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Quhilk causit hes his lordis les and moir,

At him ilkone to be aggreuit soir;

Ane quiet counsall for that samin thing,

Conspyrit hes that tyme agane thair king. 42,735

Quhen he come hame syne efter on ane da,

In Bartha toun quhair that king Malcome la,

Then of Stratherne the nobill erle and lord,

And mony vther I will nocht now record,

Hard tell befoir how all that thing wes done, 42,790

About the toun tha laid ane seig full sone,

All in ane will and ane auctoritie,

Of king Malcome for to revengit be,

Into the tyme commouit wes so soir,

For the same caus that ^e haif hard befoir. 42,795

This king Malcolme that wnderstude full sone,

Be wrang relatioun all that thing wes done;

Than sone to thame his innocence he schew,

Wyss agit men the veritie that knew,

And suithfast men that tyme that said thame 42,S00


That all wes done richt soir aganis his will,
Quhairfoir of him tha sould compassioun haif:
And so tha did, lordis and all the laif
Remittit hes all malice and dispyte,
Quhen that tha knew thairof he had no wyte: 42,S05
Syne efter that ay than the nobill blude
But ony pley at his opinioun stude.
Syne king Malcolme efter ane lytill we,
Of king Henrie for to revengit be,
For the greit falt that be maid him befoir, 42,S10

And for the landis also les and moir
He held fra him withoutin caus or quhy,
Proclamit hes than with ane oppin cry,
Ouir all Scotland, richt suddantlie ilkone
Suld reddie be with fourtie dais lone, 42,S15

To follow him quhair that he fuir of toun.
And so tha did richt mony bald barroun,

Lang in that weir, as my author did sa,
At countering and carmusche euerie da,
On euerie syde, as ^e sall wnderstand, 42,S20

Greit slauchter maid into Northumberland,
And mekill blude on baith the sydis spilt,
In tha weiris that saikles wer but gilt.
And quhen tha knew, as it is rycht weill kend,
Of all weiris peax is the latter end, 42,S25

And for that caus boith the parteis, but leis,
Hes set ane da quhair tha suld speik of peice,
Neir Carlill toun, quhair that the kingis met
At tyme and place quhair that the tryst wes set;
And on this wyiss concordit than wer tha, 42,S30

That Huntlyngtoun and also Cumbria
This king Malcolme suld frelie haif agane;
Northumberland with king Henrie remane,
Bot ony clame of king Malcolme thairtilL
Quhilk wes full soir aganis his lordis will; 42,S35

^it neuirtheles rycht weill that tyme tha wist,
Without greit skayth tha micht him nocht resist,
For ony way that tha culd mak thairtill;
Thairfoir as than tha gaif him all his wilL Col.

Thocht tha had at him greit malice for-thy, 42,S40
iit neuirtheles, for that same caus and quhy,
Dissimulit with him all his dais
In that mater, as that my author sais.
In this same tyme now that ^e heir me sa,
Ane callit Angus, lord of Gallowa, 42,S45

Carrik and Kyle, and Cuninghame also,
Perturbit hes, and vther landis mo,
With thift and reif, greit slauchter and with fyre,
Rycht cruellie with greit malice and yre.
With greit power wes send him to resist 42,S50

Ane nobill man wes callit Gillecrist,
Of Angus lord, befoir as ^e mycht reid,
In plane battell quhilk vincust Symmerleid.
Lord of Argyle, in Ireland that wes fled.
This Gillecrist in Gallowa him sped, 42,855
And twyss or thryis with this Angus straik

On euerie syde richt mony man wes keild,
Syne vincust him in feild besyde ane firth.
This ilk Angus in Quhiterne than tuke girth,
Quhair he wes walknit all tyme round about, 42,860
That be no way that tyme he mycht wyn out.
Quhairfoir he come into the kingis will;
His eldest sone in pledge syne gaif him till ;
Syne for his falt, as 3e sall winderstand,
He loissit hes ane greit part of his land, 42,865
Depryuit als of all his dignitie.
And quhen he saw that no better micht be,
All warldlie honour in the tyme forsuik,
And on his corce religious habite tuik
In Halieruid hous, as my author sais, 42,870
Diuotlie thair remanit all his dais,
In the same will quhair that he first began,
And syne endit ane gude religious man.
Sone efter this, as 3e sall winderstand,
Ane hecht Godwyn into Murra land, 42,875
In Ross, in Buchane, and in Gariot,
Bayth reft and staw, and cuttit mony throt :
That tyme in Mar and in the Mernis also,
Greit wrang he wrocht and vther landis mo,
The king Malcome quhen that he knew and 42,880

kend Sic wrang wes wrocht, on|[to] him sone he send Ane messinger into the samin tyme, Commandand him, for his greit gilt and cryme, Befoir the king to enter and thoill law. This Godowyn that stude bot litill aw 42,885 Of king Malcolme, or his auctoritie, That messinger he hes hangit richt hie,

And all the laue that tyme, bayth gude and ill,
Fra king Malcolme sic message hrocht him till;
Quhairat king Malcome, wes richt far com- 42,S90


Gude Gillecrist, the quhilk so weill wes lute,
In Murra send with greit power that tyme,
To be revengit of Godvynis cryme.
This Gillecrist, syne efter on ane da,
In Murra land, as my author did sa, 42,S95

So hie he wes and full of arrogance,
Throw negligence and greit misgouernance,
With Goldowe vincust wes and chaist.
Quhilk to the king wes schawin into haist,
That with greit power efter on ane da, 42,900

He come him self into Morauia,
At Speyis mouth with this Goldowe met,
And suddanelie syne maid ane greit onset,
And stalwartlie on euery syde tha stude,
Quhill mony berne la bulrand in thair blude.
Syne as God wald [and] so all thing man be,
This Goldowe wes maid that tyme to fle,
Syne in that chace slane quhair that he fled,
And all the laue siclike with him he hed.
The quhilk to do the king than gaif command, 42,910
And all the laue that duelt in Murraland,
Nane sould be saif, bot all suld loiss the lyvis,
Except ald men, barnis, and ald wywis.
And so tha did with greit crudelitie,
Till all vther exempill for till be, 42,915

Agane thair king so oft for to rebell
As tha haif done, befoir as ^e hard tell.
On euerie part of Scotland syne tha socht
For husband men, syne in Murra thame brocht,
And euerie man into his place hes plaist, 42,920

In fault of laubour it suld nocht ly waist.

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This beand done as te haif hard of new,

This Symmerleid, of quhome befoir I schew,

Lord of Argyle, in Treland that wes fled,

With all the power in that tyme he hed, 42,925

At the west se he enterit on ane da

Into Scotland out of Ybernia,

With all his power that tyme les and moir,

And tynt the feild siclike as of befoir.

Syne at Renfrow, sic wes his chance and 42,930


Him self levand wes tane into the chace;
Syne efterwart, that mony man mycht se,
Vpone ane gallous hangit wes richt hie.
Quhen all this thing wes passit and bygone,
King Malcome hed few fais than or none; 42,935

His purpois wes than for that samin quhy,
In tyme of peax for to mak policy,
And to reforme all faltis wer bigone.
Of his tua sisteris first he wald dispone;
Margaret the eldest, ^e sail wnderstand, 42,940

To schir Florence, that erle wes of Holand,
In mariage that samin tyme gaif he;
The secund sister in the same degrie,
Onto the duke of Bertante tha dais,
In matrimony, as that my author sais. 42,945

Tlus beand done ane counsall syne wes set,
Quhair all his lordis thair togidder met,
All in ane purpois that tyme to prouyde,
The commoun weill how tha suld reull and gyde.
Ane nobill man of greit auctoritie, 42,950

Of Sanct Androis bischop that tyme wes he,
Ane faithfull father and of nobill fame,
Quhilk callit wes Arnaldus to his name,
Richt greit persuasioun in the tyme did mak
To king Malcome, quhair mekle gude he spak 42,955

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