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Alexander III.-cont.
betroths his daughter, Margaret, to
Henry, prince of Norway, 124.
sends troops under the earl of Carrick
to the Holy Land, 129.
goes with his queen to the coronation
of Edward I., 131.
marries a second time, 133.
is killed, 135.
Alexander, eldest son of Alexander III.,
marries, III. 133.
dies, 133.
Alexander, lord of the Isles, forgiven by
James I., but confined in Tantallon,
III. 529.
Alkwyne (Alcuin), clerk, one of the em-
bassy to Charlemagne, II. 356.
Allan, lord of Galloway, constable of
Scotland, III. 74.
dies, 97.
his bastard son ravages the country,
and is discomfited and slain, 98.
Allectus, the Roman legate, murders Ca-
rentius, king of Britain, and assumes
the crown, I. 569.
is slain in battle by Asclepiodotus,
Alnwick, siege of, where Malcolm III.
was killed, II. 685.
Alpynus (Alpin), son of Achaius, urged
to deprive Conwallus of the crown,
which he refuses to do, II. 371.
defeats Feredeth at Restennot, 380.
defeated by Brudus, 388.
beheaded, and his head stuck on the
walls of Camelidone, ib.
his head removed and interred in
Iona, 392.
Amazon, found among the slain of the
duke of Gueldres' army, III. 329.
Ambrigillus (Ambirkeleth), succeeds Eu-
genius VI., II. 325.
slain dum cacans, 326.
Ambrose, St., II. 23.
Amphibalus, bishop of Sodor, the first
who occupied a see in Scotland, I.



Andrew, St., his arm bone brought to
Scotland by Regulus, I. 614.
honourably worshipped by Hargustus,
the king of the Picts, 616.
appears to Hungus, king of the Picts,
and display of his cross in the sky,
II. 363.
Androan (Androgen), king of Armorica,
sends his son Constantine to assist
the British, II. 113.
Androgeus, ambassador from Cassibelan,
king of the British, to Ederus, I.
his oration, 134.
captured in a second engagement by
Julius Caesar, 153.
Angus, the district so named after Angus-
tius, an officer of the army of Ken-
neth II., II. 415.
Angus, earldom first created, II, 664.
Angus, lord of Galloway, rebels, is de-
feated by Gilchrist, earl of Angus,
takes sanctuary in Whithern, and
becomes a canon of Holyrood, III.
Angus of Strathearn and Angus of Mur-
ray, great battle and slaughter
between them and their retainers,
III. 534.
Angustiane (Angusianus), nephew to Carth-
lyntus, crowned, I. 599.
defeats the Roman legate, 600.
slain in battle with Nectanus, king of
the Picts, who is also killed, 607.
Anna, eldest sister of Aurelius Ambrosius,
marries Lothus, king of the Picts,
II. 189.
Annabel, queen of Robert III., dies, III.
Anselm, bishop of Canterbury, flies to
Rome from William Rufus, II. 684.
Antoneus (Antoninus), son of Severus,
appointed general of the army, I.
makes peace with the Scots and Picts,
slays his brother Geta, 503.
R. R.

Antonius (Lucius), legate in Britain, I.


defeated by Mogallus, 435.
Antwerp, a hospital for Scotsmen, founded

there by two knights of Brabant

after the battle of Bannockburn,

III. 240.
Argadus, lord of Argyll, made governor

of Scotland on the deposition of

Conarus, I. 451.
marries the daughter of the lord of

Otholyn without consent of his

nobles, 452.

institutes the court of justiciary, 454.
appointed lieutenant of all Scotland

on the accession of Ethodeus to the

crown, 455.
represses disturbances in the Isles,


slain there, 477.
Argyll, Somerled, lord of, defeated by

the earl of Dunbar and March, III.

101. (u. Symmerleid).
Armorica (Brittany), subdued, and peo-
pled from Britain, by Maximian,

II. 5S.

Arnaldjas, bishop of St. Andrews, urges
Malcolm IV. to marry, but in vain,

ra. is.

Arthur, begot by Vtcr upon the wife of

Gothlois, lord of Cornwall, II. 203.
crowned king of the British, 222.
besieges York, which he captures

through treason, 227.
forms alliance with Loth, king of

Picts, and engages that after his

death Loth and his descendants

shall rule Britain, 229.
defeats Occa, 223, 233.
violates his treaty with Lothus, 251.
is slain, 250.
Arthur, prince of Scotland, son of Adamus

(Aidan), slain in battle against the

1'icts, II. 277.
Arthur's Hufe, destroyed by Edward I.,

III. 193.

Arveragus, crowned after the death of his

brother Guyderus, I. 1SS.
repudiates his queen Voada, sister to
Caractacus, and marries Genissa. a
Roman lady, 193.
with Tlantius attacks the Tegenians

and Cambrians, 195.
repents, and abandons the Romans

cause, 213.
meets Caractacus at York with thirty

thousand men, 219.
submits to Vespasian, 224.
Asclespiadok (Asclepiodotus), sent from

Rome against AUectus, I. 559.
is slain in battle by Coell, 571.
Atholl, earldom first created, II . 554.
Atholl, David Cuming, earl of, holds Scot-
land for Edward, III. 320.
compelled by John Randolph, earl of
Murray, to swear fealty to David,
rebels again, and is defeated and slain

by Alexander Gordon, 332.
Atholl, Patrick, earl of, murdered by John

Bissart, III. 100.
Atholl, Walter Stewart, earl of, causes

James I. to be murdered, III. 556.
his terrible execution, 551.
Atholus, one of Fergus' nobles, receives the
lands named after himself Etholia
(Athole), I. 39.

Audreane (Adrian), bishop of St. An-
drews, martyred in the Isle of
May, II. 449.
Augustine, St., II. 22.

preaches the gospel in England, 293-

Augustus Caesar, sends an ambassador to

Kymbalan, king of the British, and

to Metellanus, king of the Scots,

desiring universal peace, L 159.

is presented with a gold crown by the

latter prince, 170.

Aurelius Ambrosius, son of Constantine,
comes from Armorica to Wales,
where he besieges Vortigern, who
with his wife and family are burnt
to death, II. ISO.

Aurelius Atubrosius—cant.

forms alliance with the Scots ani
Picts, 1S3.

conquers and slays Hengist with his
own hand, 1S5.

restores Christianity in Britain, 1SS.

bestows upon the Scots and Picts all
the lands between the Iluuiber and
the Tweed, 1S9.

gives his eldest sister, Anna, in mar-
riage to Lothus, king of the Picts,
and his youngest, Ada, to Conra-
nus, prince of Scotland, 1S9.

becomes dangerously ill, 192.

nevertheless gives battle to Occa, and
discomfits him, 195.

is poisoned by a monk, 195.
Awales (Avalassus, Anlaff), son of Cithri-
cus, defeated by Athelstan, II. 495.

with whom he subsequently forms an
alliance against the Scots, 499.

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Bagy (Beanje), battle of, III. 505.
Baldred, St., dies, II. 294.

the competition for his remains by

three parishes miraculously settled,

Baliol, Edward, marries the daughter of

the earl of Anjou, III. 147.
detained as a hostage by Edward I.,

invades Scotland during the minority

of David II., and is crowned, 29S.
defeated at Annan, 299.
besieges Lochleven castle, 315.
goes to England with Edward III.,


resigns all his rights to Edward, 375.
Baliol, John, his contention with Robert

Bruce for the crown, III. 140.
the question is referred to Edward I.,


Baliol, John—con/.

who decides in favour of Baliol, 144.

is crowned, 145.

refuses to join with Edward against

France, 145.

sends an embassy to Philip IV., 147.
his son Edward marries the daughter

of the earl of Anjou, 147.
defeated by Edward and Bruce at

Dunbar, 153.

resigns his crown to Edward, who im-
prisons him and his son in London,
goes to France, and dies in the castle

of Gaillard, 159.

Balloch (Donald), brother of Alexander,

lord of the Isles, slays the earl of

Caithness, and ravages Lochaber,

III. 531.

is defeated by James I., and flees to

Ireland, 532.

is slain there by O'Donnell, 533.
Balus, king of Orkney, ravages Ross and

Caithness, I . 12S.
is conquered by Ewenus, and kills

himself, 129.
Bannockburn, the battle of, fought, III.


Banquho, ancestor to the royal house of
Stuart, assaulted while collecting
the king's rents, II. 521.
leads the second division at the battle

of Culross, 527.
his pleasant hospitality to the Danes,

with Macbeth defeats the Danes at

Kinghorn, 535.

meets the witches with him, 535.
is treacherously murdered by Macbeth,


Bar, a valiant officer, leads the vanguard
of Kenneth's army against Druskin,
H. 409.
the castle of Dunbar named after him,


Barrio, in Angus ; the Danes defeated by
king Malcolm there, II. 505.

Bartha (Perth), inundated by the rivers
Almond and Tay in the time of
William the Lion, III. 66.
called Perth, after Perthus, 67.
is rebuilt on a more secure site, and
called St. Johnstoun, ib.
Basso (William a Bosco), bishop of Dum-
blane, and chancellor of Scotland,
III. 74.
Bastoun, a Carmelite friar, and “metrost,”
is brought by Edward II. to Scot.
land, for the purpose of recording
his victories in verse, III. 224.
but instead thereof, has to sing the
praises of Bruce, 238.
Bawstane (Ball-stone, Testiculorum collis,)
Craig; so called from the scrotal
deposit made there, III. 95.
Beanus, the first bishop of Mortlach, II.
Beatrix, daughter of Edward, king of
England, marries Cithricus, king of
the Danes, II. 492.
murdered by her stepsons in a very
peculiar way, 494.
Beid (the Venerable Bede), referred to,
I. 4.
Berigone, city of founded by Fergus, I. 40.
“Berigonium castellum in Loquha-
“bria, Hebridum prospectu, Doun-
“stafage, id est, munitioni Stephani
“proximum.” Boece mistook Ptole-
my's Berigonium in Galloway, and
places his imaginary city at a spot
called Dun-Mac-Sniochain, about
six miles from Oban, and two from
Dunstaffnage. Wide Pennant's Tour
in Scotland, ii., p. 412.
battle between Dowalus and Ferqu-
hard there, 69.
besieged and taken by the British, 80.
Bewfurd, John, duke of Somersyde (Beau-
fort, earl of Somerset), his daugh-
ter Joanna marries James I., III.
Bissart, John, and his family, banished for
the murder of the earl of Atholl,

III. 100.

Bisset, family come into Scotland, IL 675.
“Black Agnes,” gallantly defends the
castle of Dunbar, III. 342.
Black Cove, the place where king Con-
stantine was beheaded, so called, IL
Blasens (Blois), Theobald, earl of goes
with Philip to the Holy Land, III.
Boniface, St., buried in Rosemarky, IL
Boniface VIII., pope, interferes between
Edward L and the Scots, in support
of the latter, III. 184.
Boris-rink (Boar's-rink), the lands of be-
stowed by Alexander I. on the
church of St. Andrews, II. 705.
Borthwick, family come into Scotland, II.
Brechin, utterly destroyed by the Danes,
II. 602.
Brechin, sir David, nephew to king Robert
Bruce, executed, III. 249.
Bredus, brother of Gillus, invades Argyll,
is routed and slain, I. 132.
Bredus (Brudus), crowned king of the
Picts after Kenneth, II, 383.
defeats and slays Alpin, 388.
dies, 391.
Brenna, daughter of Oswyn, king of the
West Saxons, revenges the death of
her husband, Dorstolog, II. 373.
Brennus, Irish chieftain, slain, II. 475.
Brenyus, lord of the Isle of Man, slain, II.
Bridus (Brudus), eldest son of Feredeth,
king of the Picts, succeeds his fa-
ther, II. 381.
and is slain for his pusillanimity, 382.
Brigantia, now called Compostella, built
by Gathelus, I. 13.
besieged by the Iberiens, 14.
who are defeated, 15.
British, the, expel the Scots and Picts out
of their own countries for thirteen
years, I. 74.
are conquered by them, II. 96.
and become their tributaries, 98.

Bruce, Robert the—cont.

assisted by James Douglas, 211.
defeats the earl of Buchan near Aber-
deen, 215.

and Edward at Bannockburn, 235.
marries to second wife Elizabeth,
daughter to the earl of Hulsister
(Ulster), 241.
who dies, 25S.
is afflicted with leprosy, 259.
dies, 271.
his heart conveyed by Douglas to the

Holy Land, 2S5.

Brudeus, king of the Picts, invites St. Cc-
lumba to convert his people, II.

defeated by Aidan, 2S5.
ravages Northumberland, 322.
"Brunt Candilmes," III. 37S.
Bryde (St. Bridget), II. 220.
Buchan, earldom of, first created, II. 554.
Buchan, Alexander Stewart, earl of, burns

the cathedral of Elgin, III. 442.
is called the " Wolf of Badenoch," 442.
great-great-grandfather of the author,


British, the—cont.

the commons rebel against the lords,

three years famine and mortality
among them, succeeded by abun-
dance and great corruption of man-
ners, 105.

recover their freedom after thirty
years subjection, 109.

relapse into idolatry by associating
with the Saxons, 205.

but reconverted by Germanus and
Severus, ib.

several thousand baptized on one day

in Easter, 211.

Brounynfield (Brunanburgh), victory

gained by Athelstan there, II. 495.

Bruce, David, prince of Scotland, marries

Jane (Johanna), sister of Edward

III., III. 259.

Bruce, Edward, brother to king Robert,
defeats Donald of the Isles at the
water of Deer, III. 215.

besieges the castle of Stirling, 220.

is made king of Ireland, 243.

slain there, 244.

Bruce, Robert the, his claim to the throne
of Scotland rejected by Edward I,

is reconciled to Edward, and takes his
part against Baliol on the promise
of the former to make him king,

confederates with Cuming, who betrays
his plans to Edward, 198.

slays Cuming in the church of Dum-
fries, 199.

is crowned, 201.

defeated by Aymer de Valence, 203.

his perils and distress, 204.

his three brothers captured and exe-
cuted, 125.

his wife taken by William Cuming,
and sent prisoner to England, 205.

besieges, and takes his castle of Car-
rick, 20S.

and those of Inverness and Glennesk,

Buchan, John Cuming, earl of, defeats

Gillespie, and beheads him, III. 94.

Buchan, John Cuming, earl of, defeated by

Bruce near Aberdeen, III. 215.
Burgundy, Odo, duke of, goes with Philip
to the Holy Land, HI. 47.

Cadallanus, lord of Brigantia, son of
Cadallus, sent by Ederus with ten
thousand men into Britain to assist
Cassibelan against the Romans, I.

replies to Caesar's herald, 151.

captures Murkthetus, 154.

made governor on deposition of Ew«-
nus, 157.

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