas Law.Mrs. Catharine Hogg, 90.- sent Wasdale Bridge, would be avoided. And Mr. William Gibson, late serjeant at mace, by continuing the road still farther upon the and the eldest burgess of the town, 90, left hand from the proposed higher bridge, it

At Hartley. Mrs. Ann Stephenson. might be carried nearly level till it would At Hylton Ferry, Mrs. Maling, wife of join the road above the present Blea-beck

Bridge. This road would be found equally At Brampton, Mr. Alexander Watson. near, and as no lands are to be purchased, At Temple Thornton, near Morpeth, Miss might be made at an expence within the Dorothy Lonsdale, 28.

bounds of the trust; but a new bridge would At Stobhill House, Mr. Young, 83. be equally necessary over the Blea-beck as At Wolsingham, Mr. Anthony Bryson, 26. over Wasdale-beck. Near this place the inn At Berwick hill, Mrs. Elizabeth Charlton, might be built, which embracing the road

from Kendal to Penrith, as well as the road At Alston, Mr. Thomas Gill.

from the former place to Appleby, &c. would,

in proper hands, answer from its opening. Notice have been given that applications Meadow and pasture ground might be formed are intended to be made in the next session of without much expence, and a few plantations Parliament, for the purpose of obtaining Acts added for shelter and pleasure. Hence, unfor dividing, inclosing and allotting, the com-' der the auspices of the house of Lowther, a mon and waste grounds within the township village might arise to provide population for of Cockermouth, in the parish of Brigham the cultivation of not an ungrateful soil when and parcel of the honour of Cockermouth, compared with the cheerless waste that surand also those in the parish of westward, and rounded Buxton, Harrowgate, &c. and a station within the manor or forest of Westward. formed for the opulent, not inferior to many,

A very curious medal, which must have for visiting the romantic beauties of Weste been struck in commemoration of thc victory moreland and Cumberland. Easy excursions gained by the Duke of Cumberland over the would embrace the vales of Kent, Lune, and rebels in 1745, was found lately at the bot. Eden ; it would be in the immediate vicinity tom of a well in the castle of Carlisle, at the of the princely house of Lowther, Shap Abdepth of 8-1 feet. It appears to be a compo. bey, Hawes Water, and the vale of Bampsition of copper and tin, or such like metals. ton, the vales of Lowther and Emer. UllsOn one side is a head of the duke of Cum- water and the other lakes might be conve. berland, crowned with laurel; and on the re. niently visited. Penrith and its romantic enverse, a number of naked and armed men in virons, Greystoke, the Nunnery, Armathfight, and the inscription" Tbe Pretender's waite, Corby, &c. &c. form an assemblage of and Rebels' race for Life."

scenery unparalleled in an equal space of counA courist has in a communication to the try. Here the invalid might obtain benefit ; Carlisle Journal suggested the following plan the convalescent pleasure and health ; the defor the improvement and benefit of the ser tbe transformed from barredness and waste counties of Cumberland and Westmoreland. into fruitful fields and woods, and solitude “ Among the many things which, if pro- exchanged for the reviving sight and converse perly represented, from its being equally the of men. inclination of the Earl of Lonsdale to promote Married.] At Lorton, Mr. Peter Burs. the good of the county, as it is most undoubt- yeat, of Latterhead, Lowes water, to Miss edly in his power, and which would prove an Bank, second daughter of Mr. Jolo B. of accommodation to the traveller, a solace to Miller-place, Lorton. the valetudinarian, and an embellishment to At Carlisle, Mr. Matthew Armstrong, to the " wintry waste” of Sbap Fells --would Miss Eleanor Clark.--Mr. John Bell, to Miss be the erection of a commodious Inn, about Margaret Dowall. the half way betwixt Kendal ar.d Penrith. At Douglas, Isle of Man, the Rev. John Our union with Ireland, and our increasing Cottier, to Miss Moore, daughter of Mr. Peintercourse with Scotland, demand every ac- ter M.

commodation to be made; and this inn might Dicd.] At Maryport, Mrs. M. Buchanan, " become a watering place, as it would not be wife of Captain Robert B of the brig Hawk at án inconvenient distance from the wells'; of that place, and sister in-law of the Rer. and by opening the road to Appleby, it would Dr. Claudius B. be the best and nearest way to that place At Carlisle, Mr. Reginald Calvert, 78.


Mrs. Mary Simmerton, 64.Mrs. Graham, On Wednesday, Oct. 3, 1810, Mr. Bare wite of John G. esq. of Lowhouse.Mr. Tho. tholomew Johnson, of Scarborough, a highly mas Gailifer, 24.--Mrs. Saal, mother of Mr. respected musical character, completed one S. attorney. Mr. Robert Boyes, schoolmas. hundred years of his life, since the date of ter, 42. Mr. Joseph Porter, 40.--Mr. Ed. his baptism, (October 3, 1710,) as proved hy ward Hant, 66.

the parish register of Wykenam, near Scale At Scotby, Mr. William Sutton.

borough, where he was born. This event, At Wrey Mill, Miss Little, daughter of so highly interesting to all who knew lim, Mr. John L. 19.

was celebrated by a jubilee dinner, and muAi Pearith, Mrs. Weatherall, relict of Mr. sical performance, at the Freemasons' Hall, W. printer-Mrs. Elizabeth Turnbull. in Scarborough. The selections of vocal mua

At Whitehaven, Mrs. France, 81.-Mr. sic, (accompanied chiefly on the organ) were Robert Paxton.—Mrs. Cullins.--Mr. Crosbie, well adapted to the occasion ; and his musical 74-Mrs. Mary Allison, 87. She had livedin friends at that place, assisted by the principal Rbe family of the Miss Wenningtons 70 years. choristers from York cathedral, afforded the At Parton, Mrs Jane Allen, 30.

company much gratifica ion. About ten At Pluasbland, Mr. Richard Stanley. o'clock at night, the good old man bore a Ar Sandwich, Mr. Henry Dale, 84. part in a quarteto, by performing on the vio

At Emerald in Newland, near Keswick, loncello, che bass to a minuet, which ha Joseph Barcroft esq. 57.

himself composed upwards of sixty years ago, At Brayton Lodge, Mrs. Norman, wife of for the late Hielby Chompson, esq. of Es. Mr. N steward to Lady Lawson.

crick Park, Yorkshire, by wh:se name it At Esk Meals, aear Ravengless, Mrs. Ben- usually known at Scarborough; the other in son, 78.

strumental paris were very obligingly and At Keswick, Mr. Joseph Dover, 85. kindly written for the occasion, by W. Shield, At Cummersdale, Mrs. N. Lowry, 60. esq. in compliment to the original composer, YORKSHIRE.

whom Mr. Shield has long known and greatly It being the opinion of sonje persons, who esteemed Lord Mulgrave, the Hon. Henry wish to promote the internal commerce of Phipps, the worshipful the bailifts of scare this kingdom, that much nearer communica borough (Rubert 'Tindall and William Cham. tion by water, than there is at present, be- bers, esquires,) Colonel Lloyd, Richard

Card. tween the West-Riding of Yorkshire and the well, esq. and upwards of seventy of the capital, might be effected by a navigable canal resp-ctable visitors and inhabitants of Scarfrom the river Dun, at or near Rotherham, borough, and the neighbourhood, honoured to the Chesterfield Canal, and thence to the the meeting with their company. Congra. Erewash Canal, means are about to be adopted tulatury letters on the occasion were sent by to accomplish a communication, which will the Right Hon. C. Minners Sut:on, the Hone be very beneficial to the trading and landed Gen. Phipps, the Members for Scarborough, interest of this county, to the proprietors of and Richard Langley, esq. of Wykeham Abthe various canals and navigations between bey; the last of whom is the present prothe river Calder and London in particular, prietor of the estate on which Mr. Jolinsos and to the public ia general.

was born. Several poetical compositions - Notice has been given of intended applica- from the classical pens of the Rev. F. tions to Parliament for Acts for inclusing and Wrangham, Thomas Hinderwell, esq. &co. dividing the commons and waste lands in the were sung and recited, with great applause. parish of Reighton in the East, and in the The gratifying presence of the veteran music parish of Conisbrough, in the West Riding. cian, together with the sight and hearing of

Monday, Sept. 10, the town of Penistonc bis performance on his favourite instrument, was alarmed by an explosion in the house of gave birth to the most touching sentiments of Mr. Haigh, a shopkeeper, who had for some sympathetic affection and transpore in the time laboured under mental derangement, hearts of the company, and realized Mr. went with a lighted pipe into the garret of his Walter Scott's glowing description of the house, where there was more than 2 cwt. of “ aged miastrel." guapowder, when it is probable some of the “When ev'ry string's according glee, barning embers from his pipe set fire to it; Was blended into harmony; the explosion blew out the window, drove And then, (he said), he would full fain, out the roof in every direction, and in a few He could recal an ancient strain, minutes the whole house was enveloped in He never thought to try again : fames. Strange to say, the poor man himself Bùt quick he caught the measure wild; was found alive after the explosion, by two The old man raised his face and smil'd; men, who instantly rushed up stairs, and who And lighten'd up his brilliant eye* heard bin speak; but the fierceness of the fames, and the falling in of the roof, obliged In varying cadence, soft or strong,

With all a poet's ecstacy. them to leave him to his face. Mrs. Haigh, He swept the sounding chords along; who was dressing herself, escaped, but not without being considerably burnt, in rescuing in bax, containing a quantity of casb and notes His sight is remarkably good.


The present scone, the future lot,

65. To a person, no relation, he has left bis llis toils, his wants, were all forgot;

landed property worth about 4001. Being rea ('old diffidence and age's frost,

markably fond of dancing, he has bequeathed In the fu!! tide of song were lost."

to three young women, good dancers, five The venerable object of this public testimony guineas each, to another his bed and bedding, of regard, retired about cleven o'clock, in and to his son, only his fiddle. the highest healih and spirits, followed by

Ac Dewsbury, Mrs. Jackson, and a few days the blessings and best wishes of all who were afterwards her husband Mr. J. druggist of present.

that place. The circumstances that led to Merriel.) At Temple Sowerby, John the premature death of this couple are partiRidley, esą of Bruncon House, Northum. cularly awful and impressive. On Sunday, berland, to Miss Bridget Atkinson.

Sept. 2, Mr. Jackson paid a visit to a friend At ll hitby, Richard Moorse:n, to in Rothwell gaol. There be thoughtlessly Miss Jane Robertson, second daughter of the indulged too freely over the bottle, and on Rev. James R. --Thomas Benson, esq. to

his setting out to return home, in a state of Miss Sarah Barker, daughter of the late intuxication, had to pass near a methodis Joseph B. esq.

meeting-house. The people here being enAt Ecclesneld, Thomas Aldham Payne, gaged in their religious service, he judged it a esq. of Lorley, to Miss Parkin, daughter of fine frolic to ride in, and go near the pulpit .the late John P. esq. or the Elm.

and disturb the congregation ; for which im. Ac Riccall, J. K. Lamb, esq. of York, to

prudent act he was taken into custody and Miss Wormley, only daughter of the late carried back to the prison, where he was Christopher W. esq.

kept in confinement during the night. Ha At Birstall, Mr. George Tillotson, of ving appointed to meet Mrs. Jackson, (who Sheffield, 10 Miss Mary Knowles, daughter was on ber return from the funeral of a of the late ). K. esg. of Gomersal).

sister), at Wakefield that evening to go home At Wakefield, Mr. Dawson, solicitor, to with her to Dewsbury, he scrawled a note to Mrs. Bass, niece of Timothy Topham, esq. her, which was unfortunately not delivered

At Hull, Mr. Francis Phillips, of London, till next morning. Sorrow for the loss of to Miss Travis, youngest daughter of John her sister, and alarm at the non-appearance of T. ésq. of Cottingham.

her husband, preyed upon her mind during Died.) At Intake, near Sheffield, Rebecca the whole of the night, nor was her anxiety Ward, 88. She has left 105 descendants in- alleviated by the receipt of his letter. In sluding great great grand-children.

this state of mind, she proceeded in a chaise At Asenby, John Rockcliffe, esq. 72. for Dewsbury on Monday morning, where

At Halton East, near Skipton, che Rev. she arrived in a wretched situation, and was Robert Dynely, 32.

soon seized with the pains of premature la. At Beverley, Mrs. Robinson, wife of the bour. For several hours she was alone in the Rev. Bethell R. one of the officiating curates house, and in this terrible state, was she in the Collegiate Church of St. John

found in the evening almost in a state of At Leeds, Miss Scott, sister of Fenton S. exhaustion, by her wretched husband. All

Elizabeth Hodgson, who had been tapped meang tried to save her proved ineffectualfor the dropsy 40 times, at which 140 gallons she languished till Thursday and then exof water were taken from Mr. Wm. pired. The melancholy event ceprived her Clapham.--Mrs. Iveson, relict of the late husband of his senses, and derangement was Lancelot I. esq.

soon accompanied by a violent fever, which At Stainforth, Mrs. Benson, 80.

put a period to his existence on the following At York, Mrs. Cholmeley, relict of Fran. Thurday. cis C. esq. of Brandsby.-M. Montagu At his house near Richmond, aged 55, Mr. Giles.- Mre. Sutheran, wife of Mr. Henry s. Thomas Field. He was a kind and liberal bookseller, 67.

parent, and an indulgent and excellent mas. At Bradford, Edmund Pechoter, esq. ter: his death is much regretted by an ex. banker.

tensive circle of gentlemen of the turf; by At Highfield, near Sheffield, Mrs. Pearson, all of whom he was highly respected. Mr. relict of Mr. P. of Nottingham, 91.

Field was born at Melbourn, near Pocklinge At Crookes, near Sheffield, Mr. Isaac con, and brought up in the late Mr. Went. Staniforth, 97.

wortli's stables; he was many years one of At Castle, near Todmorden, Richard Ing. the leading jockies in the North, and his ham, esq.,

riding the following races over the York Ac Elvington, near York, while on a visit course, besides several others, must ever be to the Rev. J. Mulcaster, his son-in-law, Mr. remembered by sportsmen. These wereEyre, of Ferry bridge,

Nr. Pierse's Rosamond, against St. George, At Thirsk, Mrs. Beli, wife of John B., by, Cayenne, and Overton, in 1794 ; Mr.

Garforth's Brilliant, against Bennington and At Acomb, Mrs. Hubback, wife of George Bening brough, in 1795; Sir H. T. Vane's M. esq. 26.

Hambletonian, against Bening brough, Trin. At Burtor-Pidsea, David Tavender, aged bush, and Brilliant, in 1797 i Hambletoniang


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against Dion and Timothy, in 1800; and the for authority to fill up the dock called the nert day Cockfighter, (against Constancia, Old Duck, and in lieu thereof, at the expence &c.) who bolted at Middlethorp corner, and of the corporation of Liverpool, to enlarge Jost about 300 yards; after which, it was the Queen's Dock, and to extend the 'sanie allowed that Mr. Field displayed great judge and other docks and works into 'Tox'eth Park, ment and coolness, in bringing up his horse in the parish of Walton, in the said county; to his antagonist's, almost as it were inch by and also to extend the powers and authoritics inch, which won him the race, though with contained in the said several dock acts for the much difficulty, but to the great satisfaction said town and port to the intended Jocks, of the sporting gentlemen present.

Mr. qways, wharfs, works, and certain streets and Field, during his life, had been employed as places surrounding the same in Toxtech Park; sider or trainer (amongst many other bigbiy and to enable the common council 10 appro. respectable characters) to the following gen- priate the scite of the present uld dock to tlemen: the late Sir I.. Dundas, bart. Sir. W. the erecting thereon a Custom-house and Vavasour, bart. Sir T. Gascoigne, bart. Sir other commercial buildings, offices, and conjohn Webb, bart. Messrs. Wentworth, Corn- veniences; to make an additional market, forth, Wetherell, &c. also to the gresent and to form a street of communication from Lord Dundas, Sir H. T. Vane, bart. Sir Jolm Pool-lane to Mersey-street; for altering and Lawton, bari, Messrs. Baker, Garforth, reducing the rates and duties authorised by Brandling, Shafto, W. Fletcher, W. Walker, the said acts to be taken on ships and vessels and for the last twenty years was allowed to frequenting the said port; for laying sates be one of the most skiltul and best trainers of and duties on ships and vessels in certain race horses in England.

cases, not provided for by any of the said acts; A: Hull, Mr. Thomas Kaye, 79.--Mr. and for laying new rates and duties on certain John Read, 42 years overlooker of the goods, wares, and merchandize, imported into, weighiers in the customs, 79.- Mrs. Daw. and exported from, the said port; and for con, relict of Mr. Mark D. 72.

power to reduce the size of the southernmost At Doncaster, Mrs. Downes, relict of of the docks intended to be built under the Lieut.-colonel D. of the 1st dragoon guards.- act of the thirty-ninth year of bis present Mr. Price, apparitor to the Archbishop of majesty; and to establish a Dock Police Of. York. He was returning to Bishopthorpe fice and officers, and to widen several quays from York, on his 395, when just after pas. of the docks, and the avenues leading to them; sing the crown of Ousebridge, he perceived and also to purchase the present, and to erect the danger he was in, from the Trafalgar additional repairing or graving ducks, and to York and Leeds coach driving quickly behind lay rates for the use of the same ; and to prohim, and consequently endeavoured to urge vide shades, cranes, and other conveniences his ass to take the causeway, on the right of for the merchant; and to provide accomm) the bridges. Unfortunately they both came dation for ferry-boats and other craft plying down, and Mr. Price fell with his body across for hire on the river Mersey, and to make the bridge, when the wheel of the coach went bye-laws and regulations for the same, and over him, and occasioned his instant death. for the said graving docks; and also to pro

Ac Hedon, Mr. Nicholas Dring, an alder. vide shelter and accommodation for Liverpool man of that corporation, 71.

pilot boats on the coast of Anglesca. At Sheffield, Miss Atherton, daughter of Married.) At Liverpool, Captain Abra. Mr. John A. 15.- Miss M. A. Woollen, ham Adamson, of the ship Dominica Packet, eldest daughter of Mr. James W. book seller, of that port, to Miss Forster. ---Richard Jeob, 19.-Mrs Fboral, mocher in-law of Mr. T. M. A. of Tapton Grove, Derby, lo Marianne, Rodgers, solicitor.-Mrs. Mary Aikinson.-- second daughter of Robert Johnson, esq. Miss Harriet Eadon, daughter of Mr. John E. Lieutenant colonel Douglas of the 98th regi19.

ment, to Mary Anne, only daughter of Tho. At Sunderlandwick Lodge, Mrs. Horner, mus Tattersall, esq. of Everton - Mr. Jones, wife of Simon H. esq. 76.

printer, to Miss Margaret Davies --Captain Ai Kippax, Mr. Joll Clayton, jun, soli. James Tomkins, of the ship St. Michael, to citor and captain in the Moricy local militia, Miss Jane Harrison, daughter of Mr. H. at. 26.

torney.---William Jewer, esq. of Dublin, tu At Fishlake, Mıs. Mary Wood, relict of Mrs. Hodgkins, widow of Thomas H. esq. of Mr. Mark W. 95

Walsall. The Rev. James Hodgson, rector of Eur. At Childwall, Robert Holmes, esq. of Dube wick in Elmer, near Leeds.

lin, to Miss Lawrence, of Gateacre.

At Bootle, John Benn, esq. of Middleton. Notice has b-en given, that application is place, to Miss Hobson, oniy daughter of john intended to be made to Parliament in the en.: H. tsq. of Hyton. suing sessions, for leave to bring in a Bill os Died.] Aç Manchester, Ann Clarke, wito Bills for altering, explaining, amending, and of Isaac Clarke, bookseller, aged 63.

larging the powers and provisions of several At Presion, Mr. Thomas Dixon, of KenActs for making, improving, and supporting dal.-Mr. Peter Meiling, attorney, 66. pre several docks in the port of Liverpool ; At Lancastes, Mr. John Holzson.


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