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Aganis thame for to debait his richt,
Wes of sic atrenth, sic power, and sic mycht. 49,S70
Quhairby tha knew that he thocht nocht to fle,
Also tha wist ilk man that tyme that he

Greit prattik hed and policie in weir,

Richt circumspect in nothing for to leir,

And with him hed, als weill tha wnderstude, 49,S75

Rycht mony captane that war wyss and gude;

The men of weir alss with him he hed,

In mony jornay oft befoir weill sped,

And in mony feildis wan greit victorie,

Thairfoir wes said than for that samin quhy, 49,SS0

"With mony men king Edward with him brocht,

The victorie wald nocht be wone for nocht.

As thir tua kingis into the samin quhile,

In vtheris sichtis within les nor ane myle,

Thair ostis la vpoun the water syde, 49,SS5

iit Banokburne that callit is this tyde.

The nycht befoir thir princes met in feild,

Fyve hundreth knychtis wnder speir and scheild,

All in gilt geir rycht gudlie to commend,

This king Edwart ane quyet way hes send 49,S90

To Stirling castell on ane craig that stude, Libi4f225b

To caus the captane be of confort gude, Cui. i.

And schew how neir his help wes at the hand,

And of the Bruce no dreid or aw to stande.

Robert the Bruce at thair passage did spy, 49,S95

Erle Thomas Randall, or tha passit by,

With equall nummer in middis of the streit,

He causit him thame manfullie to meit,

And gaif thame feild or tha doucht to pas by,

Quhair mony berne that bald wes and hardy, 49,900

And mony freik that stalwart wes and stout,

Thocht he wes laith, full law tha gart him lout.

Richt lang tha faucht thir worthie men and wycht,

Of baith thair princes and present in sicht.


Schir James of Douglas that wes strang and 49,905


Quhen he beheld the Randell in sic dout,
Suppois that tyme that he and he wes fais,
^it neuirtheles on to the king he gais,
Beseikand him richt lawlie on his kne,
To grant him leve the Randell to supple, 49,910

Stude in sic dout than of the victorye;
The quhilk king Robert rycht sone did deny.
Quhen twyss or thryis he wes denyit so,
Withoutin leve tuke aduenture till go
For to supple the Randell in sic weir. 49,915

So at the last as he approchit neir,
Beheld and saw sa mony Suthroun faill,
The Randall also liklie to prevaill,
Stoppit and stude still in that steid as than,
And leit him haif the victorie he wan. 49,920

For weill he wist, and he had tane his daill,
Thairof rycht sone that all the honour haill
To him and his, withoutin caus or quhy,
Had gevin bene, quhilk causit him stand by
Stane still fra him that tyme rycht far in 49,925


Quhill gude schir Thomas had the battell wyn.
Of fyve hundreth the fecc into that place
War slane that da, the laif all in the chace,
In sindrie partis vp and doun the plane,
That samin tyme war other tane or slane 49,930

Richt cruellie into thair kingis sicht.
This gude Randell that worthie wes and wycht,
With greit spulte of mony sindrie thing,
And honour als, returnit to the king,
Quhilk louit him, and bad the laif nocht dreid 49,935
Quha spurnis airlie cumis lidder speid.
He said to thame als, as he wnderstude,
That sic ane taikin come alway for gude,

As micht be judgit rycht apperandlie.

So said the laif ilkone that tyme stude by. 49,940

Robert the Bruce that worthie wes and wycht,

Befoir the feild he hes gart mak that nycht,

With diligence and greit laubour rycht sone,

Into the place quhair that the feild sould jone,

That samin nycht, ane wynk or he wald sleip, 40,945

Trynchis gart mak and pottis that war deip

Into the erd with greit laubour and cuir,

And fra that place the erd awa syne buir,

And stoibbit thame with ryce quhen that wes


And couerit syne the grene scheretis abone; 49,950
That nane micht ken that come vpon the


That ony perrell in that place hed bene.
Sen that he wes of small power and micht,
Neidfull it wes to vse wyllis and slicht;
As wyss men sais, as I traist ^e ken, 49,955

That oftymes wyllis helpis ryeht waik men.
Sic policie of adueuture and cace,
Weill ma ^e wit cumis of Goddis grace,
And be no way of manlie gouernance,
No ^it throw fortoun, aduenture and chance; 49,950
Bot as God wist of his fredome and will, CoL 2.

At his plesour quhome that he will gif till.
Experiens thairof wes had full richt;
As gude king Robert in that samin nicht
Befoir the feild, at his deuotioun 49,955

Walkit that nicht, into his orisoun
To Sanct Phelen most speciall of the laif,
Becaus the Scottis [men] wes wont to haif
His richt arme bane into ane siluer cace,
Quhair euir tha passit into ony place, 49,970

Aeane thair fais for to fecht in feild;
And as my author did to me reveild,

That siluer cace into the nicht throw hap,

Wes hard richt loud than closand with ane clap.

Ane agit preist, the clap quhen he did heir, 49,975

Keipit the cace, richt suddantlie drew neir,

And fand the arme he had for^et at hame,

Quhilk he that tyme durst nocht reveill for blame,

Weill cloisit thair into the siluer cace.

On to the king he ran than in ane race, 49,9S0

And tald him all the maner wes 1 and how,

Ilk word be word as I haif said to ^ow;

How he that tyme throw aduenture and hap,

The siluer cace hard closand with ane clap,

And in the caice the relict syne did get, 49,9S5

Quhilk he at hame behind him had for^et.

Gude king Robert quhen he hard how he said,

And all the laif rycht blyth tha war and glaid,

Traistand richt weill that all thing 2 suld ga rycht,

Sen gratius God, of his gudnes and mycht, 49,990

Hed sic ane signe of victorie thame schawin,

Greit traist tha had that all suld be thair awin;

Quhilk causit thame than be the leist ane knaif,

In that querrell moir curage for to haif.

This king Robert with humbill mynd contrcit, 49,995

And all his men compleitlie and perfite,

Richt penitent, but fictioun, thair breist

Perfitelie maid confessioun to ane preist,

Quhairof thair wes greit copie in the tyme,

That thame assol^eit of all syn and cryme. 50,000

Syne Christis bodie consecrat in breid

Ressauit hes deuotlie in that steid,

Commendand syne to gratius God of mycht

In his defence thair just querrell and richt,

Baith saull and bodie and all vther thing, 50,005

To be [thair] gyde and haif in governyng.

1 In MS. /«•«'. | * In MS. all ric thing.

Syne on the morne quhen that the da wes lycht,

And Phebus raiss vp with his bemis brycht,

Of Inchafra the abbot of greit fame,

Quhilk callit Wps Mauritius to his name, 50,010

SiAempnitle that da ane mes sang he,

In sic ane place quhair all the oist mycht se.

Syne efter mes, quhen that sendee wes done,

The king him self ascendit to ane trone,

Quhair he richt weill mycht bayth be hard 50,015

and sene

With all his men that stude vpone the grene,
Into ane place richt hie aboue thame all.
Syne on his captanis ilkane he gart call,
And with ane voce that wes bayth loude and cleir,
He said to thame as I sall schaw ^ow heir. 50,020
"O te my lordis, and my kny[ch]tis kene,
"So oft with me in greit perrell hes bene,
"Quhair thair apperit greit danger and dout,
"Loving to God tit we wan rycht weill out.
"Rycht oft is sene, quhair men hes ane just 50,025


"All is nocht tynt that semis into perrell;
"Thocht we be waik of power now and mycht,
"ie knaw our querrell is bayth just and richt,
"And that we stand alway in our defence
"For to resist thair wrang and violence, 50,030

"Withoutin richt persewis ws this tyde,
"Throw wilfull wrang, oppressioun and greit pryde,
"With mony lous men that ar lycht of laittis,
"And mony harlot also that God haittis,
"Of fugitouris fra sindrie landis fled, 50,035

"Quhilk lytill sons or nane at hame hes hed,
"Forlane lownis without riches or micht,
"Now cumin heir for to reif ws oure richt,
"Richt mony louss men out of euerie land.

fals king, as ^e ma wnderstand, 50,0*0

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