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How King Williame Foundit And Feft The
Abbay Of Abirbrothok, And His Mother
The Abbay Of Haddingtoun.

This king Williame into tha samin dais 43,eoo

Foundit and feft, as that my author sais,

The fair abba of sic auctoritie,

Of Arbroth standand neirby the se:

And Sanct Thomas, of quhome befoir I spak,

Of that abba the patrone he did mak; 43,505

Quhome with befoir into his lyfe had he

Quentance and greit familiaritie.

The quhilk abba ay sensyne hes bene

Of greit honour, as ^it ma weill be sene.

This samin teir this king Williamis mother, 43,eio

Gude Adama, quhilk did exceid all vther

Of perfectioun, as my author did sa,

Of Haddington quhilk foundit that abba,

Aganis deid that had no strenth to stryve,

Departit hes out of this present lyve. 43,015

Neirby this tyme, gif that I rycht presume,

This king Williame ambaxat send to Rome

Ane faythfull father withoutin ony cryme,

Quhilk bischop wes of Sanct Androis that tyme,

That callit wes Joannes to his name; 43,520

And Regenald of greit honour and fame,

Ane man that tyme of greit auctoritie,

Of Arbroth the first abbot wes he;

On to the paip, as tha war wont till do,

Obediens than for to mak him to. 43,525

Paip Alexander, thrid wes of that name,

Thir tua prelatis of greit honour and fame

Kessauit hes with all humanitie,

Of thair cuming so blyth that tyme wes he,

For the greit wirschip, honour, laud and gloir 43,530
Of king William that ^e hard speik befoir.
Ane rois of gold rycht gudlie to commend,
To king William with thame agane he send,
Of balsamon fulfillit and repleit,

Semlie sauour and als of odour sweit; 43,035

To represent ane greit taikin and sing
Of singular love that he had to that king.
Lib.13, f.202b. Neir by this tyme that ^e heir me record,
'1- Gude Gillechrist, of Angus that wes lord,

His weddit wyfe suspectit so hes he 43,540

In to that tyme of greit adulterie,

Out of his hous he gart hir sone be hed,

And fra his hous bayth of burd and bed.

Judge te or nocht gif that he did hir wrang.

Sone efter that than he maid hir to hang 43,545

In till ane place, efter ane littill we,

Callit the Manis standand neir Dundie.

This king Williame thairof wes nocht content,

Quhen that he hard his sister so wes schent;

With greit power come in the tyme and socht 43,550

This Gillecrist, bot ^it he fand him nocht:

Quhairfoir that tyme with greit crudelitie,

In to his ire and furiositie,

His fair castell biggit of stone and lyme,

Law to the grund gart cast it doun that tyme: 43,555

Confiscat syne baith his cattell and corne,

Him self also he hes put to the horne.

Sone efter this now that te heir me mene,

King Williames wyfe, of Scotland that wes quene,

In to this lyfe that micht no langar lest, 43,550

Departit hes and passit to hir rest.

For caus my authour schew it nocht to me,

I can nocht tell this tyme bot gif I lie

Quhat wes hir name or quhat scho wes, thairfoir

Of hir this tyme now I will speik no moir. 43,555 Efter all this that I haif said tow heir,

It so in to the samin ^eir,

At the requeist than of ane nobill man,

Bischop of Durhame in the tyme wes than,

The quhilk Hugo to name callit wes he, 43,570

Ane man all tyme of greit auctoritie,

This kiiig Henrie, of quhome I spak befoir,

To king William agane he gart restoir

The Madin Castell, as my author sais,

Now Edinburgh is callit in thir dais. 43,575

This samin tyme ane ladie of greit fame,

Quhilk Emangard wes callit to hir name,

The dochter barne of William Bastard king,

The first of Normanis in Ingland did ring,

The erlis dochter also of Munthell, 43,8S0

This king William, as my author did tell,

That samin tyme he weddit to his wyfe,

In joy and peax quhome with he led his lyfe.

That samin tyme this king Henrie and he

Greit bandis maid throw that affinitie; 43,5S5

And sic ane law tha maid amang the laue,

That nane of thame within thame self ressaue

Of fugatouris other ald or toung,

That rebell war or exul to the king.

This Gillecrist of quhome befoir te reid, 43,590

Furth of Scotland in Ingland that wes fled,

Of tha lawis fra tyme that he hard tell,

Into Ingland no langar than durst duell.

In vyle habit as that himself deuysit,

With his tua sonis that tyme disagysit, 43,895

Of Ingland for dreid of skayth and blame,

Kycht quyetlie in Scotland syne come hame.

Far1 out of sicht he held himself wnschawin

In vildernes quhair he wes lang wnknawin,


Withoutin fude, quhilk wes the moir pitie, 43,700

Bot cald water and frute grew on the tre.
Meit or drink no vther than he bed;
CoL 2. With his tua sonis lang tyme so wes fed.
In his distres I lat him heir remane,
And to my purpois turne I will agane. 43,705

In this same tyme now that te heir me tell,
In Affrica greit harmes than befell:
King Saladyn, ane wickit infidell,
Perturbit hes thairof the commoun weill,
With greit distructioun in the Halie Land 43,710

Of Cristen men that tyme wer thair duelland:
Jerusalem hes seigit alss and wan,
Quhair he distroyit mony Cristane man;
Judea als and Palistyne also,

Seigit and wan with mony townis mo, 43,715

That Cristen men inhabite in tha dais;
Quhome of neuir ane, as that my author sais,
He left levand, without ony remeid
Like vyle serpentis he bait thame to the deid.
King Guedo als, quhilk in ane feild wes tone, 43,720
And gude Rannald with vtheris mony one
Of thir princes, with yre and greit dispyte,
To satisfie his cruell appetyte,
That bludie bouchour with ane birneist brand,
Thir princes baith bernit with his awin hand. 43,725
And of fit men threttie thousand also,
Siclike of horsmen tuelf thousand and mo,
Come in that feild, without ony remeid,
Rioht cruellie gart put thame all to deid.
That samin tyme of France come of the new 43,730
Ane messinger that all thir tydenis schew;
Siclike in Ingland to Henrie the king,
Rycht piteouslie reportit all that thing,
Of that mischance and infidelitie
At tha princes askand help and supple. 43,735

Quiome to king Henrie grantit hes rycht sone,

Richt weill I -wait that tyme so hed he done,

ITor-quhy it "wes his purpois and intent,

"War nocht so greit he gat impediment.

His eldest sone, callit Henrie to name, 43,740

Fraudfull but faith, without dreid or schame,

With mony lord, as my author did tell,

Aganis his father thocht for to rebell.

Suppois he suld succeid into his steid,

He thocht ouir lang to byde his fatheris deid, 43,745

Quhilk causit hes this king Henrie but blame,

With his awin sone that tyme to byde at hame.

At this purpois I let thame heir remane,

And to king Williame turne I will agane.


In Catnes And In Ros.

Into the Ylis in tha samin dais, 43,7eo

Tua rank revaris, as my author sais,

MakWilliame ane and Makbrene the vther,

Weill wait ^Jxnocht gif that he wes his bruther,

That samin tyme with greit power and force,

Thir tua tha come in Catnes and [in] Ross, 43,755

In Murraland ouir all tha boundis braid,

With thift and reif greit heirschip thair tba


On Catnes cost that tyme thair schippis la,
To that purpois that tha mycht pas thair wa
Hame in the Ylis quhen tha list to fle, 43,750

Gif hapnit so that ony neid sould be.

This king Williame quhen that he hard and knew Lib. 13, f. 203.
Of thair refuge, as traist men to him schew, Col-1-

Rycht quietlie that tyme decreittit he
Ane greit navin of schippis to the se, 43,795

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