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Abercromby, name of, first introduced in Scotland, II. 664. Aberdeen, the bishopric of Lowmorthlock (Mortlach), transferred to, by David I., II. 708. Abernethy, the nine daughters of Donewaldus, the hermit, established in a convent there by king Garnardus, II. 330. the bishopric transferred to St. Andrews by Kenneth II., 425. Abirbrothok (Arbroath) abbey, founded by William the Lion, III. 35. its first abbot, Reginald, sent ambassador to pope Alexander III., 35. Achayus, son of Ethfyn, succeeds Solwatheus, II. 341. forms an alliance with Charlemagne, 352. sends his brother Guillielmus, alias Gilmour, as ambassador to France, 354. assists Hungus, king of the Picts, against Ethalstone, 360.

dies, 368. Acho, king of Norway, invades Scotland, III. 115. is defeated by Alexander III. at the Largs, 119.

dies in Orkney, 121.

Ada, youngest sister of Aurelius Ambrosius, marries Conranus, prince of Scotland, II. 189. dies in premature confinement, 190. Adama, daughter to the earl of Warren, marries Henry, son of David I., II. 708. founds the abbey of Haddington, III. 35. dies, 35. Adamus (Aidanus), son of king Conranus, carried to Ireland by his mother after the murder of his father, II. 249. brought back by St. Columba, and is crowned on the resigmation of his brother Kynmatell, 274. appoints three judges in Scotland, 275. defeats the king of the West Saxons, 283. and Brudeus, king of the Picts, 286. kills Edelfred, king of Northumberland, 290. dies, 295. Adrian, the emperor, comes into Britain, I. 438. crosses the Tyne, 439. builds the Roman wall, 441. returns to Rome, 442. Agatha, daughter to the king of Hungary, marries Edward, son of Edmund Ironside, II. 668. takes the veil, 682.

Agone (Haco), prince of Norway, with

Elrik (Eric), prince of Denmark,

invade Buchan, and are defeated,

II. 507.

Agricola (Julius), sent into Britain, I.


defeats the Picts, 345.
and Ordulucians, 346.
goes to the Isle of Man, 347.
to Vicomagia (Stirlingshire), 349.
builds a bridge over the Forth, ib.
besieges Benarthy, 350.
which he takes, 352.
visits the north of Scotland, 35".
builds a bridge over the Tay, 307.
his navy wrecked in the Pentland

Frith, 373.

his address to his army, 37S.
sent for by Domitian to Rome, where

he is poisoned, 391.
Aidan, bishop of Northumberland, reproves

Corman's preaching, II. 309.
baptizes fifteen thousand people in

seven days, 300.
dies, 313.
Alaricus, king of the Goths, captures

Rome, II. 19.
sends Fergus to Sicily, 21.
in succeeded by Ethaulphus (Atha-

ulphus), 22.
Alarude, v. Elarud.

Albiane, lord of the Isles, supports the
proposed alliance between Achaius
and Charlemagne, II. 349.
Aldbrig (Vipont), Allan, and Sir James
Lamby, captains of the castle of
Lochlevin, destroy their besiegers
by inundation, III. 317.
Ale, sold by weight during the great frost
in time of king William the Lion,
III. 51.

Alectum, called Dundee after the safe ar-
rival there of David, earl of Hun-
tingdon, III. 53.

Alena (Helena), daughter of Coell, a
British lord, marries the emperor
Constantius, and bears to him Con-
stantine the Great, I. 572.

Alexander I., succeeds his brother Edgar,
IL 701.

executes summary justice on the in-
surgents of Maray, and the son of
the lord of Mearns, 702.

defeats the attempt to murder him at
Balledgar, 70S.

found the abbeys of Scone and Inch-
colm, 704.

bestows the Boar's-rink on the church
of St. Andrews, 705.

dies, 707.
Alexander II., born, III. 59.

succeeds his father, 73.

causes a general mourning for him
over Scotland, 74.

bestows Forfar on his mother, Er-
mengard, 16.

joins Louis the dauphin in I.ondon,
and proceeds with him to Boulogne
to meet Philip Augustus, S1.

takes Carlisle and besieges Norhara
unsuccessfully, S5.

marries Jane [Joan], sister of Henry

III., 93.
makes acquaintance with St. Domi-

nick while in France, and requests

him to send a colony of his order

to Scotland, 95.
goes on a pilgrimage to the shrine

of St. Thomas of Canterbury, 99.
marries Mary, daughter of the carl

of Gower, 100.
dies, 103.

is interred in Mel rose, 104.
Alexander III., crowned after the death

of his father, III. 104.
a Highlander narrates to him his

pedigree from Gathelus, 105.
translates the relics of St. Margiret,

'founds the monastery of Trinity Friars

at Peebles, 10S.
marries Margaret, daughter of Henry

III. 109.
defeats Acho, king of Nor -y, at the

Largs, 115.

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