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TUICHIT. Touched. UNAUIsit. Unadvisedly.
TURE. Took. UNcouTH. Unknown.
TUL3E. Quarrel; fight. UNDANTIT. Unsubdued; untamed;
TUME. Empty. wild.
TUME. Time. UNDERTANE. Undertaken.
TUMMILL. Tumble; fall. UNEIs. Uneasiness.
TUNNIs. Barrels. UNFUL3EIT. Unsoiled; unfatigued.
TURATTIs, TURETIs. Towers; UNGANAND. Unbefitting.
turrets. UNHAPPIE. Unlucky.
TURCAs. Turquoise; pincers. UNLEFULL. Unlawful.
TURENs. Tours. UNMENSURABILL. Immeasurable.
TURR. Quarrelsome; crabbed. UNPLENEIST. Unstocked ; unfur-
TutoRIE. Wardship. nished.
TUtour. Protector; guardian. UNREFT. Undeprived.
TUYss. Twice. UNRICHT. Injustice; wrong.
Twyn, Twyn NIT. To part; parted. | UNSIKKAR. Uncertain.
Twyn Nis. Twins. UNsocht. Unsought.
Twyss. Twice. UNSPYIT. Unseen; unexamined.
TYDE. Tide; time. UNsuin. Uncertain; unsafe.
TYDENIs. Tidings; news. UNwyss. Unwise.
TYMMER. Timber. pl. TYMMARIs. UPHALIE DAY. The Epiphany.
TYRE. Dog. UPRAIs. Uprose.
TYNE. To lose. TYNIs. Loses. UPRycht. Upright.
TYNsALL. Loss. URE. Ore.
TYNT. Lost. p. and p. p. of TYNE. Uxce. Vice.
TYRIT. Tired; wearied.
Tyst. Entice.
TYTE. Directly; quickly.
TYTEST. Most prompt; speedy. W.
WAIR. To be vacant; unoccupied.

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VANIs. Weins. WNFEIRE. Infirm ; incapable of
WANT. Waunt. exertion.
inconstancy. feignedly.
VARIEAND. Varying; changing. WNFYLLIT. Pure ; clean ; unsul-
VAssaLAGE. Valour; great achieve- lied.

ment. WNGUDELINEs. Worthlessness. VENERIE. Venery. VNHAILLIT. Not cured. WENNUM, WENNou N. Venom. VNHAP. Misfortune. VENNUs. Venice. WNKNAwix. Unknown. VENUs werkls. Amorous plea- WNouirTHRAwiN. Unconquered ; sure. free.

VER. Spring. WNPERSE wit. Free from perse-
VERIFEIT. Verified. cution; unpursued.
VERRA. Very. - WNREDDY. Rough.
VERRAMENT. Sooth; truth. WNREUocABILL. Irrevocable.
WEsert. Viewed; visited. WNscHAwix. Hidden; unseen.
WESTIMENT. Westments. WNSEMAND. Unseemly.
VETTIGALE, VictogALL, (Lat. rec- WNTHANKIs. Evil; injury ; dis-
tigal). Tribute; collector of taxes. pleasure.

WICIUS. Wicked. Voce. Voice. pl. Vocis.
VICTUALL. Provisions. WoRAx. Voracious; fierce.
WILIPENDIT. Vilified. Voust. Boast.
VILIPENsioUN. Injury; contempt. VoustiNg. Boastful.
WILITIE. Wileness; worthlessness. VowiT. Vowed.
VINCUST. Vanquish; vanquished. WPIALD. Upholding; supply.
WIPROs. Viperish. WPHALDAND. Holding up.
VISIE. Visit. VPSTRAUCHT. Upraised ; out-
Viva RIE. Manner of living. stretched.

VLTON. Ulster. WPwitH. Uphill.
VMBEs ET. Surrounded. VTENCELL. Utensils; furniture.
VMBETHocht. Bethought. VTER, WTTER. Outer.
WNBIGGIT. Unbuilt. WTHER. Other.
WNBLEKKIT. Unblemished. WULT. Countenance.
WNCERTIFIEIT. Uncertain; doubt. WYLD. Wile; low.

ful. WYLDAR. Wiler. WNCoxsonAND. Inconsistent. WYSMENT. Consideration; consulWNESELIE. Painfully; with diffi- tation.


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WA. Way; woe; woeful. WADDER, WEDDER. Weather. WADDIT. Wedded; married. WAGIT. Paid; had in pay. WAID. Wade. WAIFFAND. Waving. WAlgeouris. Mercenary soldiers. WAIK. Weak. WAILL, WALE. To choose or select. p. WAILLIT. WAILL. Very. WAILL FEw. Very few. WAILL HoNora Bill. Conferring highest honour. WAILLAND. Lamenting. WAIR. To expend; to waste. WAIRD. Expended; spent. WAIST, WAIstit. To waste; wasted. WAIST. Waste. WAIsTouris. Pillagers; thieves. WAIT. Hunt; persecute; wit. God wait. God knows. WAITTAND. Waiting. WAITTIs. Persecutes. WALD. Possessed; held; would. WALDIN. Yielding; bending; pliable; powerful; able; strong. WALK. Wake; watch. WALRIs. Goes; reaches. WALKNIT. Awoke ; watched. WALKRYFE. Vigilant; wakeful. WALL, Well. WALLIT. Walled. WALLow, WALLowit. faded. WALTERANd. WALx. Wax. WAMBE, WAME.


Withered ; Weltering.

Belly; womb.


WAN. Stroke; blow; won; black; gloomy; dark-coloured.

WAND. Rod; sceptre; authority; wrapped; winded; hoisted. UNDER THE WAND, idem ac UNDER TIIE LINd. In the open fields or

woods. WANDER. Sorrow; danger. WANdis. Rods; twigs. WANE. Thought; opinion; habita

tion; dwelling; course; waggon; wain; manner; style; fashion. WANEs. Sorrow. WANGAIRD. Vanguard. WANTAND. Wanting. WAPYNIs. Weapons. WAPNIT. Armed. WAR, WAIR. Worse. PUT to THE wAR. To worst; overcome. WAR. Wary; cautious; were. WARDANE. Warden. WARDIs. Wardships of land during the minority of the heir. WARDouris. Prisoners. WAREAND. Cursing. WAREIT, WARIT. Cursed. WARIT. Well advised? WARK, WERR. To ache; to be stiff, or sore. p. WARRIT.

WARLD. World.
WARLDLIE. Worldly.
WARLIE. Warily.
WARNIT. Refused; thwarted; sum-
WARPIT. Thrown ; surrounded ;
swallowed up.
WARRAND. Warrant; guarantee;

safe-conduct. WAT, WAIT. Know.


WATTER. A river. WEy. Weigh; regard; consider. WAucht. To drink deeply; carouse. WExcht. Weight. p. WAUcHTAND. WEYND. Think. WAUIT. Waved. WEYNE. Ween; believe. WAw, WALL. Wave. pl. WALLis. Wichis. Witches.

WAw. Wall. pl. WAwis.
WAxit. Swollen; increased.
WE. Little; small. ANE LITILL
we. A short time, or distance.
Wecht. Weight.
WED. Pledge.
WEDDER, WooDER. Weather.
WEDDIT. Wedded; married.
WEDOW. Widow.
WEID. Clothing; dress; attire ;
WEILD. Possess.
WEILDING. Command; possession. .
WEILFAIR. Welfare; abundance of
WEILL. Well.
WEILSUM. Woeful.
WEIR, WEIRIs. War; wars.
WEIR. Doubt; to wear; to wield.
WEIRIs. Defends.
WEIRLIE. Warlike; military.
WEIRLIKE. Warlike.
WEIRMEN. Soldiers; warriors.
WEIT. Wet; rain.
WELL, WALE. Choice.
WELTH. Wealth; abundance.
WEMEN. Women.
WENT. Wend; go.
WER, WEIR. Fear; apprehension.
WERD. Fate; destiny.
WERIOURIs. Warriors.
WERss, WERst. Worse; worst.

WES. Was.

Wicht. A creature; a person; cou-
rageous; strong; stout; powerful.
WICKIT. Wicked.
WIDDILL. Curse; anathematize.
WIDRIT. Withered.
WILD. Bewildered; at a loss.
WILL. Pleasure. PUT INTo will.
Place at disposal.
WILL. Bewildered. To GANG will.
Go astray. WILL of waxE. At
a loss what to do; in uncertainty.
WINDok. Window.
WIN. Won; gained. WIN IN. Get
to; arrive at.
WIRscHIP. Worship; honour; re-
WIRTH. Worth; value.
WIRToUR. Virtue; valour.
WIT, WithT. With.
Wit. Wisdom; knowledge.
WITCHIT. Bewitched.
WITHouTIN. Without.
WITs. Senses.
WITTAND. Knowing.
WNBAPTEIST. Unbaptized.
WNBocht. Unbought.
WNBLERRIT. Unspotted; unstained.
WNDECYDIT. Undecided.
WNDERMYND. Undermine.

A rope; a halter.

WNENDIT. Not ended. WNFANE. Sorrowful; not glad. WNIIID. Uncovered.

WNREND. Unknown.

WNLAUBORIT. Untilled; unculti- || Worsi LL. Wrestle.

vated. Woun. Reside; dwell. WNLETTERit. Unlettered; ignorant. || WoundER. Wonderful. WNMANIFEST. Unknown; unper- || WoundRET. Wondered.

ceived. Wow. Woo. WNPLENEIST. Unplenished; un- || Wox. Waxed.

furnished. WRACCHIT. Wretched. WNREDDIE. Difficult. WRACHITNEs. Meanness; stingi. WNREMovit. Fixed; unshaken. ness; wretchedness. WNRycht. Wrong; injury. WRAIT, WREIT. Wrote. WNSCHA win. Unseen. WRAITH, WRAYTH. Wroth; angry.

WNSEMAND. Unseemly; improper.
WNsowPIT. Supperless.
WNspilt. Undisturbed.
WNSTEIRD. Undisturbed.
WNSTURTIT. Undisturbed.
WNTHIRLLIT. Unfettered;
WNwaRNEIST. Unapprised.
WNwisdom E. Folly.
WNWITTANDLIE. Unforeseen; un-
WNwRAITH. Wrongfully.
Wo. Woeful; sorrowful.
Wod. Wood; mad; raging; furious.
Wod-Ax. Woodman's axe.
WooDERcok. Weathercock.
Woddnt. Whether.
Wode. Pledge; wager.
WodeRIs. Weathers.
WodNEs. Madness.
Work. Woke; watched.
Woir. Wore.
Wolterit. Turned about, or was
restless, in bed.
WOLL. Wool,
Wone. Strengthened? I. 11,737.


WoRD. News; intelligence.
WoRdy. Worthy.
WoRREIT, WIRREIT. Strangled;

choked; killed,

WRANG. Wrong.
WRANGIT. Wronged.
WRANGUs. Wrongous; wrongful.
WRANGUSLIE. Wrongfully.
WRICHT. Carpenter.
WRING AND. Wringing.
WRINK. Trick; fraud.
WRIT. Writing. pl. WRITTIs:
WRocht. Wrought; worked.
WRoKIN. Revenged.
WRY. To cover; turn or twist.
Upoun wry. Askant; away from.

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