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Thir nobill men of quhome to tow I spak,
With king Henrie his ransoun thair did mak;
On this same wyiss accordit than war tha: 43,440

Ane hundretht thousand pundis for to pa
Of stirling money, quhairof in his hand
Sum pairt suld haif, and for the laue ane pand
Quhill all the laif in handis war laid doun;
Northumberland and also Huntlyngtoun, 43,445

And Cumbria, withoutin pley or pleid;
And als to sueir, for fauour or for feid,.
Neuir to reuoik the bandis that war maid,
Na for na landis Ingland to invaid,
For ony feid that efterwart micht be. 43,450

Of all that thing for mair securitie,
Or dreid tha suld sum falt efter alledge,
Four strang castellis tha suld gif into pledge,
Beruik, Roxburch, neirby the bordour stude,
Stirling, Edinburch; syne, schortlie to conclude, 43,455
Col. 2. Deliuerit wes king Williame by his name,

With his lordis in Scotland syne come hame.

That samin tyme, as my author did sa,

Ane callit Fergus, lord of Gallowa,

Ane sone he had callit Gilbert to name; 43,400

In that same tyme that king Williame come hame,

I can nocht tell ^ow richt weill gif I lie,

Quhat wes the quhy thairfoir speir nocht at me,

He wes so hardie for to tak on hand,

He held him self for king than of Scotland; 43,405

And euerie man than, baith be land and se,

Assistit nocht to his auctoritie,

He leit thame leve bot into litill eis,

With all thair power that wald nocht him pleis.

All brokin men that hereit, reft and staw, 43,470

And murdereris that mycht nocht byde the law,

And sueir swyngeouris that haue [na] will to wirk,

Oppressouris als of God and halie kirk,

That durst nocht cum befoir ane equall judge,

To him tha drew for succour and refuge: 43,475

"Vnnumerabill that mycht nocht weill be tald,

Quhilk better war to hang no for to hald.

His one bruther that wes wyiss and bening,

Becaus he him repreuit of sic thing,

This fuls tirrane, throw cruell yre and tene, 43,4S0

Dispytfullie gart put out bayth his ene;

And baith his handis gart stryke him fro,

Syne gaif him leve quhaireuir he list to go.

Ilk da be da he wrocht sa mekle wrang

That he mycht nocht be sufferit weill so lang. 43,4S5

Gude Gillecrist, of quhome ^e hard befoir

In mony feild wan greit honour and gloir,

With greit power wes maid that tyme to pas

Agane Gilbert in Galloway that wes,

Quhair baith tliair power sone togidder met; 43,490

With brandis brycht ilkone at vther bet,

Quhill mony freik wes fellit thair on force,

And mony kene man keillit throw the cors.

This Gilbertis men richt werie all forbled,

Tha tuke the flicht out of the feild and fled 43,495

Yp and doun to mony sindrie place;

Gude Gillcrist fast efter maid ane chace,

And in the fleing thair wes far ma slane

No in the feild quhair tha faucht on the plane.

This ilk Gilbert into the samin quhile, 43,500

To saue himself he fled to Mona Yle,

Sone efter syne into Ybernia,

Thair to remane, as my author did sa.

No moir of this; for heir I think to tell

Of aduenture that efterwart befell. 43,505

Off Ane Cardinale That1 Come To Keforme
The Kirkis Of Ingland And Scotland Out


The secund ^eir efter as I presume,
Ane cardinall that tyme wes send fra Rome,
Into ilk land with haill power in plane
The kirk of Christ for to reforme agane;
And Scotland als fra faltis les and moir, 43,510

Gif ony war committit of befoir.
In Ingland syne quhen endit wes and done
His legacie, he summonid efter sune
Ub.i3, f.202. Of all Scotland the prelattis les and moir,

In proper persoun to cum him befoir. 43,515

At Northamptoun quhair that the place wes set,

In that counsall togidder all tha met,

Ilk da be da with greit wisdome tha wrocht,

Quhill all thair mater till ane end wes brocht.

Quhen all wes done, as I haif said but lane, 43,520

This cardinall proponit into plane

The bischopis all of Scotland for to mak,

To the bischope that tyme of Eborak,

Obediens, and ay fra that forth he

Of thame to haif the haill auctoritie. 43,525

For-quhy in Scotland, as my author sais,

No archibischop thair wes into tha dais;

And for that caus it semit weill, said he,

AH wnder him as suffragans to be;

Gif hapnit sua, as oft syis sua hes bene, 43,530

Actioun or pley be movit thame betuene,

Moir esie war to thame intil all tyde,

Sic materis all richt sone for to decyde

1 In MS. that that.

-Sefoir this bischop into Eborak

No into Rome, quhair tha bebouit mak 43,535

Sumpteous expenss and grit travell thairto,
In Eborak war iiocbt neidfull to do;
And lang persuasioun maid thame in that thing,
To his purpois gif that he culd thame bring;
For his opinioun alledgand mony law, 43,540

That is nocbt neidfull at this tyme to schaw.
Ane Scottis clerk, that callit wes Gilbert,
In all science richt cuning and expert
Of ony vtber in his tyme wes kend,
To that counsall fra king William wes send, 43,545
To heir and se that tha did no injure
To him or bis than other riche or puir,
Sic ansuer maid withoutin ony mair
Befoir thame all that wes present than thair:
"Forsuith," he said, "as ye sail vnderstand, 43,550
"Sen that the fayth come first into Scotland,
"The kirk of Scotland ay sensyne wes fre,
"Within our self haiffand auctoritie;
"Quhome be all faltis hes bene ay correctit,
"And to nane tit wes euir subjectit 43,555

"Except the paip, withoutin ony pley, "Christis vicar quhome to we suld obey. "Vnconsonand is to the veritie "To do to ws so greit inormitie, "That te pretend now in this tyme till ws, 43,500 "The quhilk of ressoun we ma weill refus. "To fortifie thairfoir," he said, "this thing "That I haif said in the name of our king, "Heir I protest, quhat te sa or alledge "Tha6 hurt nocht him nor ^it our priuiledge." 43,505 This being- said as I haif said tow to, In th&t mater thair wes na mair ado, Bot left it so evin as tha first began, Skaillit that counsall and teid hame ilk man. Vol. in. c

This ilk Gilbert, of quhome I schew ^ow heir, 43,570
Within les space efter nor thre ?eir,
Bischop of Caitnes consecrat wes he,
And had thairof the haill auctoritie.
Of sanctitude the quhilk that did exceid
Into his tyme all vther as we reid, 43,575

Quhilk now in gloir into the hevin so hie,
Amang the sanctis numberit now is he.
Neirby this tyme now that ^e heir me mene,
In Albione greit wonderis than wes sene.

CoL2. At midsomer, as my author did tell, 43,5S0

Of hailstanis ane felloun sohour that fell;
Quhilk stonis war of so greit quantitie,
Bayth man and beist, bot gif my author lie,
Beand thairout als lang as it did lest,
Throw violence of that schour wer oprest. 43,5S5

Of September efter that this wes done,
In the idus neirby the hour of none,
Of tua houris the space it did induir,
The sone it wes als mirk1 and als obscuir,
Bayth blak and dym withoutin ony lycht, 43,590

As it had bene about the mirk midnycht.
Withoutin clippis this aduenture befell;
Quhat wes the caus wes no man than culd tell.
Of Eborak all in the dyocie,

So aufull thunder fell doun fra the sky, 43 595

And fyre-flaucht als, as my author did sa,
The quhilk distroyit mony fair abba,
Into that tyme without ony refuge:
Quhat wes the caus I leif to tow till judge.

1 In MS. me/*.

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