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would be found whilly impracticable. In. reduction of the quantiiy of paper, and all deed, the restoration of peace, by open- other measures which accord with the true ing new fields of commercial enterprise, principles of banking. The anticipatia would multiply instead of abridging the of the time when the bank will be c-Ddemands upon the bank for discount, and strained to open, may also be expected to would render it pecnliarly distressing to contribute to the improvement of the exo the commercial world if the bank tere changes ; whereas a post punt ment of the suddenly and materially to restrict their era, so indefinite as that of six months issues. Your committee are therefore of after the termination of the war, and espeopinion, that eren if peace should inter- cially in the event of an exchange con. vene, two years should be given to the tinuing to fall, (which more and more would bank for resnming its payments; but that generally be perceived to arise from an even if the war should be prolongerl

, cash excess of paper, and a consequent deprecipayments should be resumed by the end of ation of it) may iearl, under an unfavoarthat period.

able state of public affairs, to such a Your commitee have not been indiffer- fulure of confidence (and especialle among ent to the consideration of the possible foreigners) in the determination of parlia. occurrence of polit'cal circumstances, which ment to enforce a return to the professed may be thought hereafter to furnish an standard of the measure of payments, as argument in favour of some prolongation may serve to precipitate the further fall of the proposed period of resumning cash of the exchanges, and lead to consequences payments, or even in favour of a new law at once the most discreditable and disasfor their temporary restriction after the trous. bank shall have opened. They are, how- Although the details of the best mode of erer, far from anticipating a necessity, returning to cash payments ought to be even in any case, of returning to the pre- left to the discretion of the bank of Eng. sent system. But if occasion for a new land, as already stated, eertain provisions ineasure of restriction could be supposed would be necessary, under the authority of at any time to arise, it can in uo degree parliament, both for the convenience of be grounded, as your committee think, on the bank itself, and for the security of the any state of the foreign exchanges, (which other banking establishments in this cousthey trust that they have abundantly shewn try and in Ireland. the bank itself to have the general power Your committee conceive it may be conof controlling), but on a political state of vevient for the bank to be permitted to things producing, or likely very soon to issue notes uuder the ralue of 51, for some produce, an alarm at home, leading to so little time after it had resumed payments indefinite a demand for cash for domestic in specie, uses, as it must be impossible for any It will be convenient also fr the charbanking establishment to provide against. tered banks of Ireland and Scotland, and A return to the ordinary system of banking all the country bauks, that they should not is, on the very ground of the late extrava- be compelled to pay in specie until some gant fall of the exchanges and high price time after the resumption of payments in of gold, peculiarly requisite. That alone cash by the bank of England; but that can effectually restore general confidence they should continue for a short periol in the value of the circulating medium of upon their present footing, of being liable the kingdom ; and the serious expectation to pay their own notes on demand ia bank of this erent must enforce a preparatory of England paper.

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A BERYSTW IT, improvements at 15 artillery, improved method of increases.


Abyssinia, intelligence from 157

the effects of

Academy, meeting of the Royal 561 Artist's fund, account'of the

Academies, pretended history of


Acts of parliament, new

546 Arts, retrospect of the fine, 52, 161,
Addison, on the style of


261, 442, 560
Affairs, state of public, 73, 168, 272, As, on the improper use of the particle
364, 456, 562

African institution, report of the 54 Ashburn, description of

Agoona country in Africa, accounts of Assa foetida, description of

215 Asses, used in agriculture

Agricultural report

194 Asthma, effect nal remedy for convul-
societies, proceedings of sive, 129. See Stramoniui.
the, 84, 85, 90, 93, 190, 285, 469, Avening, Gloucestershire, acnient
471, 476, 576 sculptures at

Aienton, experiment relative to the 507 Axie-trees, improvement in

Alkalies, on the fixed

439 Backsword playing, on
Alligator, account of a fossil 267 Balsam of Mecca, account of 133
Almonds, ancient account of

344 Banks, on the odium cast against coun.
Aloe in flower, account of an


Aloes, where produced


number of one Porod notes, is.
Amelia, princess, memoir of
462 sued by

America, travels in North

415 Bankers, proposed regulations for, 6,
post office, establishment of

on the abuses of

expeditions from


on the speculations of
state of

579 Banking system, vindication of the
proclamation of the presi-

dent of

565 Bankruptcies, lists of, 78, 166, 263,
(South) revolution in 77, 170

368, 460, 566
Ammoniac, description of gum.
Anecdotes of John Silieksi

132 Bardolph, on Shakespeare's character

330 of
of a painter
345 Baring, Sir F. memoirs of

of sir John Tabor
559 Barnes, Dr. memoirs of

Anholt, forifications of the isle of 168 Barometer, an improred mountain 449,
Animal secretions, on the

151 Bath agricultural society, premiums
Antiquary's visit to London
123 of the

Antiquities, discovery of, 155, 156,

description of an eye

192, 267, 284, 289, 357, 485, 591 improvement at

Apple tree, a remarkable

dreadful accident at

Aquatic sledge, a description of 556 Baths, inventress of hot

Arches, on the Emersion theory of -

357 -
Architectural essays.

12 Bavaria, biography of the artists of
443 Bdellium, description of

Arms, artificial

69 Beans, method of keeping French 356
Armstrong, letters of general 176 Beaumaris, gift to the church of 288



3, 119



Bedford, on the statue of the dukc of 123 Cambridge, annual prizes at
Bell, Dr. his benefaction 187, 354 Cannibals, account of a feast of
Bells, account of electric

449 Canuon, sure method of pointing S57
Belvoir castle, description of

20 Canterbury, projected canal at 983
Bencoolen, state of the plantations at 156 Caraccas declared independent

Berkshire, walks it
15 Cards, origiu of

agricultural meeting 28.5 Carey, Dr. on saving ships

and Wilts canal opened 482 Carlisle, Mr. his anatom:cal lectures 561
account of a ride in 506 Carriages, improvements in

254, 640
Bethlem hospital, removal of 68, 266 Carter, Jolin, account of

Bible society instituted

82 Catalogues, on forming book
known to Virgil

537 Catullus, character of
Birmingham, report of the dispensary Caves, description of remarkable

381, 475 Cemetery, discovery of an ancient
- report of the guardians Chalcographic sec.ely vindicated 4+2
of the poor at

582 Chalmers, James, account of
Bishop, account of a Portuguese 565 Champneys, Mr. memoirs of
Bishop Wearmouth, Bible society at 82 Change, scarcity of smail

improvement at 575 Charcoal, on the coinbustion of 219
Black, an improverzent in irory 160

accident from burning 583
Blenheim, a visit to

508 Charles II. account of the escape of
Blind, on the education of the
67 Chatsworth, description of

an hospital for, at Plymouth 268 Cheltenham, completion of the rail-
Bohan upas tree, account of the 67 road at
Bombycine, description of


letters from 117, 229,500
Books, analyses of scarce, 44, 137,

chalybeate spring at
246, 342, 432, 532 Chemistry, improvements in animal 151
Rooksellers, on the conduct of 121 Chesnuts, uses of horse

69, 356
Botanical reports, 98, 197, 293, 388, Chester charity school, state of

487, 592 Chickens, on the diseases of 255, 404
Bottles, paper stoppers for

556 Children of the poor, on the treat-
Bourton, (Dorset) new church at 94 ment of

108, 306
Bourbon, capture of the isle of 367 - on defects in the pronuncia-
Breweries, state of the Loudon

tion of

Brewing, an improrement in 445 China, an old embassy to

Bridge, proposal for a new
570 Chinese character, a

Briilges, improved inode of construct-

woman in London

449 Cholera, observations on

Brighton, proposal for supplying it Choriozian Buiætes, acconut of the 355
with water

481 Cid, account of the play of the 344
Bristul, proposed caval at 93, 154 Claget's aietan, experiment relative
benevolent institution at 190 to

Britford sheep lair

285 Clavi-cylinder, account of the 305
British Museum,on the Townley mar. Clay, discovery of a vein of fine 288
bles in the
101, 206 Clifton, proposed chapel at

on the manageinent Clock, a living

of the

237 Cloths, improrement in woollen 63

329 Clumber-park, Nottinghamshire, de-
parliamentary grants scription of


69, 154, 275 Cock, anecdote of a
British Institution, premiums of the


pit, suppression of the royal 371
remarks ou 262 Cockermouth, improvements at

376, 469
Buenos Ayres, revolution at

170 Coins, discovery of aucient, 192, 284,
Buildings, improreinent in the con-

289, 485
struction of

159 Cold, method of producing artificial 269
Bulkeley, lord, donation of

288 Columbia, colony at the mouth of the 426
Bull, instance of gratitude in a 236 Colling's, Mr. sale of cattle

Bullion committee, report of the 491 Commercial reports, 95, 194, 091,
Burke, on an expression of


387, 486, 591
Burns, the birth-place of

289 Commons, on reform in the house of 505
Busaco, battle of

364 Consumption, observations on
Buxton, description of

111 Copal, account of the gum
Cadiz, recent voyage to, 34, 202, 315, 499 Copenhagen,questions of the academy
Calculus, a remarkable

Calcutta, earthquake at


medal, adjudgment of thes
Caledon, lord, letter of
57 Corn, machine for threshing






Corn, how to preserve it from mice 354 | Electrical bells, account of

Corowall, discovery of fine clay in 288 Elephantiasis, case of

improvement in

485 Elphinston, Mr. monument for 464
silver mine found in 589 Emerson, theory of arches, on the 12
Cotton colonies, state of the, 1, 113, Encyclopædia Britannica, information,
231, 311 on the

mills, on sending children to, Entomological society vindicated
108, 306 Epigram, a remarkable

Courland, description of
501 Epiphanes, account of

Covent Garden theatre, remarks on 12 Epitaph by Malle bi

opening of the 275 | Escape, a providential

Coerdale, Miles, account of

230 Evelyn's funis fugium, account of 439
Crystals, on measuring the angles of 149 Eugene, prince, memoirs of, 38, 289, 334
Cumberland, medal of the duke of 376

his political papers 357
-improvements in the coun- Exeter, improvements at

ty of

376, 469
inundation at

Curve, illustration of the catenary 325

eye infirmary at

Cylinder, on the curve formed by a 149 Eye bat!, description of an

-.. on the electric

153 institutions for diseases of the,
Dartmouth, account of the earl of 463

190, 589
Dartford, powder-mill blown up at 479 Falstaff, on the character of 9, 225
Dartmoor prison, expence of
275 France, taking of the isle of

Datchet bridge, rebuilding of
285 Fauconberg, lord, death of

Davy's, Mr. discoveries and experi- Faulconry, explanation of terms in 45

265, 350, 439, 542 Pejee islands, description of the 21
Deaf and dumb, on teaching the 345 Females, advice to

304, 556
Debt, reduction of the national 172 Ferris, Rev. J. character of

Deluge, old poems on the
538 Field, Mr. character of

Denmark, king of, a candidate for Filtering machine, an improved 159
the throne of Sweden
168 Fiorian grass, on the

Derbyshire, a tour in 111, 211, 307 Fire-places, improvement in

corrections in

418 Fires, remarkable, 80, 90), 173, 175,
intended survey of 266 187, 265, 275, 281, 371, 377, 38,3,
improvements in


464, 481, 569, 570, 576, 589
Devonshire, improvements in

287 how to save persons from 304, 536
Diseases, reports of, 72, 164, 271, Fish, inquiry concerning gold 227

363, 455, 559 Flatman's poems, extracts from 248
Dividends announced, 79, 167, 264, Flood, migration of mankind after the 6

369, 462, 568 Flockborough, Lancashire, medicinal
Doon, antiquity of the bridge of 289

spring at

Dorchester, antiquity of

25 Fluid, on the action of the electric 269
Drama, theory of the
344 Foot, Mr. melancholy death of

Drawings, how to preserve pencil 499 Fortifications, expences of

Dream, a remarkable
537 Fossil, a remarkable

Driess, J.P. account of
434 Foundry, on the art of

Duaterra, a native of New Zealand, Fonntaine's abbey described

account of
557 Fowls, on the roup in

235, 403
Duck's egg, snake found in a
83 Fox, Charles, on a saying of

Dunfermline, coins found at
193 Frankincense, description of

Dummore harbour,a station for packets288 French soldiery, on the

Earth, new theory of the rotation of Furnell, J. character of

270 | Galbanum, description of

Earths, ou the metals of the
542 Galoshes, meaning of

Earthenware, galvanic troughs of 8 Galton, Theodore, account of 290, 573
155, 451 Galvanic troughs, on

East India papers

511 Garrard's art of war, extracts from 342
Ebony, description of

159 Gas, apparatus for making carbonated
Echo, old description of the


Eclectic reviewers, reply to the 397 - weight of humid oxygen

Edinburgh review, error in the 108 Gascoigne's child, on the case of 108, 306
remarkable phænomenon at 239 Gastrology, remarks on

Eel, a remarkable
91 Ghosts, on stories of

Egypt, on the exports of
131 Gibbon, on the vindication of

Electrical machines, on the powers of Ginger exported from Egypt

63, 153 Glasgow, improvements at

Ruid, on the action of the 269 | Glass drops, inode of making




Glass, use of painted
345 Flyett, B. character of

account of a red transparent 446 Iceland, tour in
Gloucester rail-road completed 88 Idiot, a remarkable

-, improvements in the county India, state of

383, 476 Inflexion, on the theory of
Gold, on the high price of

491 (Ink, how to take out
dust, on the trade in

133 composition of Indian
coast, description of the 204 Inman, Henry, character of

fish, inquiry concerning 227 Innes, major, acronnt of
Goldsmid, Mr. account of

375 Insanity, on the increase of
Goniometer, description of a

149 Inundatious, 155, 425, 449, 479,
Gordon, Thomas, anecdote of

577, 593
Gont, a remedy for the

256 Ireland, political state of
Grantham, establishment of a school

anecdote of Samuel

580 Iron for roofs, superiority of
'Grapes, inqniry concerning
426 Island, discovery of a nes

Grass, on fiorin

314 Itinerary, site of places in Richard's
Gratitude, effects of
236 Ivory trade, on the

Gray, Mrs. character of

89 black; improvement in making 160
Grenville's, lord, installation at Ox- Jackson, Mrs. Character of


remarkable deaths of Mr. and
Greville's, Mr. minerals, account of 154 Mrs.
Grignion, Charles, acconnt of 463 James I, apophthegms of

Grim's dyke, description of

I court and character of

Grindstones, on hanging

254 Jefferies, chancellor, discovery of the
Gums exported from Egypt

132 remains of
Guy's bospital, lectures at
153 Jeynes, Sir. E. account of

Hackfall, Yorkshire, described 18 Johnson, Barth. celebration of his birth-
Haigh, Mr. melancholy end of 377

Hailes, Gloucestershire, described 509

anecdote of Dr.
Halle, augmentation of the university Jones, Mrs. account of
449 Jubilee columo erected in Wales

Hampshire, improvements in 481 Kaimes, lord, letter to

Hanover, distressed state of
168 Keating, Miss, character of

Harmony, account of a society of 27 | Keating, colonel, letter from
Harrison's, Mr. family, mortality in 181 Kedlestone, Derbyshire, described 914
Tlarwich, improvements at

478 Kelly, Alex, account of
Ilatton, Warwick, hurricane at 592 Kemble, Mr. on the pronunciation of 914
Ilawking, on the art of

45 Kendal agricultural society, meeting
Hawks, Mr. character of

575 of
Hayter, John, account of

190 Kent, Mr. character of
Ilead, on disorders of the


improvements in the counts of
Heard, Edward, character of


91, 283, 479
Kemp produced in Sierra Leone 154 Killingbeck, Mrs. remarkable case of 5'18
Hepatic diseases, on
271 King, illness of the

459, 563
Hereford music meeting, account of 382

discovery of a statue of the
agricultural society meeting 476 Kirby, Dr. bis articles in the Encyco-
Hides, method of splitting


pædia Britannica
Tlırd, Mr. character of
193 Kitchen fire-place, an improred

Hispaniola, statistical view of 267 Labourer, dialogue with a poor
Ilolland united to France

75 Lancashire, account of a medicinal
distress of the inhabitants

562 spring in
Iloly bead, signal station at

238 Landseer, Mr. on the conduct of
Homer medicus

536 Latham's tal
Iloney, observations on

221 Laud, Abp.conry, acconn
*Hop vine cultivated in New Holland 70 Leather, improved method of shaving 640
Horse-block, an antique

17 Lecture, account of the Croonian
-chesnuts, uses of

- the Bakerian

flesh eaten in Sweden

69 Lectures announced, 153, 154, 267,
Hull, state of the whale fishery of

268, 446, 449, 350
Humbolt's travels, 'account of 66 I.eeds, journal of a tour from
Hume's history, errors in the stereo-

account of the cloth-ball at
type edition of

231 Lelevre, major, account of
Ilungary, earthquake in

155 Leicester agricultural society, pro-
Ilunter, Dr, on a maxim of


ceedings of
Hydrogen gas, exporiments on 155 Leipsic fair, account of

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