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Into that tyme the maist part of his landis 43,940

Reinanand still wes in the kingis handis,

The laue of thame, as my author did say,

He gaif befoir onto this ilk abbay

Of Arbroth, quhilk he foundit and feft.

Syne all the laue in his handis wer left, 43,945

Frelie agane to Gillecrist he gaif,

With all fredome as he wes wont to haif;

Quhilk efterwart richt weill his prince did pleis,

Levand alway at greit honour and eis.

Syne efter sone as that the cace befell, 43,950

Ane of his sonis, quhilk I can nocht tell,

Befoir him self throw greit seiknes and soir,

Departit hes, for he micht leif no moir.

The tother sone vnabill wes to haue

"Wyfe or bamis, thairfoir that tyme he gaue 43,955

Of his landis, as my author did sa,

Ane greit portioun on to that same abba

Of Arbroth, to magnifie the rent,

Quhairof his sone wes richt hartlie content.

Quhilk he appreuit weill but ony pleid; 43,950

For all the laue efter his fatheris deid,

Quhilk wes richt sone efter ane litill space,

Richt frelie gaif onto that samin place.

Quhair his father, his bruther als, and he

Ingrauit war with greit solempnitie, 43.905 Col.».

Befoir the altar thair of Sanct Katherene,

Qubair sung and said is seruice richt diuyne.

Thair sepulture of greit auctoritie,
Remanis «it still in that place to se.
Neirby this tyme as ye sail wnderstand, 43,970

The eropryss sone, Henrie of Ingland,
For-quhy hi« dais cuming war tll l end,
TT take his leaf out of this world to wend.
His eldest sone, that callit wes Henrie,
Befoir him self departit, and for-thy 43,975
His secund sone of greit honour and fame,
Wes crown it king, quhilk Richard hecht to


Hed sic desire to honour, laud and gloir,
The croce1 quhilk his father tuke befoir,
Of his passage into the Halie Land, 43,0S0

Richt hardelie this Richard tuke on hand,
With greit power of hors, harnes and geir.
Of men and meit, and all thingis for to weir
That neidfull war, or belangit thairtill,
Thar wes na want, he hed aneuche at will. 43,9S5

And or he wald pas fordwart in that tyde,
He thocht it best for peax than to provyde,
In his absence that his revyne suld tak
Of his fais [n]other skaith or lak.
Thairfoir in haist for to declair his will, 43,990

This king Williame he hes gart cum him till,
With him that tyme treittand for rest and pece,
To caus freindschip and mak all weiris ceis.
The thre castellis, as ^e sall wnderstand,
Of king Williames he had into his hand, 43,995

Beruik, Roxburch, and Stirling of stone,
To king Williame gaif frelie thame ilkone.
Richt so alsua he gaif him but demand,
Al haill the partis of Northumberland,
The quhilk he tynt into the feild befoir: 44,000

Siclike also he gart agane restoir
All Huntlyntoun and also Cumberland,'
Except the strenthis he hed in his hand.
Quhairfoir king Williame suld gif him agane
Ten thousand pundis for all pledgis and pane, 44,005
In his voyage for to mak him supple;
Fra that tyme furth tha landis ay be frie.

1 In MS. tutte.

As I haif said, quhen all this thing wes done,

This king Williame rycht suddantlie and sone,

On to his bruther Dauid'than gaif he 44,010

All Huntlyngtoun in heretage and fie

The quhilk Dauid into tha samin dais,

Fyve bundreth men, as that my author sais,

With him awin self and mony vther mo,

Furneist that tyme with king Richard to go. 44,015

This beand done as I haif said anone,

This king Richard vnto his bruther Johne

Committet hes of his kinrik the cuir,

In his absence than baith to riche and puir

Justice to keip, and equall for to be, 44,020

Without fauour or ^it crudelitie.

Syne tuke his leif and fuir that tyme of toun,

With this Dauid, erle wes of Huntlyntoun;

Of Cantirberrie and Serwyne also

With him he tuke thir halie bischopes tuo. 41,025

Of Glocister the nobill erle than was,

Schir Hubertus, he tuke with him till pas,

And mony vther worthie no/bill men.

Sevin scoir of schippis into the tyme and ten,

Furneist richt weill he hes put to the ae;

That neidfull war thairof aneuche had he.

To echip tha went, the wynd wes loud and schill,

Haiffand all wedder at thair awin will,

Evin as tha wald withoutin variance.

That samin tyme Phillip the king of France,

Throw Italic that samin tyme ^eid he,

Quhill that he come to Jannes by the se;

The nobill duke of Burgundy also,

The quhilk to name that callit wes Odo,

Of Flanderis erle [Phillip], ane worthie man, 44,040

And ane hecht Henrie, erle wes of Campan,

And Theobald, that erle wes of Blasens,

And mony bischop of greit excellence,

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And mony vther nobill man also,

With king Phillip that tyme wer maid till 44,045


At Ptolome ane reddie port tha fand,
Quhair tha with boittis passit all to land; •
Vpoun ane plane plantit thair pal^eonis doun,
Syne set ane seig evin round about the toun.
Than king Richart in the samin quhile, 44,050

With his navin landit in Cipris Yle;
On him that tyme tuke greit travell and pane,
Quhill he reskewit all that He agane
Fra Sarasenis, that wan that Yle befoir,
To Cristin men syne did agane restoir; 44,055

To Ptolomon syne tuke the narrest way,
Quhair king Phillip than at the seig thair lay.
And as he wes than cumand on the se,
Into his gait ane greit navin met he
Of carvell wark, with mony bark and barge, 44,000
To Ptolomon fuirand ane fraucht full large
Of neidfull thing the toun for to supple,
Quhairof tha had richt greit necessitie.
This king Richart, or he wald forder gone,
He gaif thame feild, baith men and schippis 4-4,005


Distroyit [hes] with litill force or pley,
Quhen this wes done passit to Ptolomey.
Thair with his armie passit syne to land,
Quhair he king Phillip at the seiging fand.
With baith thair power went syne in one, 44,070

Onto that toun so strang of lyme and stone,
Tha laid ane seig quhilk lestit mony da.
The Sarasenis within the toun that la,
Maid sic defence, suppois than of that toun
The vter wallis win war and put doun, 44,075

The inwart wall so stalwart wes and straug,
That wes the caus that seig lestit so lang.

Quhat Tnair of this quha lykis for to speir,
Tak tent to me and I sall tell ^ow heir.
Ane Cristiane man thair wes within the toun, 44,0S0
Quhilk wes ane Scot als of his natioun,
That Oliuer to name callit wes he,
"Within the toun had greit auctoritie;
Tbair langage als, baith for to wryte and dyte,
Expert he wes and culd speik richt perfyte; 44,0S5
And for that caus tha trowit he had bene
Of thair natioun ane inborne Sarasene.
This Oliveir, of quhome to 1 tow I schew,
Sumtyme ane seruand of king "Williames slew,
Quhilk in the court committit had sic cryme, 44,090
Quhairfoir he wes maid exul in the tyme
First into France, syne fordwart for to fle
To that same land quhair thair remanit he,
And waigis tuke amang the men of weir.
Perfyte he wes in no thing for to leir, 44,095

Quhilk causit him for his wisdome to haif
Auctoritie that tyme aboue the laiff.

How Oliueir And Johne Dewar Met, And


Sa on ane tyme it hapnit him on cace

Walk on the wall neirby the samin place,

Quhair erle Dauid of Huntlyngtonis men 44,100

Woik in the tyme, of quhome ane he did ken,

Quhilk of befoir, as my author did mene,

Into the court his compan^eoun had bene

Into Scotland quhen that he wes at hame,

And Johnne Dewar he callit wes to name. 44,105

1In MS. to to. VOL. HI.

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