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Him till obey intill all kynd of thing,

And hald of him as of thair prince and king.

Quhen. this wes done as ^e haif hard me say, 49,535

He tuik his leif and passit hame his wa

Into Ingland, quhair that he did remane.

Now to the Bruce heir will I turne agane.

Johnne the Cuming, of quhome befoir I spak,

Sum vassalage thocht that he wald wndertak 49,540

To pleis his prince, this Edward new maid king,

So greit desyr he had into that thing.

And for that caus with greit power and mycht

Of Inglismen all into armour brycht,

And Scottismen into greit number als, 49,545

Rebellaris war and to thair awin king fals,

He tuke the feild king Robert till persew.

This king Robert richt weill that sic thing knew,

Quhilk in his bed richt evill asposit la,

iit neuirtheles he wald nocht be awa, 49,550

Suppois that tyme rycht seik and sair wes he, Col. 2.

With all the power that he doucht to be,

Of bernis bald all into armour bricht,

Agane the Cuming to defend his richt.

Amang his men ane da airlie at morne, 49,555

On ane hors littor to the feild wes borne,

Quhill that he come into the Cumingis sycht,

With baneris braid displeyit vpoun hicht,

And mony pensall panetit wes full proude,

With schalmis schill and hornis blawand loude, 49,550

In gude ordour all into armour bricht,

Quhilk for to se than wes ane plesand sicht.

That so greit curage, thocht tha war rycht few,

And hardiment into the tyme tha schew
Agane thair fais of sic fortitude, 49,555

Haiffand sic power and sic multitude;
This Jobnne Cuming, quhen he thair curage saw,
Aba&it wes and in sum part stude aw

Of thair curage, and of thair ordour gude,

Seand of him so litill aw tha stude, 49,570

Throw sic terrour abasit wes and dred,

Syne left the feild and out of ordour fled.

Than king Robert gart follow on the chace,

And vp and doun in mony sindrie place,

Into that tyme out of nummer wntald 49,575

Baith tuke and slew alss mony as tha wald.

This victorie [wes] that ^e heir me mene,

Into ane place ten myle fra Abirdene.

Sone efter syne as that my author tald,

Ane greit captane, that callit wes Donald, 49,5S0

Duelt in the Ylis, come with mony Scott

And Inglismen togidder in ane knott,

That gatherit wes for king Edwardis behuif,

With new battell king Robert for to pruif.

Edward the Bruce abillest of ony vther, 49,5S5

To king Robert quhilk wes germane bruther,

With greit power be king Robert wes send

Agane Donald his querrell to defend.

At Deir water quhair that the feild wes set,

In plane battell togidder thair tha met, 40,590

With mony dynt that deidlie wes and dour;

Vnto the space than of ane large hour,

Into greit dout the victorie did stand,

Quhill at the last ane knicht, [wes] hecht Roland,

Quhair that he faucht richt pertlie on the plane, 49,595

With mony feir into the feild wes slane;

Quhilk causit Donald and his men to fle,

Sum to the mos and sum to montanis hie,

And he him self, siclike with mony ane,

That samin tyme into the chace wes tane, 49,500

And as ane tratour to king Robert led,

Quhairof the fame ouir all Scotland it spred.

Quhilk causit mony in to sindrie place,

Sic fauour haif to his hienes and grace,

Quhilk feid and malice bad at him befoir, 49,505

Than war content his kyndnes to imploir,

And him obey ay as thair prince and king,

And tak his part into all kynd of thing:

So euirilk da his power did incres,
And of his partie da be da maid les. 49,510

This gude king Robert in that saruin quhile,
With all his power passit in Argyle;
The lord thairof, that callit wes to name
Than Alexander, quhair he duelt at hame,
Agane king Robert into all his dais 49,515

He tuke plane part, as that my author sais.
Thairfoir king Robert seigit him rycht lang
That samin tyme into ane castell strang,
Qubill he wes fane, without ony rebous,
Off this conditioun for to gif ouir the hous;
That he him self and all his men also,
Without danger richt frelie sould lat go
Into Ingland; quhair efter he did pas,
Within schort quhile in Ingland quhair he was,
In greit distres thair, baith with barne and 49,525


Departit hes out of this present lyfe.
Efter all this into the secund teir,
That so wes done as I haif said low heir,
This king Edward with greit power and pryde,
In Scotland come onto the bordour syde. 49,530

Of Scottismen ane richt greit multitude,
To tak his part baith into ill and gude,
Tha met him thair as I haif said to tow,
Syne passit with him fordwart to Renfrow;
Bakward agane syne passit hame richt sone, 49,535
And litill honour till him self hes done,

Or zit to Scotland lytill skaith or lak,

la thair cuining or passage hame abak.

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Sone efter syne thair hapnit for to be

Ouir all Scotland so greit penuritie, 49,540

That meit and drink and all thing wes so deir,

For-quhy befoir the space of neir tua ^eir,

The grund la waist wnlauborit for the wair;

Baith scheip and nolt, gait and all vther gair,

Out of Scotland war drevin awa and reft, 49,545

And of thair brok richt litill than wes left.

Bayth fische and flesche, and all thing wes so


That men behuifit for hungar and want
Of beif and muttoun, and all vther meit,
Baith hors and doggis in the tyme to eit. 49,5s0

And for this caus as I haif said ^ow heir,
This gude king Robert quhill the nixt ^eir
Onto the weiris be no way micht pas,
So greit inlaik of all victuall thair was.
The nixt ^eir succedit efter syne, 49,555

Of quheit and ry, of beir and als of wyne,
In Scotland come richt large with abundance,
Fra Bartan^e, fra Flanderis, and fra France,
Quhilk pat Scotland out of that greit distres,
With sufficience than baith to mair and les. 49,550
The samin ^eir king Robert tuke the feild,
With mony wycht man that waponis weill culd


And tuyss in Ingland with greit power raid,
Ouir all the bordour that wes lang and braid;
Baith brynt and slew for aucht dayes or 49,055


And all the spul^e brocht in Scotland syne.
Ouir all Scotland als in that samin ^eir,
Quhair euir he passit other far or neir,
Sic aduenture and fortoun he hed than,
Richt mony castell and carmusche he wan. 49,e?o
The tour of Perth vpoun the water of Ta,
Wichtlie he wan sone efter on ane da;
The men of weir all that he fand thairin,
Of Inglis blude and als of Scottis kin,
As ressoun wald, that same tyme ane and aw, 49,675
Gart heid and hang withoutin dome or law;
And sparit hes syne all the multitude.
The wallis syne about the toun that stude,
Of stane and lyme, that strenth wes of the toun,
To the calderd gart cast thame ilkane doun, 49,680
Drumfreis, Bodwell, also the toun of Air,
Lanerk siclike, thir four townis so fair,
That same tyme tuke throw greit power and

And mony castell that war strang and wicht;
Thir townis all and castellis that war tone, 49,685
Gart cast thame doun to the cald erd ilkone,
Except Beruik that he leit than stand still,
The quhilk sensyne hes done greit skayth and ill.
The nixt 3eir efter all this wes done,'
Of Roxburgh the strang castell of stone, 49,690
Schir James Douglas, that worthie, nobill man,
Richt subtillie withoutin seig he wan.
Thomas Randall neirby the samin da,
Quhilk efterwart that erle wes of Murra,
Of Edinburg siclike als hes tone 49,695
The strang castell stude on ane crag of stone.
The Yle of Man, as that my author sais,
Subdewit wes into tha samin dais
To king Robert for to hald of his croun,
Lang of befoir wes in subjectioun 49,700
To “ Inglismen, and hed of it greit vse.
The kingis bruther, schir Edward the Bruce,

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Col. 2.

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