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And of thair reif and ryding wald nocht rest,

Bot lnnir and mair ilk da tha war oprest;

And no remeid tha culd get of that thing,

Quhill it wes schawin to gude Williame the king.

Quhilk to the Scottis that tyme gaif command, 43,120

Remanand war into Northumberland,

And all the laif vpoun the bordour syde,

With haill power in Ingland for to ryde,

And haistelee revenge thame. of thair skaith.

And so tha did with fyre and blude than 43,125


Ouir all the bordour of Ingland so braid,
Eaith tuik and slew, and rycht greit heirschip maid.
Becaus it wes so lait than of the ^eir,
Also the sessoun drawand wes so neir,
That men suld wyn baith thair corne and hay, 43,130
Thairfoir as than tha thocht best to delay
Farder to pas, and of thair purpois blin,
Quhill efterwart that thair cornis war wyn.
And so tha did as it wes rycht weill knawin,
Passit all hame for to defend thair awin, 43,135

Till efterwart quhill tha mair lasar hed,
Tha war content that tyme as tha had sped.
Syne efterwart quhen thair laubour wes done,
All winter ouir with licht of sone and mone
Baith brint and slew, rycht mony slew and 43,140


Quhill [all] the bordour of Ingland la waist. In symmer syne quhen fair flouris will spred, This king Williame with all power he hed, Lib.13, f.aoob. Quhilk gydit wes with mony lord and knycht

1. Bodin for battell all in armour bricht, 43,145

In that purpois richt pertlie to persew,
Northumberland agane for to reskew.
Gude Gillecrist, of Angus that wes lord,
Quhome of befoir $e hard me oft record,
Quhilk in his tyme that helpit oft in mister, 43,150
And weddit had also the kingis sister,
Ala with his fais greitlie ay wes dred,
At his gyding the vangard than he hed.
Ane greit nobill neir of the kingis blude,
Callit Rannald, that wes ane man of gude, 43,155

The second wyng vpone the tother syde,
The nobill king gaif this Rannald to gydc.
The middill ward he tuke him self on hand,
Syne enterit sone into Northumberland;
So greit power with him that tyme he hed, 43,ieo
That all the pepill far fra him than fled.
The king of Ingland callit wes Henrie,
Remanand wes that tyme in Normondie,
Quhairfoir of Ingland that tyme les and moir,
The pepill all king Williame dred rycht soir, 43,105
And of his cuming quhen tha knew and wist,
Gather! t richt sone his power to resist,
Ouir all Ingland that tyme bayth far and neir.
And quhen tha saw thair power wes no peir
Till his power in ordour and in strenth, 43,170

Than to postpone the battell to moir lenth,
That tha mycht haif moir lasar tyme and space,
For to convene togidder in ane place,
Tha soucht king Williame with ane subtill wyle,
With giftis grit gif tha mycht him begyle. 43,175

Syne send to him ane herald that did proffer
Gold infinit in kistis and in coffer,
For to ressatae at set place and at da,
Out of tha "boundis for to pas his wa.
Qtlben this herald had schawin thair his will, 43,1S0
77is king "Williame1 sic ansuer maid him till;
gayand, for gold, as it suld rycht weill pruif,
His mynd wes nocht sic battell for to muif;

1In MS. Makome.

No tit, he said, as weill wait mony man,

It wes nocht be tha weiris first began. 43,1S5

His will wes nocht bot to debait his richt,

Quhilk tha, he said, with greit falsheid and slicht,

Gart brek the peax the weiris to begin.

"And quhen te se na vantage thair to win,

"Bot mair and mair greit danger, skayth and 43,190


"Now ar ^e fane sic men[d]is for to mak.
"£it neuirtheles," he said, " ^e sall find me
"Into this cace nothing cruell to be,
"So that tha will all dampnage les and moir,
"Redres agane that tha haif tane befoir, 43,105

"And frelie syne, without stop or ganestand,
"Resigne agane ouir all Northumberland.
"This beand done, withoutin ony leis,
"Of me ^e sall haif baith fauour and peace:
"Se to thame self gif tha will nocht do so." 43,200
With this ansuer he tuke his leif to go,
No langar thair as than he wald remane,
Syne to the lordis passit hame agane,
And all his ansuer did to thame rehefs,
Ilk word be word as I haif put in verss, 43,205

And all his credence richt so to thame schew.
The lordis all weill be his ansuer knew
He wald nocht stop of his malice and yre,
Col. 2. Quhill he of thame had gottin his desyre,

As [he] befoir proponit had thame till, 43,210

The ijuhilk that tyme tha doucht nocht. to fulfill.

Also thairto perfitlie than tha1 wist

His greit power tha micht nocht weill resist,

Thair king being that tyme in Normondy.

Ane counsall maid than for that samin quhy, 43,215

In MS. he.

Quhairin tha fand ane fals and subtill wyle,
Hovr that tha sould this king Williame begyle;
And how it wes tak tent and ^e sail heir.
To him tha send that tyme ane messingeir,
Promittand him quhat that he list to haue, 43,220

Quhat euir it wes at his plesour to crane.
All his desir that he had to thame schawin,
Bot ask. and haif, for all suld be his awin;
And mekill moir nor euir wes on the mold,
As men wald sa, greit montanis of fyne gold; 43,aa5
Beseikand him to hurt thame in nothing,
Quaill tha agane gat ansuer fra the king,
Than suld he haif all his desir but lane.
Oft syis fair hechtis makis fuillis fane;
So did it him that tyme throw thair dissait, 43,230
And all his wisdome come him syne to lait;
All this tha dyd hydand the veritie,
Quhill efterwart that tha thair tyme mycht se.
This king Williame giffand sic traist thairtill,
Into his camp richt quietlie la still; 43,235

Farder ane fit that tyme he wald nocht steir,
Traistand richt sone gude tydenis to heir;
He thocht him self sicker out of ony drekl,
To watche and walk trowand thair1 wes na neid.
The Inglismen seand that it wes so, 43,2411

Richt quietlie tha dressit thame till go
Towart his oist wnder scilence of nycht,
Onwittand than of ony Scottis wicht.
Than equallie diuydit hes thair men
In tua partis, the ane half in ane glen 43,245

Richt clois wes laid, ane counter for to mak,
Ane signe wes maid behind the Scottis bak.
The iother half, sone as the da wes licht,
nurt apeir into the Scottis sicht,

1 In MS. that.

In gude ordour with mony pynsall proude, 43,250

And schalmes schill with bugillis blawand loude.
Quhen bayth the feildis reddie wer till june,
Gaif thame command all1 for to fle rycht sone
In gude ordour onto the same effect,
To caus the Scottis out of ordour brek, 43,255

For fercenes than to follow on the chace:
Rycht weill tha knew it was thair commoun cace.
And so it wes as ^e sall wnderstand,
As tha diuysit efter come till hand.
And of thair oistis sone efter the da, 43,250

Neir by the place quhair that king William la,
Apperit pertlie thair into his sicht,
With helmis cleir and mony basnet brycht;
With speir and lance weill schrowdit wnder scheild,
In gude array evin reddie for the feild. 43,255

Quhome of the Scottis at the first luke
Astoneist war, and richt greit terrour tuke,
To se thame thair with so greit bost and schoir,
Heirand no word of sic thing of befoir,
Trowand alway tha had bene traist and trew. 43,270
Quhairby richt weill tha wnderstude and knew,
That thair fair hechtis befoir that maid thame fane,
Translatit wes in sic ane subtill trane.
Lib.i3,f.20i. Thairfoir in hy with all the haist tha ma,

0 '1- Out of the tentis that tyme quhair tha la, 43,275

Richt mony wy that waponis weill culd weild,
Fordwart than furth thairfoir to gif thame feild.
And as tha war reddie than for to June,
The Inglismen richt suddantlie and sune
Turnit thair bak out of the feild, and fled 43,2S0

In gude ordour with all the speid tha hed.
The Scottis, so it hapnit vpoun cace,
Without ordour fast followit on the chace,

1 In MS. and all.

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