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And so greit honour of him that tha spak,

Traistand thairof sic curage he suld tak,

Now into ^outhheid quhen he wes ane cheild,

That efterwart syne quhen he come to eild, 42,525

For Huntlyngtoun and eik Northumberland,

And Cumbria, as ^e sall wnderstand,

No homage mak nor ^it till him obey,

Bot dalie hald him in greit sturt and pley.

Thairfoir that tyme to king Malcome he send 42,530

In haist ane herald, quhilk till him did wend,

QoTnTnn.Tiflanfl him, as I sall schaw ^ow heir,

In Lundoun toun befoir him to compeir

Richt haistelie, without ony demand,

For Huntlyngtoun and als Northumberland 42,835

Obedience thairfoir to maik him till;

And wald he nocht, in magir of his will,

Tha landis all that he sould lois for euir;

Cheis him, he said, quhilk of thame he had leuer.

This king Malcome that wes so ^oung ane 42,840


Quhilk scantlie than wes fourtene ^eir of eild,
Suppois he wes of the imperiall blude,
And naturallie inclynit ay to gude,
Gentill and meik, large and liberall,
lit neuirtheles his wisdome wes bot small. 42,545

Semdill or nocht is sene, sa Christ me saue,
Sa ^oung ane man greit wisdome for to haue.
Wisdome requyris dalie diligence,
With greit ingyne and lang experience,
Considderance, with greit subtillitie, 42,850

Quhilk in ^outhheid nocht kyndlie is to be.
S'o wes this Malcome of Scotland that wes king,
Without wisdome, of ^eiris wes so ^ing,

Siclike also as oft hapnis to be,

flis counsall all than wer alss pung as he. 42,555

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So is the natuir baith of puir and ryik,

As wysmen sayis, ay lyke drawis to lyke.

And so did he this Malcolme that wes king,

Applyit him to men that war ouir ^ing.

Throw sic counsall as I haif said ^ow heir, 42,560

In Lundoun toun that tyme he did compeir,

Quhair that he micht, but ony skaith or blame,

Be commoun law remanit weill at hame;

For-quhy this Henrie as I schew befoir,

And als king Stevin, all clames les and moir 42,555

Of Huntlyngtoun and als Northumberland,

Frelie gaif ouir vnto king Dauidis hand:

£it neuirtheles for perrell of moir pley,

That causit him that tyme for till obey.

Befoir king Henrie into Lundoun toun, 42,570

Comperit hes with protestatioun,

That his presens so far wes within aige,

Suld no wa hurt the richt and priuilege

That he and his had to Northumberland,

To Huntlyngtoun and also Cumberland, 42,575

And for na det that he mycht at him craif,

Bot for kyndnes that he thair presens gaif.

How King Malcolme Passit With King Henrie
In France, Aganis Lodovick, And Seigit
The Toun Of Tollos, And How The Scottis
Lobdis War Discontenttt And Efter Misit,
And Of The Weiris That Fell Betuix King
Henrie Of Ingland And King Malcolme
Of Scotland, For The Reskew Of North-

That samin tyme it hapnit vpone chance,
This ilk king Henrie passit into France,

With mony rynk that ryall wes and ryke, 42,5S0

In plane battell aganis Lodowyke

The king of France and saxt wes of that name,

Aganis quhome he had so greit ane clame.

For moir effect his forwardtis to fulfill,

This king Malcolme full soir aganis his will, 42,5S5

Without ressoun, as he aucht nocht do so,

In France that tyme hes maid with him till go;

In that beleif withoutin variance,

To brek the band betuix Scotland and France.

Into that land ane lang tyme thair he la, 42,000

With countering and carmusche euirilk da;

To Tullois sone ane seig than set he,

Quhair he compellit king Malcome to be

In proper persone sair aganis his will,

Throw neid and force constranit him thairtill. 42,805

Eicht litill honour in that seig he wan,

For-quhy he loissit mony nobill man ;'

Amang the laue, as my author recordis,

He loissit thair tua worthie nobill lordis,

Ane hecht Williame, quhilk wes ane nobill 42,700


King Stevynnis sone erle of Bellomens,
Of Glocister the nobill erle also,
Callit Honan, and mony vther mo.
And quhen he saw that he culd nocht prevaill
Off his purpois, hot ilk da maid to faill, 42,705 CoL 2.

Come hame agane, but stop or ^it ganestand,
To Lundoun toun and Malcolme to Scotland.
The lordis of Scotland all into tha dais
Convenit lies, as that my author sais,

parliament befoir Malcome the king, 42,71

soir cornplaynt makand of all that thing;
anil the manor and the circumstance,
he him self aganis the king of France

Faillit so far, but ony caus or quhy,

Takand so plane part with his awin ennlmy 42,715

Aganis thair freind, as it mycht eith be sene,

So lang befoir to Scotland. ay had bene.

This king Malcome suppois that he wes ?ing,

Wyslie agane he ansuerit to that thing,

And soberlie sayand agane thame till, 4,2,720

All that he did wes soir aganis his will,

Quhilk wes includit in his fais hand,

Brekand to him baith oblissand and band,

And of sic power wes that tyme for-thi,

That in that tyme he micht nocht him deny. 42,725

The lordis all quhen that tha hard that thing,

Considderit than that saikles wes the king;

That neid and force constranit him thairtill,

And weill tha wist it wes aganis his will,

And als on force that tyme in France wes led, 42,730

Quhairfoir of him the moir patience tha hed.

Siclike in France to gude Lues the king,

He send to him and schew him all that thing;

Excusand him of all thing les and moir,

Schawand to him the caus quhy and quhair- 42,735


In forme and effect as ^e haif hard ilk deill.
The quhilk king Lues hes considderit weill
Into the tyme and, for the samin quhy,
Remittit all thairfoir wes passit by.
This ilk king Henrie quhen he hard sic thing, 42,740
So soir accusit wes Malcome the king
With all his lordis that tyme les and moir,
For his passage with him in France befoir,
Content he wes of sic thing quhen he kend,
And suddantlie ane herald to him send, 42,745

Commandand him rycht sone incontinent
In Eborak, on to his parliament,

Befoir him self that he suld sone compeir:

And so he did as te sall efter heir.

Quhair that he wes accusit in the tyme 42,750

With king Henrie of greifc tressoun and cryme,

Quhilk fen^eit wes with all the circumstance,

Sayand with him quhen that he wes in France,

Throw greit tressoun that he committit than,

In tha \veiris he loissit mony man. 42,755

Quhairfoir, he said, he mich[t] weill wnderstand,

All Huntlyntoun and als Northumberland,

And Cumbria withoutin ony faill,

For that tressoun he had forfaltit haill:

£it neuertheles he said it suld nocht be 42,790

Done at that tyme with his auctoritie

Allanerlie, nor tit at his command,

Bot be the counsall that tyme of Ingland,

That present war into that parliament.

Quhairtill richt sone tha gaif alhaill consent, 42,795

For na defence that king Malcome culd mak,

Thocht all wes ressone in the tyme he spak,

It availlit nocht his power wes so smaw,

Thocht he alledgit mony sindrie law.

Than force it wes thair sentence to sustene, 42,770

Was no man thair that wald him help or mene. Lib.i3,f.i99.

All1 this wes done, as ^e sall wnderstand,

To caus the lordis that tyme of Scotland,

Gif all be trew I hard my author tell,

Agane thair king richt sone for to rebell. 42,775

For moir effect sic thing suld cum till hand,

Or he come hame befoir him in Scotland,

Ane haistie word ouir all the land gart spred,

That king Malcolme that tyme resignit hed,

Withoutin caus compelland him thairtill, 42,7S0

TJia Jandis all of frie motiue and will.

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