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And left thair king but ony but or beild,

With few feiris remanand in the feild. 43,2S5

The Inglismen that la into the slak,

Quhen it wes so, come in behind thair bak

In gude array with mony pynsall proude,

Rycbt suddantlie with mony schout full loude.

Qubairof greit terrour in the tyme did tak 43,290

The Scottis all, seand behind thair bak

So braid ane battell cumand neirhand by,

Bebind thair bak with mony schout and cry.

The Inglismen, that fled fra thame befoir,

Turnit agane with mekill bost and schoir, 43,205

Rieht suddantlie quhen tha saw sic supple;

The Scottis all tuke purpois than to fle,

Befoir thair face seand so greit ane rout,

Behind thair bak heirand so mony schout.

Quhairfoir that tyme richt mony men of gude 43,300

Fled to the king middis the feUd that stude,

And all the laif quhilk war out of array,

Tha left the 'feild and fled out of the fray.

This king Williame efter his folk war fled,

With the small power in the tyme he hed, 43,305

On euerie syde with his fa sett about,

Weill wist he1 nocht quhair than he suld wyn out.

Ane lang quhile so at his defence he stude

Rycht manfullie agane that multitude,

Quhair mony sutheroun in that tyme wer keild, 43,310

Quhill [he] on force wes tane syne in the feild.

Syne all the laif that tyme with him he hed,

Seand him tane out of the feild tha fled,

With litiJJ skayth suppois tha war bot few,

Syne till ane strenth wes neirhand by tha drew. 43,315

So beand done as I haif said all thing,

In .Normondy tha hed Williame the king

1 In MS. he wiit he.

To king Henrie, quhair he did lang remane,
Quhill efterwart till he come hame agane.
The Inglismen haifand sic victorie, 43,320

So proude tha war than for the samin quhy,
With all thair power pertlie did persew,
Gif tha agane mycht Cumberland reskew.
Gude Gillecrist of Angus that wes lord,
And als Rannald of quhome I did record, 43i325

With mony freik agane thame maid defence,
And sparit nocht for travell nor expens.
Thir worthie men, that wer bayth wyss and wycht,
Rycht manfullie debaittit all thair richt,
Quhill all tha weiris cuming war and gane; 43,330
Syne at the last betuix thame trewis wes tane
On this maner as I sall to tow sa:
That Huntlyngtoun and also Cumbria
Scotland sall haif without ony demand;
Ingland siclike alhaill Northumberland, 43,335

Ay and quhill that this king Williame be
Deliuerit furth of his captiuitie.
Ane thousand ^eir and ane hundreth also,
Sextie and four withontin ^eiris mo,

Col. 2. Of Christ Jesu, that done wes all this thing, 4,5,310
And the nynt ^eir of this king Williams ring.
Heir will I leif of this mater ane quhile,
And turne I will to vther talk my style.
In Cantirberrie,1 as all the warld knawis,
Ane halie bischop wes, as my author schawis, 43,3i5
In all his tyme withoutin ciyme or blame,
Quhilk callit wes Thomas to his name,
The kirk of Christ did in his tyme decoir;
Quhilk flemit wes with king Henrie befoir,
The libertie becaus he did defend 43,350

Of halie kirk, as it is rycht weill kend.

In MS. Cartiiberrie.

Befoir the tyme the space than of tua ^eir,
That this -wee done, as I haif said ^ow heir,
At the requeist than of the paip of Rome,
Hecht Alexander, gif I richt presume, 43,355

And Lues als, the nobill king of France,
Also Philip gudlie till advance,
The nobill erle of Flanderis in his dais,
At thair requeist than, as my author sais,
This kalie bischop, laulie and benyng, 43,350

Tlessauit wes in Ingland with the king.
Thocht he forgaif him with his word outwart,
"iit neuirtheles richt clois in to his hart
It stak full still als het at ony fyre,
L,rirkand full law with greit malice and ire, 43,355
Of this bischop the greit stabilitie
In the defence of richt and libertie
Of halie kirk, the quhilk he did defend.
Quhairfoir this king, as it wes rycht weill kend,
¥oure of his men most honest and preclair, 43,370
Into that tyme wer most familiair,
Williarae Bretone on of tha he was,
Hugo Morvill and Regcuald Fetas,
Williame Tracie the ferd of thame wes he,
Send fra this king full of crudelitie, 43,375

Of this bischop for to revenge his yre.
Thir foure feiris, as het as ony fyre,

How Kinu Henrie Of Ingland Causit Slay
Thomas, Bischope Of Canturherrie, And
Denyit Quhen He Had Done.

In C'antirberrie of £ule the fyft da,

Into the kirk, as my author did sa,
This ilk bischop, of quhomc befoir I schew, 43,3S0
At the hie altar cruellie tha slew.

Quhilk1 efterwart this cruell king Henrie
Baith men and deid richt faalie did deny.
In Rowane syne, efter the secund ^eir
That this wes done as I haif said tow heir, 43,3S5
Into the kirk, gif that I richt presume,
Quhair present war tua cardinallis of Rome,
Also of vtheris ane greit multitude,
Into the tyme neirby thame thair that stude,
Befoir thame all this king his God forsuke, 43,390

And swoir also vpoun the evangell buik,
That he wes saikles of this btschopis deid.
Sone efter [that] forthocht and socht remeid,
The stang of conscience broddit him so soir,
That he forthocht all that he did befoir; 43,395

Syne sark allane, for mair mereit and meid,
And barfeit als to Canterberrie ^eid,
Befoir his graif, or than my author leis,
Lib.i3,f.20ib. Richt humblie thair sittand on his kneis,

f\\\ 1

In that same place quhair that his blude wes 43,400


Greittand for grace, confessit all his gilt.
This ilk bischope, as halie kirk now grantis,
Rycht hie in heven is numberit amang the sanctis,
And for ane martir also haldin is he
Be halie kirk quhilk hes auctoritie. 43,405

Quha list of him to heir now ony mair,
Gang luke his legend, tha will find all thair
The nobill werkis in his tyme he did,
And ilk miracle efter sensyne he kid.
Richt langsum [wer] to me to tell for-thi, 43,410

Thairfoir as now I lat thame all go by;
Sic to reherss I will nocht heir remane,
Now to my purpois pas I will agane.

1 In MS. QMU.

So beand done as I haif said sic thing,
Dauid the bruther of Williame wes ouir king, 43,415
Quhilk erle that wes than, as my author sais,
Of iewcester in tha samin dais,
Of king Henrie had sic auctoritie,
Qunair euir he ^eid with him thair wes he,
Quhilk leif of him obtenit but demand, 43,420

That samin tyme to cum into Scotland,
Into the absence of Williame his bruther,
As he that wes narrest of ony vther,
Into his steid to haif auctoritie,
To reule and gyde and gouernour to be. 43,425

How Dauid, Brutheb To King Williame, Come
In Scotland And Wes Governoub In Ab-
Sence Of His Bbutheb, Quha Bewlit The
Cdntbe At Rest, And How Thai Send Ane
Ambassadoub For To Redeme And Bring
Hame King Williame.

Quhilk in Scotland resauit wes rycht weill,

In all his tyme, as far as I haif feill,

Plesit the pepill ay with equitie,

In ilk mater so trew and just wes he.

Quhen to gude poynt than put wes euerie 43,430


With haill consent for to redeme thair king,

Ane ambaxat1 send into Normondy

Of nobill men onto this king Henrie:

Thair principall, as that my author sais,

Wes ane hecht Richard, bischop in tha dais 43,435 Of Sanct Androis; ane nobill man wes he, And all his tyme of greit auctoritie.

1 In M.S. greit bochop.

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