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Off King Johne Of Ingland, And Of His Op-
Pressioun And Axjabiciousnes, And Of His
Statutis And Lawes For Gbedines Of


The samin king Johnne of quhome to ^ow I 44,920 tald,

Quhilk of befoir infectit wes of aid

With auerice, that baith to man and child,

The moir perfite it growis now in ild;

Quhair vther vices in age ar maid les,

Than auerice begynnis to incres. 44,925

This ilk king Johnne, of quhome befoir I schew

So emnulant with auerice, of new

Ouir all Ingland richt greit extorsioun

Maid on the pepill with oppressioun,

Makand new lawis euerie ^eir by ^eir, 44,930

Abhominabill till ony man to heir.

And in the first he maid ane law, but leis,

Gif man or woman hapnit to deceis,

Had he ane air vther to land or gude,

That ather to him suld gif ane gratitude 44,935

Or he succeidit other to gude or land,

Or than forfalt all in the kingis hand.

Als in the tyme he maid ane vther law,

No man of gude sould, other greit or smaw,

For his baniis with mariage dispone, 44,940

Without he did first with the king compone,

And gif ane tribute for the kingis leif:

Quha war so pert the contrar for to preifj

It suld be repute for ane falt and cryme,
And all his gude confiscat in the tyme. 44,945

The thrid law maid, quhilk be the werst of all,
Gif polieie, other greit or small,

As bischop, abbot, dene, archidene also,
Hapnit to vaik, with mony vther mo,
The haill restis in his hand suld remane; 44,950

Quhill that [thai] war provydit new agane,
The haill proffeit thairof him self sould haue.
Ane ^eirlie pensioun also he did crawe
Fra1 ilk prelat withoutin ressoun or skill,
So far he wes affectit to his will. 44,955

Quhairfbir the lordis that tyme of Ingland,
Convenit all togidder in ane band,
For to remeid the wrang and greit injure,
That he had wrocht baith agane riche and puir.
Syne to Phillip the king of France tha send 44,950
CoL 2. For his supple to bring that thing to end;
To Alexander of Scotland that wes king,
Tha send also for supple of that thing.
Thir kingis baitht richt hartlie with gude will,
Fromittit hes that tha suld cum thame till, 44,985

Amang thame self sua that tha wald be trew,
And perseveir thair purpois till persew.
This ilk king Johnne of that quhen he hard tell,
How his lordis agane him did rebell;
Also he knew his power wes ouir small, 41,970

For to resist aganis thair poweris all;
And for that caus he send his lordis till,
Promittand thame, at thair plesour and will,
All wrangus thing he suld agane restoir,
And als reforme all faltis maid befoir; 44,975

In tyme to cum na mater suld be sped,
Without thair counsall in the tyme wer hed.
For moir effect in writ he put this band,
Subscryuit it syne with his awin hand,
His chancellar2 withoutin falt or cryme, 44,9S0

To him8 he gaif tha writtis in the tyme,

1 In MS. That. \ - In MS. counsallouris. \ 'In MS. Mame.

"With all the lordis as it wes deseruit,
In his keiping most straitlie be conseruit.
Sone efber this that all sic thingis wes done,

The auerice ^it of this ilk king Johnne, 44,9S5

That men trowit wes meneist and maid les,

Begouth agane to grow and to incres,

With puir invie and greit crudelitie

Of his lordis for to revengit he.

For that same caus, as te ma weill presume, 44,000

Ane seruand send onto the court of Rome

With his desyr, the quhilk wes put in wryte,

Of fynest gold ane sowme als infunyte.

This mesainger directit wes till go

Vnto ane man that callit wes Guallo; 44,905

Ane cardinall he wes into that tyme,

Full of all vice and conscius of that cryme;

With sindrie vices thocht that he wes blekkit,

With auerice I hald him maist suspectit.

This ilk Gu[a]llo considderit hes full sone, 45,000

So greit reward wes send him fra king Johne,

Presentit1 hes onto the paip in write

His soir complaint with dolorus indyte;

Quhilk I pretend this tyme to tell ^ow till,

In forme and effect the tenour of Ms hilL 45,oos

Into the first he menis him full soir

Of all his lordis that tyme les and moir,

That wranguslie tlia did him greit injure,

Eestren^eand him fra regiment and cuir

Of his kirkmen, without ressoun or quhy, 45,010

At thair plesour for malice and invy.

All that he did, he said, hayth moir and les,

Wes for the proffeit of his halines,

And for the weill also of halie kirk

Traist weill, he said, he wald nocht ellis wirk, 45,015

1 In MS. He presentit

And for the best it wee ay that he wrocht.
Quhairfoir that tyme his halynes besocht
For sum remeid to keip him vnouirthrawin
In his kinrik, sen that it wes his awin,
Withoutin noy of ony nichthour by. 48,020

Paip Innocens for that same caus and qtihy,
And greit reward that he had send him till;
Promittit hes his plesour to fulfill,
At all power richt glaidlie with his hart,
In that purpois ay for to tak Iiia part. 45,025

This cardinall, that callit wes Gualo,
Blindit the paip and mony vther mo;

Lib. 13, f. 20S. For greit reward king Johnne had to him send,
l' In that mater he gaif him sic commend,

To thame that wes most inwart with the laif 45,030

Into the court richt greit reward he gaif,

Quhilk causit mony to corruptit be,

In Rome that tyme quhilk hed auctoritie.

Becaus in Rome, as I hard wyiss men tell,

Baith richt and wrang wes all tyme for to sell;1 48,035

So is it tit, as mony suith men sais,

In Rome siclike into the samin dais.

This messenger than passit hame full sone

Onto the king and schew how [he] hed done \

And how the paip rycht glaidlie with his hart, 45,040

Promittit hed that he suld tak his part,

And wryttin alss into the tyme also,

With greit credence than fra this ilk Gualo.

To quhome that tyme king Johnne aboue the laif,

Throw his ansuer so greit confidence gaif; 45,046

And suddantlie, withoutin ony moir,

Begouth agane evin quhair he left befoir,

To his lordis so wranguslie to wirk,

And greit injure also to halie kirk.

1 These two lines precede the former couplet in MS.

Quhairfoir his lordis gtidlie till advance, 45,050

For ^oung Lues, quhilk Dolphene wes of France,

"Rycht Bone tha send than for that samin thing,

And Alexander of Scotland that wes king,

Be the promit befotr to thame tha maid,

Gif that thair king thocht mair thame till in- 45,055


This Coung Lues, with greit power he hed,
Richt sone to Ingland in the tyme hitn sped,
With wrytting syne diuysit hes to wend
In haist ane herald, to king Johnne he send,
Quhilk schew to him into the tyme, but leis, 45,oeo
Gif he of him plesit for to haif peice,
And his lordis withoutin ony moir,
Reforme all falt that he had maid befoir,
Siclike also in tyme to cum betuene,
Fra all injure and faltis till abstene; 45,055

And gif, he said, it plesit him do so,
His eldest sone and vther freindis mo,
To ly in pledge, or than, he said, but leis,
That he suld leif in lytill rest and peice.
Than this king Johnne that wes nothing adred, 45,070
In this Gualo so greit beleif he hed,
Into the tyme sic ansuer maid him till,
Sayand he wald all his plesour fulfill
In spyte of him, rycht so of all the laif,
Quhome of he thocht ane mendis for to haif. 45,075
With this ansuer, as ^e haif hard heir plane,
He passit on to ^oung Lues agane}
Ilk word be word he did to him rehers,
As I befoir hes put now into vers.
This ^oung Lues than quhen he hard and knew 45,0S0
The ansuer all, as the herald him schew,
With his armie, as my author recordis,
To Lundoun toun he come and met the lordis.
Of his cuming richt glaid wes les and moir,
Ressaueand him with greit honour and gloir, 45,0S5

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