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That samin tyme I hard my author sa, 45,900

Ane Hieland clerk, cled in ane rob of gra,

Befoir the king with mony benge and bek,

He salust him on to that samin effecc,

Fra Gathelus all his genelogie

Onto him self he countit gre be gre. «,905

Thair names now I like nocht to rehers,

So cummersum tha ar to put in versa.

Into that tyme, becaus he wes so ^ing

To gyde and governe sick ane famous ring,

Or dreid his ^outhheid suld occasioun be 45,910

Till mony one fra justice for to fle,

For that same caus tha chesit in that tyde,

That wysast war to governe and to gyde,

Four agit lordis baith sicker and suir,

Syne gaif to thame the haill gyding and cuir, 45,915

With haill consent thair of thame all ilkone.

The quhilk till do thir four in hand hes tone;

And for to be moir suir into that thing,

Onto Henrie of Ingland that wes king

Ane herald send, withoutin ony moir, 45,920

For to conferme the band maid of befoir;

His dochter alss to haif in mariage

To Alexander quhen he come till age.

The quhilk Henrie, hartlie with gude will,

All thair desyr richt glaidlie grantit till. 45,925

The secund teir syne efter of his ring,

Alexander of Scotland that wes king,

In Drumfermling with greit triumph and gloir,

Quhair present war that tyme, bayth les and moir,

The bischoppis all and mony abbot also, 45,930

Into the tyme with vther lordis mo,

Convenit all togidder for the nanis,

Of Sanct Margaret for to translait the ban is,

And as it hapnit efter ^e sall heir.

Aa tha war brocht ben richt into the queir, 45,935

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Fornent the toume qubalr that king Malcolme la,

Hir husband wes, as ^e haif hard me sa,

So suddaue havie in the tyme tha grew,

Of waill wicht men quhair that thair wes anew,

The starkast man that wes amang thame thair 45,940

Doucht nocht ane fit thame fordward for to bair.

In magir thame ilkone wes thair that tyde,

The banis still into that place did byde.

As tha stude all to wonder of that thing,

Ane agit monk that tyme said to the king, 45,945

"Schir, I beleif this is the caus and quhy,

"Hir husbandis graue that scho will nocht go by,

"Quhill his banis be borne ben befoir;

"Into his lyfe scho did him sic honoir,

"Siclike in hevin thairof haif te no weir, 45,950

"With sic honour as scho wes wont do heir.

"My counsall is," thus said he, "for the nanis,

"Now and ^e pleis for to tak vp lus banis,

"And in the queir befoir hiris beir thame ben,

"Gif this be trew or nocht than ^e ma ken." 45,955

And so tha did richt suddantlie and sone;

Sanct Margaretis banis syne quhen that wes done,

The leist ane cheild wes scantlie ten ^eir ald,

Mycht haif borne thame to qulmt place that he wald.

Ben in the queir his banis than tha brocht, 45,950

In ane ferter of fyne siluer weill wrocht

Inclosit thame, as my author did sa,

Quhair tha remane thair still onto this da.

Sone efter syne throw wisdome and curage,

Quhen that the king come to perfytar age, 45,955

He tuke greit curage justice to exerce;

So wes thair than my author did rehers,

Into the Month ane eiie of richt ill fame,

That Walter Cuming callit wes to name,

The erle of Buchane and mony vther mo, 45,970

As of Athoill and Strabogie also;

Thir four lordis hecht Cuming to surname,

Quhilk of befoir thocht nother syn nor schame

To mak oppresaioun dalie of the puir,

The king being in ^outhheid wnder cuir, 45,975

The samin tyme that I haif said yow heir,

Befoir the king for tha wald nocht compeir,

Quhen tha war callit ansuer for to mak

For thair faltis of quhome befoir I spak,

Becaus tha schew thame self giltie in sic thing, 45,8S0

Declarit war than rebellis to the king.

Thir foure lordis syne efter on ane nycht, Col.2.

Richt quietlie with greit power and mycht,

Out of Kynros that tyme tha tuke the king,

At thair plesour syne hed him to Striuiling. 45,9S5

Syne euirilk da be thair auctoritie,

Haiffand the king in thair captiuitie,

Richt greit injure, the langar ay the moir,

Tha wrocht siclike as tha war wont befoir.

Of that surname, as my author recordis, 45,990

Into Scotland thair wes rycht mony lordis

Into that tyme, of greit power and michtis,

Forouttin thame als tua and threttie knychtis.

Of thair attyre I list no langar tell;

Tak tent and heir quhat efterwart befell. 45,995

This Walter Cuming, of quhome befoir I schew,

Ane wyfe he had wes nother traist no trew,

That louit better nor hir awin lord

Ane Inglisman, my author dois record;

For that same caus, gif I suld schaw the richt, 45,ooo

Hir awin lord seho poysonit on ane nicht.

Quien that wes done in Ingland syne scho fled,

And all the gold and trasour that scho hed,

And fowellis als, withoutin ony demand,

That tynie with hir scho tuke into Ingland. 45,005

To all the laif quhen that this thing wes kend,

Tt £hat this lord maid sic vnhappie end,

That principall wes of thame all that tyme,

And caus also of thair vnhap and cryme,

Tha come and pat thame in the kingis will, 45,oio

To quhat punitioun he wald put thame till.

Throw intercessioun than of vther lordis,

This humbill king, as my authour recordis,

Thir thre lordis and all the laif that tyme

Remittit hes of thair offence and cryme. 45,015

This samin tyme that ^e heir me resume,

Completit wes and ordanit into Rome

Of Corpuscristie the solempnitie,

Nixt hand the feist1 than of the Trinitie,

Quhilk to be said vpoun the Thurisday; 45,020

Sic seruice ilk ^eir siclike [^it] .we say.

That samin tyme, as my author did wret,

The quhit habite of freiris Carmelet

Come first in Scotland, syne efter on cace

In Tulelum wes biggit thair first place 45,025

Be ane that tyme wes bischop of Dunkell.

Also that tyme, I hard my author tell,

The cors of Peblis funde wes in tha dais

Be ane quhit monk, as that my author sais,

Duelt in Melross neirhand that samin place. 45,030

Quhair it wes fund tha fand that tyme of cace

Of alabast ane prettie pig of stone,

And in that pig war banis mony one

Weill wynd in silk richt courtlie for the nanis;

Can no man tell tit weill quha aucht tha banis. 45,035

In that same place quhair that the cors wes fund,

King Alexander biggit on that grund

Ane fair tempill of poleist stone and lyme;

Syne foundit it into the samin tyme

Of quhit2 freiris of the Trinitie, 45,040

Quhilk habite tit remanis thair to se.

1 In MS./cu(. | !In MS. quhat.

Efter all this than, schortlie to conclude,

This nobill king with mony men of gude,

Passit to iork than for the samin quhy,

Quhair that he met that tyme with king 45,045


With all his lordis that tyme les and moir,
For to fulfill that maid wes of befoir.
To Alexander beand within age,
King Henreis dochter into mariage,
That samin tyme he weddit to his quene 45,050

Margaret his dochter plesand and amene.
To me to tell this tyme war ouir grit tarie
The fantasie and eik the ferie farye,
The greit triumph, the sporting and the play,
The singing, dansing, that wes euerilk day, 45,055

The sumptuous cheir and cost of euerie thing,
Wes maid that tyme at mariage of our king;
Thairfoir as now I lat sic thing go by.
Quhen all wes done, at nobill king Henry
King Alexander tuke his leif till go 48,oeo

Hame with his quene, with mony lordis mo;
With honour, gloir, and greit triumph betuene,
Come hame in Scotland with Margaret his quene.
All beand done as I haif said ^ow heir,
Sone efter syne into the secund ^eir, 40,055

Thir tua kingis with mekle pomp and pryde
Convenit baith than at the bordour syde,
And commouit of mony sindrie thingis
Concernand honour onto baith thir kingis.
At Wark Castell quhair at the tryst wes set, 40,070
Thir tua kingis togidder thair tha met,
And talkit thair in mony sindrie townis,
Of commoun weill concerning baith the rowmes.
Of Alexander all that office buir,

Quhilk had of him the gouernance and cuir, 45,075
War changit all for mony sindrie thingis,
At the devyss and counsall of thir kingis;

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