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And mony vther priuilege thame gaif,

That neidfull wes to ony toun to haif. 44,2S5

Into this tyme remalns ^it to se,

That nobill toun of greit auctoritie.

Sone efter this now that ^e heir me sa,

Of Lundoris the nobill riche abba

This erle Dauid, as my author sais, 44,290

Foundit on Tay, the quhilk in thir dais

Religious like ay sensyne hes bene

Fra all faltis wnmaculat and clene.

Neir by this tyme the nobill king Richard,

Of quhome befoir rycht schort quhile syne te 44,295


The empriour hed in captiuitie,
With greit [ransoun] redemit than wes he.
Quhairof his lieges joy full war and fane,
Into Ingland quhen he come hame agane,
Ressaueand als his hie magnificence 44,300

With all honour pertening till ane prince.
His brother Johnne in his absence that buir
The pais of all and had the gyde and cuir,
Befoir his brother Richart in that tyme
Accusit than wes of ane deidlie cryme. 44,305

His brother being in captiuitie,
Richt wranguslie aganis his majestic,
With subtill mene and conspiratioun,
Intrusit him self and tuke on him the croun,
And lute his brother for the pledge remane. 44,310
Quhairof this Johnne hes clengit him rycht plane
Befoir thame all that present war that tyme,
And schew him saikles of that gilt and cryme.

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Brutheb With Mony Nobill Man Passit
To Lundoun To Meit And Welcum 1 L.\.m !i
King Richabt, Of Ingland King.

Than quhen king Williame vnderstude and knew,

But ony dout as suith men to him schew, 44,315

That king Richart wes eaming hame agane,

Withoutin rest na langar wald remane.

Syne with his bruther Dauid maid him boun,

And mony nobillis, on to Lundoun toun

He passit hes, with greit honour and fame, 44,320

This ilk king Riehart for to welcum hame.

Of Stirling money in the same time also,

Tua thousand merkis and vther jowellis mo,

He had with him king Richart for to gewe,

Of his ransoun to help him and releue. 44,325

This king Richart, as that my author said,

Of his cuming richt blyth he wes and glaid,

Ressaueand him with greit honour betuene,

And all plesance micht till ane prince pertene.

For the present that he till him brocht, 44,330

Richt weill he wist that he for^et him nocht,

Quhen that he wes into so greit distres,

That schew to him so hartlie sic kyndnes.

Of erle Dauid siclike also wes he,

Into that tyme als blyth as he micht be, 44,335

Traistand he had bene tynt for euirmoir,

In the greit storme of quhome I tald befoir.

Thir tua kingis togidder mony da,

Remanit thair with greit sporting and pla;

And all solace that neidfull is to haif, 44,340

Tha wantit nocht qtihairof tha list to craue.

Off King Williames Seiknes In Ingland, Of
The Stryiff And Debait Than Was In
Scotland, And How King Williame Con-
Valescit And Come Quietlie In Scotland,
And Apprehendit All Mlsdoaris And
Ptjneist Thame As Tha Deseruit.

That samin tyme as ^e sall wnderstand,

This king Williame beand in Ingland,

On auenture so hapnit him to be

Viseit richt soir with greit infirmitie; 44,345

Quhairof the fame ouir all Scotland than flew,

Swift as ane swallow, of tha tydenis new,

That mony one trowit he had bene deid,

Quhilk at thair nichthour malice had and feid,

Than to revenge thair greit anger and ire, 44,350 Col. 2.

With thift and reif, with slauchter and with fyre,

Ilkone vther dalie did invaid;

Ouir all Scotland greit heirschip than wes maid.

Richt mony theif befoir of force wes leill,

Into that tyme ^eid new agane to steill; 4t,355

And mony revar into glak and glen,

Murdreist and reft richt mony leill trew men.

The lord of Catnes, Herald hecht to name,

And of Orkna; withoutin dreid or schame,

Without conscience into the tyme wes he 44,300

Als full of vice as ony man micht be;

In Bos that tyme with all his power la,

Heirschip and slauchter makand euirilk da,

Richt cruellie ouir all part far and neir,

That Lorribill wes to ony man to heir. 44,385

Ane nobiU man, as that my author sais,
That bischop wes of Catnes in tha dais,
For caus that he him tech[i]t in the tyme
For to decist fra sic wnhappie cryme,

Schawand to him how efterwart it wald be, 44,370

This angrie eddar full of iniquitie,

Throw greit invie and birnand ire betuene,

With greit dispite gart put out baith his ene.

To king Williame quhen this thing wes maid knawin,

Into Ingland as suith men hes him schawin, 44,375

Than haill aneuche baith for to ryde and gang,

No tarie maid nor pt lethit rycht lang.

Or word suld ryss other be se or land,

Richt quietlie he come hame in Scotland;

Syne suddanelie with all power he hed, 44,380

To Boss that tyme richt spedilie him sped;

Or this Herald wes done till wnderstand,

Gude king Williame wes enterit in that land.

Than this Herald with all the speid he hed,

Sone out of Ros to Catnes syne he fled, 44,3S5

With all his men to mony sindrie place.

This nobill king fast followit on the chace,

Without tarie quhill tha war all ouirtane,

And hynt in handis in that tyme ilkane.

Herald thair lord, throw mony subtill wyllis, 44,390

With waill few men vmschewit to the Ylis,

And all the laif, as tha seruit to haif,

Rewardit war than be the leist ane knaif.

Sone efter syne with men of tha same landis,

This ilk Herald wes taikin into handis, 44,395

And suddantlie on[to] the king syne brocht.

This nobill king, the quhilk for^et him nocht,

Rewardit him that tyme amang the laue,

With sic reward as he seruit to haue;

As he befoir in his greit ire and tene, 44,400

With greit dispyte pat out the bischopis ene,

Siclike to him that tyme hes gart be done.

Syne efter that within schort quhile richt sone,

Vpoun ane gallous hangit him richt hie,

In audience that euerilk man micht se. 44,405

In the detesting of his cryme and fame,

For to distroy for euir efter his name,

AM the menkynd of his surname and clan,

Gart lib thame all than be the leist ane man.

Wes neuir ane that tyme that he wald saue, 44,410

That abill wer successioun for to haue,

That efter him suld neuir ane spring or spreid

Of all his clan, sic haitrent at him hed,

In the detesting of his cruell cryme.

Thus endit he and his surname that tyme. 44,415

All beand done as [I] haif said tow heir,

Sone efter syne into the secund ^eir,

So greit scantnes ouir all Scotland thair fell,

None wald gif treuth to ony toung wald telL

Gif all be suith as that my author tald, 44,420

Ane boll of beir for fyve crownis wes sald;

Baith quhit and meill in thair awin kynd als deir.

So greit abundance [syne] in the nixt ^eir,

Wes neuir sene in all kyn kynd of corne.

That samin ^eir wes Alexander borne, 44,425

King Williames sone, richt lustie and plesand,

Eldest and air, and prince als of Scotland.

The king of Ingland, Richart, that same ^eir

Departit hes and bad na langar heir.

His bruther Johnne efter that he wes deid, 44,430

With haill consent wes crownit in his steid;

For he him self efter that he wes gone,

Of his bodie successioun than had none.

The tlirid ^eir efter Alexander wes borne,

The lordis all befoir the king war sworne, 44,435

Efter his tyme, as that my author schew,

To Alexander to be leill and trew.

Tiat samin yeir, gif that I richt presume,

To king Williame than fra the paip of Rome

Ane sword -wes send, nane farar on the mold, 44,440

With hilt and plumbet all of massie gold;

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