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The scalbart wes of purpure poleist new,

With perle and stone of mony diuerss hew

As protectour of halie kirk to be,

For all his tyme gaif him auctoritie. 44,445

That samin ^eir decreittit wes and done

In ane counsall, that Setterda fra none

Suld halie be fra all laubour and werk,

Alsueill of secularis as of preist or clerk.

To fortifie the pepill in sic thing, 44,450

On Setterday at tuelf houris suld ring

[At] nune, and halie baith in kirk and queir,

In audience that euerie man micht heir.

Into this tyme, or thair about neirhand,

This king Williame is passit in Ingland; 44,455

Befoir king Johnne, but ony lat or baid,

In Lundoun toun obedience thair than maid

For Cumberland, and alss Northumberland,

The quhilk king Williame had than in his hand,

His band and faith agane for to renew. 44,450

This ilk king Johnne of quhome befoir I schew,

Quhilk wes so full of pryde and arrogance,

That samin tyme proponit to pas in France,

Agane Phillip quhilk wes his mortall fo;

With him that tyme desyrit for till go, 44,455

This ilk king Williame in his cumpany.

The quhilk king Williame schortlie did deny

Into that tyme for other bost or schoir,

For-quhy, he said, to king Phillip befoir

He maid promit, the quhilk he wald nocht lane, 44,470

To tak his part, and he siclike agane

To byde with him bayth into weill and wo;

Thairfoir with him that tyme he wald nocht go.

Quhen this wes done as ^e haif hard me sa,

He tuke his leif and syne come home awa. 44,475

Sone efter sync, for malice of that thing,

This ilk king Johne of Ingland that wes king,

With greit power ouir all Northumberland
Greit heirschip maid, quhair none mycht mak


And Cumbria evin at thair awin will, 44,4S0

That samin tyme fra Scotland come thame till.
Than gude Williame of Scotland that wes king,
Bicht suddantlie revengit hed that thing,
Had nocht the lordis of Ingland tha dais
Rcmedit sonar, as my author sais, 44,4S5

That all the spul^e that wes tane befoir,
Be the leist stirk, tha gart agane restoir.
In winter syne into the samin teir
All this wes done, as I haif said ^ow heir,
So strang ane storme doun fra the hevin fell 44,490
Of frost and snaw, as my author did tell,
Continewallie all winter throw and throw,
That neuir ane ox wes ^okkit into bow,
Bot lay full still into thair stall wnsteird
Quhill that mid Merche come neuir pleuche in 44,495


So furius ouir all part wes that frost,
Of bestiall that thair wes mony lost;
The starkest aill of malt that mycht be brow in,
Thocht it war keipit neuir so clois and lowin,
It wald congeill and freis into hard yis. 44,500

The thing of all me[n] thocht wes than most nys,
That this be weycht, and nocht mesour, wes sauld
That tyme for drink, as that my author tald.
Quhen passit wes than the E[pe]pheny,
Quhill Januar passit wes all neirby, 44,505

Anis on the da with greit rumour and reird,
In sindrie partis trymlit all1 the eird.
In symmer syne quhen the wedder grew fair,
This ilk king Johnne, of quhome I schew ^ow air,

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1 In MS. and all.

Vpone king Williame seikand occasioun 44,510

Of weir and battell maid perswasioun,
Foirnent Beruik neirhand by Tueid that tyme,
Ane strang castell biggit with stone and lyme.
Sone of sic thing quhen that king Williame wist,
Send to king Johnne to caus him to decist, 44,515
Sayand to him, sic noveltie and newis
Wald mak occasioun for to brek thair trewis.
The quhilk king Johnne wald nocht grant thame


No be no way wald gif consent thairtilL1
Quhairfoir king Williame in the winter neist, 44,520
Law to the ground that castell doun he kest;
Leit neuir ane static with vther thair remane,
That it micht nocht be biggit weill agane.
Quhen this king Johne knew that that thing wes


With all his power sped him on richt sone 44,525

Agane king Williame with ane greit armie,
Of tha injuris to revengit be;
With mony berne or he wald langar byde,
In gudlie haist come to the bordour syde.
Onto king Williame quhen that this wes tald, 44,530
With mony berne richt bellicois and bald,
Come to that place sone efter on ane da,
Quhair this king Johnne and all his armie la,
In rayit battell wald no langar byde.
King Johnne also vpoun the tother syde, 44,535

Rayit in feild evin reddie for till June,
Ane bludie battell thair had been rycht sone,
Till euerie syde quhilk had bene deirlie coft,
Had nocht greit lordis ^eid betuix thame oft,
With fair tretie and greit terrour also, 44,540

Quhilk causit thame to bald thair hand and ho

I In MS. thairto.

Into the tyme, and new trewis to tak.

Syne set ane tryst thair concord for to mak,

With baith thair handis subscriuit and indost;

In that beleif ilk king skaillit his ost. 44,545

How Peax Was Taikin Betuix Thir Tua Kingis,


This beand done togidder baith ar gone Lib.i3,f.2oc.

To Eborac with lordis mony one,

And thair agane tha did the peax renew,

First of befoir as I first to ^ow schew.

And to conferme all in effect to stand, 44,550

This gude Williame, that king wes of Scotland,

Tua dochteris had, richt fair and of gude fame;

Margaret the eldest callit wes to name,

And Issobell the ^oungest hecht also.

This ilk king Johnne that tyme had sonis tuo, 44,555

Henrie hecht ane, quhilk wes the eldest bruther,

Richart to name as callit wes the vther.

Deuysit wes in that counsall and sped,

Thir tua brether thir tua sisteris suld wed,

To that effect, for moir affinitie, 44,500

Betuix thame tua moir peax and rest suld be.

King "Williame als thairof him to releif,

In mariage with his dochteris suld geif

Ane sowme of gold quhairof tha did accord,

Quhilk is nocht neidful now for to remord. 44,555

Becaus tha war than of so tender age,

And wnlauchtfull to tak in mariage,

This Iring- Williame was obleist to fulfill

That band he maid, and gaif pledgis thairtill.

Accordit »ls wes in that conventioun, 44,570

The New Castell king Williame gart cast doun,

At sic ane poynt it suld ay still reman e,

In tyme to cum vnbiggit vp agane.

In that counsall withoutin ony demand,

All Cumbria and als Northumberland, 44,575

This king Williame as he wes wont to haif,

Wnto his sone ^oung Alexander gaif:

Quhilk to king Johne, as vse wes than to be,

For tha landis obediens maid he.

How Ane Man Of Gude Had Ane Dochter
That Suld Haif Bene His Alb, And Wes
Sa Defobmit That Scho Wes Crukit, De1f,
Dum And Blind, And How King Williame
Be His Intercession To God Almichtie
Haillit Hir As Followis.

Ane man of gude into tha samin dais, 44,5S0

Neir Eborac, as that my author sais,

Ane dochter had quhilk suld haif bene his air,

In hir bodie deformit ouir all quhair;

Baith in hir ene and in hir handis also,

With toung or feit micht nother speik nor go. 44,5S5

Wes no chirurgeane of his craft so slie,

Na medicine that micht mak hir supple,

Suppois richt mony tuik hir wnder cuir,

Of hir seiknes the1 caus wes so obscuir.

This ilk king Williame to that place ^eid he, 44,590

Quhair that scho wes that farlie for to se;

Quhen scho wes brocht and presentit in his sicht,

Befoir the face of mony gudUe wicht,

Vnto the hevin he held vp bayth his handis,

Beseikand God to louss hir of tha Landis. 44,595

1 In MS. Acs.

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