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Pretendand syne richt sone for to corrak
This ilk king Johnne, for the grit skayth and lak
That he had done on to thame all ilkone.
Quhairfoir this Lues send to him anone,
And bad him meit quhair he ane tryst hes maid, 45,090
And gif him battell withoutin ony baid.
Than this king Johnne, quhilk that perfitlie knew
In all Ingland freindis he had richt few,
Him to supple than other les or moir,
For greit injure he had done thame befoir, 45,095

Bycht weill aduysit in that samin cace,
He drew him sone onto ane sicker place;
CoL 2. And suddantlie the battell than refusit,
Syne efterwart his awin devyss he vsit.

How King Alexander Passit Throw Ingland
To King Lues, Dolphene Of France,
Quhair His Armie La In Ingland For The
Tyme, Quha Of [ilk] Vther War Greitlie
Rejosit, And Efter Lang Talking Left
Thair Armeis In Ingland, Syne Passit
Bayth In France.

Than Alexander of Scotland that wes king, 45,100

Into Scotland quhen he hard tell sic thing,

How that king Lues into Lundoun la;

With greit power sone efter on ane da,

Out throw Ingland richt haistelie him sped,

To Lundoun toun ane greit ost with him hed, 45,105

Without danger other of riche or puir,

In his passage but skaith or ^it injure,

Quhill that he come sone efter on ane da,

Onto the place quhair this ilk Lues la.

Thir tua princes togidder quhen tha met, 45,no

Ather hes other into armes plet;

Als tenderlie ilkone hes braissit vther,

As it had bene ane toung child with his mother;

With all plesour that neidfull wes to haue,

SicHke wes done that tyme amang the laue. 45,115

Efter lang talk and counsall thame amang

Betuix thir tua togidder had bene lang,

Decreittit wes, or ony moir wes done,

Thir tua princes suld pas thame self richt sone

In France to Phillip, to conferme the band 45,120

Wes maid befoir betuix him and Scotland.

Sone efter syne thir princes bayth ^eid hidder,

And left thair oistis liand baith togidder,

Of greit power at reule and ordenance;

Thir princes tua syne passit baith to France. 45,125

How King Alexander And King Phillip Met
In France, And Of Thair Band Maid Be-
Tuix Thame.

Richt haistelie withoutin hovir,
In sax schippis tha passit ouir at Dover.
In Bolon syne, quhair that the tryst wes set,
This Alexander and king Phillip met.
Quha had bene thair that tyme for to haif sene 45,130
So greit kyndnes as wes thir tua betuene,
The greit triumph, the honour and the gloir,
That this king Phillip ordand had befoir.
At thair meitting wes mony men of gude,
Syne all in counsall, schortlie to conclude, 45,135

Confermit hes ilkane baith les and moir,
The band and leig that maid wes of befoir.
As ressoun wald tha thocht it wes hot skill,
New actis also eikand than thairtill.
The first of thame it wes amang the laif, 45,140

That nane of thame within thame suld ressaue
That rebell was or onfreind to the tother;
Siclike also that tyme tha maid ane vther,
That no man of gude out of ane far cuntrie
In France or Scotland sould ressauit be, 5,145


But vtheris leif and with bis haill consent;

Quhairof that tyme tha war hartlie content.

This beand done tha tuke thair leif till go,

Ilk man agane to the place he come fro.

Thir tua princes with thair lordis ilkone, 45,150

To Lundoun toun rycht soue agane is gone.

Liti.i.%f.20Sb. Off The Deith Of King Johnne, Of Ingland


This ilk king Johnne, of quhome I spak befoir,

Throw his displesour and seiknes richt soir,

With greit blytlmes of mony man and wyffe,

Departit hes out of this present lyffe. 45,155

Sum did alledge that samin tyme that hie

Intoxicat with ane blak monk suld be,

For-quhy he had distroyit of befoir,

Of thair places richt mony les and moir.

Giff it wes trew I can nocht tell, for-thy 45,1eo

Now at this tyme I lat sic thing go by,

Becaus I haif nocht sic thing in memorie,

And tell ^ow furth now the lawe of my storie.

How King Alexander Returnit In Scotland,
And How Be The Way The Inglismen He
Fand, And Of Thair Skaith Done To Him,
And Of King Alexanderi S Revenge.

King Alexander seand, as weill it pruifit,

King Johnne wes deid quhome for tha war 45,185


And all Ingland quit of his ill for euir,
He tuke his leif that tyme and did disseuer
At ^oung Lues and lordis les and moir,
Quhilk causit him at thair requeist cum thoir.
That samin .tyme as ^e sall wnderstand, 45,170

As he wes cumand hame into Scotland,

Quhair he offendit nother riche nor puir,

Als of him self haiffand no dreid nor cuir;

Thairfoir his men baith quhen tha woik and sleipit,

Had litill dreid and far les other keipit, 45,175

Traistand to thame that no man ill had meind;

Thairfoir sum men that wes king Johnis freind,

That fand his men into ane quiet place,

Rycht suddanelie, withoutin mercie or grace,

Into that tyme richt mony hurt and slew. 45,1S0

Than Alexander quhen he hard and knew

To him wes done sic lichtlines and lak,

Richt sone thairof ane mendis he did tak

Of thame ilkone war doaris of that deid,

Fordwart ane fit or he wald than proceid. 45,1S5

Syne in thair gait, withoutin ony tarie,

All kynd of thing that tha micht turs or carie,

Quhat euir it wes hefoir thame that tha fand,

Without reakew tha brocht all in Scotland.

That samin tyme, as ye sail weill presume, 45,190

Paip Innocens ane counsall maid in Rome,

Quhair present wes thairat richt nobill men,

Four hundreth bischopis in that tyme and ten,

Aucht hundreth [abbottis] siclike than also,

War present thair with mony prelat mo. 45,105

Paip Innocens of his auctoritie,

In this counsall concludit than hes he,

And all the laue appreuit hes the same,

To curs and widdill, warie and con dame,

Bayth ill and ^iide, the quhilk that tyme wes 45,200


That enimie wes to this ilk king Johnne.
The cardinall that callit wes Gualo,
With that proces in Ingland maid till go,
With haill power, fra quhome wes na refute,
That ilk proces thairfoir to execute. 45,aoe

This ilk Gualo, as ^e sall wnderstand,
Sone efter syne quhen he come in Ingland,
King Johnis sone that callit wes Henrie
He crownit hes; syne sone and suddantlie

CoL2. He cursit hes thair be thair name ilk one, 45,210

That ennimie wes to this ilk king Johne,
And speciallie this Lues be his name,
In Ingland wes that tyme wnpassit hame.
This toung Lues than, schortlie to conclude,
Quhen that he knew richt weill and wnderstude 45,215
That all the maist part of Ingland as than,
Greit fauour had onto that samin man,
This cardinall that callit wes Gualo,
To Henrie alss thair new maid king also,
Dreidand sum thing for haistie chang and newis, 45,220
That tyme with thame he hes tane peax and


Ane sowme of gold syne to this Gualo gawe,
As plesit him into the tyme to haue,
And wes absoluit of all charge and blame;
Syne tuke his leif richt sone and passit hame. 45,225
This ilk Gualo, without tribute or tax,
Fra that proces wald nocht that tyme relax
No lord of Ingland that wes ennimie
To that king Johne, and for that samin quhy,
Ilkane thairin had intermissioun, 45,230

Hes payit for his absolutioun
Ane sowme of gold that tyme, sum les, sum moir,
Suppois it wes agane thair will full soir.
This ilk Henrie of quhome befoir I tald,
Into that tyme richt bellicois and bald, 45,235

With mony berne or he wald langar byde,
Eicht suddantlie come to the bordour syde,
Syne into Scotland baith with blude and fyre
Greit wrang he wrocht in his crabing and ire.
King Alexander quhen that he hes hard tell, 45,240
How this king Henrie, furius and fell,
Within his boundis sic wrangis had wrocht,
In gudlie haist, alss sone than. as he mocht,

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