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Ane man of gude into tha samin dais,

Hecht James of Douglas, as my author sais,

Thocht he that tyme had no auctoritie,

iit neuirtheles his curage wes richt hie; 49,35o

To bischop Williame Lambertoun tha dais,

Of Sanct Androis, as that my author sais,

This ilk squiar that callit wes Douglas,

Most secreit seruand in the tyme he wag.

Quhen that he hard so greit loving and ruse, 49,355

And commendatione ilk da of the Bruce,

Rycht greit desyr and ^arning than had he,

Baith da and nicht in his seruice to be.

Syne to his lord the samin thing he schew,

Quhilk said agane, his purpois quhen he knew, 49,S70

That he durst nocht gif him no leif thairtill,

And bad him do at his plesour and will,

And he suld be thairof hartlie content;

And larglie bayth gaif to him and lent

Siluer and go[l]d in his seruice to spend; 49,375

Syne all his tresur to king Robert send

With him that tyme, to help him in his weir,

And bad him self [than] other hors and geir,

Or oucht he had, tak at his awin hand,

Thocht he thairtill durst nocht gif him com- 49,3S0


All this wes done, as I haif said tow so.
Betuix thame self richt secreit and no mo.
This ^oung Douglas quhen he his tyme did se,
Airlie at morne tuke with him seruandis thre,
Quhilk louit him and he thame with his hart, 49,3S5
That reddie war ay for to tak his part;
Syne to the stabill of his lord he fuir,
And causit thame for to ding vp the duir;
The four best hors that war in all the stabill,
The quhilk he knew that war maist swyft and 49,390


To help in neid that suir war and trew,
Syne all the four out at the dur he drew.
The pamfra man that had the hors to keip,
That walknit wes that tyme out of his sleip,

Of all that thing rieht litill wes content, 49,395

And schupe to stop and mak impediment,

Trowand richt weill it wes his lordis will,

That he sould mak impediment thairtill;

Thairfoir the Douglas out ane lang knyfe drew,

And suddantlie the pamfra man he slew. 49,400

All that he did into that ilk effect,

Or dreid his lord sould haldin be suspect,

And get the wyit of all that he had done.

He and his men richt suddantlie and sone

Lap on thair hors withoutin ony baid, 49,405

The narrest way syne to king Robert raid.

This ilk Douglas remanit ay syne still

With king Robert baith into gude and ill, Col. 2.

In his seniiee, as ^e ma efter reid

Baith of his wisdome and his nobill deid; 49,410

Quhairfoir his honour and his nobill fame,

His worthines, his wisdome and his name,

His duchtie deidis greitlie till advance,

Remanis still ^it in rememberance.

Of this Douglas discendit is sensyne, 49/t15

Richt lineallie be rectitude and lyne,

Full mony lord and mony nobill knicht,

And mony berne that wes baith bald and wycht.

This king Robert, as ^e haif hard me sa,

Grew to sic power euirilk da be da, 49,420

And of his purpois also did prevaill,

Wes none so bald that durst him mair assaill

In plane battell, Scottis or Inglismau,

Tie victorie sa oft of thame he wan.

Sunpois my author tell nocht sic thing heir, 49,425

And I I°y se^ sicuke hes nocht perqueir,

The mony battell, thocht tha war hot small,

Richt manfullie contrar his fais all

He wan that tyme, quha lykis for [to] luke

Ma find at lenth into the Brucis buke. 49,430

This ilk Edward, of Ingland that wes king,

Quhen that he knew and hard tell of sic thing,

How that king Robert in his weiris sped,

Abaissit wes richt greitlie than and dred,

Heirand his folk sa oft maid for to faill, 49,43s

Or dreid the Bruce agane him suld prevaill.

For that same caus with greit power and mycht,

Sone efter that come to debait his richt

With ane greit armie to the bordour syde.

So hapnit him into the samin tyde, 49,410

Quhen he had passit with his armie throuch

Northumberland, wnto the toun hecht Brouch

Vpoun the bordour into Cumberland,

Four myll fra Carlill vpoun Sulwa sand,

Richt haistelie so tuke infirmitie, 49,445

That in that tyme na forder pas micht he,

Bot tuke his rest still in his bed and la.

Syne efterwart, as my author did sa,

It vexit him with sic crudelitie,

That euerie man wist weill that he wald die; 49,450

And for that caus the kirkmen to him spak,

Beseikand him his confessione to mak,

And mak him reddie also to ressaue

Sic sacrament as Crissin men sould haue.

For no requeist other of gude or ill 49,455

That micht be maid, wald he consent thairtill,

No tit na signe of contritioun wald schaw,

Bot crabitlie his visage on thame thraw,

And flit agane with greit anger and ire,

So that his toung thairof wald neuir tyre 49,480

To ban and sueir, that horribill wes to heir,

Quhill he had power of his toung to steir.

In this same tyme ^e heir me now alledge,
Fiftie and fyve ^oung childer la in pledge,
Quhilk sonis war to Scottismen of gude. 49,455

The Inglis lordis quhen tha wnderstude,
That king Edward wes to depart rycht sone,
To wit his will thairof quhat sould be done,
That samin tyme quhair he la in his bed
Thir childer all befoir him in tha bed, 49,470

Askand at him with thame quhat tlui suld


And he agane sic ansuer maid thairto,
Quhair that he la almaist in the deid-thraw,
Girnand for ire he bad baith hang and draw.
And so tha did withoutin ony moir, 49,475

Thir ^oung childer that faillit neuir befoir,
That samin tyme with greit crudelitie
Vpone the gallous wes maid all to die.
That cruell tirrane, as my author sais,
That cruell wes and wickit all his dais, 49,4S0

And vennemous, full of iniquitie,
Richt as he leuit siclike endit he,
Richt full of malice and of greit dispyte.
Difficill is till ony man to wryte
With pen and ink, thocht he sould leve rycht 49,4S5


Sa mony vices in his persoun rang.
Thocht men wald say I sa this for invy,
Becaus he wes to Scotland ennimye,
It is nocht so, gude schiris, with ^our leif;
All that I sa his deidis dois weill preif 49,490

In all his tyme, as it wes rycht weill kend,
Quhilk previt weill into his latter end.
Thairfoir schiris, traist weill this tyme that I
Said nocht of him sic thingis for invie.
My author hot nocht for the veritie, 49,495

2it neuirtheles as at that tyme said he,

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Be as it will ane lesing or suith saw,

As he schew me so sail I to ^ow schaw.

This king Edward in sic infirmitie,

As that he la into extremitie, 49,500

"Richt as the saull did fra the bodie draw,

Ane Inglis knycht intill his visioun saw

Greit Lucifer, the maister feind of hell,

With mony feindis furius and fell,

Sum at the heid and sum [als] at the feit 49,505

Of king Edward thair ryving out the spreit,

Syne flew with it with mony reuthfull rair;

Judge ^e ^our self, for I can nocht tell quhair.

That knicht for fleitnes of that visioun,

Richt lang he la into ane deidlie swoon, 49,510

So paill of hew and wan as ony weid,

That ilk man trowit that he had bene deid.

Syne efterwart quhen he did convales

Of his swowning, he tald thame how it wes,

In his visioun how he hed hard and sene; 49,515

Syne efterwart, as my author did mene,

All warldlie honour and riches forsuik,

And syne on him religious habite tuik.

Quhen this Edward, that furius wes and fell,

Departit wes as ^e haif hard me tell, 49,520

His sone Edward efter that he wes deid,

Of Carnavirn succedit in his steid;

Ane vicius man withoutin dreid of God,

That fit be fit into his fatheris rod,

Evin quhair he left siclike thair he began. 49,525

To keip the conqueis that his father wan,

Into Drumfreis efter his fatheris deid,

He causit hes to compeir in that steid

The Scottis lordis that duelt in the south,

That keipit kyndnes to him and war couth, 49,530

As tha wer wont to his father beforne:

Syne causit thame befoir him to be sworne

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