Tidsskrift för landbrugets planteavl, Volume 13

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Página 115 - Annual Convention of the Association of American Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations, held at Washington, DC, November 12-14, 1901.
Página 124 - Memoranda of the origin, plan, and results of the field and other experiments conducted on the farm and in the laboratory of Sir JB Lawes at Rothamsted, Herts.
Página 12 - Hochmoors von Augstumal im Memeldelta mit vergleichenden Ausblicken auf andere Hochmoore der Erde.
Página 123 - Statistics of the Land-grant Colleges and Agricultural Experiment Stations in the United States for the year ended June 30, 1902 (Bulletin No.
Página 96 - De l'action interne du sulfate de cuivre dans la résistance de la pomme de terre au Phytophtora infestans. (CR de l'Ac. des Sei. Paris. 8 Dec. 1902.) Lázaro, В. 1902. Nuevos Hongos [Fungi] de Espuna [2 pi.]. (Madrid bol. soc. esp. hist. nat. 1902.) 8".
Página 59 - Pittsburg meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, entitled " A preliminary note on a new organism producing rot in cauliflower and allied plants,"" in which he briefly described the causal organism which he there named Bacillus olereaceae.
Página 62 - Chief of Insecticide and Agricultural Water Laboratory, in Cooperation with the Division of Entomology. Pp. 62, fig. 1. Bulletin No.
Página 71 - Catalogue of publications relating to Botany in the Library of the US Department of agriculture.
Página 48 - Preliminary Efforts to Develop a Continuous Process of Seed Disinfection by Means of Formaldehyde Vapor.
Página 47 - On the Influence of Different Ratios of Lime and Magnesia Upon the Development of Plants, Vol.

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