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Syne on hir brow, withoutin ony baid,

The croce of Christ thair with his hand he maid,

Beteichand hir to him that bocht ws deir;

And with that word scho rais vp haill and feir

Vpoun hir feit withoutin ony moir, 44,eoo

As scho had aillit neuir ill befoir.

The pepill all that standand thair wer by,

Quhen that tha saw sa sone and suddantly Col. 2.

That ^oung virgin restorit to hir heill,

Richt weill tha knew God wald nocht lat 44,605


Sic halines into that king wnknawin,
At his requeist that greit miracle hes schawin.
Fra that tyme furth, as that my author sais,
In moir honour tha held him all his dais,
With all the pepill reput for ane sanct, 44,510

The quhilk to ressone wes so consonant.
In Scotland syne, efter that he come hame,
All halie place of honour and of fame
He viseit syne in gude and dene intent,
And dotit thame with mony riche rent . 44,515

Of Lesmorens the bischop in Argyle, and feft into that samin quhile.
Heir will I leif ane litill space and tell
Of aduenture befoir this tyme befell.

Off Ane Greit Spait And Tempest Of Weit
That Did Greit Skayth In Bartha Toun,
And Sindrie Pepill Thairin Did Droun Be
The Efflux Of Amond And Tay.

Off Bartha toun quhilk in that samin da 44,020

At Amond mouth stude on the water of Ta,
Weill wallit wes with stone and lyme about,
And mony foussie casein als without;


Schort quhile befoir into the samin ^eir,

Sic thing wes done as I haif said ^ow heir, 44,825

Vpoun ane nycht quhen it wes mirk and lait,

Out of the hillis thair come sic ane spait,

With Bo greit force als fast as it mycht flow;

Quhilk causit hes the tua fluidis to grow,

Amond and Tay, into sic quantitie, 44,030

That throw the greit impetuositie

Of tha fluidis it brak the wallis doun,

Syne with greit force it enterit in the toun.

Quha had bene thair into the tyme to heir

The aufull schout, the greit noyis and beif, 44,835

Quhen that the flude, with sic ane biddeous sound,

Richt mony ludging law buir to the ground;

And mony one into the streit that stude,

Disconfeist war and drownit in the flude;

And mony one into thair bed that la, 44,8-1O

With that same flude war borne quyt awa,

Or euir tha wist, or walknit of thair dremej

Nakit and bair lay fleittand in the streme.

The samin tyme now that ^e heir me mene,

Gude Amengard, to Williame that wes queue, 44,545

Remanand wes within the samin toun,

Quhen hapnit all this haistie confusiouri.

Hir awin self, withoutin ony leis,

With greit perrell wmschewit fra that preis;

Hir ^oung sone Johnne in his creddill that lay, 44,550

With his nureis, war borne baith till Tay;

And tuentie also of hir houshald men,

And of hir madyniiis other nyne or ten,

And mony vther worthie nobill wicht,

All into Tay wer dround that samin nicht. 44,555

Of this mater heir will I mute no moir.

This king Williame, of quhome I spak befoir,

Sone efter this, as ^e sail wnderstand,

That he come hame now laitlie fra Ingland,


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How The Toun Of Sanct Johnistoun Callit
Perth Was Foundit And Tuke Begynnynq
Be King Williame.

This nobill king tuke purpois to remane,

Quhill that he gart reforme the toun agane.

Syne when he knew in sic perrell it stude,

On euerie syde of greit watter and flude,

Changit his mynd within ane litill space, 44,070

Translaittand it intill ane vther place

Doun vpoun Tay into the samin quhile,

Out of that steid the space neir of tua myle.

Syne foundit thair of greit honour and fame

Ane nobill toun, callit Perth toun to name, 44,575

Efter the name than of ane nobill man,

Callit Perthus, quhilk wes the first began,

Of frie motiue without compulsioun,

Landis or rent for to gif to that toun.

The toun of Perth ^it to the name is cald, 44,5S0

With derogatioun to the name of aid;

The quhilk befoir that callit wes Bartha,

Sanct Johnistouu is callit now this da.

This king Williame that foundit hes and feft

This nobill toun, that tyme or he it left, 44,5S5

Greit priuiledge and fredome to it gawe,

That neidfull war to ony toun to haue,

Into the eiking of thair increment,

Possessand it with landis and greit rent.

This thing wes done as I haif said ^ow heir, 44,5»o
Quhen of oure Lord tua hundreth and ten ^eir,
Ane thousand than to eik to thame also,
Compleittit wes perfitlie and no mo.
The secund ^eir efter that this we[s] done,
Subjectit wes vnto this ilk king Johnne 44,895

The Waillis all, as my author did sa,
The best part als than of Ybernia.
In this same tyme now that ye heir me reid,
Ane rank revar that callit wes Gothreid,
Mak-Williames sone of quhome befoir I tald, 44,700
Come into Ross with mony berne full bald,
And greit injuris wrocht ouir all the land.
Quhen to king Williame done wes wnderstand,
That this Gothreid, with mony commoun theif,
Within his landis had done sic mischeif, 44,705

Quhair that he sparit nother man no wyfe,
Than gude MakDuff the nobill erle of Fyiff,
And of Athoill the worthe erle also,
And thane of Buchane with thame for till go,
Sex thousand men that stalwart war and strang, 44,710
With thir lordis king Williame maid till gang.
Baith da and nycht ouir mony mont and moss,
Tha passit syne quhill that tha come till Ross,
That samin tyme quhair tha this Gothreid fand.
In battell syne with mony birneist brand 44,715

Tha vincust him, fechtand vpoun ane plane,
Quhair mony one than of his men war slane;
Him self in handis taikin wes also
Richt sair woundit, and mony vther mo
Into the tyme all bludie and forbled; 44,720

And hed nocht bene he wes the soner sped
Onto the king, withoutin ony stryffe,
So woundit wes he had loissit the lyfe.
Col. a. And quhen the king knew he wes neirhand deid,

Richt haistelie he gart stryke of his heid, 44,725

Syne on ane staik gart set it vp full hie,
In publict place quhair enerie man mycht se.
The laif also than of his men war tane,
Vpoun ane gallous maid thame all to grane.

How King Johnne Of Ingland Spul^eit The


Neirby the tyme that all this thing wes done, 44,730

The king of Ingland, that callit wes Johne,

Richt wranguslie begouth than for to work

With greit oppressioun vpoun halie kirk.

This wes the thing that he did at thame crane,

Of all thair rent the tent part for to haif; 44,735

Quhilk schortlie all tha did ilkone deny.

Of Canterberrie for the samin quhy,

The nobill bischop, callit Stevin to name,

He baneist him but ony vther blame.

The monkis all, and priour to also, 44,740

All sindrie gaittis maid thame for till go,

With pouertie to leif that tyme richt puir,

And of thair rentis tuke the gyde and cuir.

Bayth of thair kiVklq also and of thair land,

The fructis all he tuke in his awin hand 44,745

Till his awin vse, withoutin ony caus,

As he lykit for to alledge the lawis.

Of Sistersens siclike ane fair abba,

That samin tyme, as my author did sa,

Becauss tha monkis wald nocht gif him till 44,750

Tua thousand pund at1 his plesour and will,

He gart thame all within ane litill space,

Excludit be ilkane out of thair place,

1 In MS. a,.

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