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Quhen this wes done and brocht to sic ane end,

Ilk man tuke leif, syne hame thair way did 47,225


The Scottis lordis efter all wes done,
With Johnne the Ballioll passit all to Scone,
Quhair present wes that tyme richt mony one,
And crownit him vpoun the marbell stone,
With greit triumph and plesance in that place; 47,230
The quhilk indurit till ane richt schort space.
Sone efter syne, into the samin teir
That all wes done as I haif said ^ow heir,
In the New Castell quhair the tryst wes set,
This ilk king Johne thair with king Edward 47,235


Incontrair than of all his lordis will,
Obediens quhair that he maid him till;
Subdewand Scotland, quhilk befoir wes frie,
To this Edward and his auctoritie;
Quhairtill his lordis did alhaill disent, 47,210

Quhilk causit him sone efter to repent.
Within les space nor tua or thre of ^eir,
This king Edward, of quhome I schew ^ow heir,
Prouydit hes, withoutin dreid or feir,
That samin tyme in France for to mak weir; 47,245
And for that caus, to this king Johne send he,
Requyrand him of his help and supple,
Incontinent for to cum at his call,
As he that wes his subdit and vassall,
To pas with him on till his interpryiss. 47,250

To quhome king Johnne hes ansuerit on this wyiss,
Sayand agane, withoutin ony moir,
Obedience that he had maid befoir
Wes of no vaill and aucht nocht for to stand;
For-quhy, he said, the oblissing and band, 47,255

Without counsall that he had maid him till,
Wes done full soir agane his lordis will;

VOL. in- K

But quhois counsall nother prince nor king

Ma gif consent to sic wnsemand thing.

And mair-attouir also he said him to, 47,200

Wngunand war gif he sic thing sould do

Aganes France, the quhilk he suld be laith

To brek the band, the oblissing and aith,

The quhilk wes maid be thair fatheris beforne,

Fyve hundreth ^eir or ony thair wes borne. 47,255

"Sick thing," he said, " ^e mycht rycht weill

lat be;

"Na vther ansuer get ^e now of me."
The messinger that tyme, for dreid of blame,
No langar baid bot haistelie went hame,
Syne to king Edward, busteous wes and bald, 47,270
Than word be word this ansuer [to] him tald.
Quhairof that tyme he wes nothing content,
Syne suddantlie ane new charge to him sent,
Requyrand him, withoutin ony pley,
For to compeir and his command obey; 47,275

The quhilk command king Johnne wald nocht

Quhen twyss or thryiss sic charge wes send him


This king Edward, of quhome befoir we reid,
In that purpois for to cum lidder speid,
And of king Johnne for to revengit be, 47,2S0

With France tuik trewis bayth be land [and] se;
Syne greit prouisioun euirilk da makand,
For men of weir to cum into Scotland
Col. 2. Agane king Johnne wald nocht obey him1 till,

Him to subdew in magir of his will. 47,2S5

Than this king Johnne, of quhome befoir I spak,
All the prouisioun that he docht to mak,

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Richt sone he maid with litill circumstance;

Ane greit ambaxat also send into France,

To king Phillop that fourt wes of that name, 47,290

Richt nobill men of greit honour and fame;

Ane hecht Williame of greit auctoritie,

Of Sanct Androis the bischop than wes he,

With tua knichtis the quhilk war men of gude,

Greit nobillis war and of the eldest blude; 47,295

Schir Ingrame Vmphra hecht the tane of tha,

And schir Johnne Soullis the tother of the tua.

Thir thre lordis, at king Johnis command,

With king Phillop confermit hes the band

Lang of befoir that wes maid betuix king and 47,soo


And for to be moir sicker of sic thing,
Ane hecht Charlis quhilk wes ane nobill man,
King Phillipis bruther in the tyme wes than,
Of Andygawe the erle also wes he,
Nixt hand the king of maist auctoritie, 47,305

His dochter gaif that plesand wes and fair,
To ^oung Edward, king Johnis sone and air.
Thir thrie lordis quhilk had auctoritie,
Gart wed hir than thair ^oung princes to be;
This beand done king Phillop, to conclude, 47,310

Sax thousand pund of Stirling money gude,
To his nevoy in mariage he gaif;
The quhilk that tyme the lordis did ressaif.
Accordit1 wes betuix than king and king,
That Johnne the Ballioll that tyme suld resigne 47,315
To toung Edward, that wes his sone and air,
And to his princes most plesand and preclair,
The landis ail that tyme he had in France,
Hecht Belleok with mekill circumstance,

1 In MS. According.

And vther landis neir about that la, 47,320

Quhairof king Jobne wes lord that samin da.

This ilk king, as my author recordis,

That samin tyme throw counsall of the lordis,

Sic dred tha had of king Edwardis stryfe,

The nohillis all of Loutheane and Fyffe 47,325

Onto Beruik that samin tyme he send,

Thair to remaue that ilk toun to defend;

Quhair this Edward, as my author did sa,

Ane naving send sone efter on ane da,

Neirby ane schoir vpoun ane schawit sand, 47,330

Thair with thair boittis passit all to laud.

The Scottismen that gatherit war neirby,

In gude array set on thame with ane cry,

Of bernis bald ane battell thair began,

Quhair thair wes loissit mony Inglisman. 47,335

The Scottismen that war baith traist and trew,

Richt mony Sutheroun in the tyme tha slew,

That force it wes the Inglismen to fle,

Quhair that tha drownit mony in the se;

And all the laif in handis than war hint, 47,340

With tua and tuentie of thair schippis tynt,

In falt of gyding drevin vpoun the land,

Quhair tha war ebbit on ane sinkand sand.

To king Edward quhen this thing wes tald,

This tirrane king that busteous wes and bald, 47,345

No dred he tuke, as my author did mene,

Bot as ane lyoun rampand in his tene,

With mair power nor euir he did befoir,

To Beruik toun with mekle bost and schoir,

And on ane plane set all his tentis doun, 47,350

Syne set ane seig to ilk part of the toun.

How King Edwarde Be Ane Fals Trane Passit Lib.i4,f.217.
Fra Beruick, Syne Come Agane And Vin- CoLI-
Cust The Scottis And Wan The Toun Of

The Scottismen quhilk greit war to commend,
Richt manfullie the toun tha did defend;
Quhairat the Sutheroun scharpest maid assaill,
Of thair purpois tha leit thame to prevaill, 47,355

Tha nobill men so gude tha war in neid.
Than king Edward out of beleif to speid,
The Scottismen so hardie war and wicht,
Sone in his mynd consauit hes ane slicht
For to betrais thame with ane subtill trane, 47,350
Thair at the seig no langar wald remane.
Syne on the morne be that the da wes lycht,
With all his armie passit out of sicht,
Toward Ingland as he had tane ane spurne,
In that purpois that he wald nocht returne. 47,355
The Scottismen within the toun that la,
Content tha war of his passing awa;
In that beleif ilk man tha war full fane,
Traistand that he sould nocht returne agane
With his power to persew thame ony moir: 47,370
Tha war begylit, and wa is me thairfoir.
That samin nycht, in storie as we reid,
This ilk Edward turnit in ouir Tueid,
In Scotland far in on the north hand,
Fornent Beruik quhilk on Tueid did stand 47,375

Syne on the morne, quhen that the da wes lycht,
Mony baner that war braid and bricht
Tha buir on he aganes the sone that schene,
The Scottis oist that tyme as tha had bene.
Syne send befoir ane man onto the wall, 47,3S0

The quhilk richt loud [up]on thame [than] did

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